Annual Report 2013 July 2012 to June 2013

Annual Report 2013
July 2012 to June 2013
The Visual Guide to Noah’s Shoalhaven
We celebrate the child
President’s Report
CEO’s Report
Where Does Our Money Come From
Thank You to our Supporters
Kids Supporter Program
People and Partners
Thank You to our Volunteers
Financial Statements
Welcome to the Noah’s Ark Centre of
Shoalhaven Inc.’s
Annual Report!
At Noah’s, we believe that –
All children are special, some have special
needs – early intervention makes all
the difference
Noah’s provides professional, caring and culturally
appropriate services for children and their families.
We provide services to :■ children with a disability or developmental delay
and their families
■ children with challenging behaviour and their
■ Aboriginal communities and organisations where
there is an invitation to work in partnership.
■ early childhood centres through training and
The Visual Guide to Noah’s Shoalhaven
1. Continually
improve processes
and techniques of
direct service
2. Train parents
3. Build and
strategic partnerships
4. Expand work
with Aboriginal
KEY PROGRAMS (For funding acknowledgements please see page 11)
Disability Programs
Intake and Assessment
Transdisciplinary group sessions
Family Support and Psychology
Family Disability Support
Helping Children with Autism
Better Start
My Time
Resource library
Kids Together
Behaviour support
Shoalhaven Managing Children
Program (SMCP)
The Behaviour Support Network
Parent Tip Sheets
SMCP Aboriginal Project
Quote from SMCP parent ……
From two Noah’s mums …..
“Noah’s has not only helped my kids but it has
taught me so much. I’ve learnt so much from
them that helps me and my kids” KW Mother
of 2 children attending Noah’s for group therapy
and one one therapy
“I don’t know what our family would have done
without Noah’s. They have made such a difference for our son but also our whole family is better because of Noah’s. “ Daniel, Father of a child
attending Noah’s for group therapy and one on e
“ The support my Family and I received from
Noah’s Shoalhaven was a crucial turning point in
our lives.
As a parent I was able to manage and support
my children in a nurturing and healthy way.
My children benefited from the structure and
security that I built for them.
I became much more self-confident as a Parent
and enjoyed being a parent a lot more.
As result of my self-esteem building, I was able
to complete my studies, complete the Managing
Children program to volunteer and have since
gained employment going to schools and
running programs on Bullying and Resilience.
Thanks Noah’s for being such a wonderful, nurturing, supportive and life changing organisation.”
5. Promote and
market Noah’s so
that our work is
supported and
6. Effective
systems and
Aboriginal Partnerships
Wreck Bay Early Education
Wreck Bay Speech Pathology
Healthy Bhu-lang Dreaming
(Waminda) playgroup
Mums and Bubs Program—
Behaviour support and transition
Cullunghutti Playgroup
Bomaderry Playgroup
Jerrinja Playgroup
“I am proud to say that Waminda and Noah’s
have a transparent and sound working relationship based upon a common philosophical framework that is grounded in understanding the importance of empowering Aboriginal community
controlled services to make informed decisions
about service delivery models in partnership with
expert services in relation to the Aboriginal communities of the Shoalhaven.”
7. Long term
viability and
strength of the
Inclusive Early Childhood
Inclusion Support Scheme
Aboriginal Child Care Worker
Day Care Funding
Kids Together
“Having worked as a preschool teacher and
Director in the region for more than twenty years
I am very aware of the outstanding services
offered to children, families and early education
and care services by the team at Noah’s
Gai Lindsay
Early Childhood Teacher
Faye Warner
Waminda, South Coast Aboriginal Women’s
Health Corporation
We celebrate the
President’s Report
2013 has been another busy and productive year for Noah’s Shoalhaven.
I wish to acknowledge the contribution of my fellow board members and thank them
sincerely for giving so generously of their time as we pursue an increased focus on
governance and forward planning. Thanks also for their active support of our
fundraising events.
The board recognises the dedication of our staff, ably led by CEO Ginger O’Brien and
commend them for the quality, compassionate and professional services they
consistently provide to the many families who seek assistance from Noah’s. Our staff
numbers continue to grow. We have doubled our personnel over recent years
Noah’s could not continue to function without the support of our local community. We
are blessed with the generosity of our corporate sponsors, our Kid’s supporters, groups
and organisations both large and small and individuals, who regularly donate to our
Our patrons, who represent the three tiers of government, continue to lobby tirelessly
on our behalf. They deserve our sincere thanks.
We also recognise the dedicated volunteers who week after week support Noah’s
It was really encouraging to witness the enormous show of community support we
received for our submission for Illawarra Infrastructure funding.
We wait at this time for word of this funding which if granted will enable us to realise our
long term vision of a new facility. The impact of the implementation of the National
Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and our venture out into the Illawarra with Kids
Together, are other key factors which will shape our future direction.
We face many challenges as we approach the next year. It’s sure to be exciting!
Bernadette Pullen
Noah’s Shoalhaven Board
CEO’s Report
Despite the uncertainty in the external operating environment, Noah’s Shoalhaven has
expanded its services and laid tracks for an innovative future. There is real excitement
about the new opportunities for children and families as well as new opportunities for the
Kids Together™ is our newest program rolling out in Illawarra in 2013/14. It’s an inclusion program developed in response to issues raised by parents worried that their children were not taking advantage of all the opportunities that early childhood services had
to offer. Noah’s anticipates providing Kids Together™ services throughout the Illawarra
and Shoalhaven in 2015.
An end is finally in sight in our search for new premises in the Shoalhaven. Noah’s was recently shortlisted for
Infrastructure NSW Restart Illawarra funds to refurbish the NSW TAFE building on the Shoalhaven Campus of
UOW which will be used as our headquarters. The final announcement of successful candidates for this funding
will be in December 2013. Our discussions with Professor Paul Chandler, UOW Pro Vice Chancellor, have
focused on our collaboration being an enriching experience for children, families and students. Whether we are
successful with this grant or not, we have gained strong partnerships for the future.
Children and Families
This year 650 children and their families have accessed Noah’s services 134 of those children and families were
from the Aboriginal community. The Parent Forum held in June focused on the NDIS with guest speaker Daniel
Kyriacou from NDS addressing the group. In 2013/14 Noah’s will be carrying out surveys and focus groups as
well as holding another Parent Forum to ensure we have a clear idea of the services families want Noah’s to
Our People
This year our very committed staff have undertaken a variety of development activities including management
training for team leaders, DIR Floortime training for teachers and therapists and Circle of Security training for
Funding and Fundraising
Noah’s received funding from a number of government departments (see page 9) including the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Ageing, Disability and Home Care for the new Kids Together™ program.
Fundraising still keeps this ark afloat. Noah’s Challenge, an adventure race run in September each year,
continues to attract major corporate sponsorship and adventure racers from around the state for a day of healthy
fun. Victoria Levey, NC inaugural chair, is stepping down from her position but still staying involved. Vittoria
Borazio inaugural secretary/treasurer is stepping down in order to concentrate more fully on her position on
Noah’s board. These women have a huge positive impact on the organisation and have made the Challenge the
successful fundraiser it is today. Norris Ingrisch, responsible for the logo, web design and many of the photos
you see of the day is also standing down and will be sorely missed.
Mary Evans continues to run the Noah’s Shoalhaven Berry Charity Race Day which brings in reliable funds
every year. We hope she is going nowhere. (Also see our list of supporters on pages 10 and 11).
Finally, thank you to Gareth Ward, Shelley Hancock and Joanna Gash, Noah’s Patrons, for their support this
year, particularly pulling together the elements that lead Noah’s to submitting the Restart Illawarra grant. Thank
you to Bernadette and all the Board for their guidance this year and particular thanks to the outgoing Board
members, Kyley Chandler and Bec Nevin for supplying a strong voice for families.
Thank you
Ginger O’Brien—CEO
NSW State Government
NSW Family and Community Services Ageing Disability
and Home Care
Transdisciplinary Group sessions
Therapy Services Nowra and Ulladulla groups
Family Disability Support Program
Family Support and Psychology Services
Kids Together
NSW Family and Community Services
Community Services
Aboriginal Child Care Worker Project
Day Care Funding
The Shoalhaven Managing Children Program (SMCP)
Behaviour Support Network (BSN)
Cullunghutti Playgroup
Bomaderry Playgroup (IACC Lead Agency)
Jerrinja Playgroup (AMS Lead Agency)
NSW Education and Communities
Inclusion Support Program (ISP)
Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Area Network
Wreck Bay Speech Pathology Program
Australian Government
Family, Housing and Community Services and
Indigenous Affairs
Wreck Bay Early Education Support Program
Inclusion Support Scheme (ICS lead agency)
Helping Children with Autism & Better Start Programs
Healthy Bhu-lang Dreaming (Waminda lead agency)
MyTime Playgroup (Learning Links lead agency)
Thank you to everyone who has donated
money, time and services Noah’s in some
way through …….
Our Sponsors …..
Priceline Pharmacy
Raytheon Australia
Ray White Real Estate
Murphy Family Funerals
McDonalds Shoalhaven
those who have
donated dollars ……
Owen and Thelma Ison
Redberry Quilters
Angela Newman
Vietnam Veterans Association of
Jervis Bay
Australian Defence Credit Union
Kim Bamborough
A C Barnett
Charity Race Day Committee
Bay and Basin Leisure Centre
and Sponsors
Brian Cotterill
Mary and Jeff Evans
Rachel Coutts
Slingsby Holdings
Tara Cox
Veolia Water
Sylvie Duggan
Alan Gilden
John Dignam
Horizon Credit Union
Berry Pub
Janette Horne
Campbell Holdings
Jands Pty Ltd
Regal Girls
Alan Ramsey
J &M McGee
Milton Ulladulla Entertainers
Regal Lodge Stables
Milton Ulladulla Probus
Kembla Grange Racecourse
T Noble
Broughton Landscapes
Nowra Auctions
Southern Industrial Distributors
Nowra Coaches
Illawarra Equine Centre
Nora Huskisson Line Dancers
Jeff and Mary Evans
Lake Conjola Womens Bowling Club
The Noah’s Challenge
Lions Club of Bomaderry
K McCauliffe and J Smith
Victoria and Jeff Levey
Berry Race and Turf Association
Vittoria Borazio
Ray White Charity Fund
Norris Ingrisch
Shoalhaven Ex Servicemens Club
Roshan Samuel (Sammy)
The Good Guys
Christian Peterson
Elizabeth Aitken
David Brinson
Jakily Pty Ltd
Belinda Watson
Nowra Players
Karen Harrison
CWA Jervis Bay Evening Branch
Bob Morris
Veolia Water Operations
Peter Still
Kerry Suttonberg
Liz Aitken
Berry Garden Club
Kathy Harrington
Australian Open Garden Scheme
Sue Whitehouse
Hedgehogs Café
Ian Boyle
Black Horse Foundation
And their partners and families
Rotary Club of Gerringong
Robbie Collins—University of
St George Bank
Wollongong Shoalhaven Campus for Bucher Services
supporting the event and allowing us Commonwealth Bank
to use their fabulous facility
D Robinson
RL and JE Rose
South Coast and Tablelands Broadcasting
Ann Sudmalis
Woolworths BBQ
Denis Young
For those businesses who
have taken a Donation box…
Leongs Chinese Restaurants
Huskisson Bakery
Callala Bay Supermarket
816 Squadron
808 Squadron
HMAS Cresswell
Sanctuary Point Bakery
IGA Sanctuary Point
Priceline Pharmacy
Culburra Medical Centre
Bakehouse Espresso
Waterways Swim School
Julie Ross Hair Design
Vincentia Cake and Pie Shop
Vincentia Post Office
Kate Inglish Designs
Bedroom Bliss
Gerringong Bakery
Gerringong Movie Shop
Gerringong Bargain Shop
Gerringong Chemist
HMAS Albatross
Vonnie Muller for her wonderful
Christmas Cakes each year—thank
And those in our
Community, who are
too great to list and
have donated goods
and services for our
fundraising events
Making a difference by becoming a
Kids Supporter …
The Kids Supporter program seeks individuals or organisations
to sponsor a program at Noah’s Ark by making regular monthly donations
of $25 or more which we direct debit out of your bank account.
In return a newsletter is sent on a quarterly basis with updates
on Noah’s Ark activities and programs as well as stories
about local families..
By becoming a Kids Supporter you will help reduce our
waiting list so we can help as many children as possible.
Families will also be able to receive
the best information they need to help give their kids the best
start possible.
Thank you to our Kids Supporters
Mr Craig Murphy
Geoff and Mary Evans
Mr William Price
Mrs Kerry Kyriacou
Mrs Shirley Rundell
Dr Liz Cuninghame
Mrs Virginia O’Brien
Mrs Emma Lopez
Ms Sue Robertson-Cuninghame
Mr David Cunningham
Mrs Jodie Strange
Ms Alison Baker
Mrs Dorothy Curnow
Ms Beverley Dunphy
Ms Marg Casey
Ms Elizabeth Dubbelde
Ms Elizabeth Aitken
Mr Dennis Argall
Jolly Olly’s Staff
Mr Patrick Lynam
People and Partners
Noah’s Shoalhaven Staff
Virginia (Ginger) O’Brien
Margaret Sutherland
Teacher/Team Leader - Wreck Bay
Sue Redman
Teacher/Team Leader—Nowra groups/Assessments
Kerrie Lang–Smith
Teacher/Team Leader—Ulladulla (until June 2013)
Alison Hilliar
Psychologist/Team Leader—HCWA (until May 2013)
Sue Cuninghame
Teacher/Team Leader—MCP
Julie Guy
Team Leader—Finance
Cindy Griffiths
Office Manager/Team Leader Administration
Narelle Stanbury
Speech Pathologist
Lisa Grant
Teacher—Ulladulla & Assessment Team
Di Lamont
Occupational Therapist—Ulladulla
Erin Smart
Speech Pathologist—Ulladulla
Lan Vy Tu
Speech Pathologist –HCWA
Lynn Burns
Admin Assistant—Nowra & Ulladulla
Kerry Smith
Early Childhood Teacher
Emma Lloydd-Wright
Occupational Therapist—Nowra
John Cheek
Debbie Jones
Child Care Worker
Alice Lans
Speech Pathologist—Nowra and Ulladulla
Chloe Faust
Casual Child Care Worker—Ulladulla
Kerry Newman
Casual Child Care Worker
Nikki Connelly
Psychologist Cadet
Charlie Ashby
Aboriginal Child Care Worker– MCP
Mel Harpur
Early Childhood Teacher
Leanne Ryan
Casual Child Care Worker
Lisa Courtney
Casual Admin Assistant—Nowra
Rebecca Defina
Casual Admin Assistant/CCW—Ulladulla
Mel Park
Speech Pathologist—Assessments
Catheryn Russell
Occupational Therapist
Brenda McDonald
Finance Assistant
Fiona Beale
Occupational Therapist—Nowra
Beth Birtles
Speech Pathologist—Nowra
Libby Taylor
Psychologist/Family Worker—Nowra
Debra Jefferis
Family Information Worker/FDSP Facilitator
Ruth Saddler
Child Care Worker
Kate Favorito
Early Childhood Teacher
Sheridan Wicks
Occupational Therapist—Nowra
Kate Kinch
Speech Pathologist—Ulladulla
Yvonne Lester
Aboriginal Child Care Worker (until June 2013)
Rachel Martin
Jess Halliday
Casual Child Care Worker—Ulladulla
Ted Braddick (starting in Term 3 2013)
Kids Together Partnership Coordinator
Key Consultants and Contractors
Sue Williamson—Strategic Plan
Norris Ingrisch—graphic design/logo
Michael, Brad and David—BMS
Andrew Williams and Leanne Field—Enhancing Community Business (ECB)
Alex Penny—ITBasecamp—website
Interagency Consultants
Jeannie Garland (ADHC) - SMCP
Hilary Maitland (SEIAHS) - SCMP
Christine Critcher (DoCS) - SCMP
Lynne Alison (ADHC) - SCMP
Diane Shepherd (Mission Aust) - SCMP
Coreen Bromley—SCMP
There are many ways our wonderful
band of Volunteers help Noah’s
Shoalhaven ..
Noah’s would not be able to operate without our Committee whose members are:President –
Vice President Secretary –
Treasurer –
Committee members –
Bernadette Pullen
Anne Dynon
Richard Liu
Colin Waller
Ian Patrick,
Vittoria Borazio
Rebecca Nevin
Kyley Chandler
A very big THANK YOU to our helpers who come along each week to assist with our group
sessions by making playdough or washing the dishes or helping the
children with their tasks.
Students from Bomaderry High School, Emma Lopes, Lisa Anderson
3. MCP
The Managing Children Program relies heavily on volunteers who come along twice per week to
assist us run this valuable program.
Ian Patrick, Diane Fielding, Barbara Armitage, Bernadette Pullen,
Kay Jarrett, Sue Collins, Erica Gleeson, Noga Bertram, Felicity Knight,
Elizabeth Toplak, Fiona Lam, Lauren Ward, Tascha Marshall
Another big THANK YOU to our volunteers who help out with admin, the toy library and general
duties which saves us lots of money.
Norman Smith
Bomaderry High Students
Anne Watson
The many parents who have assisted with fundraising and admin/toy library tasks
816 Squadron
A.B.N. 87 535 909 589
30 JUNE 2013