Children Cope With Divorce Indianapolis Batesville

Seminars are held at:
Visiting Nurse Service, Inc.
4701 N. Keystone Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46205
(Just north of the
intersection of 46th St.
& Keystone Ave.
(Enter through the
door facing Keystone.)
Be prepared to pass
through a metal detector.
Seminars are held at:
Margaret Mary
Community Hospital
321 Mitchell Avenue
Batesville, IN 47006
(Use first canopied entrance
marked “Auditorium.”)
Children Cope
With Divorce
Seminars are held at:
Shelby County Courthouse
25 West Polk Street
Room 208A
Shelbyville, IN 46176
(Enter at rear of building)
Seminars are held at:
Justice Building
301 N. College Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47402
(Enter through the door
facing 7th Street)
Seminars are held at:
Brown County Courthouse
Main & VanBuren Streets
Nashville, IN 47448
(Second floor courtroom)
Seminars are held at:
Hamilton County
Government &
Judicial Center
1 Hamilton Square
Noblesville, IN 46060
(Across the street from the
old courthouse in the third
floor jury assembly room.)
Visiting Nurse Service, Inc.
Visiting Nurse Service Foundation, Inc.
As required by the court in which
your petition has been filed
Rev. 01_08
Divorce is stressful not only for
parents but also for the children.
Children Cope with Divorce is a program of Visiting
Nurse Service, Inc., a United Way agency. This
four-hour educational program for divorcing parents
emphasizes the needs of the children. The seminars
are instructed by highly qualified professionals and
these sessions are mandated by the local courts.
Each parent should schedule his or her class within
thirty days of filing for divorce. Upon completion
of the seminar, participants will receive a certificate
and their attendance will be reported to the courts.
Topics covered include:
• How families experience divorce
• Typical reactions of children
• Developmental needs of children
• Pitfalls to avoid
Children Cope with Divorce
Visiting Nurse Service, Inc.
4701 N. Keystone Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Phone: (317) 722-8201
(voice mail available 24 hours a day)
Instructions for attending class:
It is suggested that all parents, prior to attending
the seminar, go to the website, www.UpToParents.
org, and complete the “homework” and bring a copy
of the printout to their seminar. The website is an
opportunity provided at absolutely no charge for
parents to focus on their child’s need for respect,
predictability, and (if possible) cooperation between
their parents. It is additionally suggested that you
review the website, which
provides scheduling and communication tools to
The fee for Children Cope with
Divorce is $50 per person and
is payable when you attend the
In certain circumstances, fees may be reduced for
qualifying persons. Application for fee reduction
must be completed and approved in advance through
the Children Cope with Divorce office.
All sessions begin on time. No one will be
allowed in late! A $5 fee will be charged
for each missed appointment which is
not cancelled or rescheduled at least 24
hours in advance.
1-877-840-COPE (2673)
(Tuesday-Friday 9 AM to 5 PM)
Visiting Nurse Service, Inc.
Visiting Nurse Service Foundation, Inc.
Direct registration calls to:
Children Cope with Divorce
(Tuesday-Friday 9 AM to 5 PM)
(317) 722-8201 or
1-877-840-COPE (2673)
When you call to register,
please have the following
information available:
Cause number (This can be found on your
petition for dissolution papers from the court
or can be obtained from your attorney)
Legal Name
Home and Work Phone Numbers
County Where Divorce is Filed
Spouse’s Name
Whether you would prefer NOT to attend
the same seminar as your spouse
Do not bring children to the class!
The class is for parents only.
Child care will not be available.