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landscapes” etc.
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General informations about the
Informations, maps, rules e.g.
Philippines e.g. Poverty &
Poverty & Development,
Development, Citizenship, Residence Citizenship, Residence permission,
Passport, Visa, Embassies,
permission, Passport, Visa,
Insurances, Driver license, Orders,
Embassies, Certificates, Paperwork,
Have a "Stay" or Live - Retire in
Have a "Stay" or Live - Retire in
Philippines and Veterinarians & Pet- Philippines, be a Consumer,
Rights, Laws, Organizations –
animals, Be a Consumer, Rights,
Laws, Organizations, Media and
Media: Radio, TV stations, blogs,
newspapers, Veterinarians &
many more good things to know
clinics - Pet-animals, Import of
Animals & Things good to know
and HELP to locate missing
children - friends etc.
Government – Government
authorities, Political system – etc.
Government, Authorities, Political
system & parties
Terror & Crimes
Private armies
Law - Codes & Rules
Human Rights & Muslim Culture
Business & Import to - Export from
the Philippines
Banks & Microfinance
Worker, OFW, Au-Pair, Maid,
Housekeeper, Balikbayan &
Terrorgroups & organizations,
Child soldiers etc., Private armies,
Organized crime e.g. syndicates,
Gangs – etc.
Good to know also for a Filipino, a
Balikbayan, foreigners living in
Philippines or married to Filipino
& many more
Declarations, Authorities,
Organizations, Etc. - Muslim Law
- Codes & Rules, Mosques,
Courtship & Wedding - Rituals
etc., Marriage & Divorce
Bank businesses, Doing Business,
be an Employer in the Philippines
- general and Micro & Small
Enterprise and Investment in - & Outsourcing to the Philippines.
Import to - Export from the
Philippines e.g. Household goods
and personal effects e.g. car, pets,
plants, medicine, etc.
Law, Program, getting status being a balikbayan and - or a
Filipino Overseas Workers, OFW
organizations, Balikbayan news,
forums & boxes, Being - getting a
filipino Worker, Au-pair, maid,
housekeeper etc.
Administrative divisions
Central Visayan - Visayas: Province
of Cebu, Cebu City, Toledo City &
Cebu Heritage with Historical Videos
- Photos
Nature - Environment
www.climate-andNature - Climate - Disasters &
disaster.preparedness.aboutphilippines.ph Disaster preparedness & Recovery
Administrative divisions Regions,
Provinces, Cities, Etc. in the 3
island groups "Luzviminda”:
Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao
Province of Cebu, Cebu City &
Toledo City & other Cities,
Municipalities & Barangays,
hospitals, orphanages, maps and
with Learn to speak Cebuano, &
Cebu Heritage and much more.
Philippine Nature, Environment,
Authorities, Laws, Animals,
Mining general & Small-scale
mining, "Nature & EnvironmentOrganizations" & Overview of
pages with nature & environment
contents, etc. & National parks
(nature & marine) & Landscapes,
Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, Dams,
Caves, Mountains, Volcanoes,
Fauna & Flora, Fruits, Forests &
Forestry, Reefs, etc.
Met-forecast, Education & Helpful
guides about vulnerability to
Nature & Environmental Disasters
e.g. tsunami, volcano, earthquake,
flood, Evacuation centers & Apps
for smartphones for warnings
about disasters etc.
Authorities, Organizations,
Introductions to: Great Places to
see, Eco, Disability, Medical,
Dental Tourism, DOs & DONTs,
Pets, Travel Guides, Where to
stay, Booking agencies & Things Activities to do and MUCH MORE
Culture: Languages
Overview of Culture - pages with
contents & Literature (Traditional
& Ethnic), The Philippine Flag,
Evolution, Flag days, Books,
Novels, Writers, Libraries,
Organizations, Youth culture,
Sexuality, Family planning,
Pregnancy, Birth, Abortion,
Etiquette, Do's and Don't's
Festivals & Events, Beliefs,
Superstitions, Fetishism,
Mythology, Legends, Fables,
Folktales and Babaylan culture &
OTHER Religions - than The
Roman Catholic church - in
Philippines, etc.
Filipino, Tagalog, Cebuano,
Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) & more
ETHNIC languages, Learn to
speak the languages, video-lessons
for selfstudy
Culture: Arts & Crafts
Introduction, Authorities, Crafts
e.g. Painters, Bodypainters,
Muralists, Sculptors, Ceramic
artists & Woodcarvers, etc. and
their works, Textiles, Bamboo,
Shells etc. & e.g. Theater, Film,
Design, Education etc.
Culture: History, Heritage & The
History, Heritage, "Philippine
history of PRPC etc.
Refugee Centers" & the refugees
"The Boat People", Museums, Artgalleries, Historical Places,
Landmarks, National parks,
Historical Churches, Cemeteries &
Fortifications, Roads, Bridges,
Railway, Tramway, Tartanilla,
Kalesa (Calesa - Karitela) &
Carromata (Karomata) - Maritime
e.g. Boats & Lighthouses - Etc.
Culture: Architecture - House & lot
Buildings, Houses, Shelters,
"Then & Now"
Bridges, Etc. & ethnic, indigenous
architecture - House & lot – Buy,
Sell, Rent and Build a house &
Real Estate Law – Guides
Culture: General, Folklore, Costumes, Filipino Folklore, Costumes,
Gifts, The Death, etc.
Dresses, Footwear, etc. Traditional
& Modern - Ethnic – Indigenous,
Death, the Dead, Wake, Funeral,
Burial, Mourning, Beliefs, Rituals,
Customs, Etc. & Myths about it.
"Filipino Traditions" e.g.
Birthdays, general & "The
Debutante", Gifts for different
traditions - etc., Games etc.
Culture: Courtship, Wedding –
Marriage – Traditional and Ethnic
Filipinos & Indigenous groups &
Divorce - Annulment of marriage Early Marriage
Culture - Human Abuse
Culture: Ethnic Filipinos &
Indigenous groups
Culture: The National Anthem of the
Philippines - Lupang Hinirang Chosen Land & Musical Instruments,
Music, Songs & Dances
Dating, Courtship, Wedding,
Rituals & Marriage, Monogamy,
Early Marriage - Child Spouses Putting lives at risk, Polygamy,
Divorce & Live-in relationship –
ALL also between a Filipino and a
Human Protection against &
Trafficking, Abuse, Prostitution,
Pornography, Incest, Bullying,
Cyber Sex, Organ Trafficking,
Child-Labor, Child-Soldiers. &
Violence, Crisis centers,
Kidnappings for Ransom, Etc.
Informations, Law, Codes, Rules
Ethnic & Indigenous groups - Life
& Culture, Arts, Crafts,
Traditions, "Tribal Tattoos",
Martial arts & Weapons, Rituals,
Customs, Organizations – Projects,
Heritage and MUCH more
The National Anthem of the
Philippines, Lupang Hinirang Chosen Land, music, notes, videos
& text (several languages), and Traditional & Ethnic Dances,
Musical Instruments, Organs,
Music & Songs, Opera, Choirs &
Religion - Culture: The Roman
Catholic Church in Philippines
The Papal visit January 15 – 19, 2015
in the Philippines
Religion - Culture: The Roman
Catholic Church in Philippines
Religion - Culture: The Roman
Catholic Church in Philippines –
Liturgy, Communions & Music Songs - Hymns
The Roman Catholic Church
informations about "The Church",
churches, massschedules, history,
links good to know for the daily
life, Radio & TV stations, Mobile
applications, Apps with Bible,
Prayers, Blessings, Radio, TV, Etc.
The Pope's Philippine schedule
itinerary, National Prayer for
Papal Visit Philippines 2015 in
both Tagalog and English, We Are
All God's Children ACTION
VIDEO - Official Theme Song for
the 2015 Apostolic Visit of Pope
Francis to the Philippines - and
much more about the Papal Visit
Santo Niño de Cebú, Basilica del
St. Niño and Sinulog St. Niño de
Cebu & Filipino Saints, Patrons,
Patronesses, Blesseds & Servants
of God: Life, History, Hymns &
Orders, Monasteries, Abbeys etc.
Liturgy, Bibles, Catechism,
Blessings, Prayers, Sacraments also in different languages of the
Philippines – Baptism - First
Communion and Confirmation
(The first 3 Sacraments) Music Songs - Hymns for all occasions &
Church Choirs and Organs - etc.
Religion - Culture: Filipino Holidays
Traditions - Etc. Culture & Rituals in
the family and the church
& Transport of freight
Health & Traditional and Alternative
Health Care, Drug and Substance
Abuse, REHAB, Disability system
general and Deaf & Blind cultures
Advent, Saint Lucy, Christmas,
New Years celebration & 3 Kings
day, : Easter - Semana Santa
"Holy Week", Lenten & Whitsun,
Filipino culture about Undas - All
Saints' Day and All Souls' Day and
"the Sagada Panag-apoy ritual"
Transport Land, Sea & Air,
Authorities, Education, Driver
license, Organizations, Freight e.g.
Balikbayanboxes, Shipping &
Forwarding agents, Etc.
Authorities, Hospitals, Doctors,
Health Practitioners, Elderly Care,
Dentists, Medicine, Insurance,
Disability system – general,
Authorities, Laws, Education,
Organizations, and Etc. for - and
about the life with disability &
“Deaf & Blind cultures”:
Education, FLS & Braille
Languages, Dental & Medical
Tourism, Traditional and
Alternative Health Care,
Alternative medicine, Natural
Cure Plants, Healers, Healing,
Authorities, Abuse – Addiction:
Drug and Substance e.g. alcohol,
smoking, computer etc. Prevention, Education & REHAB
Filipino Table manners and Dining
Philippine Children
Telephone & Internet systems
Food culture & "Street Food
Culture", Filipino Table manners
and Dining etiquette, Filipino food,
Fruits & Vegetables, Drinks, Many
kinds of Recipes also for
Vegetarians & Renal/Kidney
Patients, Authorities,
Organizations, Education, Etc.
General informations, authorities,
organizations & links to the many
different kinds of educations (also
international, exchange & abroad)
and MANY more informations
General information & authorities,
Early Marriage - Child Spouses Putting lives at risk, Children’s
Shelter, Orphanages & Asylums
for Abandoned & street children,
Adoption of a Philippine child,
Amerasians - Forgotten FilipinoAmerican Children, Help to locate
missing children etc.
Telephone & Internet: Laws,
Cyber Crime "Abuse" of the
Internet, Web-Safety & Etiquette
(for parents and kids), Cyber
Scam, Cyber Bullying, Computer
addiction, e-Sport, Etc.
Filipino Organizations (A LOT of
different kinds) & Forums inside the
Philippines and abroad
Filipino Organizations & Forums
inside the Philippines and abroad:
Index - Overview of & links to
Organizations - pages with
contents e.g. Organizations for
children & for Health & Medical
protection etc. of children
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