Business Executives Seminar Spring 2015 Prof. Dr. Ilse Scheerlinck

Business Executives Seminar
Prof. Dr. Ilse Scheerlinck
Week 1
Spring 2015
Week 2
26 January
Week 3
02 February
Week 4
09 February
Week 5
16 February
Week 6
23 February
Week 7
02 March
Week 8
09 March
Week 9
16 March
Week 10
23 March
Week 11
30 March
Week 12
Spring recess
Spring recess
20 April
Week 13
27 April
Week 14
04 May
Week 15
11 May
19 January
Introductory lecture by Prof. Scheerlinck
on approach Business Executives Seminar,
incl. written work
Chloé Dungelhoeff
Embracing a Corporate Communications
Career: what to expect?
Frédéric Petitjean
Innovation and Value Creation in the
Technology Industry
Stephen Stacey
Lobbying in Brussels: why it matters for
Philippe Huysveld
Business relations with Japan
Hassan Nasser
Public-Private Partnership for health : the
case of the Vaccines Industry
Mid-term week
No lecture
Natalia Ryjoukhina
The role of finance as a business partner
Edwin Mincke
Managing international distribution
networks: pitfalls and opportunities
Toon Vandamme
Business relations with China
Chris Start
Strategic issues in the management of
consumer products
Guy Nuyts
Pricing of pharmaceuticals: perception
and reality
Mark Bienstman
Microfinance: the leverage in the fight
against poverty?
Gregory Fuchs
How companies build and manage brands
Final exam week
No lecture
Important note
The BES is a 6 credit course.
The course can be attended after registration for a major or free elective and if pre-requisites are met.
Non-BES students, faculty members or external visitors who wish to attend individual seminars can contact
Prof. Scheerlinck at [email protected]