WCBR 2015 Panel Schedule - Winter Conference on Brain Research

WCBR 2015 Panel Schedule – as of 12.17.14
Panel 1: Bayer
Panel 2: Fricker
Panel 3: Devisbiss
Panel 4: Law
Panel 5: Shepherd
Panel 6: Papaleo
MiniPanel: Fujisawa/Bridges
Panel 1: Catterall
Panel 2: Klintsova
Panel 3: Marvison
Panel 4: Gorniak
Panel 5: Lukkes
Panel 6: J. Morrow
NMDAR-dependent synaptic plasticity in health and disease
The emerging roles of peptides in brain function
First Tracks: Moving beyond the first FDA approved EEG biomarker for ADHD.
Mouse Models of Genetic Susceptibility for Complex Psychiatric Disorders
Neuronal endocytosis in brain development, plasticity and disease
Genetic and environmental modulation of prefrontal cortex pathways in health and disease: from rodents to humans
Amphetamine neurotoxicity: beyond dopamine/The System xc- glutamate / cystine exchanger: consequences of the revolving door
New Perspectives on Inhibitory Neurotransmission: Location, Timing, and Epilepsy
Experience-related plasticity in the mammalian brain: A tribute to William Greenough
Latent Sensitization to pain and µ-opioid receptor constitutive activity
Translational insights into the functional integrity of the central nervous system
Sex-dependent effects of adolescent social stress on anxiety- and depression-related behavior and neural circuits
Shared neurobiology of addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder
Panel 1: Hyde
Panel 2: Zubieta
Panel 3: Stefanik
Panel 4: Kotz
Panel 5: Jenkins
Panel 6: Lemos
Panel 7: Aizenman
Panel 1: Snyder
Panel 2: Orsini
Panel 3: Turecki
Panel 4: Cairns
Panel 5: Wasterlain
Panel 6: Zhang
MiniPanel: Hirst/Bankiewicz
Panel 1: Wassum
Panel 2: Commons
Panel 3: Gutstein
Panel 4: Fox
Panel 5: Steward
Getting off of benzodiazepines: new molecular targets for modulating GABA neurotransmission for neuropsychiatric disorders.
Reward mechanisms across disease processes
Opto- and chemogenetic insights into natural and pathological motivation and reward
Physical activity, obesity and the brain: hot legs or hot brains?
Steep slopes: understanding new sites and substrates for sleep and sedation.
Novel techniques for elucidating the role of corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) in extra-hypothalamic nuclei
Zinc in the brain: new tools and new biology
Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases: Roles in Diverse Neurodegenerative, Psychiatric and Mood Disorders
Impairments Caused by Cocaine: Cells, Circuits, and Cognition
Recent Findings in the Regulation of Depressed Mood by Glutamate Receptors.
Non-coding RNA in brain development and disorders
Controversies in Ictogenesis and Epileptogenesis
Intracellular signaling mechanisms affecting alcohol actions and drinking behavior
Parkinson’s disease genes, pathways, and therapeutics/The ups and downs of gene therapy for CNS disorders; will ongoing clinical attempts in Parkinson’s live up to its
Timing, Training, Treats: How is dopamine related to reward expectation?
Serotonin and the desire to ski.
The Dark Side of Opioids: Novel Approaches to Attack Tolerance and Hyperalgesia
Neurons that fire together expire together: Large-scale, network modeling via co-activation and co-atrophy patterns
Illuminating dendrite and spine plasticity
WCBR 2015 Panel Schedule – as of 12.17.14
Panel 1: Bryant
Panel 2: Lalumiere
Panel 3: Beckstead
Panel 4: Blokland
Panel 5: Hohmann
Panel 6: Ford
Panel 7: Schoenbaum
Panel 1: Mini-Course 1
Panel 2: Koppel
Panel 3: Bizon
Panel 4: Neigh
Panel 5: Paladini
Panel 6: Kaczmarek
MiniPanel: Lynch/Saunders
Genomic and neurobiological studies of RNA binding proteins in complex traits relevant to psychiatric disorders
The double black diamonds of stress and drug abuse: Crossing trails in the mesocorticolimbic system
Neurotensin in the hypothalamus and ventral midbrain: signaling mechanisms and motivated behavior
How to manage cognitive decline in the aging population?
Allosteric Modulation of Cannabinoid Receptor Signaling: The Promise of Nonpsychoactive Cannabinoid Therapeutics
GPCRs and the regulation of synaptic transmission
What on earth is the orbitofrontal cortex doing up there?
What’s new in neurodegeneration research? - A tale of 4 diseases
Novel Molecular Pathways in Psychotic Illnesses
Neurobiology of Cognitive Aging
Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Social Stress Effects on Brain and Behavior in Non-Human Primates
Plasticity of identified inputs to dopaminergic neurons
Why do ion channels interact with RNA binding proteins?
What’s your gut reaction?/Exploring individual variations in behavior to understand addiction
Panel 1: Frantz
Panel 2: Knowles
Panel 3: Argylan
Panel 4: Neve
Panel 5: Cunningham
Panel 6: Harris-Warrick
Panel 7: Howe
Panel 1: Mini-Course 2
Panel 2: McGinty
Panel 3: Bredt
Panel 4: LeBlanc
Panel 5: Borgland
Panel 6: Newman
Panel 7: Cohen
The learning brain: cognitive neuroscience for the educational system
Molecular and Imaging Approaches to Understanding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Shocking old/new world: moving towards the more selective stimulation of the human brain
I'm only sleeping: Regulation of dopamine receptor responsiveness in dopamine neurons.
Emerging Pharmacotherapeutics for Cocaine Use Disorder
Role of flexible intrinsic firing properties in spinal neurons organizing locomotion
Regulation fo excitatory synaptic transmission
Illuminating the Brain
Treatment Targets for Stress and Substance Use Disorders
Molecular Signaling Pathways that Regulate Excitatory Synapses
The dark side of dopamine: negative reinforcement and aversion
Why do we eat too much? Corticostriatal circuits and feeding behaviour
Are you SERTain it’s DAT?
An integrative approach probing putative mechanism(s) contributing to injury-induced cognitive impairment
WCBR 2015 Panel Schedule – as of 12.17.14
Panel 1: Gordon
Panel 2: Hansen
Panel 3: Crews
Panel 4: O'Donnell
Panel 5: Lein
Panel 6: Katz
Panel 7: Swanson -1
Panel 1: Hell
Panel 2: Margolis
Panel 3: Jones
Panel 4: Kanold
Panel 5: Herkenham
Panel 6: Swanson -2
Panel 7: Albers
Green circles or black diamonds? Cue discrimination and generalization in fear and reward
Recent developments in NMDA receptor research: From structure-function to physiology
Neurobiology, bad decisions and drug seeking
From GWAS to brains to models: Inflammation in Schizophrenia
Understanding human brain development and disease through transcriptomics
Variety is the spice of the life: adding flavor to neural function
The science of intractable epilepsy: when small molecules fail.
Composition and Regulation of AMPA Receptors
Rethinking how mu opioid receptors in the ventral tegmental area produce reinforcement: count the ways
Androgens, androgen receptors and motoneurons: relevance to injury and disease
Early cortical circuits - from function to dysfunction.
New insights into the role of immune cells in brain function and pathology
Novel therapies for brain disease in those patients that are going downhill fast.
Vasopressin/Oxytocin and the development of mammalian social behavior