The Before and After Promotion

The "Before and After" Promotion
Open to USA Juuva Distributors and Preferred Customers until February 5, 2015
Juuva wants to hear your story. Share the benefits of Juuva’s amazing products
and you could be the lucky winner of a luxurious spa day or free Juuva product!
We encourage our Distributors to send us testimonials on any of our products at any time. To
encourage this Juuva is running a special promotion until February 5, 2015. On the February 7th
Corporate Conference Call we will draws several winners.
Everyone who submits "before and after" photos (over
any period of time) for BioIntense will have their name
entered in a drawing for a high quality spa experience
near their home.* Thank you to Jacki Jensen for sharing
her before and after pictures with us!
Other Juuva Products
Anyone who submits a written or video testimonial for
any other Juuva product will have their name entered in
a drawing for a free product of the product for which
they submitted their testimonial. (A testimonial on our
new Juuva Water Pitcher, will be entered in a drawing for
a free Water Pitcher; a testimonial on Zing will be entered in a drawing for a free Zing, etc.) There is no limit
to the number of products for which Juuva Distributors
or Preferred Customers may submit testimonials.
Your testimonial(s) must be received no later than 12:00 PM MT on Thursday, February 5, 2015 at the Juuva office. Please submit all
testimonials to [email protected]
You are consenting to have Juuva and/or Summit Success use your testimonial for promotional purposes.
Juuva will select the spa location and treatments.
“A day at the spa is a day like no other.
Relax, refresh, and
rejuuvenate yourself compliments of Juuva.”