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St. Rose of Lima Parish
9 Jamieson Dr.
Fall River, NS B2T 1E5
Office Phone: (902) 860-0475
Fax: (902)861-2576
Web Page ~
Office email: [email protected]
Pastor: The Very Rev. Duncan MacMaster
Phone: (902) 861-2972
Deacon: Rev. Dr. Chris Coffin
[email protected] Phone: (902) 864-1834
Secretary: Cheryl Delaney
Mon-Fri. 9am - 12 Noon
Donations & Accounts:
Phyllis Yhard Thurs. & Fri. 9am-3pm
[email protected]
Catechetics: Susannah Daines, DRE
(902) 576-3027 email: [email protected]
Marriage: contact Fr. Duncan MacMaster
Baptism: contact Parish Office
Parish Council Chair: Shannon McDonald
Email: [email protected]
Sac. of Reconciliation: Sat. 3:00-3:50pm, or by re-
Lord’s Day
Saturday 4:00 pm
10:00 am
Repose of Bernadette Hollett
Weekday Masses
Tues. Jan. 13
@ 7pm
Repose of Tracey Meagher
Wed. Jan. 14 @ 11 am
Funeral Mass for Anne Roache
Thurs. Jan. 15 @ 7 pm
Repose of Gail Poirier
Fri. Jan. 16 @ 9 am
Repose of Anthony Chesal Senior
Please join us on Jan. 18, 20 &
22nd to plan together how to
make a positive impact in our
community. This is sponsored by
the churches in this area.
St. Rose Youth Group
Oscar Night
A Hollywood Mystery
January 18th at 7pm
Mitchell Hall
Fund Raising Committee we are establishing this committee to help us in our
special project. There is the possibility
that we may be going to build a Parish
Center. This project will be costly and
there will be many different furnishings
and equipment required. Please contact Fr.
Duncan if you are willing to join us.
Parish Envelopes: These envelopes are
our most consistent source of Revenue.
We ask that each family consider to use
this method and join us in the financial
support for Parish expenses.
We can get these at the rear of the church.
Simply take a box and place your name on
the list; we are able to give tax receipts for
your contribution. Thank you.
Financial Report
Weekly budget Ordinary Revenue needs: $4,230.00
Ordinary Revenue received last week: $3,082.00
# of envelopes received last week: 71
# of parishioners using PAR: 62
Average amount contributed: $23.18
Special Guest Speaker
Ronnie "
Inspector Clouseau"
Children's Liturgy Volunteers Needed! Our CL program is up and running and the
children are very engaged at both the Saturday
and Sunday Masses. We need more volunteers to
run this program properly. If you are at Mass
already, and can lend a helping hand for 10-15
minutes during Mass, please let Louise MacDonald know as soon as possible. Training is
very simple and responsibilities are minimal.
Thank you for considering this wonderful ministry! [email protected] or 902-576-2483
There is a collection box in the church
entry for Baseball gear/equipment
and School Supplies. Peter Driscoll,
one of our youth, will be travelling to
Cuba as part of the Canada-Cuba Goodwill Tour. He and his team will be visiting schools, playing ball, and distributing gear to less fortunate youth in this
outreach project. The collection will go
until January 25th.
Well, we’re heading into
the heart of winter!
Please note the following
cancellation policy for
Religious Education
Classes. If regular
schools are closed on a
Wednesday, Religious
Education Classes will automatically be
cancelled. Please keep a close eye on your
email on days with inclement weather as I
will send you a notification email if classes
are cancelled. If you haven’t heard from me,
classes are running as scheduled!
January 11 — Confirmation Prep
(6:30-9:00pm in Mitchell Hall)
January 14 — Religious Ed
January 17 — First Communion Prep (10:00am12:00pm in Mitchell Hall)
January 21 — Religious Ed Classes
Community Outreach, The Society of Saint
Vincent de Paul: Monday to Friday contact
information: email [email protected]
or phone 902-476-8626.
Knights of Columbus hockey pool winner is
John McEachern. Congratulations.