Sailing Instructions 2014

Sailing Instructions 2014 - 2015
Please note: This document contains an extract of the Sailing Instructions from the RSAYS 2014 - 2015
Year Book. Additional information is contained in the addenda to the Sailing Instructions
towards the end of the Year Book.
Table of Contents
2. Entry/Responsibility of Boats
3. Notices to Competitors
4. Changes to Sailing Instructions
5. Signals Made Ashore
6. Safety / Event Category/ Retirement
7. Divisions / Classes
8. Scoring
9. Handicapping
10. Sail Numbers
11. Courses
12. Marks
13. Start Lines
14. Starting
15. Finish Line
16. Time Limit
17. Radio Communication
18. Protests
19. Offshore Races (Special Requirements)
20 Twilight Races (Special Requirements)
21 Rendering Assistance
22. Prizes
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Sailing Instructions 2014 - 2015
1.1. All races shall be governed by the rules as defined in the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing
(RRS) the Prescriptions and Special Regulations (SR) of Yachting Australia (YA); Rating and Class
Rules as applicable; the Department of Transport Boating (safety and equipment) Regulations; the
International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea, 1972 (COLREGS).
1.2. Additional Instructions may be issued for any race and shall be read in conjunction with these sailing
instructions and take precedence in the event of conflict. Any and all amendments shall apply to
that race(s) only unless expressly stated as permanent changes.
1.3. Movable Ballast - Rule 51 is changed by adding: except that canting keels and transferable water
ballasting and pumps to fill, transfer and exhaust water ballast are allowed.
1.4. Manual Power - Rule 52 is deleted.
1.5. IRC Rules Parts 1, 2 and 3 shall apply to boats competing in IRC races.
1.6. Anchors must be stowed inboard. ie: no part of the anchor shall protrude beyond the sheer line
except for Category 3 races.
1.7 Boats with extendable bowsprits shall have them retracted when not in use on a windward leg of
the course, except when fetching the mark and inside the Zone (see RRS Definition of Zone), or
when a boat is keeping clear she shall not extend the bowsprit to prevent her from doing so. After
rounding a leeward mark, it shall be retracted as soon as practicable.
1.8 The RSAYS Short-handed Safety Protocol, Addendum E shall apply.
1.9 Rule 44 is changed for multihulls – Rules 44.1 & 44.2 are amended from a Two-Turns Penalty to
read One-Turn Penalty.
2. Entry/Responsibility of Boats
2.1 A boat’s entry will be accepted only when the Entry Form applicable along with all required
documentation has been submitted and fees have been paid. An Entry Form is required to be
completed regardless of type of entry.
2.2 All those taking part in races conducted by RSAYS or on behalf of the RSAYS do so at their own
risk and responsibility. The RSAYS is not responsible for the seaworthiness of boats whose entry is
accepted or the sufficiency or adequacy of its equipment. Attention of competitors is drawn to Part
1 Fundamental Rule 4. ‘The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue
racing is hers alone’.
2.3 Owners shall ensure that their boat carries appropriate third party liability insurance to a minimum of
$10m per incident and include “Racing Coverage”. Insurance certificate of currency shall be lodged
in person at the Main Office or by email to
[email protected]
2.4 An RSAYS Equipment Compliance Form for the appropriate race category must be completed by
all boats and will expire each year on August 31.
2.5 Where required for skippers and crew to be members of the RSAYS, it shall be the responsibility of
the skipper or representative to ensure membership is complied with. (Membership renewal is from
May 1).
2.6 Boats owned by members of other clubs may be accepted as race entrants and must have lodged
with their club or the RSAYS an Equipment Compliance Form confirming compliance with NoR 4.
2.7 Late Entries may be received together with the late entry fee applicable.
2.8 All boats shall sign-on prior to the first warning signal on the sign-on sheet in the Racing Office.
One sign-on shall be sufficient to indicate a boat’s intention to race in all series entered for that day.
Boats failing to sign-on will be scored DNC. For offshore races see SI 19.
3. Notices to Competitors
Notices to competitors shall be placed on the Official Notice Board located outside of the Sailing
4. Changes to Sailing Instructions
4.1 Changes to the SI’s will be posted on the Official Notice Board not less than 2 hours hours before
the first warning signal, with flag L displayed.
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Sailing Instructions 2014 - 2015
4.2 Oral changes to the SI’s may be made by displaying flag L both ashore and from the race
committee boat with 1 sound and making no less than 3 broadcasts over VHF radio on the
designated Channel before the first warning signal. The failure to hear the transmissions will not be
grounds for redress. This changes Rule 62.1(a).
5. Signals Made Ashore
5.1. Signals made ashore will be displayed from the club flagpole, in front of the Sailing Office.
5.2. Postponement Signals - When flag AP is displayed ashore ‘1 minute’ is replaced with ‘not less than
45 minutes’. Changes race signal AP.
6. Safety / Event Category/ Retirement
6.1. All inshore races will be Category 6 as per YA SR Part 1 SECTION 2. Crew complement - a
minimum of three able crew, unless complying with Addendum E – Short-handed Safety Protocol.
For a Trailerable Yacht Series crew complement may be a minimum of two.
6.2. Offshore races – See SI 19.
6.3. Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) – All crew on boats without lifelines and J24’s shall wear PFDs as
per YA SR Part 1 SECTION 5. This changes Rule 40.
6.4. Boats failing to comply with SI 6.3 will be scored DNC without protest. This changes Rule 61.3.
6.5. Commercial ships (longer than 25m) are restricted in their ability to manoeuvre while entering or
departing the Port River and boats should take avoiding action early. In the event of avoiding action
being necessary, a boat may start her engine to get out of the path of a ship, shall log her time/
distance delay/gain and may continue racing after turning her engine off. She may lodge a written
request to the Racing Committee for compensation of time lost. Similarly if she finds herself in
a better position after turning her engine off, she shall notify the Racing Committee. Notification
shall be made in writing before the end of the protest time limit or be subject to protest and
disqualification. The Protest Committee after a hearing may give compensation or a discretionary
penalty. Rule 42.3(h).
6.6. Retiring – A boat that retires from a race shall lower her Racing Flag, and notify the RC at the finish
line or the authority nominated to conduct the radio monitoring as soon as possible after retiring,
and before the end of protest time. Boats shall also sign the Declaration - Retirement form in the
Sailing Office. Failure to do so will result in being scored DNC. Changes Rule A4.
7. Divisions / Classes
7.1. The Racing Committee will allocate boats to a division or class for a series or race.
Inshore Pointscore – Div 1, 2 & AMS
Etchells Pointscore – Etchells
Offshore – All boats & AMS
Club – All boats
AMS Club – Div 1
AMS Club – Div 2
Twilight – Red & Green
Multihull – Multihull
Women’s Racing Series – All boats
Special Races – All boats
7.3. Boats shall conspicuously display the appropriate racing flag(s) as per 7.4 on a backstay or other
stern attachment whilst racing.
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Sailing Instructions 2014 - 2015
7.4. Racing Flags / Class Flags
All Boats “T”
Division 1 “E”
Division 2 “F”
Division 3 “V”
Etchells “W”
Multihulls “H”
Twilight Green Start “Green Ribbon”
Twilight Red Start “Red Ribbon”
8. Scoring
8.1 Scores excluded will be as per the NoR. See NoR 13. Race Program Summary.
Note: discards are applied to completed races. The percentage is calculated thus ie:
7 races x 20% = 1.4 = 1 discard. 9 races x 20% = 1.8 = 2 discards. Calculations of 0.5 & upwards
are rounded up to the next whole number.
8.2 Casual entries will not be scored for series results.
9. Handicapping
The Top Yacht System will be used for RSAYS series/races. See Addendum C of the Year Book
10. Sail Numbers
10.1 A boat shall notify the Sailing Office in writing when the sail number in use does not match the
registered number on their Entry Form.
10.2 Failure to do so may result in being scored DNC for all races concerned.
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Sailing Instructions 2014 - 2015
11. Courses
11.1 Two course areas are referred to in the SIs
Area A - south of shipping channel.
Area B - north of shipping channel
11.2 Inshore courses will be either windward/leeward, triangular or fixed mark courses.
Where triangular or a fixed mark course is programmed; the course will be available from the Racing
Office approximately 2 hours prior to the warning signal.
11.3 Windward / Leeward Courses
For W/L courses a numeral pennant will be displayed prior to or with the warning signal indicating
the course to be sailed. See SI 11.5 and 11.6
At or prior to the warning signal a board showing the approximate bearing and distance to the
windward mark may be displayed from the race committee boat.
Div1, Div2, Etchells & Multihulls (when racing together)
Unless otherwise specified, Marks M1, W1 & W2 shall be rounded to Port; Marks L1 & L2 are Gate
marks where boats shall sail between them from the direction of the previous mark and round either
gate mark.
During the starting sequence a numeral pennant will be flown on the Committee boat, directly
below the division flag, on the same halyard to indicate the number of laps.
Start / Finish
Division 1
Numeral pennant 1: Start, W1, Finish.
Numeral pennant 2: Start, W1, Gate, W1, Finish.
Numeral pennant 3:Start, W1, Gate, W1, Gate, W1, Finish
Numeral pennant 4:Start, W1, Gate, W1, Gate, W1, Gate, W1, Finish.
Division 2 and Etchells
Numeral pennant 1: Start, W2, Finish.
Numeral pennant 2: Start, W2, Gate, W2, Finish.
Numeral pennant 3: Start, W2, Gate, W2, Gate, W2, Finish
Numeral pennant 4:Start, W2, Gate, W2, Gate, W2, Gate, W2, Finish.
Numeral pennant 1: Start, M1, Finish.
Numeral pennant 2: Start, M1, Gate, M1, Finish.
Numeral pennant 3:Start, M1, Gate, M1, Gate, M1, Finish
Numeral pennant 4:Start, M1, Gate, M1, Gate, M1, Gate, M1, Finish.
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Sailing Instructions 2014 - 2015
Etchells (when racing separately)
Marks shall be rounded to Port
Start / Finish
Numeral pennant 1: S
tart, W1, L1, W1, L1, Finish (to windward)
Numeral pennant 2: S
tart, W1, L1, W1, Finish (downwind)
When a buoy is laid offset from mark W1, boats shall round W1 to Port and then the offset mark to
When a Gate is laid at the Leeward end - marks L1 & L2, boats shall sail between them from the
direction of the previous mark and round either gate mark.
When no offset or gate marks are laid boats shall round marks W1 & L1 to Port.
12. Marks
12.1. The starting and finishing marks will be a black and white chequered or pink inflatable.
12.2. For W/L courses: Division 1, W1 will be an orange inflatable, Division 2 and Etchells, W2 will be
yellow inflatable. Gate marks or Leeward marks L1 & L2 will be orange inflatable buoys.
12.3. New marks as in rule 33 for Div 1 will be a orange inflatable with a black band, Div 2 & Etchells a
yellow inflatable with a black band (when racing conducted by the CYCSA) or unless otherwise
stated. When in a subsequent change a new mark is replaced, it will be replaced with an original
12.4. Etchells sailing on a separate course the course marks – will be orange inflatable buoys. Etchells new
mark will be a yellow inflatable buoy.
13. Start Lines
13.1. Outside River Start Line - The starting line shall be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the
race committee boat at the starboard end and the starting mark at the port end.
13.2. Inside River Start Line - The starting line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the
race committee boat and the southern edge of the vertical blue panel on the Outer Harbor Signal
Tower unless otherwise prescribed.
13.3. Twilight races – see SI 20
13.4. A buoy carrying a pink flag may be streamed from the race committee boat. Boats shall not pass
between it and the committee boat.
- 18 -
Sailing Instructions 2014 - 2015
14. Starting
14.1. Warning signal times for the first race or division are as per the Racing Programme Addendum A.
Rule 26 shall apply unless prescribed otherwise.
14.2. Late to the start line - A boat running late for the start may use its engine after the preparatory signal
for the purpose of proceeding to the start line, providing that before starting, the boat shuts off her
engine and getting well clear of all other boats, makes 1 tack and 1 gybe in the same direction (1
turn penalty) under sail. A boat taking a penalty turn shall report in writing, the circumstances to the
Sailing Coordinator after the race & within the protest time limit.
14.3. Boats that interfere with race committee boats will be protested by the race committee and may be
14.4.In the interests of safety, boats should keep clear of the start area until their warning signal.
14.5. For inshore races a boat shall not start later than 10 minutes after her start signal.
14.6. Offshore races – see SI 19.
14.7. Handicap Starts:
A list of start times will be displayed on the Official Notice Board approximately 2 hours prior to the
scheduled warning signal.
A board will be displayed on the race committee boat. Numerals displayed shall indicate when
competitors shall start.
Competitors shall start from when their allocated time appears on the board. ie: - 00 appears it is
race start time. 01 appears it is race start time plus one minute …and so on.
Recalls for handicap starts – no recall signal will be made. Changes Rule 29.1. A boat starting
before her time appears and does not return to start correctly will be penalised by adding to her
elapsed time, 2 minutes plus one minute for every minute, or part thereof, of her early start.
15. Finish Line
15.1 The finish line shall be between a staff displaying a blue flag on the race committee boat and the
finish mark.
15.2 Offshore races– see SI 19
15.3 Twilight races – see SI 20
16. Time Limit
16.1. Inshore Races: The time limit for all boats shall be 4 hours. The time limit may be extended by 1
hour, at the discretion of the Race Officer, in order to attempt to finish the majority of the fleet.
Where two races are programmed on the same day, the time limit shall be 2 hours for each race.
Boats failing to finish within the time limit shall be scored DNF. This changes RRS A4.
16.2. Offshore races – see SI 19.
16.3. Twilight races – see SI 20.
17. Radio Communication
17.1 The race committee will monitor of VHF 77 except for Twilight and Etchells races where VHF 73 will
be used. Other channels may be monitored as described in additional SIs.
17.2 The race committee may broadcast communication that is available to all competitors. Failure for
a competitor to receive or the race committee to transmit this information shall not be grounds for
redress. This changes Rule 62.
18. Protests
18.1. Protests shall be in writing. Forms are available from the Racing Office and shall be lodged with a
member of the race committee or an RSAYS office employee.
18.2. Inshore Races - protests shall be lodged within 2 hours of the last boat in the last race of the day.
18.3. Offshore races – see SI 19
18.4. Twilight races – see SI 20
18.5. The organising authority will advise the date and time of the hearing.
- 19 -
Sailing Instructions 2014 - 2015
19. Offshore Races (Special Requirements)
SIs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 17, 18.1, 21,22 also apply.
19.1 Crew requirements - A minimum of four able crew (unless a Multihull, complying with the
requirements of Addendum F – Short-handed Safety Protocol) and a minimum of 4 of the crew
shall also have a current certificate for a Sea Safety Course or a Safety & Sea Survival Certificate
(SSSC) and one crew shall have a First Aid Certificate. For crew numbers in excess of 8, at
least 50% shall hold a current safety certificate.
19.2 The COLREGS apply for all races between the hours of ‘deemed’ sunset and sunrise,
except where the time of starting is after sunset when the rules of PART 2 shall apply until 15
minutes after the start signal.
19.3 Category 3 - where Department of Transport requirements for boats in unprotected waters exceed
the YA SR Part 1 SECTION 2, then the Department of Transport regulations take precedence.
19.4 Each boat shall sign-on & submit a completed Offshore Race Crew List at least two hours prior to
the warning signal. A boat will be scored DNC for failure to do so. This changes RRS 63.1.
19.5 Pre-Race Radio Checks - All boats shall call the radio base nominated between the times specified
in the SIs supplement. These checks shall be made on VHF80 to confirm their intention to start and
the Persons on Board.
19.6 Start Line – as described in the Supplementary SI’s.
19.7 A boat unable to complete her pre-race radio check at the prescribed time SHALL NOT START.
19.8 Start Time Limit - A boat shall not start later than 20 minutes after her start signal. Changes A4.
19.9 The Finish Line shall be an imaginary line extending from the # 13 Green beacon to the No 1 Lead
In and can be approached from either side. To locate the offshore finish line it is in transit with the
O/H Front and O/H Rear beacons and the northern Torrens Island chimney (red lights). Boats shall
record their own finish time on the Offshore Finish Declaration Form.
19.10 Offshore Courses are described in the NoR.
19.11 There is no race time limit.
19.12Pt. Lincoln Race. - Boats shall also conform to the relevant RSAYS SI requirements for Offshore
19.13Penalties - Boats signalled as being on course side (OCS) and fail to return shall have 20% added
to their elapsed time. Calls on VHF77 approximately 10 minutes after the start may be made.
Changes rule 63.1
19.14Radio skeds. Radio frequencies are VHF80 & 81 & HF2524. Boats shall maintain a continuous
listening watch on VHF16 or HF2182 until returning to home port. Position Reporting - All boats
shall report their position as at the nominated time of the schedule to the radio base nominated in
the supplementary SIs. Boats failing to report their position shall have 10% added to their elapsed
time. The race committee may, upon receiving a satisfactory written explanation within the protest
time limit, waive this penalty. This changes RRS 63.1
19.15Positions shall be given as 4-digit Latitude and 5-digit Longitude unless unable to do so, plus their
next mark of the course.
19.16Radio sign off - Boats shall notify Coast Guard Race Control as soon as possible after finishing.
19.17Sign-off & Retiring - Each boat shall ‘sign-off’ regardless of finishing the course or not by submitting
a completed Offshore Declaration Form which shall be deposited at the Sailing Office within 3
hours of finishing. Failure to do so will result in being scored DNC. Boats that retire shall advise
immediately of their intention to the nominated radio base and shall continue to report their position
as per the scheduled times until they reach their port.
19.18Protests shall be lodged at the Sailing Office by 1500 hrs on the day following the protesting
boat’s finishing time. Notice of lodgement shall be made to the Sailing Coordinator or Office Staff
directly or electronically within the time limit.
- 20 -
Sailing Instructions 2014 - 2015
20 Twilight Races (Special Requirements)
Twilight Sailing is a traditionally a social outing for which a special spirit of sportsmanship shall
prevail. Boats shall sail with due regard for other boats having guests and inexperienced crew. A
higher degree of alertness is required for twilight races.
SIs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9, 10, 14, 17, 22 also apply.
20.1 Shall be Category 6. Etchells may carry watertight hand-held VHF radios.
20.2 For twilight racing an exemption from Rule 56 has been approved by YSA.
20.3 Anchors must be stowed inboard, i.e.: no part of the anchor shall protrude beyond the sheer line.
20.4 For Lady helm races a boat shall have on board a Person-in-Charge who shall be a member of
20.5 The nominated helmsperson shall ‘sign-on’ and steer the boat except in an emergency.
20.6 VHF 73 will be used for radio communication.
20.7 There will be three starts nominated as Red, Green and Multihull. All boats shall display a ribbon
available from the Racing Office corresponding to their allocated start.
Red start warning signal - 1755
Green start warning signal - 1805
Multihull warning signal - 1810
A list of boats and their allocated starts will be posted on the Official Notice Board prior to race 1.
20.8 Course descriptions shall be indicated by a course number together with numeral pennant(s)
displayed from the committee boat at or prior to warning signal. When special courses are set on
the night, course descriptions will be available from the Sailing Office.
20.9 No spinnakers, bloopers, gennakers, Code zero or staysails are to be used. Main and foresail
(tacked inside the forestay) only. Spinnaker poles may be used to pole out the headsail at the clew
only. When in use, the pole shall be attached to the mast (Rule 50.2.).
20.10The start line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the race committee boat and
the southern edge of the vertical blue panel on the Outer Harbor Signal Tower unless otherwise
20.11Time limit for all boats will be 2 hours from her start. For RSAYS/CYCSA combined races, this will
be varied to the earlier of 2000 hours or the official sunset time.
20.12A boat that runs aground during a race may use her engine to free herself for safety reasons and
continue racing; provided once she is free she then shuts it off and has not gained an advantage by
its use. She may still be subject to protest by a boat or RC. In addition her handicap will not change
down in the next race after such incident.
20.13Finish Line – will be between a staff displaying a blue flag on the race committee boat and the
corner of # 4 wharf unless otherwise prescribed. Courses may be shortened at a point along the
course that all boats must pass, by displaying flag S and making 2 sound signals. This changes
Rule 32.2.
20.14Retiring – boats retiring shall notify the race committee on VHF 73 and sign the retirement form as
soon as possible after doing so or be scored DNC.
20.15Rule 44.1 & 44.2 are changed such that "Two-Turns Penalty" is replaced by "One-Turn Penalty"
and shall include one tack and one gybe.
20.16Protests – protests shall be lodged by 2030hrs with the Sailing Office. Protest Arbitration - Protests
involving rules of Part 2 where there is no contact that causes damage, will be subject to arbitration.
See Addendum B for explanation.
20.17Twilight Courses See Addendum E
- 21 -
Sailing Instructions 2014 - 2015
Rendering Assistance
21.1 If a boat sights flares or believes another boat to be in distress it should maintain a watch on HF
2182 or VHF Ch 16 or 80 and render assistance.
21.2 A boat in distress or assisting another in distress should call for assistance on HF2182 or VHF Ch16 or
21.3 If a boat uses her engine, full details of the use must be furnished in writing, together with an
accurate log giving positions, times, courses, etc. from the time her normal racing course is altered
to go to the place where assistance is required, until she resumes racing.
21.4 Any boat failing to render assistance when able to do so shall be subject to protest.
See Fundamental Rule 1.
22. Prizes
22.1 Weekly prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the Racing Committee and presented
approximately one hour after the RC boat docks. (Skippers may be notified via SMS)
22.2 Casual entrants will be awarded weekly prizes but not Series prizes. Unless specified otherwise,
Perpetual Trophies will be awarded for PHS handicap results. Awarding of Perpetual Trophies is
described in the NoR.
Divisions/Classes with 5 or 6 Series entrants - 1st & 2nd will be awarded
Divisions/Classes with 7 or more Series entrants 1st 2nd & 3rd will be awarded
Winter Series (combined with CYCSA)
First three places PHS Div 1, 2, Multihull
Inshore Pointscore Series
First three places IRC / PHS Div 1, 2
Offshore Series
First three places IRC / PHS
Special Events / Races
First three places in each Division
Twilight Series
First three places Series 1, Series 2 and Overall
Women’s Racing Series
First three places
Multihull Series
First 3 places – OMR Handicap winner
Cock Of The Walk
Div 1 or 2 boat (does not include Winter, or Twilight)
Pointscore Series - Etchells
First three places on position for Series 1
First three places on position for Series 2
Handicap winner for series 1 and 2
Cock Of The Walk - Etchells
Most fastest times in the Pointscore Series (aggregate winner)
- 22 -