Message from Fr. Brad 1 8 2 5 5 W E S T C A P I T O L D R I V E

As members of St. Dominic Catholic Parish, we commit ourselves
“To Seek Christ, Know Christ, and Become Christ,
Each One for the Sake of All.”
Message from Fr. Brad
“I have baptized you with water;
he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”
– Mk 1:8
This week we liturgically
commemorate the Baptism of the Lord.
We take the time this weekend to recall
our own baptism. The words of St.
John the Baptist from St. Mark’s Gospel
above, remind us that at our own
baptism, however many years ago, we
were filled with the Holy Spirit, became
part of the Mystical Body of Christ, and
members of God’s family washed free
from the stain of Original Sin. We are a
new creation in Christ Jesus. Our
baptism allows us to fight against
concupiscence knowing that we have
been baptized into Christ and he has
won the victory over sin and death,
therefore, we can live life unafraid; to
boldly imitate our Blessed Lord and
follow the promptings of the Holy
Spirit to follow God’s will for our lives.
When we enter and exit church we
typically sign ourselves with the Sign of
the Cross using Holy Water. This water
aids us not only to recall baptism, but
to remember the inner purification
with which we prepare for the
reception of grace at Holy Mass
especially the supernatural grace we
receive through God’s mercy and love
in the worthy reception of Holy
Communion, so that we might be
enabled to live another grace-filled
week in imitation of our Blessed Savior
and in obedience to God Who is Love.
Let us pray for each other that we
might bravely and humbly live our
baptismal dignity.
~Fr. Brad Krawczyk
Associate Pastor
w w w. s t d o m i n i c . n e t
Save The Date - Our Next Parish Auction Is February 6, 2016!
Important Information
About Trivia Knight
Due to unforeseen circumstances,
Trivia Knight scheduled for
Saturday, February 7, 2015, has been
postponed. The committee will meet
in the next few months to set a new
date, hopefully in the fall.
A theme has been chosen and the date has been set, and now we’re asking for
your help! A parish-wide event, such as, A Knight in Vatican City, requires us to
be in community with each other and calls for all of us to be involved. How are
you being called to help make Auction 2016 a success? Please prayerfully
consider sharing your time, God-given talents and abilities, as well as your ideas
to make this auction successful for the entire St. Dominic campus.
Please contact us at [email protected], and let us know how you’d like to
get involved!
~Tina & Tim Jessick and Jessica & Dan Brown, Auction 2016 Co-Chair Couples
Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be
demanded of the person entrusted with more. (Luke 12:48)
At our next meeting, Tuesday,
January 14, Allison Nastoff,
granddaughter of Sarah Nastoff, will
be our speaker.
Allison will present a program
based on her life and her most
interesting book, Paws That Changed
My Life.
Deacon Larry La Fond will offer a
Communion Service at 10:30 am,
with our meeting and lunch to follow.
We encourage parishoners (55+) to
add to your list of New Years
resolutions, joining St. Dominic
Seniors! Don’t let the word senior
stop you! We are friendly, enjoyable
company and have excellent lunches
and interesting programs.
Please call Valerie Cherek at
262.523.0748 for reservations for
this month's meeting. Come to meet
Allison Nastoff and hear her most
fascinating story.
As has been addressed in previous
bulletins, the committee is looking to
“pass the torch” to a new group of
people who would like to continue
this fun tradition! Proper training
will be given! Interested or have
questions? Please contact Molly
Schmidt at 262.781.3480 or
[email protected]
Eat well!! There are over 90 healthy items
available this month! As a bonus, you will receive
a FREE Salad To Go Cup with a $40 purchase.
Order forms and additional information can be found in both narthexes. Go to to place an order or complete and return the order form to
the school office.
Online orders should be placed by Monday, January 19 at 11:00 pm and paper
forms must be returned to the school office before 12:00 pm on Friday, January
16. Orders can be picked up Friday, January 23, 2015, in the school cafeteria
from 2:30-4:00 pm. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Klingsporn at
Help the Babies of Hebron House!
At the beginning of each year, St. Dominic
Catholic Parish hosts a drive to assist
Hebron House of Hospitality in Waukesha,
which houses homeless families. We are
amazed, each year, at the generosity of our
parish families.
Did you know that 1/3 to 1/2 of the
residents of Hebron House are infants?
They are in desperate need of diapers in larger sizes (including Pull-ups) and
baby wipes.
Throughout the month of January, we will be collecting these items for
homeless families trying to get back on their feet. Please consider purchasing a
few when you see sales or have coupons, or add something extra to your
shopping cart. Laundry baskets for collection will be placed in the narthexes
until the end of January. Thanks for your help!
w w w. s t d o m i n i c . n e t
Holy Hour For Life
January 21, 2015 at 7:00 pm
An Hour of Prayer with Exposition
of the Holy Eucharist
The United States Conference of
Catholic Bishops has declared
January 22, the anniversary of Roe v.
Wade, a day of penance for violations
to the dignity of the human person
committed through acts of abortion,
and a day of prayer for the full
restoration of the legal guarantee of
the right to life.
On Wednesday, January 21, the eve
of the National Day of Penance and
Prayer, a Holy Hour for Life with
Benediction will be held from 7:008:00 pm here in church, and will be
led by Deacon Larry LaFond and
Deacon Greg Diciaula. Please join us
for an hour in adoration before the
Blessed Sacrament, praying for a
consistent life ethic for all stages of
life – from conception to natural
Once upon a time in a faraway land, an
Enchantress turned a cruel, unfeeling Prince
into a hideous Beast. To break the spell, the
Beast must learn to love another and earn
her love in return, before the last petal falls
from an enchanted rose….
Come and see how this all “plays out” at the St. Dominic School
performances of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast Jr.
Performances will be held on January 22, at 6:30 pm and January 24
at 2:00 pm in the PAAC.
Tickets will be available for sale in both narthexes after
Masses on January 17/18 or at
MusicalTicketForm.pdf . BE OUR GUEST and support our parish
school actors and actresses!
The PAAC Is Here For You!
The St. Dominic Parish Arts and Activity Center, better
known as the PAAC, is able to hold a variety of activities
for not only for the St. Dominic Catholic Parish community,
but the greater community as well. Events can be hosted
by St. Dominic or by outside users for a fee.
With a 25’ x 25’ stage, 75’ x 55’ meeting space, and a capacity of 504 people,
the PAAC was designed to serve multiple purposes. The space has proper
acoustic treatment, sound equipment, a retractable video screen and a
concession stand which makes it a flexible space to serve any need.
Do you know of a business or community organization looking for this kind of
space? For more information, please send an email to [email protected]
or call Molly Schmidt, in the Parish Center, 262.781.3480 x241.
Pizza With A Pope!
St. John XXIII: Vatican II
Saturday, January 31, 2015
after 4:30 pm Mass
in the Marcy Center
Do you want to learn more about
Pope St. John XXIII? Do you like free
pizza? If you said yes to either, come for
Pizza and the Pope in the Marcy Center
on Saturday, January 31, after 4:30 pm
Mass, to hear our
Teaching Parish Seminarian Michael Thiel
share information on St. John XXIII's perspective on Vatican II.
St. Dominic Blood Drive
The St. Dominic winter blood drive
will be in the Marcy Center, on
Monday, January 19, 2015, from
1:30-6:30 pm.
When you donate blood or a blood
component, you give a second chance
at life to all kinds of people, young
and old. The Blood Center needs 700
units per day to supply the state’s
hospital needs.
If you have questions or would like
to make an appointment, please call
Diann Pergande at 262.781.7975.
Please keep in mind that walk-ins are
also welcome.
Make a difference in someone’s
life...please donate blood.
w w w. s t d o m i n i c . n e t
Christmas Memorials 2014
Giving Tree Thank You!
After the printing of the flyer that appeared in the
bulletin on December 28, a few more Christmas
Memorials were received.
We would like to gratefully acknowledge the
following parishioners in providing special
offerings for Christmas flowers and decorations, in
memory of those listed below. Thank you for your
part in making our worship space so beautiful.
Please keep these people in your prayers.
Their Children
Jeanne Klawa
Agnes Proell
Ralph & Janice Limbach
Philip Geardino & Drew Chidester
Bernard & Mary Klawa, Stan & Therese Nowak
and Raymond & Charlotte Ratajczak
Heinz Proell
Ralph & Beverly Limbach, Robert Savatski and
Joan Palubicki
We also want to thank the following parishioners for their generous donations
for Christmas flowers and decorations. God bless you!
Rosalia Sanfelippo
Therese Janick
Stewardship Summary
Budget for fiscal year end
6/30/15: $1,725,321
Budget for 7/1/14 through
1/04/15: $937,747
Actual for 7/1/14 through
1/04/15: $942,765
Budget for week ending
1/04/15: $32,810
Actual for week ending
To all who signed up on the Time &
Talent form and came ready to help
when called; all who helped cut, write
and hang all the colored tags; all who
helped with all
the beautifully
packages, sorting
and bagging,
including the six
year old boy who
worked so hard
and thought it was “awesome” (and
yes he will be back to help next year
when he is seven); all who helped
with the deliveries to the nine
locations and were amazed at the
number of packages; to everyone
who brought assured that
every gift found its way to a “happy
Thank you and God’s blessings!
~Diann Pergande
Stewardship Commitment Renewal
The 2015 St. Dominic Stewardship Renewal offers you
an opportunity to be ignited in faith and to answer your
call to holiness. Prayerfully consider what God asks of
you in relation to the financial resources given to you as His steward, and renew
your commitment to God using your skills, interests and talents.
Commitment forms and materials were previously mailed to you. Please
review, fill out your commitment form and drop it in the regular collection
baskets at Mass, return it to the Parish Center, or if you prefer, your
commitment can be made online at
Gifts to God through St. Dominic Catholic Parish directly support our mission
and ministries. Your increased offering will support the:
 formation of intentional disciples by expanding adult lifelong faith formation
and evangelization efforts;
 education and formation of our children and youth by providing additional
resources for our day school and child and youth ministries;
 ongoing maintenance of our facilities, campus, and technology capabilities.
This year, we are asking all households to discuss as a family what percentage
of income to give back to God through St. Dominic Catholic Parish:
 Give your first hour or first 2 hours of income per week (2.5% or 5% of your
annual income) back to God, to renew your commitment to Christ;
 If you already give more than 2.5% - 5% of your income, consider an
increase. Trust in God to care for all your needs;
 Give God what He asks of us and offer a 10% tithe;
 If you haven’t given in the past, make a commitment to God through St.
Dominic Catholic Parish. Thank you and God bless.
It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that we are called to ignite our
faith and to burn with the fire that can’t be contained.
Thank you for answering God’s call.
w w w. s t d o m i n i c . n e t
Consider Enrolling Your Child
In Our K3 Program!
Learning at this stage of a child’s
development is accomplished
through social and play activities,
directed by caring
and nurturing
teachers. A major
emphasis of our
program is helping
students develop strong moral
values, respect for others, a happy
and confident sense of self, and the
ability to exhibit self-control. This is a
time when children learn to interact
with their peers, and we believe it is
important to make this a positive
experience. Learning is presented
through learning centers, hands-on
experiences, and group play.
Contact the school for more
information at 262.783.7565 or
contact our K3 teacher, Brenda
Kornacki at
[email protected]
Prayer For Help With Responsibility-Our Virtue Of The Month
Give me, O God, a sense of responsibility.
Give me…A sense of responsibility to myself,
so that I may never waste the gifts which you have given to me;
A sense of responsibility to my parents, so that I may do something to try to
repay them for all the love and the care they have given to me;
A sense of responsibility to my teachers, so that all their patient teaching of me
may not go for nothing;
A sense of responsibility to my friends, so that I may never disappoint them;
A sense of responsibility to those who have gone before me,
so that I may never forget what my freedom and liberty
cost, and that I may hand on still finer the heritage and
the tradition into which I have entered;
A sense of responsibility to the world, so that I may put
into life more than I take out;
A sense of responsibility to You, so that I may always
remember that You loved me and gave yourself for me.
Help me remember what I have received, and to use
what I have and so to make what I ought to out of this life of mine, which cost so
much. This I ask for your love’s sake.
Saint Of The Week—St. Victorian—Feast Day January 12
A native of Italy, Victorian migrated to France and later to northeast Spain,
where after living as a hermit, he became head of the monastery of Asan.
Of particular importance in the biography of Victorian, is a passage describing
his devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. It constitutes the earliest explicit account
of prayer before the reserved Eucharist outside of Mass, demonstrating that the
practice had arisen by the first half of the sixth century. After describing
Victorian’s devotion in celebrating Mass as a hermit-priest, the biographer tells
of a chapel Victorian built adjoining his hermitage, “far off from every loud noise
of the world,” and how he spent his time there: “In this [chapel], more
frequently and fervently, he poured forth his prayers before that indescribable
Sacrament of divine goodness, and commended to God the health of the whole
Church; and in this holy exercise he consumed almost the whole day. This
anecdote lends credence to the claim of the Spanish city of Lugo that perpetual
adoration of the Eucharist has existed in the city since the late sixth century.
Welcome Back!
We are happy everyone had an enjoyable break and are looking forward to a
busy 2nd semester. Many fun and exciting activities are planned for many class
levels for the remainder of the year. Stay tuned for updates on their progress!
Children’s Ministry Calendar Of Events
Tues., January 13:
Wed., January 14:
Thurs., January 15:
Sun., January 18:
LFF classes for K5-6th grade 6:15-7:30 pm in school
Playgroup in the Marcy Center 10:00 -noon
LFF classes for K5-6th grade 4:30-5:45 pm in school
LFF classes for K3-1st grade 9:00-10:15 am in school
Nursery during 9:00 am Mass in Marcy Center 5
CLOW during 9:00 am Mass-dismisses to Marcy Center
For Family Thought...
This weekend we hear about Jesus
being baptized. Most
of us were baptized
as babies, but Jesus
was baptized as an
adult! This began his
ministry as a teacher,
preacher, and healer.
We have several members in our own
community who were baptized as
teenagers or adults. We remember
all who were baptized and thank God
for their participation in our parish
As you think about the Gospel
reading from Luke discuss the
following as a family: What are some
ways we can live out our baptismal
promises? As a baptized member of
the Church, what do you think is
God’s plan for you? How will you
follow this plan? Very often we get so
busy and noisy that God’s voice is
completely drowned out. We are not
always prepared to recognize Jesus in
our daily lives. What will you do to
become a better listener?
w w w. s t d o m i n i c . n e t
Junior High & High School
Jan. 23– YM Ski/Tubing Trip to Sunburst – Registration forms are on the website under
Youth Ministry.
Junior High (7th & 8th graders)
Jan. 14—Plug-In Night-Junior High Youth Group Game night 6:00-7:30 pm
SOC (Summer Outreach Camp) Informational meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 4 at 6:00 pm
Please note the date change! Come find out what it is about. Registration forms will
be available.
Feb. 8 – Retreat with the NET Team, open to all 7/8 graders in the parish, at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. We will take a bus
from here. Watch for emailed details in January.
March 22— Middle School WI Catholic Youth Rally, 9:00 am-2:00 pm More details to come in early 2015.
Would you like to have a Youth Night, service project, movie night, game night or more? Then, we need you to join us
as part of the junior high team. Interested? Contact Debbie Olla at 262.781.3480 x252 or [email protected]
High School (9th-12th graders)
Would you want to go to a summer Steubenville youth conference? Contact Debbie if you are interested.
Mission Trip meeting, Jan. 28, in the Youth Room located in the Parish Center
Workcamp–6:00-7:30 pm Lifetree—7:30 -9:00 pm, for all campers (teens and adult).
Special Evening For Seniors – Monday, Jan. 26, 2015— Mark your calendar and watch
the mail for a special invite.
We have spots open for both camps and need adult chaperones for WORKCAMP.
Please contact Debbie Olla in the Youth Office for details - 262.781.3480 x252 or
[email protected]
Workcamp:June 20-27 in Mifflinburg, PA
Lifetree: July 25-August 1
LFF For Teens
Sundays, 10:1011:50 am,
unless otherwise
7th grade: January
11, 18 (parent meeting 10:15-11,
in the PAAC)
8th grade: January 11, 18
9th grade: January 11, 18 (parent
meeting 11-11:50, in the PAAC)
10th grade: January 11, 18
Confirmation 2014-2015
January 25 –
meeting 1:30 – 3:00pm
January 11 -
Janet Otten
Open Door
January 18 –
Open Door
High Schoolers - Join Teens From The Quad At The 2015
June 26-28, 2015 in Steubenville, Ohio
You’re invited into a life-changing
encounter with Jesus Christ through
the Sacraments of the Church and
the power of the Holy Spirit.
You will experience:
Impactful presenters that deliver relevant messages.
Powerful prayer rooted in the Eucharist.
Beautiful liturgies that connect with young people.
Opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
Dynamic praise and worship
Time for group bonding.
Check out the website for
more details on what it is all about.
Can’t make this date and would like to attend a Steubenville Conference this
summer? We can see what openings other parishes have. Get in touch with
Debbie Olla in the Youth Office and she can get the other dates available to you.
Christ Alive In Our Marriage Retreat
This day long retreat, for young adult couples in their first five
years of marriage, offers an opportunity to reflect on the meaning
of your vocation and how you are being invited to live out your
Sat., Jan. 24, 10:00 am-5:00 pm St. Margaret Mary Parish
Information and Registration can be found at:
w w w. s t d o m i n i c . n e t
Case Of The Missing Virgin?
It’s a mystery that has baffled an elderly woman on
Milwaukee’s south side, who goes by the name of Sr.
Charity. She led an effort to purchase a statue of the
Virgin Mary that she named Our Lady of the Streets and,
for years, the statue looked out for those on Milwaukee’s tough streets. But
somehow, the statue has disappeared. Read about this “mystery” in the January
15 issue of the Catholic Herald. To subscribe to the weekly publication, call
414.769.3500, toll free 877.769.7699 or visit
Called To Holiness
How has God fallen in love with you?
There is a deep desire in all of us to experience how
deeply God loves us, regardless of the sins and errors
in our lives. St. John Vianney Parish is offering a series of presentations,
beginning in January and continuing monthly through May, that will explore the
vast riches of God’s love for us. Our presenter, Dr. Margarett Schlientz, will
address growing in holiness through the power of prayer, the powerful
intercession of the Blessed Virgin, the difficulties of forgiveness, the in-depth
meaning of the Our Father, and much more.
The first session is scheduled for January 19, 10:30 am—noon, and will be
repeated on Jan. 20, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The other dates are Feb. 25, March 24,
April 14, and May 19. There will be both a morning and evening session on each
of those dates. For more info, email Martha Malloy at [email protected]
Faith @ Work
St. Mary’s Visitation
Parish Christian
Women invite you to
Faith @Work, with
everyday dynamic Catholics putting
their faith to work in the workplace.
Tuesday, January 13 7:00 pm
SMV Parish Atrium
1260 Church St., Elm Grove
 Joseph Bugni-Attorney, Federal
Defender Services of WI
 Erin Dloan-Owner & Principal,
Second Story Marketing &
 Krishna Dasgupta-Psychiatrist,
Independent Psychiatric
 Andrew Smith-President,
Christo Rey HS
 Melodie Wyttenbach-President,
Nativity Jesuit Academy
 Emcee-Lydia Lococo-VP of
Mission Integration, St. Anthony
Catholic School
FREE! No need to register!
Questions? 262.782.4575
In Joyful Hope - Celebrate
the Year of Consecrated Life
Friday, March 27, 2015
7:00 pm
St. Joseph Chapel, Milwaukee
All are welcome!
Free will offering accepted.
Religious communities of women
and men in the
Archdiocese join
in a Massed Choir
along with the
SSSF Chapel
Singers and vocal and instrumental
soloists to celebrate their lives and
For complete details contact
Sister Mary Jane Wagner
[email protected]
Night Music on the Boulevard Concert
Friday, January 16, 2015 – 7:00 pm
St. Joseph Hall, 1501 S. Layton Blvd.
Warm up your winter evening with classical, jazz, and pop
favorites performed by Jeffrey Hollander on piano and
Michael Britz on double bass. Hear the music of Beethoven,
Chopin, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Hoagy Carmichael, and more. Tickets
are just $10. Order from School Sisters of St. Francis, c/o Donna O’Loughlin,
1501 S. Layton Blvd., Milwaukee, WI 53215.
For more details, please visit
Integrating Faith and Work at Marquette University with
Dr. Michael Lovell
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 7:30 -9:30 am
7:30 am Continental Breakfast & Fellowship
8:15 am Prayer & Presentation
The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts - 19805 W. Capitol Dr.
Cost: Free will offering
Our work is important and brings honor
and glory to God. How do we as Christians
bring our faith to our work in an
appropriate way? Mike Lovell, the first lay
President of Marquette University, will
share his story and desire of working in a
faith-filled environment. Join us for Mike
Lovell’s presentation on Faith and Work.
RSVP to Kimberly at 262.966.1800 or
[email protected]
w w w. s t d o m i n i c . n e t
We Could Use Your Help!
The St. Dominic Junior High
Forensics program will be hosting
its third annual Forensics Meet on
Friday, February 6
from 4:00 to 10:00 pm.
Over 300 students from area
schools will join us in this fun
competition that showcases students'
verbal abilities.
Please see the flyers in this bulletin for more information
on these two exciting opportunities!
That Man Is You! Starts Again On January 16, 2015!
That Man is You! is an interactive, multimedia men’s
program focused upon the development of authentic
male leadership. That Man is You! is successful at
attracting large numbers of men, and then transforming
their spiritual lives. Indeed, independent research from
a Faith Advisor to The Gallup Poll reveals That Man is
You! to be one of the most life transforming programs ever studied.
We are all called to become more faithful followers of Christ and better
versions of ourselves. Join other men from St. Dominic at That Man is You!
Please join us on Wednesday, January 28
at 7:00 pm for A Prayer, A Story & A Taste of
Wine with Father Dom!
Prayers and volunteers are gladly
accepted! If you're available to help
us, please contact Jane Pittman at
[email protected]
Father Domenic J. Roscioli brings an enlightening
approach to being a Catholic priest through story telling of his
unique experiences in life and relating them to the challenges faced by
people in their everyday lives.
Hosted by:
Women OF Grace
Our Campus is Rockin’ Once Again!
The Buildings and Grounds Committee have
installed boulders at entrances of various drives on
campus, in order to preserve the asphalt work that
was completed this past Fall, to keep the grass and
landscaping in good shape and to prevent traffic
from driving on storm drains.
So, while you’re attending Mass, dropping your
children off at school, or attending our many wonderful worship opportunities,
please watch your corners as you’re driving around campus.
New members are always welcome and
encouraged to register as members of St.
Dominic Catholic Parish!
Young adults, age 23+, should register as
adult members even if living at home.
Parish membership is required for
baptism, first reconciliation, first Eucharist
and marriage.
We meet personally with all new
members to… provide a warm welcome; answer questions; fill out the necessary forms;
provide information based on specific needs or concerns, and give a tour of the
facilities, if interested.
To schedule your personal meeting, please contact Molly Schmidt, 262.781.3480
x241 or [email protected]
For more information about our parish, please visit
Don’t Miss Out On Your St.
Dominic 2015 Wall Calendar!
We are delighted to offer The
Liturgical Art of St. Dominic – 2015
Catholic Wall Calendar. Learn more
about the history and use of liturgical
objects in our church!
Please take one per family. They
are available in both narthexes.
Thank you to the St. Dominic
Marketing Committee and, especially,
parishioner Dan Herda for offering
his photography talent and skills for
this calendar. We are grateful to
Harder Funeral Home for their
sponsorship as well.
w w w. s t d o m i n i c . n e t
In Loving Remembrance
In your charity, please remember in your prayers the
following people who recently died:
† Pauline Bartolone, mother of Peter (Mary) Bartolone,
grandmother of Gina and Alexandra
† Albert Schneider
Remember In Your Prayers…
...parishioners or family of parishioners who are ill, or
recovering from injury or surgery, especially Judy Bickler,
Russell Bordeaux, Brian Brouillette, Carol Dati, Kaley
Donohue, Kathleen Fischer, Gregory Golbricht, Bridget
Griepentrog, Larry Hanson, Elaine Kleinhans, Dave
Kornacki, Tom Leupold, Janet Lillie, Adam David Maresca,
Joe Marincic, Marlene Pribe, Kenneth Schaefer, Jeff
Steinhardt, Robert Stormowski, Peggy Tate, Jim Toby,
Mary Jane Walsh, Dolores Wechter, Katie Wilkenson, Jim
Wolak, Pat Wutke and Jim Zielinski
Sanctuary Lamps
The Church Lamp will burn in January in memory of
Francis Koenigs, Jim Smith and Mike Erickson.
The Chapel Lamp will burn in January in honor of
Bishop Donald Hying and for the successful selection
of a new Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of
Mass Intentions
Monday, January 12
8:30 am † Emily Przybylski (Marianne Kuhlow)
Mother of Perpetual Help Devotion
Tuesday, January 13—St. Hilary
6:30 am † Albert Schneider
Wednesday, January 14
8:30 am † Arlene Krawczyk (Mrs. Stich’s K4 class)
Thursday, January 15
6:30 am † Tony Rinaldi (Rinaldi family)
Friday, January 16
8:30 am † Elisabeth Gansler (Gansler Family)
Anointing of the Sick
Rosary in the Chapel after Mass
Saturday, January 17
3:30 pm Individual Reconciliation in the Chapel
4:30 pm † Mary Jane Conlin (Ann M. Rozman)
Sunday, January 18
7:30 am For All Parishioners
9:00 am † Josephine Menz (Helen Schartner)
Wedding Anniversary of Ted & Mary
11:00 am † George Bell (Chris & Gerri Schultz)
American Flag Sponsor
The American Flag, that flies outside, between the church
and school, is being sponsored during the 1st quarter,
January 1—March 31, 2015, by Tom & Amy
Whittenberger, in honor of Katt Whittenberger, Sr.
Chief USN.
Please visit or call the Parish Center for sacramental information.
Parish Center……………………………….….....262.781.3480
Pastor, Father David H. Reith………………………………..x222
Associate Pastor, Father Brad Krawczyk……………...x224
Deacon, Larry LaFond…………………………….262.345.5357
Deacon, Greg Diciaula…………………………….262.547.4216
Teaching Parish Seminarian, Michael Thiel………..x229
Administrative Services, Amy Whittenberger….... x253
Child Ministry, Stacey Irvine……………………………….x251
Liturgy & Music, Paul Burzynski..……………………......x240
Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Debbie Olla………..x252
Finance Administration, Karen Chaffee………...…....x223
Marketing-Communications, Meg Picciolo .............. x248
Parish Membership & Events, Molly Schmidt......... x241
Evangelization Minister, Brian Magliocco…………...x620
Administrative Assistants:
Finance, Jeanne Verthein ................................................. x227
Liturgy/Music & Human Concerns, Barb Schenauer . x242
Lifelong Faith Formation, Debbie Caputo………….x250
Administrative Support, Judy Shilka........................ x228
Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Veres ........................ x282
Maintenance Staff, Dan Hughes ...................................... x282
Weekend Maintenance Staff, Tim Buckingham...... x282
School Office…………………………………………...783.7565
School Principal, Jill Fischer ............................................. x271
School Secretary, Mary Kay Reinbold .......................... x280
Parish Trustees
Michael Ricci .................................................................. 781.1358
Jerry Buting .................................................................... 783.6555
Pastoral Council Officers
E-mail ................................... [email protected]
Chair, Don Drees ................................................ 262.781.2516
Vice Chair, Jim Palzewicz ......................... 262.790.1209
Secretary, Meg Siehr ........................................ 262.691.2139
Additional Contacts
Marcy Center ........................................................ 781.3480 x233
Marcy Center Kitchen ....................................... 781.3480 x232
Prayer Network: Kathy Monday............................. 790.0535
St. Vincent de Paul Helpline ................................................ x600
[email protected]
Email addresses for all staff members may be found on our website,
w w w. s t d o m i n i c . n e t
Server Schedule
Saturday, January 17
4:30 pm Mara Kubit/Ella Daniels/
Sydney Daniels
Sunday, January 18
7:30 am Adult Servers
9:00 am Cade Wormington/Jonah
Wormington/Nick Hilbert
11:00 am Lydia Scott/Bethany Orgovan/
Carly Delforge
Readings for the Week of Jan. 11
Is 55:1-11 or Is 42:1-4, 6-7/1 Jn 5:1-9
or Acts 10:34-38/Mk 1:7-11
Heb 1:1-6/Mk 1:14-20
Heb 2:5-12/Mk 1:21-28
Heb 2:14-18/Mk 1:29-39
Heb 3:7-14/Mk 1:40-45
Heb 4:1-5, 11/Mk 2:1-12
Heb 4:12-16/Mk 2:13-17
1 Sm 3:3b-10, 19/1 Cor 6:13c-15a, 1720/Jn 1:35-42
This Week’s Schedule
Sunday. January 11—Hebron House Collection
9:00 am
Children's Ministry LFF-School
9:00 am
9:05 am
Children's Liturgy of the Word -MC7
10:10 am
10:10 am
7th gr. LFF-School
10:10 am
10th gr. LFF-Marcy Center
12:00 pm
That Man Is You! Packers Event-PAAC
4:00 pm
School Musical Rehearsal-PAAC
9:00 pm
Adult Men's Basketball-PAF
Monday, January 12
9:30 am
Milwaukee Catholic Mamas-MC 5/6
2:50 pm
Intermediate Band-PAAC
3:00 pm
Musical Rehearsals-PAAC
3:15 pm
Pack 119 Readyman Training-Cafeteria
7:00 pm
Book Club-PC107
7:00 pm
Finance Council-PC105
8:00 pm
Athletic Board Meeting-MC6
Tuesday, January 13
10:30 am
Seniors Communion Service-Church
11:30 am
Seniors Lunch-MC7/KI
2:30 pm
Den 5 Scouts-Cafeteria
6:15 pm
Children's Ministry LFF-School/CH
6:30 pm
CM Teaching Baptism-Church
6:30 pm
Home & School Meeting-Library
7:00 pm
Cub Scout Leader Meeting-MC6
7:00 pm
The Sacraments-MC7/KI
Wednesday, January 14
7:05 am
Strings Advanced-PAAC
8:30 am
Mass With All School-Church
9:45 am
Bible Study-MC1
10:00 am
10:30 am
Cantor Rehearsal-Church
2:45 pm
Strings Intermediate-PAAC
5:30 pm
School Musical Rehearsal-PAAC
6:00 pm
Plug-In 7/8 grade-Youth Room
7:00 pm
Parents Baptism Prep Class-Church
7:00 pm
Adult & Family Ministry Team-PC105
7:30 pm
Youth Group 9-12 grade-Youth Room
Thursday, January 15
8:00 am
Yearbook Pictures-PAAC
2:45 pm
Forensics-Marcy Center
2:50 pm
School Faculty Meeting-Library
4:30 pm
Children's Ministry -School/CH
6:00 pm
Cantor Rehearsal-Church
6:30 pm
8th Grade Parent Meeting-PAAC
7:00 pm
Adult Choir Rehearsal-Church
7:00 pm
Teaching Parish Committee-PC105
7:00 pm
Catholic ID - Chapel
9:00 pm
Adult Men's Basketball-PAF
Friday, January 16
10:00 am
Beginning Band-PAAC
2:45 pm
Strings Beginners-PAAC
5:30 pm
Movie Knight-PAAC
6:00 pm
AA Meeting-MC6
9:00 pm
Adult Co-ed Volleyball-PAF
Saturday, January 17
7:00 am
Men's Ministry-MC1-3
8:00 am
8:00 am
Forming the Catechetical Spirit-PAAC
Sunday, January 18
9:00 am
Children's Ministry LFF-School
9:00 am
9:05 am
Children's Liturgy of the Word-MC7
10:10 am
10:10 am
9th gr. LFF-Youth Room
10:10 am
8th gr. LFF-School
10:10 am
7th gr. LFF-School
10:10 am
10th gr. LFF-Marcy Center
11:00 am
LFF 9th gr. Parent Meeting-PAAC
4:00 pm
School Musical Rehearsal-PAAC
9:00 pm
Adult Men's Basketball-PAF
I’ll rush to the
accident scene,
but we need you to
come to the rescue.
ShellFy Flasch, RN
Flight Nurse
Donate blood.
St. Dominic Catholic Parish
Blood Drive
Monday, January 19, 2015
1:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Appointments encouraged. Walk-inswelcome.
BloodCenter of Wisconsin celebrates National Blood Donor Month by paying
tribute to people whohelp others through the simple act of giving blood.
As a special thank you, all attempting donors wilMreceive an additional 200
points that can be redeemed for items in BloodCenter’s Recognition Center.
Please bring a photo ID
with your birth date
St. Dominic Catholic Parish
cordially invites you to
Fr. Dom is a cancer survivor, longtime volunteer at
Paul Newman's camps for children with cancer, and
an activist for social justice in his inner city
neighborhood in Kenosha. His presentations help
you find God in your everyday life experiences.
Read more about Fr. Dom at and
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28, 2015 7:00—9:00
Fr. Dom will have his Holy Spirits wine and unique product line available for
sale, as well as a collection of his and Anna Nuzzo’s CDs. *A portion of the
proceeds from Holy Spirits goes to "The Next Step", a non-profit organization that provides
counseling, mentoring and support to young adults who have recently been diagnosed with
cancer or other life-threatening diseases.
An RSVP is required, so we’re sure to have enough tables,
chairs, food & wine! Space is limited, so register today!
To register, please visit
or contact Molly Schmidt, 262.781.3480, [email protected]
*$5.00 charge, paid at the door. Must be 21+ to attend!*
Cornerstone Law
Estate Planning
Real Estate
Elder Law
Darryl D. Stich, D.D.S., Parish Member
414-403-6279 (MARY)
“If it’s a home you’re seekin’,
call Mary Deeken!”
Residential & Commercial
Licensed • Insured
Office Relocation/Storage
Archives Center/Document Scanning
~Parish Member~
414-372-7000 •
Brookfield Office
13620 W Capitol Drive
Located in
Brookfield, WI
A Division of Kappl Construction, Inc.
Sales Associate
(414) 813-0036
[email protected]
Sherry Wittemann
Serving Brookfield and the
St. Dominic Community
Since 1993
No Pressure, “PAINLESS” Real Estate Services Parish Member Since 1983
Direct: 414-807-5356
Email: [email protected]
Jim Swiderski
Work: (414) 257-0833 • Cell: (262) 853-5467
[email protected]
“We Are Specialist in the Art of Travel”
17000 W. Capitol Dr. • Brookfield, WI
262-373-1000 Call Lorraine or email
[email protected]
Parish Member
Exceptional service since 2003
Associate Vice President, ABR, CRS, CSRS, GRI
• Business Law • Real Estate
• Employment Law
• Estate Planning
Serving Parishioners, Their Businesses
and Their Families
(262) 784-3323
John Norfolk - Parish Family
Commercial Interior Design, Construction/Remodeling,
Painting/Wallcoverings, Furnishings
Parish Member
Daniel G. Gundrum, CFP®
Financial Advisor - Parish Member
[email protected]
800-792-2473 • [email protected]
777 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202-5391
21150 W. Capitol Dr.
Brookfield, WI
414-765-1465 • Fax 414-298-7400
Phone 781-2700
Help For Senior Independence
Charles W. Steinbach, D.D.S.
414 403 6227 Parish Member
Terese Wutke
Thomas A. Steinbach, D.D.S.
“In a competitive marketplace it pays to have the advantage”
Wise Choice Property Enviromental, Safety and Recycling Services
[email protected]
Roofing Home Repair | Gutter Cleaning & Repair
And All Things in Between
(262) 790-2500
Parish Member
Triangle Tool Corporation
Meet, Drink & Paint Happy.
Daily Kids to Adults Public Sessions.
Check out our online calendar of events!
W249 N5267 Executive Dr.- Sussex
8609 W. Port Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53224
TEL: (414) 357-7117 • FAX: (414) 357-7610
E-Mail: [email protected] for more information
James T. Kwiatt, M.D.
Frank Fantazzi, PT, ,DPT, OCS
Parish Member
Mark Snyder, PT, DPT
(262) 796-2850
700 Pilgrim Parkway, Elm Grove
Board Certified Gastroenterologist
Mayfair/Elmbrook/Mukwonago: (414) 454-0600
Oconomowoc/Waukesha: (262) 569-7877
The Right People/The Right Ideas/The Right Tools
Landscaping • Design
Renovation • Grounds Care
Walkways and Patios
Tree Science & Services
David Marcello
[email protected]
Serving real estate needs
Watertown: (920) 262-1099
Fax: (414) 454-0971
Family Founded and Operated for 40 years
Shea Hughes - Owner / Parish Member
Parish Member
Brookfield: 20350 Water Tower Blvd., Ste. 101
Brookfield, WI 53045 (262) 432-8506
Greenfield: 8555 W. Forest Home Ave., Ste. 100
Greenfield, WI 53228 (414) 529-4044
Racine: 5801 Washington Avenue, Ste. 100
Racine, WI 53406 (232) 884-7700
A 4C 01-0232
12-23-2014 11:41:24
Nationally recognized digestive health experts
compliments of
Tues-Fri 8:00-5:00
Sat 8:00-12:00
Lia’s Tailors & Cleaners
Dean K. Harder • Eric C. Harder
Providing the exceptional service and
facilities families have come to expect.
18700 W. Capitol Dr.
Family Dentistry
Final Alterations for Ladies & Men
Leather Cleaning & Repair
Rosalia Orlando
Parish Member
12614 W. Hampton Ave.
N89 W15680 Main St. Menomonee Falls
Parish Members
785-0225 parish member
Garage Doors & Openers
(262) 784-4250
(414) 541-9217 24 hr.
Brookfield Hills Golf Course
Au tomotive Inc.
2 blocks South of I-94
on Moorland Rd.
C o m p l e t e Au t o m o t i v e R e p a i r s
Hours 7
- 6
Joseph M. King
Vice President - Investments
A Company You Can Trust.
18780 W. Burleigh Rd. 781-3140
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
20800 Swenson Drive, Suite 200
Waukesha, WI 53186
Tel: 262-798-3732
Fax: 262-798-3595
Toll Free: 800-823-1410
[email protected]
Schmidt & Bartelt
Guardalabene & Amato Funeral & Cremation Service
“Providing Affordable Services at Your
Church, Chapel or Any One of Our Locations.”
Menomonee Falls, Wauwatosa, Sussex
Vito Marchese - Parish Member
Commercial Residential
Kurt Wahlen Jr.,
Parish Member
Capital Insurance Agency
of Wisconsin, Inc.
Personal and Business
Complete Homeowners Services
Painting - Carpentry - Odd Jobs - Mowing
Aeration - Upkeep - Snow Blowing and More...
Kevin O’Connell • 262-352-1551
Insured parish member
10225 W. Capitol Dr., Wauwatosa 414-463-5700
520 Hartbrook Dr., Hartland
Bryant Chaffee, Parish Member
Sunday - TThursday 6:00am - 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday 6:00am - 11:00pm
18025 W. Capitol Dr. (262) 783-4501 • Fax (262)783-6371
Monday - Sunday 6:00am - 11:00pm
115 E. Collins St. (262)569-0072 • Fax (262)569-0036
[email protected]
All Occasions
Chicago & O’Hare
622 North 79th Street, Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Timothy T. Brennan
% 781-8080
Charles Hewett DDS MS
Joshua Barta DDS MS
Daniel Holzhauer DDS MS, Parishioner
Jeff Sladky - Parish Member
Landscape design • Installation • Management
Brick & Stone Patio & Walkways • Plantings
Night Lighting • Irrigation • Yard Maintenance • Fencing
& Operated
Professional Pressure
Washing & Parking Lot Striping
Chaffee Limousine
(262) 650-1900
(262) 691-2740
(262) 255-1900
West Allis
(414) 327-7100
Flexible Schedules
State Certified
Teens & Adults
Prints from Digital Media
Canvas, Metal, Large Format
18110 W. Bluemound Rd.
Parish Member 262-782-4303
Complete Plumbing Solutions
David Strigenz
Collision & Auto Body Repairs
Master Plumber #224873
Parish Member
9921 W. Carmen Ave.
(414) 466-0210
Milwaukee, WI 53225
Fax (414) 466-8337
Tobin J. Strupp DDS
Family Dentistry Since 1985
Accepting New Patients
14335 W. Capitol Dr.
Office: (262) 783-3311
Tony Pruski
Pruning • Removal • Storm Damage
Quality work at a reasonable price
(not valid with any other offers)
17301 W. Capitol Dr. location only • (Capitol Drive @ Calhoun Rd)
(262) 373-1100
FRANTL Industries Inc.
“Spray On Insulation”
Applications Include, But Not Limited To:
Attics, Box Sills & Crawl Spaces
- Parish Member
262-246-3866 •
Residential Work
Brian Frantl
Business Tax and Accounting
Individual Tax Preparation
• Accurate
• Responsive
• One-to-One Service Accounting
Peter R. Bray, CPA
Susan M. Schmidt, CPA
11707 West North Avenue • Wauwatosa, WI 53226 • 414-771-9611
23 Convenient Locations
Italian Sports Car Center
Service Dept. Open in Brookfield
Lorenzo Reina - Parishioner
12730 W. Capitol Dr., Brookfield, WI
Support Our Advertisers
Contact Jeff Tkachuk to place an ad today!
[email protected] or (800) 950-9952 x2513
Check the ads on this page before you check the yellow pages.
21300 W. Capitol Dr.
A great place to eat
with friends & family!
Landry’s Brookfield BP
2005 N. Calhoun Rd.
Brookfield, WI 53005
Bp Gasoline with Invigorate
Full & Self Service Gasoline * Premier Diesel Fuel
Touchless CarWash -Auto Repairs & Diagnostics
Family owned & operated*
Call Jeff Tkachuk at 1-800-950-9952 x2513
or e-mail [email protected]
B 2C 01-0232
12-23-2014 11:41:24