2014/2015 Season

The quality seal for the best, long-lasting stability
2014/2015 Season
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Contents and Floor Plans
Interior: style
Interior: individuality
Interior: exclusive character
Body design
Lightweight construction
24 Profila One NEW
P One 690 HB
P One 690 EB
P One 690 QB
36 Profila T
PT 590 FB
P 650 EB
PT 660 HB
PT 680 QB Mondial
PT 670 SB Mondial
P 660 HB
PT 650 EB Mondial
P 660 HB
P 650 EB
PT 720 EB
PT 720 QB
44 Profila RS
PRS 660 HB
PRS 670 SB
PRS 720 EB
PRS 720 QB
TT 690HB
TT 710 HB
TT 690 HB
54 Terrestra T
TT 650 EB
TT 670 SB
TT 720 EBF
TT 720 EB
TT 710 QB
Contents and Floor Plans
Coach-built models
IL 670 SB
IL 670 SB
64 Integra Line
IL 670 SB
IL 670 Chalet
IL 720 EB
IL 720 EBF
IL 690 HB
IL 680 QB
IL 720 QB
76 Integra Line LS
IL LS 810 HB
IL LS 790 EB
IL LS 850 QB
84 Integra
I 850 QB
I 790 EB
94 Terrestra A
TA 570 HS
TA 770 EB
TA 690 HB
98 Mobile Home Forum
99 Fabric and upholstery
3,5 t
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Passion on the move.
In an “enjoy” setting.
A product offensive with three new model lines in the 2013/2014 season has boosted Eura Mobil’s
image even further as a manufacturer of vehicles of high technical quality at attractive prices.
This is confirmed by major successes in the “Mobile Home of the Year” readers’ poll.
In the new season every effort will be made to promote the customer appeal of mobile living quality
in a restyled interior. Fun and pleasure as expressed by the modern “Enjoy!” concept are in harmony
with a sense of well-being and relaxation. This interior ambience combines “wellness” most effectively
with “enjoyness”, a leading-edge example being the “Chalet Mobil” that aroused great interest among
visitors to all the leading trade fairs.
Style, individuality, exclusive character
Optional upholstery in the
“Classic Line”
transforms the
seating into a
comfort lounge
with generous
rounded surfaces
and additional
fabric trim on
the chests below
the seats. The
ambient lighting
with laser-formed
surface structure
creates a fascinating atmosphere
of light.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
More individuality –
freedom for
your personality.
In addition to the Sealed Structure body, a totally new, individual interior concept sets the new
Profila One model line apart from the bulk of its supposed rivals. To suit the current mood, the
interior decor can feature three different fabric collections – a task that takes scarcely five minutes!
Respond to a personal preference, an important occasion or just to the time of year ... the Profila One
is the entry-level mobile home with an extra personal touch. In fact individuality is in the forefront
throughout the model program: it’s easy to select a personal favourite when there are 35 models to
choose from. And also to specify design and equipment to suit your needs, for example the large,
freely divisible storage space in the double floor of alcove and large integrated models with all the
opportunities for individuality it presents. Other options too make you free to respond just as you
wish, regardless of the season of the year or the length of the journey.
Style, individuality, exclusive character
Let the surroundings reflect the mood
Even standard versions of the Profila One offer a choice of three interior
decors, and with the reversible surfaces – a fascinating option – you can
conjure up no fewer than seven worlds of style and colour in your mobile home.
Give your imagination full rein!
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
A splendid choice of
exclusive fabrics and
attractive materials.
Exclusive: in the bathroom, body care
products or similar can be kept in
spacious, distinctive fabric bags.
A true highlight: the white-plastered
fireplace with its dark mantelpiece
and fine slate surface.
Chalet styling in every detail: even
the windows have been given special
wooden framing.
Style, individuality, exclusive character
With two mobile homes of individual design, Eura Mobil demonstrates that modern volume
production methods and exclusive character can be perfectly compatible. Inspired by the
current Alpine chalet trend, the Chalet Mobil from Eura Mobil has taken up the modern relaxed,
feel-good concept with nature-oriented, sustainable furnishings and interpreted it in a mobile
home. In its decorative harmony, the result combines two stimulating areas: authentic country-style
tradition with modern luxury and a subtle sense of style.
For the 2015 season, another exclusive Integra line model will be an exhibition highlight –
the “Christian Fischbacher Edition”. The key concept here is to feature exclusive, carefully
matched haute couture upholstery and decor fabrics from the workshop of Christian Fischbacher,
the well-known interior designer. A captivating, totally new approach from Eura Mobil.
The finest fabrics on the walls and
sliding door create a distinguished
Pure craftsmanship: delicately
fashioned bed covers.
Exclusive to look at and to touch:
stylish cushions in the living area.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
The heated double floor
Fibreglass underfloor
02 Fibreglass floor surface
03 Aluminium reinforcement
04 Storage height
Take off for a new experience - anytime, anyplace and for any length of time. That‘s what traveling with a mobile home
means. So you can enjoy total freedom, all Eura Mobil campers are made for all-year-round use and specially equipped for
the “Big Journey“. Your independence is based on the all-round heated double floor (from Profila T), which combines three
functions, as it serves for up to 50-cm-deep storage and becomes a cool cellar in summer and a heated floor in winter.
The double floor houses the technical controls and the water tanks are kept there, neatly stored away and protected
against frost without reducing the living space (on some models an Arctic-Pack is also available). “Next door“ a large
garage is fitted without additional lowering of the rear. Your Eura Mobil is also well prepared for long journeys and/or
traveling with a family of up to 7, with its large energy and space capacities: up to three batteries and 200 litres of fresh
water can be stored in the double floor.
Far-reaching Independence
Eight ranges, one objective: freedom to enjoy.
All the different features of our vehicles are designed to give you the
most versatile, all-season use of your Eura Mobil. The key element of our
mobile homes is the heated and insulated, full-length double floor (from
Profila T). It is a Eura Mobil tradition. As winter equipment it is often
imitated but never equalled, as shown in a survey by the specialised
magazine Promobil (02/2011 edition). And that‘s just one example of
the smartest possible solutions and top-level technology we provide for
our customers‘ freedom and comfort.
Fresh water tank
Your frost-free water system is housed
in the double floor in all Eura Mobil
Huge storage
The gigantic storage space in the
double floor can be divided up as
required in the top-cab and Integra
Service trapdoors
The service traps are fitted with fully
insulated inlays and doubled to retain
the heat.
The batteries are housed and protected
in the double floor to save space (under
the passenger seat in the Profila T and
Profila One).
Heating pipes
These run directly against the flooring
and create under-floor heating at low
Floor traps
These ensure easy access to the
inside storage space and to the
Maximum storage space
The foundation of your
Whatever you store in the spacious double
floor of our vehicles depends entirely on
your needs. From luggage to sports gear,
to additional equipment such as a
generator, Eura Mobil has made enough
space for endless possibilities.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
The seal of quality
Long-lasting and stable
The quality seal for the best, long-lasting stability
The “Eura Mobil Sealed Structure“ concept combines the advantages of high bodywork resistance with the best
endurance and an attractive design. Modern adhesive techniques borrowed from the aeronautics industry ensure a
fully sealed construction with no bolting through the outer walls. The floor-to-wall joints are fixed by screws through
the inside and finished by adhesive over all surfaces and round the whole body. Eura Mobil uses a mix of two industrial
adhesives for optimum efficiency: one metre of joined profile can support the full weight of a complete 3.5t mobile
home! The wood-free wall panels are insulated throughout to ensure the best winter use.
Fully adhesive-joined aluminium profiles
B Polyurethane reinforcement
C Fibreglass floor panels
D Wood-free fibreglass wall panels
The seal of quality
Stability through quality
One of the strong points of Eura Mobil‘s vehicle development lies in the
construction of an exceptionally stable and wind-resistant body. The
fibreglass-reinforced structures and the body frame in lightweight
aluminium contribute significantly to this stability. The aluminium profiles
of the floor panels fit invisibly into the frame to complete the fully
wind-resistant bodywork. The stability of the outer surfaces of the
fibreglass walls and roof also provide protection from hail, as tests by
“Promobil“ magazine have proved (02/2010).
Extruded aluminium frame
• to avoid cold spots the interior has a semi-extruded frame
• full surface bonding and sealing of wall and floor panels (see diagram)
• riveted from the inside
Strengthened polyurethane
foam-edged flooring
• extremely sturdy reinforced floor and floor-to-wall joining avoids heat loss
• no leakage in case of damage to the outer shell
Lightweight, stable insulation in the
• efficient flooring insulation
• additional aluminium cross-braces avoid twisting of the body
• outer and inner fibreglass protection– proved in “Promobil“ magazine tests
Wood-free fibreglass walls
• hail and rust protection
• insulation throughout (no heat loss from wooden parts)
• no interior or exterior cold spots
• damp-free interior
• easy to clean and repair
All-round body sealing
The Eura-Mobil seal of quality for all-round protection of the
body is achieved by a fully joined and watertight sealed body
with wall and floor panels made from rust-proof materials.
Adhesive joints make bolting through the outer walls totally
unnecessary, minimising the risk of leakage. The all wood-free
construction of the walls ensures efficient insulation and
protection throughout.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
New Lightweight
Lightweight innovation
3,5 t
Their new lightweight design makes the Profila One, Profila semi-integrated, Profila RS and Integra Line LS models the
lightest vehicles in their category. Thanks to screwless, adhesive joints borrowed from the aeronautics industry and the
development of lighter and stronger fibreglass reinforced body parts, these models provide the best possible long-lasting quality at a very low weight. Just the new top flooring alone represents a reduction of between 25 and 50kg (according to type) compared to previous similar floor-plans. The other model lines also benefit from this weight saving, since
the new upper floor is installed on all Eura Mobil vehicles with a full-length double floor. Thus new elements are used for
the flooring in combination with the innovative material-saving adhesive joining technique. As a result, and even with
the double floor, the 3.5t category nevertheless retains a storage capacity of up to 700 kg and more according to the
mass of the loaded vehicle. On the Profila One a single 60-mm thick floor panel with XPS foam provides excellent
insulation and keeps the weight low.
New Lightweight Architecture
Floor panels without additional
reinforcement frames
Reinforced body part design
• reinforced polyurethane foam strengthens the wall panels
• in this way additional aluminium joint covers are
New lightweight top floor (from Profila T)
Wood-free walls
• PVC easy-clean top surface, deadens walking noise
• thin plywood surface on outer flooring
• special foam for light, reinforced 35mm insulation
• bottom surface in damp-resistant fiberglass
• heavy wooden structures replaced by light materials
• light, hail-resistant outer walls
• lightweight insulation throughout
• light fibreglass, damp-resistant inner walls
Fibreglass body parts with lightweight insulation
• all fibreglass parts reinforced on inside with polyurethane foam
• lightweight, highly stable construction
• efficient insulation
• screwless wall joints
• construction is made lighter by rendering additional joint covers unnecessary
• lightweight cabin-sprayed, fully adhesive-joined aluminium
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Feel-good atmosphere
Just like a holiday destination, feeling good in a mobile home depends on all sorts of big and small impressions and
experiences. The multitude of important features and technical details that go into a Eura Mobil will all add up to make
your journey enjoyable and comfortable. These range from the first-class bedding with its high-quality mattresses to
the knowledge that in all the countries in Europe you travel through, competent service and short-notice replacement
parts are available in case of need. That‘s how your Eura Mobil prepares the route for undisturbed, pleasant holidays.
Feel-good atmosphere
Bedding comfort
Low on noise
Easy to handle
Easy living
All Eura Mobil vehicles are
equipped with high-quality
cold-moulded foam mattresses. From the Terrestra
range orthopaedic mattresses are standard equipment
and In the top ranges they
include a massage system.
Thanks to the generous
dimensions of the beds, their
bottom ventilation with
slatted bases and large
headroom, even sleeping is
an exciting experience!
The Eura Mobil Sealed
Structure with its fibreglass
joints eliminates rattling and
knocking. On top of that, the
wall insulation throughout,
the flooring which muffles
steps, upper units and
surfaces with foam padding
reduce interior noise, as well
as noise from outside, to a
All the technical controls are
easily accessible inside the
double floor or fitted into the
cupboards and seats of the
interior. The push-button
locks and quick locking
systems of the service traps,
the mixer taps, the cab to
body loudspeaker and the
floor-trap grips are all
additional examples of these
campers‘ practical equipment.
Spacious seating with
versatile cushions is an
invitation to settle down
comfortably. Powerful
heating and efficient
insulation bring the living
area rapidly to a pleasant
temperature, even in winter.
In the washroom and
kitchen the pressurized
water pump provides
comfort and refreshment,
just like at home.
Easy driving
Easy living
Long-lasting comfort
Easy solutions
The wide access door is
already a plus before
departure - the vehicle can
be loaded so much more
easily. Its low point of gravity
and wide-track rear axle
ensure manoeuvrability and
road-grip. For the cab
construction of the coachbuilt models we have paid
particular attention to good
visibility and all-round vision.
Eura Mobil‘s floor-plans are
characterised by lots of room
to move and an open-plan
living concept with broad
perspectives. More room
also means more storage
space - in the double floor,
the garage and in the
spacious top units. Add to
that the invisible details and
practical facilities in the
washroom and the kitchen
for real easy living.
First class materials
guarantee a long life. This is
not only the case for the
fibreglass body but also for
the interior features: the
metal handles and taps,
insulated, framed windows
and solid drawers and hinges
can be relied on for the long
term. Even where it doesn‘t
show - like the steel screws
in the Integra taps.
In case of need, the
extended guarantee period
gives assurance against
unexpected costs. A dealer
network in the whole of
Europe makes sure you have
someone to help you during
your holiday. And we are
constantly coming up with
new solutions: the Eura
Mobil app is not only a
source of advice and
indications, it also offers you
an online logbook function.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Quality and Precision
Furniture design and craftsmanship
Our mobile home furniture is now designed in modern CAD workshops, for top-level precision and safe construction.
Three-dimensional, spacious plans ensure the most rational layout of the furniture. The result is quality you can see
and feel. Additional aluminium frames in the top-units optimise their resistance and avoid excessive pressure on the
materials used. That‘s also how we achieve minimal interior noise and avoid rattling. Eura Mobil has also fitted a rubber
edge round the furniture flaps to reduce knocking during travel. In this way each part of the vehicle is stable and quiet.
And last but not least, the aluminium profiles are finished with the same surfaces as the front, creating a harmoniously
matching furniture concept.
Quality and Precision
Furniture rattles… but not our furniture.
In over 50 years of experience in mobile home construction Eura Mobil has
become a specialist in furniture design and making. In the tough rental sector,
our Eura Mobil motorhomes prove their worth thousands of times each day.
Special design features such as the aluminium profiles with integrated
noise-reduction in the upper cabinets, hinges as good as in home units, solid
door handles and sturdy, self-closing metal drawers are examples of Eura
Mobil furniture’s high standards of quality. So that you can set off in our
vehicles feeling at least as comfortable as at home.
Our own workshops
The best materials
All furniture is built in our own joinery. Modern computercontrolled CNC cutting is as important as the craftsmanship
of our team. Our goal is always to attain quality you can see
and feel.
Wood and upholstery types and colours vary according to
our models. But on one thing you can always count on: we
select and use only the highest quality, perfectly assembled
High-quality workmanship
Attention to detail is a feature of Eura-Mobil furniture.
Precision and safe structures are another. And our decades
of experience have led us to the best possible solutions to all
your questions and requirements.
3-year guarantee on our furniture
› 50 years of experience, our high standards and top-class materials guarantee the high quality of our furniture
› That’s why we offer a three-year warranty on the construction and use of the furniture in all our motorhomes
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Eura Mobil’s stylish, compact mobile homes with their highly flexible interior layouts:
a model program that satisfies every taste from modern individuality to classic elegance.
Semi-integrated models
22Highlights and examples of use
24Profila One
The mobile home for fun and freedom
36Profila T
The added value camper
44Profila RS
The adaptable, multiple talent
40Terrestra T
Where comfort and style meet
The quality seal for the best, long-lasting stability
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Semi-integrated Models
Top-class technology for all.
The quality seal for the best, long-lasting stability
01 Heated double floor throughout (from Profila T)
•additional storage space in the rear garage with its 110 cm access height
•storage volume of up to 4000 litres in the storage space
•all controls protected from freezing
Two rear fixed beds
•lengthways or perpen dicular beds in single or double versions
•at least 135cm width for double bed and 85cm for single beds
•orthopaedic mattresses (optional for the Profila)
03 A pull-down bed
under the ceiling
•as an additional modular bed (option)
•alternative extra bed in the seating area (option)
04 Living room
•L-shaped seating for
up to 6 (see floor-plans)
•rotating cab seats inte grated in the living area
•wide open views
•large kitchen with a 175l capacity refrigerator
•panoramic sun-roof (option)
Examples of use
Optimal use of
space for two
Two people traveling will
appreciate the many facilities
and equipment and the almost
unlimited storage space.
Comfortable travel for four
Four people traveling together
will enjoy the spacious seating
area with its side bench and
the clever division of space
which in some models even
gives the appearance of a
two-room living area.
Semi-integrated Models
Profila One
Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
Interior width
Standing height
Loading capacity
6.99 m
2.32 m
2.78 m
2.17 m
1.98 m
up to 2,800 l
Profila T
Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
Interior width
Standing height
Loading capacity
5.99 m – 7.40 m
2.30 m
2.79 m
2.17 m
1.98 m
up to 2,700 l
Profila RS
Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
Interior width
Standing height
Loading capacity
The Eura Mobil camper with added
value. Cutting edge body technology
coupled with generous room design
and elegant style in teak-look furniture. The heated double floor and the
hail-protected exterior are already
included in the starting price.
6.99 m – 7.40 m
2.30 m
2.89 m
2.17 m
1.98 m
up to 2,700 l
The Profila RS represents a new
type of vehicle in the semiintegrated category with its
bunk-bed. The Profila RS with
its uncompromising comfort and
versatility make it the first choice
for 2 to 4 people traveling at any
time, for any duration.
6.82 m – 7.39 m
2.30 m
2.79 m
2.17 m
1.98 m
up to 4,000 l
The upper-class semi-integrated
model with a middle-class price.
With great road-grip on the lowered
AL-KO chassis and a quiet interior
thanks to a bonded fibreglass construction. An elegant interior with
orthopaedic mattresses, LED lighting
and upholstery with striped cushions.
Terrestra T
Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
Interior width
Standing height
Loading capacity
The most individual mobile home in
the entry-level segment, for plenty of
fun and freedom. Innovative reversible
cushions conjure up as many as seven
lifestyle decorative schemes without the
basic upholstery having to be changed.
And Profila One is light and long-lasting,
thanks to its rot-protected GFRP body.
Highlights of the semi-integrated models
Eura Mobil lightweight design
•wood-free walls, lightweight top flooring
•space-saving, combined reinforced and extruded frames in the body parts (Profila T)
Eura Mobil Sealed Structure
•bodywork adhesive-bonded all round, wood-free wall panels
• fibreglass walls, ceiling and floor
Certified EN 1646 winter-proof
•limited winter camping thanks to the
efficient insulation. Freeze-proof
water system (Profila One + T with Arctic Pack)
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
The Mobile Home for Fun and
freedom: the Profila One.
Semi-integrated › Profila One
Your own very personal Number One: the Profila One sets new standards in
the entry-level segment and in a unique way combines excellent value for money
with high-quality workmanship and maximum comfort and convenience on the
journey. Thanks to its unrivalled interior concept, the decor can be varied to suit
your preferences, using various fabric collections. The Profila One – a mobile
home for fun and freedom that will convince you too!
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Modern, flooded with light: a mobile
home to choose and cherish.
Welcome aboard the new Profila One!
Its bright, welcoming interior decor features a
friendly, harmonious choice of colours: a feel-good
atmosphere from driver’s area to bedroom. The
two-colour furniture upholstery (Arizona ash and
Sand beige) matches a modern lifestyle. An option
for the Profila One is a lift-up panorama roof above
the driver’s cabin. After sundown the ambient
lighting creates a magical mood but also illuminates
the cupboards effectively.
Semi-integrated › Profila One
Bright and
the comfortable
Profila One
living area with
integral driver’s
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
The “fun and freedom” mobile
home: you can give it a new look
in a matter of moments.
Do you sometimes get the urge for a change of
scene inside the vehicle too? Nothing could be
easier in the new Profila One: the living-area decor
can be transformed whenever you have five
minutes to spare. The secrets are the new reversible seat back covers and the tapes that gather the
curtains. The standard Profila One specification
already includes three attractive designs, and as an
option up to seven variations can be chosen. To
make sure that each design blends well with the
bright, friendly interior, we have matched the decor
colours and the driver’s cab trim perfectly together.
With the Profila One, individual travel reaches a
new, high level.
Attractive but
never intrusive:
furniture and
upholstery are in
colours that create
a well-balanced
sense of space.
Together with the
optional ambient
lighting, the
overall effect is
one of contented
Change the appearance in
a matter of movements: in
the Profila One, innovative
reversible plaids in various
colours for the seat backs
and matching gathering
tapes on the curtains can
be used to generate new
visual highlights and
accents in a few simple
Semi-integrated › Profila One
The principle
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Clever use of space and a lift-up bed.
More space in less area? In the Profila One, many things are
possible, despite a compact overall length of less than 7 metres.
This all-rounder and friend of the family has a clever spatial
concept that leaves no area unused. An impressive example of
this is the lift-up bed (optional): in a few moments it can be
stowed away in the curve of the roof so that headroom of 1.98
metres is still available underneath it. And there is still ample
space in cupboards and storage areas for a large amount of
travel luggage.
Semi-integrated › Profila One
Travel with no
limits to comfort
and convenience.
The lift-up panorama window (option)
means more
light and air. The
spacious shelf unit
between the wall
cupboards provides
plenty of space to
store groceries and
supplies before the
next meal is
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Relaxed: day and night
You spend a good proportion of your holiday asleep – it would
be a great pity if rest and restored energy didn’t benefit. This is
why we have made the large beds at the back of Profila One
especially comfortable and easy to get into. There’s plenty of
space too in the super Profila One kitchen: the curving worktop,
which extends as far as the seating area, makes the most of the
available space. Cooking a meal in the Profila One isn’t a chore
but a holiday treat!
Work in the
kitchen is a
lasting pleasure:
thanks to
the dynamic
where it joins
the seating area,
there is a
smooth link
between kitchen
and living room.
The worktop is
shaped and
helps give the
Profila One the
freedom of
movement the
occupants enjoy
so much.
Semi-integrated › Profila One
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
A purposeful
change: just pull
the slatted
washroom door to
the end of its
guide rail, and
your closed,
private shower
cabin is ready.
Excellent use of space
gives you maximum
freedom of movement
in the Profila One’s
bathroom. A clever detail:
the slatted door to the
washroom is also the
shower cabin door.
The garage dimensions,
with a height of up to 1.15
metres, will satisfy every
wish. Even bulky luggage
or similar can be stored
here without problems.
Heavy loads
made easy: the
sturdy floor pan
is made from an
FRP and aluminium composite,
and withstands
even severe loads
without difficulty.
And a trailer
weighing up to
2,000 kg can be
towed, thanks
to the saving
made possible by
the Profila One’s
Semi-integrated › Profila One
storage space
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Profila T:
The Camper with Added Value
Semi-integrated › Profila T
The Profila T sets new standards in its sector. No other motorhome better
combines top class technology with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.
Incidentally, this is the opinion of the readers of Europe‘s leading magazine for
mobile traveling, “Promobil“. The Profila T has secured a series of top rankings
in “Mobile Home of the Year” surveys. Time for you to get to know this “value
added vehicle” better.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Take a look around.
You’ll notice the space.
As soon as you enter the redesigned
interior of the Profila T, you will
catch sight of one premium highlight after another. Take your time
and examine all these carefully
planned details, for instance the
elegant upper cupboard flaps in two
matching colours with chrome-look
trim strips. The open-plan architecture lays the whole room before
you, right to the rear. The seating
accommodates six, and the spacious kitchen offers great freedom
of movement.
Nothing but blue
sky on your
holiday through
the wide panoramic sunroof of the
Profila T.
Semi-integrated › Profila T
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
You’re dreaming of
breakfast in bed in
your own home?
No problem,
because there’s
sufficient space in
the Profila T to
respond to all your
needs with no
exception. The
kitchen and
bathroom fit
snugly next to the
Start the day
refreshed when
you wake up on
the 7-zone foam
supported by
additional stable
Maximum comfort meets
perfect use of space.
The Profila T proves its worth as a
unique multi-talented all-rounder in all
situations: ordinary activities like
cooking, sleeping or loading before
departure will become an entirely new
experience. Inside, every piece of
clothing has its place and all your
necessary daily appliances are in easy
reach. No other motorhome gives you
such a high level of comfort in so few
cubic metres.
Semi-integrated › Profila T
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
A wonderful
experience: simply
the best use of
space for the
washroom with
its wooden bench
toilet and bath
with plenty of
room to move.
Wellness temple
The Profila T offers a lot
of space and comfort
despite its compact
dimensions and its length
of less than seven metres.
The new, cleverly-divided
bathroom is a particular
Semi-integrated › Profila T
Food paradise
There’s no end to the joys
of cooking in the kitchen
of the Profila T. The
three-ring stove makes
sure of that. Numerous
drawers provide room for
all your food as well as for
the perfect wine for
dinner. For the preparation of your holiday menus
the stove and sink can be
covered and used as a
work surface. There’s
plenty of room to move
around the kitchen.
furnishings exhibit
many a painstaking detail design
touch, for instance
the water tap with
swivel outlet or
the extra-wide
kitchen drawer
with chrome-plated knob and the
worktop in a
contrasting colour.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Profila RS:
The perfect All-rounder
Semi-integrated › Profila RS
Who can claim to be as low in height as a semi-integrated model and still
have as much storage space as a top-cab with the bedding comfort of a
coach-built camper, all at the same time? To achieve this we have developed
the Profila RS just for you: a unique, first-class motorhome. Come on board!
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Thanks to the
many storage
facilities around
the pull-down bed,
everything is at
arm’s reach. The
bed can be used
without moving
any of the
Space for creativity – space for you
The Profila RS does not just cut an outstanding figure from the outside - the
elegant and spacious interior with its furniture in mahogany finish are also a
sight to see. One of the highlights is the 1.93 x 1.40m folding bed. Relaxing on
it you can look through the picture window at your blue-sky holiday - or the
evocative ambient lighting, which bathes the high-quality furniture and the
whole room in a pleasant light. In practical terms, you’ll notice the many
storage options around the pull-down bed. Everything has its place, from MP3
players to your holiday reading. Lighting is provided by two reading lights.
Semi-integrated › Profila RS
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Holidays, as far as the eye can see
A cosy evening with the family or a romantic dinner for two: no matter what the
occasion, the interior of the Profila RS, with its cosy and stylish ambience is the
perfect setting. Thanks to the open-plan architecture, you can look right
through the interior all the way to the rear. The large and comfortable seating
area for up to six people (RS 660 HB) is a really comfortable place to sit. In
addition to the LED lighting, the ceiling light and two reading lights create a
bright and cosy atmosphere. During the day the interior is flooded with light
through the many windows and the panoramic glass roof (optional).
Semi-integrated › Profila RS
The light-filled
living room with
its comfortable
seating is just the
right place for
planning trips on
Did you notice?
The folding bed
is almost invisibly
built into the
ceiling in the
interior of the
RS Profila. A
highly practical
feature: the full
headroom of 1.98
metres is also
available under
the lift-up bed.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Welcome to a holiday paradise
Start your holiday after a good night‘s sleep in one of the comfortable beds. Enjoy privacy, close the door behind the room
divider and enjoy the generous rear bedroom (PRS 720 and PRS
720 EB QB). Spoil yourself on holiday, when you can prepare a
meal in no time in the practical kitchen with its numerous
storage options, such as the 175 litre fridge (for some models).
You feel like your favourite red wine from home? No problem: the
storage space accessible from the kitchen keeps everything
handy for you.
Semi-integrated › Profila RS
How to make
cooking on holiday
fun: the ergonomically-designed
kitchen offers a
large wash basin
with a high
pot-height tap.
There are also
numerous drawers
with plenty of
storage space for
all the food and a
three-ring stove.
You’ll appreciate
the extra space on
the bottom
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
The spacious and
elegant impression of the Profila
RS’s interior
doesn’t stop at the
bathroom door:
designed surfaces
and high quality
We have thought of
everything for you:
depending on the layout,
the Profila RS has a
separate or integrated
shower. Both solutions
allow you maximum
freedom of movement.
Semi-integrated › Profila RS
Practical features
such as indirect
lighting or the
bench toilet with
its wooden seat
and the shower on
board the Profila
RS can be a true
luxury experience.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Terrestra T:
Where Comfort and Style meet
Semi-integrated › Terrestra T
Style cannot be bought, you either have it or you don’t - says a famous proverb.
The new Integrated Terrestra T is an exception: First-class equipment and
workmanship, a stylish ambience and low weight combine to make this model
a Eura Mobil classic and one of the most perfect mobile homes in its class.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
A feel-good combination in the top category
Take a seat in the spacious seating areas to enjoy the great mix of a stylish, comfortable atmosphere and the feeling of security that emanates from the quality
furniture, the panoramic glass roof and the indirect lighting. Sleep tight on the
comfortable, wide beds, or do some quality holiday reading with the instantly-positioned reading lights in the living and sleeping areas. But it’s the hidden details,
such as the AL-KO low frame which provides excellent road grip, that makes the
Terrestra T such a highly secure mobile home. Even in the cold season no comfort
is spared thanks to the heated double floor.
Semi-integrated › Terrestra T
The comfortable
L-shaped seating
areas are also
available in leather
and provide
additional storage
space in the seat
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Feel at home
aboard the
Terrestra T and
enjoy your favorite
moments undisturbed in one of the
most perfectly
made mobile
homes of our time.
Dream factory
Put your detective novel
down on the convenientlyplaced night table - two
reading lights illuminate
the spacious sleeping
area, which can be
separated by a rear room
divider door from the
living area on some
The bathroom
Start a relaxing day in
your comfortable holiday
bathroom or fresh up after
a long day at the beach.
The Terrestra T’s bathroom is well equipped in
for all your needs and
more spacious than ever.
Depending on the model
it features a built-in or
separate shower including
a bench toilet with a
wooden cover.
A vacation
couldn’t be more
practical and
tucked away
under the cozy
beds are a large
closet, spacious
storage or smart
shelves for bulky
luggage, depending on the model.
Semi-integrated › Terrestra T
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
The top category in Eura Mobil’s mobile home collection – luxurious surroundings combined
with functional design down to the smallest details. You’ll enjoy unspoilt pleasure on the road.
Coach-built models
62Highlights and examples of use
64Integra Line
Total perfection
76Integra Line LS
Compact luxury cruise-liner
Shapely, stylish and elegant
The quality seal for the best, long-lasting stability
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Coach-built Models
The cruise-liner for the individualist.
The quality seal for the best, long-lasting stability
01 Heated double floor 02
Spacious rear bedroom
•medical mattresses
•depth of up to 50 cm, with (Integra)
divisions if required •bath and separate shower (Integra)
unit achieved by dividing •ALDE warm-water heating the space of the closet for •stepless access door
all models over 7 min •huge storage capacity of length
up to 5400 litres
•huge garage
03 Comfortable front top-bed
•at least 140 cm x 195 cm
•indirect lighting under top bed
•optional storage cupboards instead of top bed
•optional electric controls (Integra)
Examples of use
Luxurious comfort for two
Visible and invisible
You’ll never lose the impression
of spaciousness, style and
elegance, created by the clever
division of space for use by up
to eight people and the bright
driver’s cab with its large
panoramic windscreen.
Elegance for four travellers
When stationary, there is
plenty of room for even
more than four in the
elegant interior. The top bed
disappears during the day in
the cab ceiling.
04 Luxurious living area, built-in driver’s cab
•large seating area for up to 8
•driver’s cab with optional electric roller-blinds and double-glazing (standard for the Integra)
•elegant kitchen with ergonomic work surfaces and oven (optional for IL + LS)
Coach-built Models
Integra Line
Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
Interior width
Standing height
Loading capacity
6.99 m – 7.39 m
2.32 m
2.88 m
2.17 m
1.98 m
up to 3,000 l
Integra Line LS
Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
Interior width
Standing height
Loading capacity
8.35 m – 8.87 m
2.32 m
2.88 m
2.17 m
1.98 m
up to 4,600 l
Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
Interior width
Standing height
Loading capacity
8.44 m – 8.95 m
2.40 m
3.25 m
2.22 m
1.98 m
up to 5,400 l
The top-rate cruise-liner in the
compact class. Easy to drive and to
control with a height of only 2.89m
and a maximum length of 7.39m, its
stylish elegance makes traveling a
pure pleasure. Standard equipment
Alde hot-water heating and stable
fibreglass body.
3,5 t
The true giant in the liner class.
This high-loading coach-built model
on its AL-KO three-axle chassis
combines the compact height of
the Integra Line with the luxurious
interior of the Integra. Its long
silhouette is a benchmark in mobile
Eura Mobil’s top model: huge storage space of up to 50cm depth,
rain shower with decorative lighting,
kitchen with designer glass hob
and rear beds with massage mattresses. With a fully fibreglass cab
and rounded rear wall panel.
Highlights of the Integra models
Alde hot-water heating
•very regular temperatures
•up to 27 convectors (heating captors) spread over the vehicle
ISO-THERM concept in the driver’s
cab (option for Integra Line and LS)
•double glazing in the side windows
•electric roller-blinds, floor insulation
A characteristic cab
•radiator in chrome (Integra Line and LS) or steel look for the Integra
•panoramic windscreen, headlamps
Eura Mobil Sealed Structure
•bonded fibreglass parts for the whole cab
•insulated wood-free wall panels throughout
Exclusive interior
•two-tone furniture, lighting throughout, glass cases (depending on models)
•seating area for up to 8 people
Comfortable driver’s cab
•top bed folds low
•pilot seats with built-in belts
•electric windscreens, atmospheric lighting
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Integra Line:
Total Perfection
Coach-built models › Integra Line
Beauty begins with the smallest of details, perfection begins in the mind.
The Integra Line combines both, in a single shapely, functional body with
numerous details like the LED headlights, the elegant radiator grille and its
dynamic shape. No wishes are left unanswered in this compact premium
cruise-liner. The new Integra Line is a benchmark for the entire price range
and allows you to enjoy fantastic independence.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
A place where space and time become one.
Inside, two-colour top cupboard flaps with chrome-plated trim strips and the ambient
lighting system emphasise the premium character of the Integra Line. The elegant furniture
in a mahogany finish creates a uniquely elegant atmosphere, added to which are invisible
details such as the additional aluminum frames with soft closing in the top units.
The quality cushion inlays underline that first impression.
Coach-built models › Integra Line
Relaxing with
friends: wellshaped furniture
offers you ample
freedom of
movement: there
is a high standard
of comfort and
plenty of storage
space for every
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Smart detail for
the TV: the rack
mounted above
the refrigerator
can be rotated.
With many floor
plans it can be
used both from
the living room
and from the rear
bed. The firstclass Integra
Line beds offer
sleeping luxury.
Coach-built models › Integra Line
Supremely comfortable beds
In a luxury Integra Line bed – the big Queen’s
bed or the single beds that are also of generous
size – a “good night’s sleep” is the ultimate
understatement. The seven-zone cold-foam
mattresses promote healthy, relaxed sleep.
The standard of workmanship is high and the
furniture features many ingenious design
details, for instance the rotating pull-out shelf
for a TV set, the convenient bed access steps,
the shelves and storage compartments and –
if you want to finish reading that thriller before
you go to sleep – the LED lights at the head
end of the bed.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
The Integra
Line’s “Flow-Line”
kitchen, with its
curved worktop,
matches the
interior effectively
and provides
freedom of
A star kitchen
The well-lit kitchen of the
Integra Line is built to
last, spacious and leaves
you with lots of room to
move. Thanks to the
three-ring gas stove, you
can create your own
sophisticated holiday
Whether you’re getting
ready for a romantic
dinner or after a long day
at the beach, take a
refreshing shower in the
Integra bathroom, which
combines superior
comfort with a clever
layout, thus providing
maximum freedom of
The room-divider
door is a practical
feature: it separates the living
area and the
luxury bathroom
neatly from the
bedroom. Just
close it at the
convenient handle,
and the “quiet
zone” is complete.
Coach-built models › Integra Line
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
halet Style
Chalet S
Chalet Style
In its unique way the Chalet Mobil gives you
access to the traditional Alpine chalet
experience, but in a thoroughly modern form.
The desire for privacy, luxury and authenticity
is satisfied by the friendly interior with
furniture and ceiling in wild oak decor, with
restrained contrast provided by the leathertrimmed cupboard flaps. The rustic grain and
light heartwood structure of the furniture are
further distinctive details. But the Chalet
Mobil’s true eye-catcher is surely the centrally located fireplace with its white plaster,
dark mantelpiece and slate surfaces. In the
Chalet Mobil careful use has been made of
sustainable materials such as wood and
slate, but also to those that can be recycled,
for example the cotton upholstery fabrics.
IL 670 SB
Modern luxury meets
nature’s authentic charm.
IL 670 SB
Coach-built models › Integra Line
In response to the
current interest in
Alpine chalets,
our Chalet Mobil
offers a modern,
relaxed “feelgood” atmosphere
with sustainable,
design – a unique
mobile home.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
You can’t design the enjoyment
of the journey. But we have
designed a mobile home that
gives you the freedom to enjoy.
For those who want
to go far
For those who want
to travel all year round
For those who want
long-lasting travel
With its compact height of only
2.88m and its broad front field of
vision, traveling is a pleasure in
the Integra Line. Appreciate the
landscapes already while driving
through them. The light and
distortion-proof fibreglass body
ensures a safe ride and reduced
interior noise and the low-frame
chassis gives the vehicle its
stability. For your visibility and
the safety of other road users,
the instrument panel is tilted
forwards and the front overhang
is kept very compact.
The Integra Line has a heated
double floor and high-quality
insulation throughout, so you
can walk barefoot in the vehicle
even in winter. The Arctic Pack
completes the winter equipment:
double glazing in the driver’s
cab, an insulated and heated
waste-water tank, an additional
230-volt pump and electricallycontrolled front blinds add to
the comfort and warmth of this
luxury liner. With this additional equipment, the Integra Line
complies with the strict rigorous
requirements of the EN 1646 certification for winter use – tested
in a cold chamber at temperatures as low as -26°C.
The “Eura Mobil Sealed Structure“ concept combines the
advantages of a reinforced body
with the best long-term vehicle
quality and an attractive design.
With modern adhesive technology borrowed from the aviation
sector, the structure is sealed all
round without bolting through the
exterior walls. Optimal weather
resistance and the best materials characterize the hail-proof
body with wood-free walls. We’re
not the only ones to say so – the
professional journal “Promobil“
gave Eura Mobil the only “very
good“ mark in laboratory tests of
the roof and floor plates of various
motorhome manufacturers (Promobil 02/10 + 03/10).
Our know-how is your gain
Coach-built models › Integra Line
Quality shows in the details. That’s why we provide a whole host of high-quality and
well-designed details, so you can concentrate on enjoying the ride: every kilometre
driven in Integra Line is a real pleasure in all seasons, and for many years. Parts and
fittings are made of fibreglass reinforced plastic, and there are many other Eura
Mobil quality details such as sturdy aluminum aprons and the non-perishable wheel
arches. Your only task is to ensure that you make the most of the many years of
enjoyment you’ll get from your Integra Line. See for yourself how much detail we
have put into our Integra Line range, so you can enjoy every trip without a care.
Protected entrance
Fibreglass underbody
Stability Plus
Easy entry
The sturdy molded fibreglass
wheel arches and body door
are protected from rotting.
Aluminum aprons provide
effective protection for the
body parts.
The underbody is completely
coated in fibreglass and thus
well protected against
weathering, stones and road
salt (Promobil 02/10). The
entrance is also made from
molded fibreglass.
In the transition from the side
panels to the front the
wood-free walls are reinforced with rigid foam inlays.
The floor plate has aluminum
cross-rods which strengthen
the body.
The wide entrance door
with its double locking and
electric window winder
ensures easy access and
lots of storage compartments. The handrail is
made of real wood and
knobs have a chrome finish.
Precision-made parts
Electric shutter
Great facilities
Modern molded fibreglass
parts give the Integra Line
high stability and its unique
Privacy and insulation at the
touch of a button: the
electric shutter protects the
cab from rapid chilling
(optional). During the trip it
can serve as a sunshade.
Intelligent details: beside the
passenger seat electric
controls and sockets are
accessible at the turn of a
handle. This includes a
connection for charging a
mobile phone or a camera.
Queen‘s Bed
The central bed for QB
model versions has
stepless hydraulic height
adjustment, for a choice
between extra-convenient
access and maximum
storage space.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Integra Line LS:
The compact cruise-liner
Coach-built models › Integra Line LS
Welcome to the First Class: experience the best you can get in equipment
along with supreme road handling on board the Integra Line LS. No matter
where you are heading, with this first-class coach-built motor home you’ll
travel with maximum comfort, including easy driving and a stylish appearance.
With the Integra Line LS the holiday really starts with the journey.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
A place exclusively
created for you.
The clever combination of smart
storage options, perfect layout and
practical usability in a stylish setting
will satisfy even the highest expectations. Add to that a cooking area
complete with its ergonomically
shaped mineral counter and a large
work surface, where you can prepare
a delicious meal for the whole family or a romantic dinner for two.
A place of mobile
sociability: the
bright interior of
the Integra Line
LS can accommodate up to eight
people in the
padded seats and
swiveling driver’s
cab seats.
Coach-built models › Integra Line LS
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Your very own wellness oasis
Be a guest at your own wellness hotel. Sleep in a luxury bed that
most tourists can only dream of. The orthopaedic 7-zone cold
foam mattresses ensure a balanced, healthy sleep, when, where
and as often as you want. Open your eyes: Enjoy the comfortable
atmosphere created by the interplay of tasteful furniture,
pleasant lighting and a spacious layout. The room partition
separates the bedroom from the living area and gives you privacy.
Coach-built models › Integra Line LS
Well thought-out
Security is also a question
of lighting: the use of
ambient lighting in the
Integra LS line not only
provides a cosy atmosphere, but also provides
orientation in the dark.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
A bath for the
connoisseur: in the
spacious bathroom with its
room divider door,
practical bench
toilet with a
wooden cover and
a rain shower,
every bathing
experience is a
relaxing one.
Luxury bathroom
The spacious bathroom
and the toilet are separated from each other and
located between the living
room and the bedroom in
the rear. Each area can
be used individually in
total comfort.
Dream kitchen
We have done everything
possible to make cooking
easy on board the Integra
Line LS. The three-ring
stove is especially fun to
cook with, and you can
spread out on the
surrounding large,
ergonomic mineral work
surface. Numerous
drawers, in which all the
ingredients can be stored,
will further help to refine
your holiday menu.
Safe storage: the
espresso machine
is in its place
behind a glass
door cabinet.
Useful dual
function: the cover
of the sink is used
to increase the
work surface when
Coach-built models › Integra Line LS
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Integra: Total Style, total Flair,
total Elegance
Coach-built models › Integra
Plenty of scope for the highest demands – there’s no doubt about that. The
Integra is travel in its most luxurious form. Our luxury cruise-liner combines
maximum style and craftsmanship, and sets the tone with its stylish and
sophisticated looks. A unique combination of individuality and style: Welcome
to the Integra category.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Besides visible
luxury details like
the furniture in a
mahogany finish
or the revolving
light rail in a bright
leather-look, there
are also invisible
luxuries like the
perfect indoor
provided by the
hot water heating.
Coach-built models › Integra
With the Integra we have redefined
the meaning of luxury for you.
No need to make any sacrifices, no matter where
you are. Always feel a little like you were at home.
Feel the comfort of a luxury hotel in every room.
That’s what holidays mean in the new Integra.
Enter the interior, and you will discover the
spacious and opulent surroundings. Inside, there
are all kinds of great details, such as the large
spacious bathroom with its illuminated rain shower,
the designer kitchen and beautiful upholstery in
the living area. In the Integra you can discover
unprecedented perfection in an exclusive mobile
holiday experience.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Restful sleep is
the most important thing in life even on vacation.
In the Integra you
sleep on supercomfortable
mattresses with a
massage function.
Lavish bed
The fully-equipped bedroom with reading lights
and a large mattress with
massage function gives
you maximum sleeping
comfort. The room divider
door separates the bedroom and the living area.
In this kitchen, all your
wishes are fulfilled: a
three-ring stove set into a
glass counter, a spacious
oven, an electrical
extension for the coffee
machine and a fridge with
a capacity of 190l make
cooking in the designer
kitchen of the Integra a
really exciting experience.
Thanks to the ingenious
floor-plan, kitchen and
living room are cleverly
linked together.
Sleeping, cooking,
loading: the
Integra is well
prepared for all
situations thanks
to its 50cm deep,
loadable double
floor. Optionally,
a mineral kitchen
worktop is also
Coach-built models › Integra
Designer kitchen
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Eura Mobil models for the family – with unusually generous storage space in the double
floor, the ability to sleep at least four people and the practical double bed above the driver’s
cab. We have no need to emphasise quality, since others have done that for us: twice
in succession the Terrestra Alcove took first place in the “Mobile Home of the Year” poll.
92Highlights and examples of use
94Terrestra A
The mobile home for the family
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
Top-cab campers
The multi-tasker for families.
01 Huge family-friendly storage space
•equipped with a 47 cm deep double floor and a heated top floor
•garage and storage hold up to 5400 litres
access through floor traps (from inside) or through service traps (at the sides)
Fixed beds in the top-cab
•insulated, heated bedroom over the driver’s cab
•at least 1.60 m wide and 2.10m long, headroom over the mattress of up to 80cm
•ideal for resting or as a play area for the children in case
of bad weather
•fold-away bed platform
03 Double bed or bunk-bed in the rear
•generously-sized beds as single or double-bed versions
•with the bunk-beds the lower bed can be folded back to make room for extra luggage.
04 Family living room
•4 to 6 seats
•insulated winter partition curtain separates from the driver’s cab
•large washroom with built-in or separate
shower unit
seating area can be used as an additional double bed
Examples of use
On tour with a family of 4
Winter tours for up to 6 people
Fun for the whole family with at
least four large beds, spacious
and individually adjustable
storage space in the double
floor and robust and plentiful
Temperatures far under 0° are
a nightmare for our competitors for us they are an opportunity
to show what our top-cab
campers can do: efficient
insulation, storage heating,
reliable technology.
Terrestra A
Overall length
Overall height
Overall width
Interior width
Standing height
Loading capacity
5,98 m – 8,29 m
2,30 m
3,19 m
2,17 m
1,98 m
up to 5,300 l
The Terrestra A is a model of
modern classic top-cab motorhomes. The top-cab and fully
molded fibreglass bodywork give
this camper a distinctive appearance, as well as reducing interior
noise. The interior equipment is
exemplary for this category.
3,5 t
Highlights of the top-cab models
•very robust, stable aluminium reinforcement in the top units
•rattle-mufflers in the cupboard doors
Headroom in the large top-cab
•headroom of at least 78cm in the top-cab
•perfectly insulated with heating
Additional storage in the double floor
•height of 37-47cm, partitioned by your dealer to ensure warm feet in winter and a cool cellar in summer
Eura Mobil Sealed Structure
•wood-free walls, insulated throughout
•hail-proof fibreglass body
Spacious interior
•generous family-friendly floor-plans
•practical standing height of 1.97m
•roomy washrooms
Exceptional winter equipment
•technical controls are housed in the frost-free heated cellar space
•efficient insulation throughout
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
A beautiful journey in the Terrestra A
From the body with its attractive wood-free wall panels to the double floor with its 37-cm height and plenty of storage
room and the spacious, heated top-cab, we have done our very best to make your trip safer and more comfortable in
the Terrestra top-cab mobile home. Even in winter or in autumn, the Terrestra A is a place of comfort thanks to its
perfect insulation and the heated top-cab. You enjoy more independence thanks to the large water tanks which hold up
to 150 litres. An invisible, yet important detail is the rubber lip on the top unit doors made to reduce noise. The elegant
furniture with its aluminum frames is extremely durable and will provide years of traveling enjoyment.
Whether you’re
in the living room,
kitchen or
bathroom of the
Terrestra top-cab
camper, there is
room everywhere.
The elegant,
light-filled interior
with its two-tone
furniture and
ambient lighting
is designed in
great taste.
Top-cabs › Terrestra A
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
The giant interior
of the TA 770 EB
with panorama
glass roof and
spacious seating
area is an
invitation to relax
in luxurious
Space, redefined for you.
Top-cabs › Terrestra A
The Terrestra A 770 EB combines maximum loading capacity with the best in
travel comfort, like no other mobile home in this price range. The storage space
is rated to accept a weight of almost 2 tons, and in the comfort and convenience areas just about every wish has been fulfilled. As well as luxurious
“wellness” mattresses with a massage function and the comfortable single
beds, the full-length double floor (which can be divided up to suit the user’s
needs) is a splendid feature for maximum journey convenience. The top model
in this line is a true space miracle in XXL format.
Eura Mobil 2014/2015
People and mobile homes,
Come and take a look around.
Mobile home exhibition
Maybe you’ll find your next dream vehicle here? Who
knows! Visit our newly-designed mobile home exhibition
and see all we have to offer...
Factory tours
At the centre you can take part in one of our many
factory tours, which always take place on weekdays from
9am. Check out live how such work creates value.
People make motorhomes. Come and see for yourselves with how much care our team assembles mobile homes. Meet
the manufacturer – experience locally how good German quality craftsmanship really is. You’ll also meet like-minded
people and maybe even make some friends among the members of the team and other motorhome enthusiasts.At Eura
Mobil there are no robots on the assembly line. Instead, there are highly-qualified and committed people for whom
machines are just tools. The experienced teams work together, hand in hand. Come and see that with your own eyes at
Eura Mobil. You’ll certainly meet people who share your hobby. You might even decide to travel with these people –
sometimes mobile home fans and staff members from the Motorhome Forum go on joint tours – in campers you’ve seen
being built. Or you may like to take part in a workshop. Or look around the exhibition space at your leisure. Or ... Welcome to the multi-facetted world of Eura Mobil! For the latest information about our guided tours, special events and
more, go to the website of our Motorhome Forum: www. reisemobilforum.de
Profila One
Lemongrass/ Lemongrass/ Lavender/
In the Profila One the innovative
reversible covers are an attractive
feature (Pure and two other fabrics).
Profila T, Profila RS,
Integra Line, Integra Line LS, Terrestra A, Terrestra T
The Fashion Line version for Terrestra
includes a decorative strip worked into
the seat back.
For Profila T, Profila RS and Integra Line models, Eura Mobil offers a choice
between modern upholstery fabrics that are simple but fashionable, and a
classically elegant version with decorative seams and additional trim on the
seat bases (optional). All upholstery fabrics and the optional leather can be
combined with the decorative cushions and curtains in Java Beach, Indian
Summer and Vogue; natural fabric/leather can also be combined with the
Greenfield decor version.
Fashion Line version for Integra Line LS
(with dynamically curved cushions for
side bench seat).
Exceptionally generous upholstery
for Integra includes armrest.
Take a look:
3,5 t
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