Prayer Chain - Grays Harbor Catholic Parishes

Welcome to the Prayer Chain for
The Catholic Churches of Western Grays Harbor…
Please keep this sheet. During the month of January pray for these needs and intentions. If you have a prayer request for February and wish to have it included on
the Prayer Chain, please call one of the good people at the bottom of the back
page. In addition, if a prayer need arises during the month, you do not have to
wait until next month – call Lisa at the parish offices (360 - 532 - 8300) and she
will get your prayer intention in the bulletin as soon as possible.
Our Holy Father’s prayer intention for January 2015
That in this year dedicated to consecrated life, religious men and women may rediscover the joy of following Christ and strive to serve the poor with zeal.
Prayer Intention from Father Paul for January 2015
As we begin a new calendar year and the year of consecrated life, we lift our
prayers to you O Lord for all the faithful Catholics that regularly receive the
Sacraments and sacrificially offer their time, talent and treasure in support of
our parishes. Come Holy Spirit, give us the grace of generous hearts and help us
to offer more of ourselves to serve Holy Mother Church this New Year.
Father Paul Brunet, Pastor
The Catholic Churches of Western Grays Harbor
NOTE: Our policy is to include intentions for one month.
Please call your intentions in each month so that our Prayer Chain
will be current.
Please pray for the following people:
Gina, Morgan and Autumn Arment, Nick Alviar, Delores Alwood, Nancy Atwood, Bernadine Baggenstos,
Katie Beyer, Lori Blomquist, Veronica Bowers, Jackie Brown, Patricia Brown, Robert Brunet, Lloyd Chase,
Matthew Conrad, Arnold DeHart, Earl DeHart, Michelle Drake, Florence Ficele, Helen Fitterer, Catherine
Foster, Ed Groce, Mr. Grosse, Samantha Hakanson, Robert Hardy, Tom & Karen Heille, Dave Hertzog, Denis
Huston, Kathy Jacobson, Erin James, Nikki Jelovich, Bobbie Krause, Ruth LeFaive, Jeannie Lindstrom, Renee
Locke, Greg McHugh, Sam Mallow, Mary Alice Manio, Sylvia Martinez, Parker Merideth, Shirley Milliman,
Sheri Mills, Don & Mary Ostey, Richard Podrasky, Billy Salick, Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, Larry Schmid,
JoAnn Shaffner, Toby Tobin, Rose Wayman, Gordon Weiss, Patricia Wilhelms, Mary Veneziani.
Pray for those who have died… Glen Barkhurst, Harold Bloomfield, Ramona Bogdanovich, Roberta DeNotta, David Dupont, Don Furth, Sr., Tom Liming, Dolores Lauzon, Laverne Meldrich, Neil Mickelson, Kathleen
Muhlhauser, Steve Steinman, Dee Thorpe, Mel Winkleblack.
For those serving in our Military…and for all service men and women and their families...Eryn
Bowers, Michael Bramstedt, Nathan Brockman, Joseph Burns, Kipp Dale, Joey Delahanty, Keith Delahanty,
John Descher, Jessica & Howard Ditson, Shane Durkin, Ben Eaton, Derrick Harris, Carmelo Hernandez,
Stephanie Kelly, Darnell McDonald, Chris Miller Jr., Jorge Ochoa, Jonathan Ochoa, Matthew Pickar, Alex
Powell, Lucas Prall, Michael Scott, Lonzo Tackett, Mark Toben, Brian Winkelman.
Prayer requests from parishioners…
Help us embrace this New Year showing our love for Christ by being kind to all we meet, amen.
For victims of the Air Asia flight #8501, we pray for them and their families.
That there be an end to violence against police, we ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.
For victims of gun violence we pray to the Lord.
For people that have lost hope, we pray to the Lord.
For the dying that they have a peaceful death, we pray to the Lord.
That those dealing with mental illness find some peace.
That the unemployed find meaningful work, we pray to the Lord.
May the elderly in nursing homes find peace with Christ.
For those who wish to be married, we pray to the Lord.
To be included in the February Prayer Chain, please call one of the following people:
Saint Mary & Saints Peter & Paul – Aberdeen
Our Lady of Good Help – Hoquiam
Saint Jerome – Ocean Shores
Saint Paul – Westport
Our Lady of the Olympics – Lake Quinault
Barb Mallow 532 - 2910 & Office 532 - 8300
Lisa Steiner 532 - 8300
Gini Schuster 289 - 4812
Zona Miller 268 - 9302
Dorothy Davis 288 - 2769