TelePacer Modular MWD Platform Express

TelePacer Modular MWD Platform
Express electromagnetic telemetry configuration
The TelePacer* modular MWD platform with Express electromagnetic (EM) telemetry transmits data
to surface at up to 16 bps. With transmission rates 10 times faster than positive-pulse telemetry,
the Express EM telemetry configuration provides higher-resolution real-time images to help well
placement teams improve the quality and accuracy of their interpretations.
Well placement
Pad and factory drilling
Underbalanced drilling
Air drilling
Save rig time and extend run lengths
Shale gas and oil drilling
Coalbed methane drilling
Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)
Enabling the TelePacer platform with EM telemetry provides fast bidirectional communication
between surface and BHA, allowing communication with downhole tools, running advanced logging
tools, and reprogramming the platform from surface. This helps you extend run lengths and maintain
the high ROP required to efficiently drill unconventional wells.
Monitors stick/slip and three-axis shock
and vibration
Measures annular and drillpipe pressure
Saves rig time with offline surveying
and data rates up to 16 bps
Enables the extension of run lengths
with bidirectional communication and
Reliably transmits data, even during
heavy lost circulation material (LCM)
pumping operations
Receive data reliably
EM data transmission works independently of fluid circulation and employs no moving parts,
which offers improved reliability and durability. This configuration is ideal for underbalanced and
air drilling applications and eliminates NPT due to the use of multiphase fluids, high-density solids,
and heavy LCM.
The use of EM telementry is dependent upon formation characteristics. To ensure the feasibility of
using the EM telemetry in your formation, PathFinder, a Schlumberger company, follows a stringent
Hazard Analysis and Risk Control (HARC) process that includes prejob modeling.
Azimuthal Azimuthal
Gamma Ray Gamma Ray Gamma Ray
Provides high-resolution real-time images
from total and spectral GR for improved
well placement
— Total gamma ray
— Uranium-free gamma ray
(indicates TOC)
ROP, ft/h
Configuring the TelePacer platform with Express EM telemetry allows real-time transmission of critical downhole measurements, which helps enhance well placement and drilling decisions.
TelePacer Modular MWD Platform
Express EM Telemetry Configuration
Collar OD, in
Tool length, ft [m]
Flow rate, galUS/min [m3/min]
Max. pressure drop in water, psi [MPa]
At 1,150 galUS/min
At 750 galUS/min
At 375 galUS/min
At 125 galUS/min
Directional Sensor
Azimuth (0° to 360°), °
At inclination >6°
At inclination of 3°
Inclination (0° to 180°), °
Toolface (0° to 360°), °
At inclination >6°
At inclination of 3°
Magnetic field strength (0.1 to 65 uT), °
Dip angle (–90° to 90°), °
Pressure-While-Drilling Sensor
Measurement range, psi [MPa]
Pressure sensor resolution, psi [MPa]
Pressure measurement accuracy, psi [MPa]
Low temperature (77 degF [25 degC])
High temperature (302 degF [150 degC])
Vibration Sensor
Measurement range, gn [m/s2]
Frequency response, Hz
38.67 [11.78]
1,150 [4.37]
38.67 [11.78]
750 [2.85]
22 [0.152]
9 [0.062]
2 [0.014]
0 [0]
22 [0.152]
5 [0.034]
1 [0.007]
14.7 to 14,500 [0.101 to 99.97]
1 [0.007]
±50 [±0.345]
±37 [±0.255]
±100 [981] (triaxial)
10 to 2,000
Peak shock detector range, gn [m/s2]
Temperature Sensor
Measurement range, degF [degC]
Temperature measurement resolution, degF [degC]
Temperature measurement accuracy, degF [degC]
Max. data transmission rate
Downlink method
Max. allowable vibration, Hz
Max. allowable shock, gn [m/s2]
Max. operating temperature, degF [degC]
Max. working pressure, psi [MPa]
0 to 500 [0 to 4,903]
Drilling fluid types
Max. bit pressure drop
Air, foam, oil-base mud, and water-base mud
No limit
–40 to 302 [–40 to 150]
1.8 [1]
±3 [±1.7]
16 bps
Flow and fast electromagnetic
20 (rms, random, 20 to 2,000 Hz)
500 [4,903] (at 0.5 ms)
–40 to 302 [–40 to 150]
15,000 [0.103]
Not applicable
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