Settler’s Point Elementary School Pride Press From The Lion’s Den The Principal’s Paws

Settler’s Point Elementary
School Pride Press
February, 2014
From The Lion’s Den
The Principal’s Paws
Dear Parents & Guardians:
Working as a team is critical
to student success. Just a few
minutes a day of math facts
practice, sight word practice, or
reading for fluency and
comprehension can help a student
a great deal. We are doing all we
can to help to help your children
achieve at school. Please be
supportive a parent and work with
them a few minutes every day.
Check their backpack or homework
folder. If you have questions about
your child’s progress, call or email
your teacher and set up the Infinite
Campus app in your Smart phone.
Mrs. Moore
Open Enrollment
Is your child on an open enrollment at Settler’s
Point Elementary? These applications must be
submitted annually by February 1. You can
stop by the front office to pick up an
All applications need to be turned in to the
office by February 1, 2014.
April 7-11 are important dates for all
2nd - 6th grade students. Second grade
will be taking the Stanford Achievement Test and
3rd-6th graders will be taking the AIMS
(Arizona Instrument to Measure
Standards). It is important that all
students are here for testing.
Book Fair is Coming
March 24- March 28
Dates to Remember for February:
2/4 - 6th Grade Strings Festival @CVHS 7pm
2/5 - Jamba Juice Being Sold after school
2/6 - Dadsʼ Club Meeting 7pm
2/7 - Fun Run 8:23am
2/12 - PTSO 3;45pm
2/13 - 1st Grade Program 6:00pm
2/17 - No School - Presidentsʼ Day
2/18 - 6th Grade Parent Night 6pm @ SVJH Gym
2/20 - Spring Pictures 9am
2/28-3/2 - STEM Trip
Hershey Kisses
“Smoochies” being sold
during lunch February 10 February 13. Only .25 cents.
Notes From Attendance
If your child is going to be absent, please call the attendance line BEFORE 9:00a.m.
@507-1481 and follow the prompts.
Remembering to make this call helps ensure your child is safe and where they are
supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. Also, if you have changed your
address,work, home or cell numbers, please notify the office so that we can make sure
accurate information is on file.
Thank you!
Kindergarten Registration is ongoing!
Children must be 5 years old by August 31, 2014. You will need to bring your child’s
birth certificate,immunization record and proof of residency. Half day kindergarten
will be offered at regional locations based upon sufficient enrollment. Spread the word
to your neighbors, family & friends that kindergarten registration is here!
Registration Hours: 9:00am-11:00am & 1:00pm-2:30pm
Town of Gilbert
Citizen of the Month
Congratulations to Ryan Hemphill, a 4th grade student in Miss Murphy’s class. He was selected as the
Town of Gilbert’s Citizen of the Month for November. Way to go!
Congratulations to Ethan Oxford, a 4th grade student in Ms. Johnson’s class. He was selected as the Town
of Gilbert’s Citizen of the Month for December. Way to go!
February is all about the heart….
Heart Health
Not only is February special because of Valentine’s Day, but did you know
that February is American Heart Month and Heart Disease Awareness
The American Heart Association has many great resources on keeping your heart healthy,
myths and facts about heart disease, children’s health, exercise, diet and mush more. Check
out their website,
With heart disease striking more women than men each year, and with the symptoms of
heart disease differing from men’s symptoms, the American Heart Association launched
National Wear Red Day eleven years ago to bring attention to women’s cardiovascular
disease. National Wear Red Day is February 7, 2014. Their campaign is called
Go Red for Women and their website is
Jump for Heart
We would like to thank everyone that
participated in Jump for heart. With
your help we were able to raise
$1,875.84 for the American Heart
Association. Way to go!!
Primary Pride
2nd Qtr.
Kindergarten - Hope Avis, Mary-Ashley Sheridan, Jaxon Stark, Dillynn Anderson, Sierra Terry,
Cameron Harper, Henry Alipusan, Ema Leland, Gabe Eicher, Bryson Jones, Erin Neuser, Layton Mills,
Ayla Catarnichi, Bela Curtis, Olivia Childs, Farah Hewitt, Lucas Clancy, Ava Rendon, Kevin Bojorquez,
Kyle Farr
1st Grade - Kailey Baysinger, Daedreon Clark, Conner Campa, Annie Kretzschmar, Waylon Peralta, Emily Ryon,
Cadence Ramirez, Dylan Arnold, Salome Kubrom, Brandon Brown, Kylee Bernardo, Ciara Figueroa,
Matthew Jerrell, Cadence Ells, Maverick Clar, Andrew Burkhart, Ashlynn Haugen, June Vaivao, Sam Campbell,
Tyler Clough, Molly Gentile, Sofia Ledesma, Brooke Anundson, Luke Chapman, Hannah Hughes, Tyler Flom,
Sarah Nelson, Kaylee Keys, Cy Durfee, Ryan Wimberly
2nd Grade - Josh Kohl, Nicole Leach, Dominic Leading Fox, Isabella Szabo, Kaaliyah Nguyen, Junior Puefua,
Jayden Woods, Phat Nguyen, Aleandro Felix, Goivanni Borea, Evelyn Csaky, Carter Leland, Kyla Stanford,
Derek Preusser, Taylor Ramirez-Fifield, Sam O’Neal
3rd Grade - Lizzie Bradjan, Justin Chambers, Christopher Fasano, Nicholas Twilley, Frankie DeSanna,
Salma Hlayhel, Casey Boudreau, Maggie Hays, Andrew Griljalva, Olivia Vincent, Ethan Eddy,
Nathaniel Kostelic, Brookelynn Keys, Victoria Garcia, Quinn Keys, Sydnie Jerde
Honor Roll
2nd Qtr.
4th Grade - Caleb Ash, Noah Borchard, Cooper Cunningham, Alexandra Gonzales,
Cadence Kuhns, Victoria Leaming, Ethan Oxford, Alexander Ramirez, Maelie Stanford,
Elisa Collins, Robert Lewis, Anthony Pishos, Madina Seied, Sahil Subzwari, Benjamin Chavez,
Christopher Figueroa, Zachary Hill, Jeffrey Kohl, Trini Law, Adam Lewis, Nevaeh Smith,
Austin Wileman, Alan Yniguez
5th Grade - Cade Bemis, Morgan Deal, Steven Duncan, Destiny Gloria Gordillo, Valentina Guzman,
Layton Hoke, Jack Judge, Hailey Knight Lynch, Cohl Rowell, Tiffany Torres, Alexa Torstenson,
Carson Bork, Cora Buzan, Isiah Jamil, Katie Malone, Talan Peralta, Taber Thomas, Chris Trojan, Mya
Twilley, Anna Wright, Jordan McAlpine, Zachary Perrius, Jaelynn Washington, Zachery Szabo,
Chloe Shelton, Wyatt Mackey, Alan Flores, Nicholas Uzarski, Kianna Estrada
6th Grade - Bailey Anderson, Cole Brooks, Summer Francis, Trevor Gray, Sara Han,
Miguel Lizarraga, Casey Rico, Owen Sutherlin, Jacob Wright, Alyssa Flathers, Andrew Huckaby,
Delaney Quintero, Aliya Romero, Emma Schlaht, Derek Spaeth, Cade Verdusco,
Layla Washington,Sadie Adcock, Megan Best, David Boyle, Jerry Cabezudo, Michael Chambers,
Cyrian Henderson, Samantha Hill, Conner Nicola, Isabella Velasco, Trenton Bollschweiller, Connor
Geroux, Brandon Jerrell, Jordan Kirchhardt, Conor Walsh, Peyton Moore
Principal’s List
2nd Qtr.
4th Grade - Brianna Browning, Austin Earle, Brandon Huckaby, Emilee McArdle, Naia Stewart,
Dominic Tuccillo, Marie Yontez, Christopher Arvayo, Jerrick Digesualdo, Zachary Goebel, Claire Horton,
Shawna Kim, Cooper McKillip , Raigen Palmer, Hunter Seelye, Lauren Sneath, Braedon Wall,
Finn Whalen
5th Grade - Victoria Bradjan, Devon Bullock, Erin Choi, Amber Greenawalt, Lily Johnson, Kyle Miller,
Kylie Moore, Dallin Schnepf, Ty Thompson, Dante Borea, Christopher Collins, ELi Kitch,
Allison Kretzschmar, Callie Mendez, Trevor Smith, Jaide Cousins, Zachary Dobbe, Lauren Fasano,
Jeremy Glascock, Brayden Kose, Andrew Linville, Gladys Ortega, Christian Osterndorf, Tanner
Richins, Sarah Vaughn, Sarah Boyce, Kaitlynn Ash, Lillian Cantrell, my Tran, Avery Stokes,
John Squicciarini, Amir Seied, Justin Leonard, Emery Lastine, Cecilia Doty, Kylie Ballard,
Najaah Douglas, Keira Gallaugher, Madison Yohe, Justin Bearden
6th Grade - Breanna McPherson, Sasha Subzwari, Jeremiah Trojan, Maxwell Gidley, Lily Greenawalt,
Jack Haberski, Alyssa McCann, Alyssa Browning, Michael Buchanan, Jacob Kasica, Ka Wai Szeto,
Baili Watt, Noah Ahles, Lana Armstrong, Taylor Earle, Zoe Goebel, Bella Ludwig, Ilijah Paul,
Preston Richins
We at Cardon Children’s Medical Center want to help children with asthma. To do this, our Banner School Based
Health program has started an asthma education clinic. We offer free 30 minute asthma education consultation
with a certified asthma educator every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Cardon Children’s Medical Center.
At your consultation you will receive:
Free asthma education booklet
Peak flo meter if age 6 years or greater & teaching on how to monitor your asthma control at home & school with
this device
Spacer device & inhalation/medication teaching
Medication assistance applications for FREE or discounted medication programs
Any of your questions about asthma control will be answered
Note for school absence are available to attend appointment if needed
Call 480-412-6344 to schedule your FREE appointment today!
Check in for your appointment with volunteer at front desk of the main lobby at:
Cardon Children’s Medical Center
1400 S. Dobson Road Mesa, AZ 85202
Sincerely- Kimberly Reiners, RN, BSN, CPN, AE-C
Pediatric Asthma Educator
RN Pediatric Asthma Program Manager
Cardon Children’s Medical Center
Safety Please be attentive and follow the rules when
picking up and dropping off students.
*No left turn from 8-8:30am and 3-3:30p.m.
*No passing or parking in the school zones.
*Cross at cross walks.
*Be attentive and follow directions of crossing
*Obey the speed limit in the school zone.
Save the Date.......
March 22 is the Settler’s Point Rummage Sale benefitting 6th grade Science
Camp. Donations can be dropped off Friday, March 21 from 5-8 pm in the
cafeteria. Saturday hours are from 7am - noon with outside vendors and a
bake sale. Vendor booth will be available on a first come basis for $25.
Interested vendors please email Lara Law @ [email protected] Start gathering
donations today and support our school!
Saturday, April 26, 7:00 am
Shotgun Scramble 6:00am Registration
Kokopelli Golf Club
1800 W Guadalupe Rd. Gilbert AZ 85233
Player Contact:
Ph # ____________________________
Paid in advance by April 11, 2014:
___ $70.00
___ $265.00
Total Amount: __________
Player 2____________________________
Player 3____________________________
Player 4____________________________
After April 11, 2014:
Please make checks payable to:
Settler’s Point Dads’ Club
423 E Settler’s Point Dr.
Gilbert, AZ 85296
Please contact Ed Garay at 602-741-4876, [email protected]
Or E-Mail us at [email protected] for additional information.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ± January 22, 2014
Contact: Laura Oxley, ADHS Public Information: (602) 542-1094
Jeanene Fowler, Maricopa County Public Health: (602) 506-4926
After a steady increase in flu cases this year, Arizona flu activity hit widespread this week; widespread is
the highest category possible. Influenza has been reported in all 15 counties. Most of the circulating flu is
the 2009 H1N1 virus. Doctor and hospital visits for flu have increased over the last few weeks around the
Influenza is a serious illness with symptoms similar to the common cold. However, the flu comes on
quickly and is more physically draining. For most people, the best care is to stay home, rest, and drink
plenty of fluids. For others, especially those with certain medical conditions, the flu can be more severe.
³Some of the symptoms of the flu are very similar to those of a cold´VDLG'U&DUD&KULVW&KLHI0HGLFDO
working. The truth is influenza can be fatal. If you suddenly feel sick, tired and begin coughing and
At this time of year, urgent care sites and hospitals are overcrowded with ill people so it is important to call
your doctor first unless you are severely ill. The good news is if you KDYHQ¶W been sick yet, the flu shot can
still offer you protection from flu. Simple, everyday prevention measures, like washing your hands, will
help stop flu and other illnesses.
³Obviously, the best thing you can do to protect yourself and others is to get vaccinated. With our community
reaching widespread status, this means that flu is circulating and even if you get vaccinated today, it will take
2-ZHHNVWREXLOGXSDQWLERGLHV´said Dr. Bob England, director of the Maricopa County Department of
Public Health. ³In the meantime, stay home when you are sick, wash your hands frequently and make sure to
cough or sneeze into your sleeve. Simple, but tried and true public health practices.´
While Arizona typically sees most of its flu cases in February or March, flu is unpredictable and can peak
earlier or later in the season. This year, flu reports started early and have been increasing over the past few
weeks. 824 cases of the 2,424 ZH¶YHKDG this season were reported last week. However, because many
people are not tested for the flu, those figures are just a fraction of the true number of cases.
Arizona is not alone in this uptick of influenza -- 40 other states reported widespread activity last
week. The official Centers for Disease Control and Prevention influenza season begins in October and
carries through the following September.
A list of flu shot providers is available at or by calling Community Information
and Referral at 211 from anywhere in the state. For more information about influenza, go to or contact your health care provider or local health department.