January 2015 Hike Descriptions

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Acacia Loop (Southeast Moderate. 200' elevation gain. Start @ Shadow Canyon Trailhead, hike up 1.5 miles to
of SCA)
Acacia Loop for a great view of the Las Vegas Strip.
Grand Circle Trail (RR)
Difficult. 11 miles. 300' elevation gain. Trail starts @ Visitor Center and passes Calico
Hils, Sandstone Quarry and White Rock Hills before looping back to the center.
Black Mountain
(Southeast of SCA)
Strenuous. NP. 7 miles. 2,500' elevation gain to a peak of 5,092'. Some exposure,
scrambling,loose rock and brush. Hand holds needed for balance at times. Excellent
360 degree view of Las Vegas Valley, numerous ranges and the Eldorado Valley dry
lake. Shadow Canyon trailhead.
Difficult. NP. 5 miles. 500' elevation gain. Hike across open desert to a wash. Scramble
South Bowl of Fire (LM) up jumbled piles of sandstone providing adventure in a seldom-hiked area. No shade!
Bring ample water! Trailhead near mile marker 18 on Northshore Rd.
First Creek to Waterfall
Chute (RR)
Very Strenuous. NP. 6 miles. 1,340' elev. gain. Route goes in the canyon and leaves
the wash at the cascading waterfalls at 1.7 mile mark then follows a chute around to
the west. (left) side of the canyon. Tough hike with great views of both First Creek
Canyon, Hidden Bowl and Mt. Wilson.
Lake Shore Trail (LM)
Moderate. 4 miles. No elevation gain. Trailhead at Las Vegas Bay boat ramp (now
closed),2 miles past the Lake Mead entrance station on Lakeshore Dr. Walk along
fishing paths on the shores of Lake Mead for an interesting hike where you will see
many birds and waterfowl. Return on the same trail.
Brownstone Canyon
Strenuous. NP. 7 miles. 700' elevation gain. Hike starts at Sandstone Quarry, heads east past Red Cap and
drops into Gateway Cyn, for some serious scrambling up a number of dry waterfalls. More scrambling
continues over the sandstone above Gateway before dropping into Brownstone Cyn to see a wall of
protected pictographs painted on the canyon wall. Return on the same route.
Pinto Valley Loop (LM)
(Gold Butte Trip)
Challenging. 5 miles.500' elevation gain. Trailhead near mile marker 18 on Northshore Rd. This
partial loop travels out to Cottonwood Springs before heading towards Hamblin Mountain. This
hike does not climb the mountain, but stops short of the scrambling part and returns by way of
Pinto Valley and along the old Arrow Highway back to the trailhead.
Strenuous. NP. 7 miles. 1400' elevation gain. Trailhead near mile marker 18 on Northshore Rd. This partial
Hamblin Mountain (Gold
Butte Trip) (LM)
Sutor Peak (South of
loop hike travels out to Cottonwood Springs before heading up to Hamblin Mtn. Climbing nearly 1400 ft,this
trail does have some scrambling and some exposure, but offers great views of the Lake Mead area. After
descending, the hike winds it way through colorful Pinto Valley before returning to the trailhead on parts of
the old Arrow Highway.
Strenuous. NP. 9 miles. 1200' elevation gain to a peak of 4,186' in the North
McCullough Range. Scrambling, some exposure, loose lava rock. Desert crossing gaiters and poles recommended. Sloan Canyon trailhead ORS
Fracture Ridge-Lower
Loop (Southeast of
Moderate. 3.5 miles. 400' elevation gain. Hike begins on Black Mountain Trailhead. Hike
1.5 miles and take first right trail and follow loop returning along power lines and back
to detention basin. Offers nice view of all of Anthem.
Oak Creek to 10
Cascading Falls (RR)
Very Strenuous. NP. 6 miles. 1,258' elev. gain. Start at Oak Creek Trail parking lot and
follows the rocky trail into the wash for approximately two miles. Begin bouldering & hiking up
cascading waterfalls upon entering the canyon. Observe several dry waterfalls and ponds.
Climb/crawl through a rabbit hole followed by scrambling.
Difficult. 7 miles. 1200' elevation gain. From the Sloan Canyon trailhead, hike through a gravel wash
and then some scrambling up dry waterfalls to the petroglyph area (Trail 100). Continue up this wash
Sloan Canyon to Hidden until it intersects with Trail 300 and take this trail about 2 miles further to a parking area in Hidden Valley.
A beautiful trail that gains and loses elevation several times. Fantastic views! Return almost to the
Valley (South of SCA)
pertoglyph area and then take Trail 200 back to the main wash. High Clearance vehicles recommended
to get to the trailhead. ORS
Strenuous. NP. 5 miles - 1,000' cumulative elevation gain. 1,500' maximum elevation.
Sugarloaf to Lone Palm
Trailhead same as Sugarloaf on AZ 93, Exit 2. Follows Sugarloaf hike route; then heads
Loop (LM)
south cross-country to a Lone Palm at the Colorado River and back up the Lone Palm wash.
Moderate. 5 miles. 240' elevation gain. Trailhead is at the bike trails parking lot on Hwy 160.
Grapevine Springs (Hwy This partial loop hike utilizes some of the named bike trails as it heads toward an area of deep
brown rocks near the spring. A trail then leads across the side of a ridge toward Mud Springs,
where there is an adjacent area full of petroglyphs of various ages.
Palette Canyon (LM near Challenging. 4 miles. 400' elev. gain. Light scrambling. Follow an abandoned road
Lake Las Vegas)
north across the desert, then off-trail before dropping into a very colorful wash.
Strenuous. 8 miles. Significant scrambling up Cave Canyon, including a 15-foot waterfall that
requires the use of hands. This hike begins at the horse corral on Blue Diamond Road.
Cave Canyon and the
Shortly after entering the canyon, visit a large cave with several levels. (Bring a flashlight or
Muffins (RR Hwy 159)
headlamp for exploring the cave.) Proceed up the canyon along a trail on Blue Diamond
Ridge to the Las Vegas Overlook. Then follow the ridge to the Muffins before descending the
trail back to the parking area.
Very Strenuous. NP. 5 miles. 2,000' elevation gain to the 6,323' peak. Short but strenuous
Turtlehead Peak (RR)
climb with scrambling, exposure and loose rock on parts of trail. Great unobstructed view of
Las Vegas Valley. Sandstone Quarry trailhead.
Easy. 2 miles. This open country trail starts at the Visitor Center and traverses a
Moenkopi Loop (RR)
prominent limestone ridge before looping back to the start.
Difficult. 6 miles. 1,500' gross elev. Gain. NO shade! Views of Liberty Bell Arch an old
Liberty Bell Arch (LM)
mine and the Colorado River. Whiterock Canyon trailhead on AZ 93, mile 4.
Strenuous. NP. 4 miles. 400' elev. gain. Located in the northern section of the escarpment
Rattlesnake Canyon
above Lost Creek. Mostly scrambling and bouldering right from the start of the hike.
Terraces at the end of the hike are numerous and almost as dramatic as Terrace Canyon.
Trailhead at Willow Springs picnic area.
Difficult. 5.5 miles. 1,200' elevation gain. River Mtn. Trail heads north, then intersects with
River Mountain (Boulder
the Red and Black Mountain trails. Breathtaking views of Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Boulder
City and Eldorado Valley. Trailhead near St Jude's Ranch in Boulder City.
Strenuous. 8 miles. This hike in the North Bowl of Fire will utilize a car shuttle to minimize
distance and elevation. The highlight of the hike is a climb through a narrow rabbit hole to a
Raven's Balcony (LM)
magnificent landing named Raven's Balcony, overlooking Lake Mead and the North Bowl of
Fire. There are various sites along the way including the Kissing Aliens and "Snow White".
This is a strenuous hike with lots of scrambling and extra water is recommended.
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