Individual Water Purification Brochure

HydraGuard Individual Water Purifica"on Systems
Universal Purifier
Inline Purifier
Maintain Hydration For Any Mission...Anywhere
• Ultrafilter membrane (5 nanometer pore size) instantly removes
sediment, bacteria, parasites, viruses & cysts (as required by NSF
P248) without the aid of foul tasting chemicals like chlorine or iodine
• Field Integrity Test (FIT) allows real-time verification of filter
integrity in the field
• Small and durable (1.7” Diameter x 7” Length) and only 5 oz.
• High filter capacity: up to 1,000L (depending on quality of water)
• High flow rate of up to 850 ml/min is more than double of average
comfortable drink flow rate
• Easy filter maintenance and freeze/thaw capable
• Designed specifically for the Warfighter under an ONR research
contract with close collaboration with U.S. Army and U.S. Marines
• Durable, lightweight housing, meeting military durability
• Independently tested to NSF Protocol P248 (Military Operations
Microbiological Water Purifiers), ATEC and USAPHC approved,
and fielded1
Developed for in-line use with personal hydration systems and
gravity feed systems. CPC, MOLLE/ILBE/USMC Compatible – Can
be used with any hydration bladder and gravity feed.
Developed for stand-alone point-of-use with most water bottles,
canteens, or directly as a straw. Quick adapter system – easily
connects to standard issue military canteens and most water bottles.
1. HydraGuard Purifiers are the new names for previously marketed UF-30L and UF-40L Ultrafilters.
Water is a key requirement for the warfighter to be
fully mission-capable. The need for water supplies and
immediate on-site water purification is critical to
enhance the ability to operate in any environment.
Filtering out contaminants from sub-standard or
questionable water sources during deployment will
enable the warfighter to remain hydrated which will
maintain mission effectiveness and unit readiness, and
extend mission reach.
Under an awarded contract with the Office of Naval
Research (ONR) and in close collaboration with
multiple military organizations, Nephros has developed
ultrafiltration devices designed for military use. These
systems provide purification of non-potable fresh water
sources on any mission.
Nephros, HydraGuard Universal and HydraGuard
Inline Individual Water Purifiers (IWP) have both been
approved by the U.S. Military for deployment and are
currently being used by military personnel in the field.1
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