Call for Papers: Special Issue 2015 (pdf

Call for Papers
Production Engineering
Research and Development
ISSN: 0944-6524 (print version)
ISSN: 1863-7353 (electronic version)
Dear Colleagues, Dear Research Assistants,
We invite you to contribute to the Production Engineering Special Issue in 2015, focusing on modelling,
simulation and compensation of thermal effects for complex machining processes. As stated in the Aims &
Scope, “the journal reports peer reviewed results of latest research in industrial engineering, production
engineering and industrial organization. The high level and focus on both the scientific as well as the
practical impact of the selected papers will bridge the gap between research and successful industrial
application.” The journal can be seen as the voice of the German Academic Society for Production
Engineering. It is distributed worldwide in print and online.
For the Special Issue contributions are invited, but not limited to the following topics:
Modelling and simulation of thermal effects in cutting processes
Analysis of heat generation and distribution in machining operations
Determination and modelling of the heat input into the workpiece
Determination of (multiple) heat sources in machining processes
Development of prediction models of thermal workpiece deformations
Compensation of thermally induced workpiece deviations
Measurement of thermal effects in machining processes
Contributions must clearly show new and significant findings and their importance in the fields mentioned
above. They have to describe original work which has not been published previously and should be
maximum 4,500 words in length. An international editorial committee will make the final decision on the
acceptance of all papers. The quality of the paper will be assessed by two peer reviewers. The submission
deadline is January 15, 2015, and the issue will be published in fall 2015.
Please indicate your interest in submitting a paper by sending an e-mail including an abstract (600-800
words) to [email protected] latest by October 15, 2014. Afterwards you will be given detailed
instructions on how to submit your paper online.
I would be delighted to receive a contribution from you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions
you might have.
Best Regards,
Yours sincerely
Dirk Biermann