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January 11, 2015
The Baptism of the Lord
Memories of the Future
The Future is as Bright as the
Promises of God
St. John Brebeuf Parish
8307 N. Harlem Ave., Niles, IL 60714
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The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
Dear Parishioners,
Ten or 15 years ago, psychologists thought that a person's disposition was determined early in life. If
someone was always cheerful, their happy mood was probably set in the early years of life and if someone
was always grumpy, that too went back to those formational moments. But more recently one of the
world's leading psychologist, Robert Emmons, did a pioneering study on whether or not one can change
their personality disposition – the set point? He found after extensive study that if people take the time to
note all the things they are grateful for, they will feel 25% better and be much happier in their day to day
outlook on life.
The study is summarized in a short book, “Thanks! How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier” by
Robert Emmons --($13.95 – Amazon.com).
As we move into the winter doldrums, perhaps we can all use a little cheering up! Well, write down what
you're thankful for! While you may not feel any warmer, you'll feel 25% happier looking out the window!
Once again, we hope to have our Ice Skating Rink out by the gym during Catholic Schools Week – beginning January 25th. Anyone interested in organizing it? Another lesson, “Don't fight it, go with the flow!”
Go Blackhawks!
Happy Winter!
Father Mike Meany
First Reading—Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening (1 Samuel 3:3b-10, 19).
Psalm — Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will (Psalm 40).
Second Reading — Your bodies are members of Christ; glorify God in your body (1 Corinthians 6:13c-15a, 1720).
Gospel — The first disciples saw where Jesus was staying and they stayed with him (John 1:35-42).
Altar Bread and Wine will be
Offered in Memory of
Irvin Blaszynski
Donated by Wife, Lucille and
Daughter, Linda Sallade
Brian & Greg Blaszynski
during the week of
January 11, 2015
Thursday February 5, 2015
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Parish Ministry Center St. John Brebeuf
Lent/Easter-A Spiritual Preparation for Liturgical Lectors.
Presenter: Father Robert Banzin, Former Pastor, Teacher
and Liturgical Consultant.
This session is designed for Lectors and Cantors to further
understand the Word proclaimed in the Scripture readings
and Psalms. Understanding the authors and their original
audiences will help you reach our present day listeners. This
session is also open to all parishioners.
January 11, 2015
The Baptism of the Lord
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Your Music Ministry Schedule
Tuesday 2:00 – 3:15 PM
Wednesday 3:15 – 4:00 PM
Thursday 5:00 – 6:00 PM
Thursday 5:30 – 6:30 PM
Thursday 6:45 – 7:30 PM
Thursday 7:30 – 9:00 PM
4:00 – 5:30 PM
Children’s Choir (School)
Hand Bell Choir (Church)
Cantor Training (Church)
Children’s Choir (School)
Women’s Ensemble (Church)
Adult Choir (Church)
Life Teen Choir (Church)
Niles Metropolitan Chorus
Tuesday, January 27 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Church)
Please join us as we put away the Christmas decorations for another season on Monday, January 12,
beginning at 4:00 PM . Too early? Come later if you can to help, even just for an hour. Call 702-8068421 and let us know a better time for you.
Do you need a Pre-Cana class in preparation for your marriage? St. John Brebeuf is offering marriage preparation classes facilitated by married couples. Discussions and presentations will be offered on the many
facets of married life. Join us on Wednesday, January 14th at 6:30 pm. To register for the class, please call
the parish office at 847-966-8145.
As we begin a Parish Bereavement Ministry, we ask that you pray about God’s call to YOU
into this ministry. Think of how rewarding it will be to help those in their time of special need.
Training will be provided, and as in many ministries, the schedule is up to you. Pray for the
Bereavement Ministry and speak to any parish staff member for more information.
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The Baptism of the Lord
Devotions in the Church
Monday through Friday
After 8:45 AM Mass
After 7:30 AM Mass Saturday
Ave Maria Polish Prayer Group
After 7:00 PM Mass
(Including Benediction )
First Friday Devotions
To the Sacred Heart of Jesus
After 8:45 AM Mass and
After 7:00 PM Polish Mass
First Saturday Devotions
To Immaculate Heart of Mary
After 7:30 AM Mass and
After 6:30 PM Polish Mass
Devotions in the Adoration Chapel
Marian Prayer Group
Monday 7:00 PM
Godzinki Ave Maria Prayer Group
Thursday 8:00 AM
Hour of Divine Mercy
Friday 3:00 PM
(Includes Stations of the Cross)
January 11, 2015
Sunday, January 11
The Baptism of the Lord
Saturday, January 17
1:00—First Reconciliation
Sunday, January 18
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
9:00—Catholic Women’s Club
1:45—Baptisms (Polish)
3:00—Sto. Nino Ng Tundo
Saturday, January 24
12:00—Archdiocese Diaconate Program
Sunday, January 25
Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
9:00—Family Mass—Catholic Schools Week
Pray for priests every Thursday
The Marvelous Rosary
Join in Rosary Prayers daily,
Monday through Friday,
immediately following the 8:45
AM Mass; Saturday following
the 7:30 AM Mass; Sunday
before the 7:30 AM Mass.
Praying the rosary
together in front of the Blessed Sacrament
gives many graces and is so peaceful.
Christ's followers were
skeptical when He preached
the reality of His Body and
Blood as food and drink. St.
John said, "many of His disciples withdrew and no longer
went about with Him."
Seeing this, Jesus asked the Twelve, "Do
you also want to leave me?" Simon Peter did
not understand any more than those who left
Christ, but his loyalty was more firm. "Lord,"
he said, "to whom shall we go? You have
the words of eternal life."
We have the "Word of Eternal Life"
right here with us day and night in our
Adoration Chapel. Do you have something
you want to ask Him? There are several
hours needing adorers. Please pick one for
your personal hour with Him.
Altar Server Schedule Week of January 12—18
8:45—Megan John, Renz Yuson
8:45—Samantha Dias, Anna Dias
Wednesday: 8:45—Delilah Denka, Maria Lojko
8:45—Jake Wargo, Renz Yuson
8:45—Shane Tarjan, Johnny Sliwa
7:30—Matthew Seitzinger, Grace Seitzinger
Peter Seitzinger
5:00—Braeden Manogura, Bryanna Manogura,
Brandon Manogura
6:30—Tomasz Bartyzel, Karolina Orzech
Julia Sadko
7:30—Allison Walsh, Jesse Anamoo
Merril Philip
9:00—Wesley Healy, Steven Bronder
Katie Zalesney
10:45—Billy Fabbri, Kamila Kawa
Lucas Teng
12:30—Kamil Bialorudzki, Daniel Bosak
Adam Cudzich
6:00—Jeremy Ermilio, Jonathan Abon
Colleen Murphy
January 11, 2015
The Baptism of the Lord
Page 5
Per Archdiocese policy, all
employees and volunteers
working with children, in any
Catholic Parish and/or School
must attend a Virtus Training
Session, before beginning their
service to their faith community. We will be offering this
training, here at St. John Brebeuf on the following dates:
Monday, January 26, 7:00
PM—10:00 PM, PMC-A
Monday, February 23, 7:00
PM—10:00 PM, PMC-A
You need to only attend
one session; however, you
must be present for the entire
three hours to get credit and to
receive your certificate. You
must also be registered on-line
in advance of the date of the
To register, access
www.archchicago.org and
clicking on the lower left side
of the screen, where it reads:
Protecting Children. The
screen will then walk you
through the registration process. For further information
call Larry Skaja at 847-9668145.
Please arrive 30 minutes
before the class to sign in. No
one will be allowed in after the
session starts.
Reserve your VIP Tour &
Breakfast Table Today
Page 6
The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
1. JOIN US THIS SUMMER! SJB Youth Ministry is registering teens for our Summer Service camp “ALIVE IN YOU 2015”. Be part of an inspirational summer experience! We will be traveling to
Springfield, Illinois, from June 23 through June 28, 2015. Registration fee is $120 if turned in by January
31, 2015. Interested? Contact Mrs. Pam Perez by texting (847-239-2379) or emailing her for the registration form. Tell your friends! ALL TEENS 13 YEARS AND OLDER ARE WELCOME!
2. Our next OPEN ROOM is Sunday, January 18th, in the Youth Ministry Office from 7:00-9:00pm.
Enjoy video games, board games, new DVDs. Invite your friends, and make new ones! Youth Ministry
provides snacks and pop. Pizza is $3.00. ALL TEENS ARE WELCOME!
3. TEENS join us on Monday, January 19th for our Service Day. It's a great way to use your day off
from school! We meet at 9:00am by the St John Brebeuf School gym doors. We will visit with residents of
St. Andrew Life Center in Niles, then conclude with lunch at Culver's in Morton Grove. Contact Mrs. Pam
Perez by texting her (847-239-2379) for a permission form and more details.
4. SAVE THE DATE! Our next LIFETEEN MASS and LIFE NIGHT is Saturday, January 24th. We
gather in church for the 5:00 Mass, and proceed to FLANAGAN HALL until 8:00pm for the evening
activities. Enjoy food, games, inspirational witness talks, music, and more! ALL TEENS ARE
Find us on Facebook! Search for St John YM or our group St John Brebeuf YM
Questions? Contact Pam Perez, Youth Ministry Director, 847-966-9815
[email protected]
Check out our upcoming events at www.sjbrebeuf.org and select Parish Ministries,
then Youth Ministry, then select Calendar.
Nothing in all
creation is hidden
from God's sight. Everything is
uncovered and laid bare before
the eyes of him to whom we
must give account." He sees
what we do and what we do not
do to help end abortion. The only
voice the preborn have is our
Let us continue to pray daily:
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you
very much. I beg you to spare the
life of the unborn
baby that I have
spiritually adopted
who is in danger
of abortion.”
January 11, 2015
The Baptism of the Lord
Page 7
January 11
The Baptism of the Lord:
After Jesus was baptized,
he saw the Spirit of God
descending like a dove, and a
voice was heard “This is my
beloved Son, with whom I am
well pleased.” As we give to
the poor, we also can hear
these same words.
As you place your gift in the
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Poor Box, know that you are
a sign of God’s love to those
who are suffering and you
give them reason to believe
and to trust.
Parish Office: (847) 966-8145
[email protected]
We are again asking our parishioners to participate in this special fund-raiser to help women in crisis pregnancy situations by supporting the pro-life work of The Women's Centers of Greater Chicagoland starting
on January 10 and 11, weekend. They provide kind and compassionate counseling to women in crisis pregnancies, along with ongoing material and financial assistance. They are Catholic-run, so the Mass and other
prayers are said for women and babies every day in their chapel. This is a wonderful opportunity for parishioners of all ages, including children, to be able to work together to support "life".
Baby bottles will be found in main entrances of church for you to take home and fill with spare change.
Please return the bottles before any of the masses on the weekend of February 14-15. Please take one bottle per family. Extras will be available in the back of the church the next couple of weekends if you fill up
your first one. Thank you for participating in this worthy cause.
Page 8
The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
Hospital Bed
There is a family in
the parish wishing to donate an electric hospital
bed. Anyone in need of
this bed kindly call the parish office and
leave your name and phone number. A
member of St. Vincent de Paul
Society will contact you to arrange for
you to pick it up. Call 847-966-8145.
You are invited to our
27th annual Fiesta
ng Sto. Nino Ng
Tundo on January
18, 2015 at St. John
Brebeuf Church.
3:00 PM Novena;
4:00 PM Holy
Mass will be officiated by Rev. Noel
Reyes; 5:00 PM
Church Procession
Procession will continue from the
Church to the Ministry Center for the
reception. This Fiesta is sponsored by the
Sto Nino members. For more information call Nellie Leynes, 847-912-8175.
We encourage you to bring your statues of Sto Nino or the Blessed Mother to
be blessed on this holy occasion.
Parish Council is asking all of the Ministries/Organizations to represent
themselves to the Parish.
During the next four months, leaders of our ministries will be in the main vestibule to present themselves to our parishioners. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are thinking
about using your time and talent, this would be a great time to join. During January we will be highlighting
the Commissions that make up Catholic Education.
New Parishioner Registration Forms will also be available.
The winter series of Theology of Park Ridge begins on Wednesday, January 14 at 9:15 AM at Our
Lady of Hope Church in Rosemont, 9711 W. Devon. Pauline Vivano, Associate Professer at Loyola
University will present “A Gentle Breeze and Blazing Fire: The Spirit in the Bible.” Cost is $10.00 for the
session or $35.00 for the series of 5 lecture/discussions. Please call Judi Stephens for info or carpooling at
January 11, 2015
The Baptism of the Lord
Page 9
If you would like to become a member of the Catholic Women’s Club, please fill out the following form and drop
it off at the parish office marked “CWC” MEMBERSHIP”. Membership dues are $10.
CWC has many interesting events planned for the second half of the year including Mass and Breakfast for members in January, annual International Night Celebration in February, and many informative topics at the general
meetings. For information contact: Carolyn Drblik, CWC President, 847-967-1172.
Please Print
Name: ______________________________________________________ Husband:________________
Address _____________________________________________________Phone: ___________________
City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________Amt. Enclosed: ___________
New Member: _________________________________________ Renewal: _______________________
I would attend CWC Meetings if
Page 10
The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
All members of the Catholic Women’s Club are invited to attend the 9:00 Mass on Sunday, January
18. Deceased CWC members will be remembered. The Mass will also be celebrated for the intentions of
the present CWC members. Following the Mass, breakfast will be served in the Parish Ministry Center for
CWC members and their families.
The Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW) and Church Women United (CWU) invite the
women of the parish to the annual Christian Unity Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday, January 20th at 9:15 AM
at the Oak Lawn Hilton, 9333 S. Cicero. Cost is $25 (‘til 1/13, $27 at the door). Please contact Judi
Stephens, 847-842-9295. Carpooling available.
The Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW) offers a $1,000 college scholarship (renewable
to $4,000) and applications are now available. Please contact Judi Stephens at 847-842-9295 for an application or more information. Open to high school senior girls in Cook and Lake counties,.
January 11, 2015
The Baptism of the Lord
Page 11
The North American Martyrs Council
4338 would like to express our deepest condolences to the Beierwaltes family on the
loss of their Father and our Council's Past
Grand Knight, Mr. Andrew F. Beierwaltes,
Jr. who faithfully served in 1994. May he rest
in peace and may his legacy live on forever.
We have some exciting and coming
events scheduled for the month of January,
For the youth of our community, the
Knights of Columbus will be conducting the
annual free throw contest at the St. John Brebeuf school gymnasium on January 24 for
boys and girls ages 9 to 14. PLEASE NOTE:
Proof of age is required via a birth certificate
or passport at the time of registration. Regardless of your skill level, come on out and
have fun and make some new friends. Registration and participation is free for all eligible
participants and begins promptly at 9:00.
Please contact Deputy Grand Knight, Steve
Baggio at [email protected] with any
questions you may have.
Upcoming Events:
January 24 - Free Throw Contest SJB
registration at 9:00
January 28 - Officer Meeting PMC at
7:00 PM
Mark your calendar for Sunday, February 1st. Bring your
family and friends to our “SUPER SUNDAY FOOTBALL
PARTY”. It’s a great opportunity to watch the big game,
enjoy good food and snacks and participate in raffles. Watch
the Sunday bulletin regarding further details.
If you have any questions regarding the
Knights of Columbus Council #4338, please
contact Grand Knight, Michael Curtis at 847663-1733 or
email:[email protected]
Page 12
The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
Drodzy Parafianie,
Jeszcze 10, 15 lat temu, psychologowie myśleli, że usposobienie człowieka jest określone we wczesnej fazie życia.
Jeśli ktoś był zawsze wesoły, to nastrój ten był już ustawiony we wczesnej fazie rozwoju, a jeśli ktoś był zawsze w
złym humorze to również nastrój ten pochodził z wczesnych lat. Jednak obecnie, jeden z czołowych psychologów,
Robert Emmons, przeanalizował problem na temat tego, czy człowiek może zmienić swój charakter – moment, w
którym charakter został określony? Odkrył on, po obszernych badaniach, że jeśli osoba spędzi czas, aby zauważyć
rzeczy, za które jest wdzięczna, poczuje się 25% lepiej, będzie bardziej szczęśliwsza w życiu codziennym.
Badania te są opisane w krótkiej książce “Thanks! How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier” napisanej
przez Roberta Emmons – ($13.95 – Amazon.com)
Podczas zbliżania się do mrozów, każdy z nas może skorzystać z pocieszenia! Napisz na kartce za co jesteś
wdzięczny! Może nie poczujesz się cieplej, ale poczujesz się o 25% bardziej szczęśliwym patrząc przez okno!
Jeszcze raz przypominam, że planujemy mieć lodowisko przy Sali gimnastycznej, podczas tygodnia szkół
katolickich – rozpoczynającego się 25-go stycznia. Następna lekcja, „Nie opieraj się, tylko płyń z prądem” Do boju
Miłej Zimy!
Ks. Mike Meany
January 11, 2015
The Baptism of the Lord
Page 13
Projekt Dziecięcej Butelki
10 lat w Parafii Św. Jana Brebeuf
Po raz kolejny, zachęcamy naszych parafian do uczestnictwa w tej specjalnej
kweście, aby pomóc kobietom w kryzysowych sytuacjach związanych z ciążą,
poprzez wsparcie pracy Centrum w Obronie Życia w całym Chicago, rozpoczynającym się w weekend
10 – 11 stycznia. Centrum dostarcza dobrej i miłosiernej porady dla kobiet w kryzysie związanym z
ciążą, wraz z materiałami i pomocą finansową. Jest to centrum katolickie, więc Msza Św. i inne
modlitwy są odmawiane za kobiety i dzieci każdego dnia w kaplicy. Jest to wspaniała okazja dla
parafian różnych grup wiekowych, wliczając dzieci, aby pracować wspólnie w obronie ”życia”.
Dziecięce butelki będą dostępne w nawie głównej kościoła, aby zabrać je do domu i wypełnić
drobnymi pieniędzmi. Proszę przynieść butelki przed jakąkolwiek Mszą Św. Podczas weekendu, 1415 lutego. Proszę wziąć jedną butelkę na rodzinę. Dodatkowe butelki będą dostępne przez następne
weekendy z tyłu kościoła, jeśli zostaną zużyte te pierwsze. Dziękujemy za uczestnictwo w tym
dobroczynnym dziele.
Wieczór W Obronie Życia
Z Grupą Ave Maria
21 styczeń
7:00 wieczorem
Msza Św Angielsko/Polska
z Różańcem w Obronie Życia
Kościół Św. Jana Brebeuf
Zapraszamy wszystkich do uczestnictwa w modlitwie o zakończenie
aborcji w 42-gą rocznice tragedii Roe vs Wade i za ochronę
uczestników marszu w Obronie Życia w Waszyngtonie D.C. i w całym
Rycerze Kolumba udzielą straży honorowej wraz z obrazem Matki
Bożej Guadalupe.
„Jezu, Maryjo i Józefie bardzo Was kocham. Błagam Was o ochronę
życia nienarodzonego dziecka, które duchowo zaadoptowałem, a które
jest narażone na aborcję”
Page 14
The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
Co roku mamy pomiędzy 150 a 200 pogrzebów celebrowanych w parafii Św. Jana Brebeuf. Dzisiaj,
chcielibyśmy rozpocząć Duszpasterstwo Osób w Żałobie, które będzie służyło naszej parafii. Prosimy, abyście
rozważyli w jaki sposób możecie służyć w tym duszpasterstwie dla siebie nawzajem i dla rodzin, które są w żałobie.
Wyobraź sobie, że asystujesz rodzinie, prowadząc modlitwy, pomagając im podjąć decyzje związane z Mszą Św.
pogrzebową, ofiarując pomoc rodzinie po pogrzebie. Otrzymacie szkolenie i pomoc związaną z żałobą. Naszym
celem jest, aby stworzyć zespół ludzi, którzy będą się wspierać i wymiennie służyć, podczas pogrzebów w parafii.
To duszpasterstwo pozwoli Wam być wrażliwymi dla rodzin, służyć im w potrzebie i umocnić ich nadzieję.
Zadzwońcie do biura parafialnego, aby zostawić swoje imię i numer telefonu. Modlimy się, aby wolontariusze
podjęli nowe wyzwanie w tym nowym duszpasterstwie w parafii Św. Jana Brebeuf.
January 11, 2015
The Baptism of the Lord
Page 15
Page 16
The Baptism of the Lord
Elizabeth Matteoni
Clara Filmonczyk
Zofia Owca
Myrtle Honiss
Kathleen Sullivan
Urszula WesolowskaAndrew Beierwaltes
Michael Zuber
Eugene Kosla
Arkadiusz Penkala
If you would like to
remember a deceased relative
or friend in a special way, here
is your opportunity. We are accepting donations for the
altar breads and wine that are used at Mass each week.
Every week in the bulletin we will post who the bread
and wine was donated in memory of. Suggested donation
is $50. You can drop off or mail your donation to the Parish Office, marked “Altar Bread Memorial.” Make sure
to include your name and the name/s of whom you would
like to be remembered.
Requests are published in the bulletin in the order
that they are received.
Celebrating our SJB Military
St. John Brebeuf Parish is in the
process of establishing a military
remembrance presentation for all active and fallen since
September 11, 2001. We are accepting family members
names, branch of service and photo. Please bring them to
the parish office, attention Legion of Mary. ARMY,
Please remember in prayer the
following who are currently
serving in the Armed Forces:
Timothy Casey
Joseph Merkel
Robert Monaco
Thomas Neuhengen
Christopher Vick
Pvt. James Cunningham
CDR John Tutwiler
Dominic Carrabotta
Mark Honsa
Peter Merkel
Chief Ryan Morrow
Scott Rodberg
Sgt. Daniel Cunningham
Susanne Connolly Tutwiler
Kevin Michael Kozeny
Col. Barbara Jones
May they return safely to their families.
January 11, 2015
Pray for all our ill Members
Carlyn Delort
Eugenio & Antonia Dias
Diana D’Costa
Angela D’Costa
Walter Przybysz
Aidan Stotz
Virginia Penkala
Barbara Donovan
Kathy Berresheim
Sr. Rose Mary Carney
Henryk Stankiewicz
Michael Curtis
Bob Biewald
Lorraine Bielat
Lourdes Vivar
Dolores Perales
Esther Prochaska
Mary O’Toole
Irene Dodaro
Mildred Nosko
Madeline Albano
Jackie Weiss
Sally Raphael
Clem Juris
Shahla Lahijani
Anna Chacko
Terry & Dominic DiVito
Margaret Lach
Mary Hamma
Debbie Terzakis
Souk Tha Phone
Denise Ottinger
Rose Ugel
Cathy Neff
Donna Miller
Albert DeLorenzo
Lisa Owen
Dorothy Cichon
Kim Travaglio
Pamela Sobie
Charlene Green
Jeffrey Bandis
Betty Weiss
Henry Zajac
Kamillus Urban
Patti Maher Tyska
Ida Lui
Stanley Kogut
Zdzislaw Puacz
Stanley Budzinski
Laura Begale
Michael Luisi
Agnes Ornate
Lorna Alba
John Wargo
Annette Schubert
Patrick Leahy
Eugene Mangan
Adam Rowel
Varant Minatiskan
Madeline Pukal-4 yrs. old
Cyril & Peg Maher
Elaine Friedman
Patricia Clausen
Dolores Gruzynski
John Peter Rolwes
Nanette Sadorra
Oscar Malabanan
Jeff Sefcik
Lita Rosales
Alma Kort
Randolf Abana
Noli Failma
Christina Curtis
Alberto Odulio
Julie Cardone
Bernadyne Semmerling
Jerry Brazowski
Michael Likvan
Madeline Hendricksen
Mary & Mario Colosi
Ruben Pactol
Mitchell Miklas
Marcelino de la Cruz
Donna Kornovich
Geraldine Tyre
Barbara Zonsius
Edward Kolasa
Patricia Jablonski
Dolores Perales
Linda Karno
Marilyn Philippsen
Butch Reeder
Linda Bennett
James Kurtzer
Jim Woods
John Nawodylo
Wladyslaw Policht
Franciszek Policht
Jadwiga Cudnowska
Adrian Quintana
Morgan Prellberg
January 11, 2015
The Baptism of the Lord
Mass Intentions for the Week
Monday, January 12—Weekday
6:30—Good Health & Peace for James Thomas &
Valsa Jemes
Health & Successful Surgery for Jerzy
8:45—Birthday Remembrance for Irene Potocki
Jose Galinato Raquino, Sr. (40 Days Anniv. Of
Mary Rogowska (5th Anniv. Of Death)
Health & Successful Surgery for Jerzy
Tuesday, January 13—Weekday
6:30—All Souls in Purgatory
8:45—Good Health & Peace for Mary Elakatt
John Bizzotto
Wednesday, January 14—Weekday
6:30—Albert & Georgiana Dorsch
Good Health & Peace for Peter, Viju, James,
Nehe & John Pachikara
8:45—Stanislaw Siek (11th Anniv. Of Death)
Andrzej Marek Siek (10th Anniv. Of Death)
7:00—For All Parishioners
Thursday, January 15—Weekday
6:30—Good Health & Peace for Cyric, Siju, Alex &
Angela Koovakattil
8:45—Edwin Zalesny
Clarence Pawelczak (3rd Anniv. Of Death)
Friday, January 16—Weekday
6:30—Albert & Georgiana Dorsch
Good Health & Peace for Abu, Tiju, Trisla &
Niya Abraham
8:45—Purificacion Irabagon (1st Anniv. Of Death)
Vivar Family
Frank Kloska (11th Anniv. Of Death)
Saturday, January 17—St. Anthony
7:30—Good Health & Peace for Alice, Ancy, Mary &
Tresa & Their Family
In Thanksgiving for Graces Received for
Parciany Family
5:00—Celebrant: Fr. Robert Pajor
Helen Handzel, Antonio Ripoli
Thomas Birt
Birthday Blessings & Good Health for
Betty Hartje, Andrew Beierwaltes, Jr.
6:30—Celebrant: Fr. Peter Rapcia
Jan Maslanka (Zmarl w Polsce)
Bartlomiej Wiechec (20th Anniv. Of Death)
Aniela Tylka, Aniela, Lukasz & Wladyslawa
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Z Podziekowaniem Panu Bogu za miniony
Rok i z prosba o Laski i Blogoslawienstwo
Boze i Opieke Matki Bozej w Nowym Roku
dla Barbary i Igora Jedrusik
Z Podziekowaniem Panu Bogu za Miniony Rok
i z prosba o Laski i Blogoslawienstwo Boze
Opieke Matki Bozej w nowym Roku dla
Rodziny Kozlak
Sunday, January 18—Second Sunday in Ordinary
7:30—Celebrant: Fr. Robert Pajor
Albert & Georgiana Dorsch
Richard Jaretz, Tadeusz Kaczkowski
Andrew Beierwaltes
9:00—Celebrant: Fr. Marcin Zasada
Robert Zumpano, Chester Dubas
Wladyslaw Kenar, Irvin Blaszynski
Health & Blessings for Beata, Janusz, Natalia &
Health & Blessings for Matthew for 10th
Dec’d. Mbrs. Of Monro, Pietizak, Rozwadowski
& Grzymkolski Families
Jean & Jan Jankowski
Thanksgiving & Blessings for Siek Family
All Living & Dec’d. Mbrs. Of the Catholic
Women’s Club
10:45—Celebrant: Fr. Peter Rapcia
Anthony & Antoinette Schillaci
Hernando Ledesma
Lorenz Gfesser, Norma M. Yaun
Wilma Bresnan (4th Anniv. Of Death)
Betty Martin
Magdalena, Julian, Wladyslaw, Gregor,
& Marian Farmas
12:30—Celebrant: Fr. Peter Rapcia
Czeslaw Miszkiewicz (25th Anniv. Of Death)
Helena Miszkiewicz
Irena & Antoni Zarczynski
Michael Hess, Krystyna Liszka
Kazimierz Pieklo (5th Anniv. Of Death)
Bogdan Wierzbicki
O Boze Blogoslawienstwo Zdrowie Opieke
Matki Bozej dla Michalka Fedurek z okazi
Poltora Roczku Urodzin
O Powrot do Zdrowia dla Antoni Strzyzowski
6:00—Celebrant: Fr. Patrick Marshall
For All Parishioners
Requests for Mass Intentions
Please submit all Mass Intentions to the parish office 12 days in advance of your request so
they can be printed in the bulletin. Only intentions printed in the bulletin will be read at Mass. We
appreciate your cooperation.
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St. John Brebeuf Church
The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
Pastor: Rev. Michael Meany
Associates: Rev. Piotr Rapcia
Rev. Robert Pajor
Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Robert Banzin
Weekend Asst.: Rev. Patrick Marshall
Deacons: Larry Skaja
Andy Beierwaltes, Mariusz Kosla
Pastoral Associate: Maciek Karaban
Music Director: Marek Rachelski
Associate Music Director: Mariusz Kosla
Business Manager: Joseph Wojtowicz
School Principal: Elise Matson
Director Youth Ministry: Pam Perez
Staff Secretary: Charlotte Lindquist
Bulletin Editor, Parish Secretary:
Barbara Bronder
Rectory: 8307 N. Harlem Ave.
Parish Office: 8305 N. Harlem Ave.
Niles, IL 60714
(847) 966-8145 Fax: (847) 966-0014
Website: www.sjbrebeuf.org
School: (847) 966-3266
Website: www.sjbschool.org
Religious Education: (847) 966-3269
Youth Office: (847) 966-9815
Mass Schedule
“We are a people of faith who offer each
other and those touched by us the
means to experience God through prayer,
sacraments, education
and mutual support in light of the
Gospel and Catholic Tradition.”
January 11, 2015
Saturday: 5:00 PM, 6:30 PM (Polish)
Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 10:45 AM,
12:30 PM (Polish), 6:00 PM
Monday—Friday Morning: 6:30 & 8:45 AM
Wednesday: 7:00 PM (Polish)
Saturday Morning: 7:30 AM
Holyday: 5:30 PM (English); 7:00 PM (Polish)
Vigil: 7:00 PM English
Reconciliation - Saturday
11:00 AM—Noon (English & Polish)
First Friday, 6:00 PM (English & Polish)
Last Sunday of each month during
10:45 AM Mass or 2:00 PM Service
(Polish): First Weekend of each month:
at 12:30 PM Mass on Sunday &
Third Sunday of the Month at 1:45 PM
Parents must attend pre-baptism instruction.
Four months notice is minimal.
Eucharistic Adoration
24 Hours a Day In Parish Ministry Center Chapel
St. Vincent de Paul—[email protected]