American Reformed Church
Orange City, Iowa
What’s Happening Sunday
at ARC?
American Reformed Church
407 Albany Avenue SE
Orange City, IA 51041-1627
[email protected]
8:30 AM Choir Rehearsal (Sanctuary)
9:30 AM Worship & Celebration of the
Lord’s Supper (Sanctuary)
Scripture: Mark 2:13-17
Sermon: “It all began with a table.”
Worship Leaders: Pastors Elizabeth & Mike Hardeman
Children’s Message: Kim Van Es
The best place to get this great combination:
10:30 AM Reception for Pastors
Elizabeth & Mike Hardeman (Narthex Area)
Serving Refreshments
Gary & Brenda Richardson, Harlan & Pat Van Oort
(aka Super Bowl Sunday)
after Sunday School
Children in 2nd-5th grades are invited to come learn
song signing. (Fellowship Hall)
(aka 12:00 p.m.)
10:45-11:45 AM Sunday School
for Little Lambs-12th Grades (Various Locations)
Volunteers for Sunday, January 18, 2015
Thank you for serving! Each job is important to us. If you have a conflict the date you are to serve, it is your responsibility to find your own replacement and notify the church office (737-4430) of any change.
Pastor Elizabeth Hardeman, Co-Pastor
Pastor Michael Hardeman, Co-Pastor
Mary Abels, Administrative Assistant
Julie Powell, Facility Manager
Exterior Doors Greeters
Laurie Bolluyt (U/W)
Tony & Amber Altena (D/E)
Gary & Brenda Richardson (D/SE)
Sanctuary Doors Greeters
Dan & Laurie Daily
Susan West
Children’s Message
Laura Jonker
Children & Worship
Story: “Jesus and the Paralytic”
Leader: Benjamin Langton
Greeters: Lesley Tjaden
Malorie Kleinhesselink
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Providing cookies
Marabel Allen
Lynne Grossmann
Brenda Richardson
Jan Wilbeck
Serving Refreshments
Tim & Cindy Hickman
Jack & Anita Vogel
Hall Monitors
Joel & Laura Stauffer
Bulletin Delivery to Shut-ins
Kathy Gabel, Wanda Korthals, Benjamin Langton
Amber Altena, Amy Plagge, Tessa & Sera Burg
Exterior Doors Greeters
Mona Wiersema (U/W)
Hobie Vaughn (D/E)
Kathy Vaughn (D/SE)
Sanctuary Doors Greeters
Ryan & Angela Visser & Family
Doug & Marlene De Zeeuw
Sound Technicians
Tony Altena, Doug De Zeeuw
Hall Monitor
Jo Van Es
Sunday, February 1
10:30-10:45 AM Hands of Praise
Bulletin Delivery to Shut-ins
Tamara Fynaardt
Kevin McMahan
Arlene Punt
Tullar Family
Sound Technicians
Todd Nelson
Russ Vande Steeg
January 11, 2015
Freewill donation
All funds raised send the youth on their summer mission trips!
How you can help:
Tell your friends and have them ATTEND!
Sign up to bring soup at the Welcome Center.
Offer to be a judge. (Contact Rose early.)
Loan us your official team décor.
See #1!
6:45-8:45 PM High School Youth Group
Rosalyn De Koster, Director of Youth Ministries
[email protected]
Laura Jonker, Coord. of Children’s Ministries
[email protected]
ARC News, published weekly, is delivered to your home. Its mission: to celebrate and communicate the life and ministry of
American Reformed Church. Extra copies will be available for visitors by the mailboxes. If you do not receive this newsletter
by Saturday, please let the church office know. Your stories and news items are welcome! Staff reserves the right to edit.
Adult Discipleship Classes
begin NEXT Sunday, January 18!
See page 3 for details.
American Reformed Church gathers together to be transformed by Jesus to transform the world. As followers of Jesus Christ,
we have been called by the Holy Spirit to worship God, know God in community with others, and serve God by serving others.
Announcing the
Events for the Week
Monday, January 12
10:00 AM Women’s Prayer Group (Library)
Questions? Please contact Arlene Punt at 707-4600.
1:30 PM Women’s Faith Sharing (Library)
For more information or questions, please contact Lynne
Grossmann at 737-4202.
6:30 PM Deacons’ Meeting (Genesis Room)
6:30 PM Elders’ Meeting (Library)
7:45 PM Consistory Meeting (Genesis Room)
Wednesday, January 14
6:30-7:30 PM Fuel For Faith (F3) for children in grades
K-5th (Faith, Hope Love Rooms)
6:30-8:00 PM Middle School Youth Group (MSY Rm)
Thursday, January 15
9:30 PM Men’s Prayer Group (Fellowship Area)
For more information or questions, please contact
Allen Fernow at 737-3309 / 712-395-1149.
Check it Out
Community Events
Sunday, January 11
7:00 PM Valley Male Chorus of Rock Valley, Iowa
Sacred Music Concert at and sponsored by Trinity
Reformed Church, Orange City. Freewill offering will be
taken for the benefit of children and adults with
disabilities receiving services at Hope Haven.
Friday and Saturday, January 23 & 24 at 7:30 PM
Northwestern College’s Heritage Singers chamber
choir will perform “A Night at the Opera” in the England
Proscenium Theatre. The hour-long performance will
focus on the death of a wealthy landowner and his
relatives’ scheming attempts to reclaim their inheritance
from a local charity. Admission is free, but tickets should
be reserved with Nora Verburg at the music office,
God’s People in Prayer
*Joyce Oatey (Sanford Hospital, Sioux Falls, SD)
Home from the hospital:
*Susan West
Those receiving further medical care:
*Alma Langstraat, mother of Gail Van Grouw, in a
Sioux City Hospital, receiving blood transfusions for an
undiagnosed blood disease.
*Sally Thompson, daughter of Paul & Vernie Van
Engelenhoven, who was diagnosed with and is in treatment for breast cancer.
ARC extends its congratulations to:
*Ray Van Pelt on his 97th birthday, January 8. Happy
birthday, Ray!
PLEASE NOTE: If a pastoral concern or need arises, it
is the responsibility of a family member to contact the
Church Office (737-4430), Pastor Elizabeth or
Pastor Mike (737-4430/737-9050) or an on-call
January 8-10: Allen Fernow
737-3309 / 712-395-1149
January 11-17: Kathy Gabel
707-9170 / 737-7799
January 18-24: Marilyn Jiskoot
Custodian Expresses Thanks
I would like to thank everyone who prayed for me before, during, and after my surgery, for those who visited
me in the hospital, and for the cards I received. I am currently back to working at church about six hours a day.
A special thank you goes to Rusty Marincovich for volunteering to lead the crew and cover my duties while I was
out. It was a huge stress reliever for me to know that
Rusty was willing to assume those responsibilities. I would
also like to thank Jan Wilbeck, Marilyn Jiskoot, Wanda
Korthals, and my mom (Murt Powell) for helping Rusty do
some of the cleaning during my absence. Thanks also to
the Burg family for volunteering to pick up bulletins and
papers from the pews each week, and for making sure the
hymnals and Bibles were the right direction.
I am truly blessed here at ARC. So many of you kept
telling me to get my knee fixed and when I finally did, I
had such wonderful support from everyone. The recovery
will be slow and longer than usual due to the trauma my
leg muscles sustained from being stretched so I could
have full extension again. Continued prayers would be
appreciated as I am one who does not like to sit around
and take it easy. I’d rather go, go, go! I usually have patience but when it comes to slow recovery, not so much.
Thanks again for all your support.
...Julie Powell
Daily Bible Readings for
Your Devotions
and Worship Preparation
January 12-18
12 Monday
1 Samuel 3:1-10
13 Tuesday
1 Samuel 3:11-20
14 Wednesday Psalm 139:1-6
15 Thursday
Psalm 139:13-18
16 Friday
1 Corinthians 6:12-20
17 Saturday
John 1:43-51
18 Sunday
Jonah 1:1-3
Expresses Thanks
“Thank you so much for the final exam week goodie
bags ARC provided. Your care made the week less
stressful. Thanks and we trust you had a Merry
...Joseph Tolsma for NWC Students
“ ‘Thank You' to ARC for your concern & prayers on
Don's total knee surgery. A special thanks to secretary
Mary, Rev. Hegstad and Elder Mitch Kinsinger for your
contacts by e-mail and phone. They were much appreciated. Don's surgery was very successful and his knee
is recovering nicely with the faithful routines of therapy. Thanks be to God and to God be the glory.”
...Don & Marlys Hop
“Thank you for the visits, cards, and support for our
loss of Paul’s father, Pete Karssen, on December 26.
You are ALL a blessing, with special thanks to Lynne &
Kevin McMahan and Pastor Michael.”
...Paul, Victoria, Libby &Matthew Karssen
...Amanda, Gus, Elena & Noah Vazquez
The best way for us to know you are in the hospital is
for you or a family member to contact one of the pastors, the church office or an on-call Elder. The hospital
does not notify the church.
2014 Financial Update
from the ARC Deacons
Total General Fund Giving for 2014: $393,808.85
2014 Annual Budget:
ARC General Building Fund
(Balance as of 12/31/14):
$ 15,057.41
December Mission Giving:
Justice for All - $ 168.54
Christmas Eve Giving - (JFA - Rock Valley Recovery)
“Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during my
surgery and recovery. While we often only post "thank
you" messages during challenging times, I am grateful
for you, my ARC family, at all times.”
--Sherri Langton and family
“THANK YOU to the many people of ARC who remembered me with cards, words of encouragement, visits
and prayers during my surgery and looooooooong hospital stay! I really appreciated it.”
...Don Guthmiller
“A BIG thank you to everyone who both helped put up
our Advent Decorations and took them down! And
thank you to Vic Karssen for her time, energy and help
in doing something a little different this year!”
...Lynne McMahan, Worship Team Chair
10:45 to 11:45 AM
Facilitator: Eric Elder
Location: International Room
(January 18 to February 22)
A continuation of a study of the third gospel, written by “the beloved physician,” in which Jesus is
portrayed as the compassionate Savior, healer, redeemer and friend of the weak, providing insight
into the mercy of God as demonstrated by Jesus.
Facilitator: John Hubers
Location: Sanctuary
(January 18 to February 22)
The creation of the modern state of Israel in 1948
was a moment of great joy for most Jews worldwide. For the indigenous Palestinians it is remembered as al Naqba; the great disaster. The claims
of both groups of people, which include members
of indigenous Muslim, Jewish and Christian faith
communities will be examined in this series along
with the role American Christians have played in
past and present events. These and other issues
related to the conflict will be explored with the aim
of gaining the kind of knowledge that might allow
us to become agents of peace through our prayers
and support for those who are seeking a way out of
the morass.
Facilitator: Kim Van Es
Location: Fireside Room
(March 1 to March 29)
Each week at ARC our service includes a confession
of sin. But do we understand the pervasiveness of
evil in the world and even in our own lives? Lent is
a good time to consider why we need Jesus. Using
Cornelius Plantinga’s book Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be: A Breviary of Sin, we will face up to
the “vandalism of shalom” and consider how we
can respond.
Facilitator: Keith Hoskins
Location: Library
(April 19 to May 10)
A study of the book Prayer: Does it Make any Difference? by Philip Yancey. Topics covered are:
Keeping Company with God; Unraveling the Mysteries; Language of Prayer; Prayer Dilemmas; and
The Practice of Prayer
Facilitators: Kevin McMahan and Jim Schaap
Location: Sanctuary
(April 12 to May 10)
Living in Sioux County, what do we really know
about the Native American people who inhabited
this land before us? What has the relationship between the Reformed church and Native peoples
been like? What are we called to in relation to
these neighbors (including those very nearby)?
Please join us for this five-week series of stories,
questions, and contemplative conversation. What
would reconciliation require?