Is it time for a summer job? Summer Edition 2015
Hi Everyone!
It’s summer time again! What fun things are you planning? Perhaps a trip away, or a new bike, or maybe your
favourite band is playing a gig in your town? All these things sound great but have you saved enough to do
all you want this summer? If the answer is no, then maybe it’s time to find a summer job. Or, if working is not
your thing, find out how to save money in other ways with some cool smartphone apps.
So have fun and stay safe!
Team MyWay
Is it time for a summer job?
If you need extra cash this summer,
finding a summer job could be
a solution!
Finding the perfect job requires planning. You should first
examine the opportunities that are available to you, and
you must also consider what you hope to get out of the
position. Working as a gardener isn’t much fun if you hate
getting dirty, while being a babysitter won’t bring much joy
if you don’t like kids. Keep in mind that many summer jobs
provide workers with transferable skills that could come in
handy later on in your career, so there are plenty of reasons
why it’s a wise idea to start building up your resume while
you’re still in school – and earning a little extra spending
cash never hurt anyone either.
Summer Job Search Don’ts
Do not dress like you’re going to the beach
Make sure you dress nicely both when you hand out
resumes and when you go for interviews.
Do not answer your mobile phone in an interview
In fact, it should be turned off before you enter the
interview. If you forget and it rings, immediately apologise
to the interviewer and turn it off without answering it.
And finally few examples of summer jobs you could try
this year:
Food Service - such as waiter, cashier, dishwasher
Pet Sitter
Summer Job Search Dos
Make a resume
You probably have more experience than you think.
Volunteer work, babysitting, walking the neighbour’s dog it all counts. Don’t forget to spell check! For resume writing
tips check out the winter 2013 issue of the MyWay news.
Farm worker
Life Guard
Follow these tips and you’ll be spending your first
pay packet in no time!
Ask around
About 80% of jobs aren’t advertised, so make sure your
friends and family know you’re looking. They might be able
to help you.
Do your homework
Just take a little time to find out about the company you’re
applying to before you go to an interview. The interviewer
will be really impressed that you already know stuff about
Apps that will make your life easier!
We’ve all got a busy life. School, friends, family — there’s
a lot to pack into one day.
But technology is here to help us. While sometimes it’s
good to put away the gadgets, there are plenty of ways
that a few apps can actually simplify our life.
So we prepared a list of quick-step apps that could
make your life less complicated and save you some
extra cash. Enjoy!
TrackMySPEND is an app that lets you diarise your
personal expenses as you go, so you can take
control over your spending. This App has numerous
easy to use and interactive features so you can
manage your budget, spending limits, saving goals
and more by some easy swipes on the App.
So set a goal and track your progress.
Viber, WhatsApp and Skype are all well known
apps that let you talk and text for free over the
internet – save on expensive phone bills by using
your allocated data plan and/or Wi-Fi instead.
Getprice App compares online prices to help you
save. You can scan in or search any product to
instantly find out more information about it and
compare prices and offers. View contact information,
reviews, maps, latest offers and more to help you
save as much as you can, every time.
uolingo is a free language learning app, but it’s not
your typical learning app. Lessons feel like levels of a
computer game: you have lives and getting a
question wrong loses you one. Lose all your lives
and you fail the lesson, requiring you to start again.
You can compare your score with your friends who are
also learning, and there is a high score table showing
who currently has the most points among your friends.
So which language would you like to ‘play’?
Glympse - ever been told that someone is only a
few minutes away, but they were actually far away?
Glympse uses the GPS and 3G features of your
device to broadcast where you are and plot it on a
Google Map, all in real time. It has tight privacy and
time-expiry controls so that only friends who you wish
to share with know where you are.
How do you earn extra cash
during summer months?
We would love to hear your ways of earning that extra
cash during summer months. So in 25 words or less,
tell us how you earn extra summer spending money and
email it to [email protected]
The best answer, as judged by me, will win the prize $50 towards your savings account!
Don’t forget to include your name, Member number and
your age. The competition closes at 5pm on 20
February 2015. Good luck!
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