SLSA Circular: IT Enhancements December 2015

Surf Life Saving Australia - Circular
IT Enhancements December 2015
Circular 49/2014-2015
State Officers and Staff, Branch Officers and Staff, Club Officers and Staff
Chief Training Officers / Directors of Education
Registrars / Administrators / Secretaries
SLS Information Technology Team
System enhancements
The following Circular contains information relating to the following systems and websites:
Members Portal
Lifesaving Online
IT Systems User Account Application Form (Form 49)
The Form 49 has been updated with the latest Administrative Function options in the Members Portal. The form
can be downloaded from the Surfguard login page and the Members Portal library. Please be advised that
applicants are not able to authorise their own Form 49.
The AVETMISS release was a large and complex change that has now been implemented. There were some minor
issues caused by the release that have been corrected.
Some questions / clarification’s relating to the new screens have been requested. These are:
Assessments – generally accept the defaults in the Assessment requests. Only the new date fields are
Address – The address fields are now compulsory.
Bulk Processing – Fixes have been made to make this work more efficiently
Duplicate member merge – this fix has now been implemented.
AVETMISS compliance is mainly an RTO requirement that does not affect the day to day operation at a Club/
Branch level except that it needs some mandatory data to be entered. If you are unsure, you should contact your
State Education area.
Other changes
 Post nominal assignation – those with a post nominal award that was made part of the surname, has been
moved to the new Post Nominal field.
 Officers report is working correctly
 Current awards report now working correctly
 Internet Explorer V11 – IE11 issues that were causing people to be logged out automatically have been
SLSA Members Portal – Integration of Lifesaving Online coming JANUARY 2015
As part of the effort to simplify the location of where applications reside and implement a single sign-on for
Members, Lifesaving Online functions have been moved into the Member Portal. will CONTINUE to operate in parallel until at least February 2015.
Surfguard award changes
A number of Surfguard award changes have been made:
Created the SS – Foundation Coach online theory award in Surfguard
Created the SS – Development Coach online theory award in Surfguard
Created State Lifesaving Exchange Program (NSW)
Created State IRB Night Operations Trained (NSW)
Archived the Provide First Aid (SRXFA001A)
Archived the QLD Course in CPR (30114)
Made the relevant changes relating to AID unit implementation
Made the relevant changes relating to the AVETMISS compliance changes
Archived the Follow Procedures for Safe Extrication of a Patient in a Life Threatening Situation
Removed the Child Protection requirement for Surf Sports Coaches awards due to age mismatch.
Surf Rescue Certificate – there were two awards in the list creating some confusion. The straight SRC has
been archived leaving the Surf Rescue Certificate (CPR endorsed) which is the correct award to use.
Gold Medallion prerequisites changed
Water Safety Guidelines Application
The Water Safety Risk application for IOS and Android have been upgraded to meet the new guidelines for Junior
Preliminary evaluations being 1:5 instead of 1:1.
Patrol Ops Application
The Patrol Ops Application has been enhanced to cater for the recording of local time and date of when progressive
rescues are indicated in the application. Users need to allow for location services to be turned on for the
application to work correctly.
The release includes both IOS and Android versions.
E-Learning enhancements
The two new Surf Sports Coaches courses are available online and linked to the relevant Surfguard award. Once a
learner completes 100% of a Foundation or Development coaches modules in e-learning, they will be allocated
these awards automatically in Surfguard.
Contact your State Surf Sports area if you need more information on these courses.
User Managers at a State level can now manually assign learning to individuals via the User Admin.
Future Enhancements for early 2015
A number of enhancements are under development and are intended to be released early in the New Year. They
Surfguard – a large enhancement release of multiple enhancements and improvements
Portal LSO – patrol swaps feature
Surfcom – management of clubs who patrol more than one beach
Hints and Tips for the Member Portal
You might consider the following activities in the portal:
EVENTS – if you are organizing an event such as a Surf Carnival, Ocean Swim or even an Education event,
consider creating an event for the home screen. Clubs can create events visible only to their own members
as well. Submit the event item to the level you want it seen at.
Members Details – you could encourage your members to create a portal account so they can update their
address information so it confirms to the new requirements. Whilst they are in the portal, they can also see
all of the information available to them.
Newsletters – you could post up your own Club / Branch / State newsletter in the NEWS area to increase
the reach of your information. Only members relevant to that level of the organisation will see that
NOTE: Don’t forget to save your item and then SUBMIT it for approval.
To avoid any confusion when using SLSA applications and systems, please see information below:
Lifesaving Online – this is the members self service area where members can go to renew membership, change
contact details and view their own details. Each member has a separate Lifesaving Online account created by them
(even children). Go to
Surfguard - this system is used by Club Officers / Administrators to manage members, awards and patrols. It is NOT
used by members. Go to
Portal or Members Portal – this is a new system similar to lifesaving online. Members and officers will use this
system to view organisation news, files, communications and other features. It is being rolled out in 2013. A
member of a club can create an account themselves by going to
E-Learning – this system is accessed through Lifesaving Online by clicking on the My Courses tab.
Payment Gateway – members of clubs are encouraged to make a payment to their club through Lifesaving Online
rather than just going directly to the payment gateway. Club officers use ilink to manage the payment gateway.
NOTE: Clubs should always be the first port of call for members who are having difficulty renewing / joining their
club and for the updating of member / personal information. Making your Club’s contact details easy to find will
assist members / new members through the joining process.
SLSA have a dedicated helpdesk team available for any assistance, queries or help that may be required. Users of all
SLSA IT systems can contact the helpdesk using the below information, also available at
Support Hours
Monday to Friday:
Saturday & Sunday:
Surfguard Help:
All other IT Help:
8.00am – 6.00pm
9:00am – 1:00pm
[email protected]
[email protected]
1300 724 006