2014–2015 SEASON PROGRAM - Illinois Society of Orthodontists

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7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Business Luncheon
Noon – 1:00 p.m. (included in fee)
The Carlisle Banquet Center
435 East Butterfield Road – Lombard, IL 60148
Located near Yorktown Shopping Center (355-80-Highland interchanges)
Free parking for ISO attendees
ISO has secured a discounted hotel rate of $116.00 single/double (plus tax)
at the Hyatt Place Lombard at 2340 S. Fountain Square Drive, Lombard, IL.
Reserve at least three weeks prior to the meeting date to obtain the group rate.
The Hyatt offers complimentary shuttle upon advance request to/from The
Carlisle where the ISO November 3 and April 13 meetings will be held. If you
need overnight accommodations for the meeting, call 877-574-7258 and ask for
Illinois Society of Orthodontists rate with the below group code, or reserve
a room online through the hotel link posted at www.isortho.org.
Monday, November 3, 2014 meeting
Group Code: G-ISO4
Monday, April 13, 2015 meeting
Group Code: G-ISO5
Individual seminar and season pass registration information will be posted
at www.isortho.org mid-September after the GLAO – MSO Annual Session.
Members will receive details for action.
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Board of Directors and Leaders
Left to right seated: Drs. Mike Durbin, President; Mike Erhart, President-Elect; Betsy Ulrich,
Vice President; Randy Wright, Secretary-Treasurer and Pat Foley, Immediate Past President
Left to right standing: Drs. Randall Markarian, Trustee, Marita Janzen, Trustee, Scott Prose,
Trustee, Eric Barnes, Trustee, Anthony Maoloni, Chicago Dental Society Liaison, Doug Head,
Trustee, Spencer Pope, Illinois Director to Midwestern Society of Orthodontists
(Absent: Drs. Bill Beam, Trustee, Carla Evans, University Relations Liaison, and Steve Marshall,
Illinois State Dental Society Liaison) President
Dr. Mike Durbin
Dr. Mike Erhart
Vice President
Dr. Diane “Betsy” Ulrich
Dr. Randy Wright
Immediate Past
Dr. Patrick Foley
Dr. Eric Barnes
Dr. Bill Beam
Dr. Doug Head
Dr. Marita Janzen
Dr. Randall Markarian
Dr. Scott Prose
Illinois Dental Society
Dr. Steve Marshall
Illinois Director to
Midwestern Society of
Dr. Spencer Pope
University Relations
Dr. Carla Evans
Chicago Dental Society
Dr. Tony Maoloni
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2014–2015 ISO Season Program
September 11–13, 2014
Hilton Chicago
720 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605
12 CEUs
Bring your staff to the 2014 Combined
GLAO – MSO Annual Session in Chicago!
In lieu of ISO’s traditional September meeting, you and your team are invited
to participate in the 2014 Combined Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists
(GLAO) and Midwestern Society of Orthodontists (MSO) Annual Session.
Bruce Manchion
Building Productivity of Putting Teamwork to Work
Paul Zuelke and Leann Peniche P.O.P. Culture: People, Operations and
Production…in that Order
Dr. Roberto JustusDeproteinization of Tooth Enamel Surfaces to Prevent
White Spot Lesions and Bracket Bond Failure: A
Revolution in Orthodontic Bonding
Dr. Katherine Vig
Root Resorption and Orthodontic Tooth Movement
Dr. Thomas Cangialosi
Aspects of Vertical Dimension and Anterior Open Bite
Dr. Eustaquio AraujoTeeth and Ideas in Movement: A Potpourri of
Orthodontic Pearls Class II and Class III Controversies
Dr. Patrick TurleyThe Latest on Facemask/Palatal Expansion Therapy
for the Growing Class III Patient
Registration for this event is separate from the ISO regular season pass.
Register by August 7, 2014 to SAVE on the registration fee!
Additional information and registration online:
Questions? Call: 636-922-5551 or
Email: [email protected]
2014–2015 ISO Season Program
Monday, November 3, 2014
Location: The Carlisle
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. / 6 CEUs
Program Chair: Dr. Scott Peterson
Co-sponsored by American Orthodontics, i-CAT® and suresmile
Speaker: Dr. Ed Lin
Dr. Ed Lin is one of two partners at Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay (OSGB), a
private practice in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is also one of two partners at Apple
Creek Orthodontics of Appleton, Wisconsin (ACOA). Dr. Lin received both his dental
(DDS) and orthodontic (MS) degrees from Northwestern University Dental School.
OSGB and ACOA are both completely digital practices since 2004. Both practices
have been involved with cone beam computer tomography (CBCT) since 2006. Dr.
Lin is an internationally recognized speaker, has written several articles that have been published in
a wide variety of dental journals, and has lectured at several orthodontic residency programs across
the United States. He is also a Faculty and Clinical Advisory Board Member for suresmile, sits on the
Clinical Advisory Boards for American Orthodontics and Imaging Sciences International, and is on the
Editorial Board of “OrthoTown” and “Orthodontic Practice” journals.
3D Orthodontics – The Past, Present, and Future
Learn from Dr. Lin’s experiences with 3D technologies in orthodontics over the past 15 years. Specifically, he will discuss how your practice can benefit with the invaluable asset of Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) in diagnosing and treatment planning in orthodontics. He will also discuss
radiation safety protocols designed specifically for CBCT that have been established in his practices
and issues that every clinician who has a CBCT, or is interested in a CBCT, should be aware. Dr.
Lin will review several orthodontic cases utilizing the integration of i-CAT® with suresmile for all
case types utilizing both labial and lingual mechanics in combination with temporary anchorage
devices (TADs). Finally, Dr. Lin will discuss the impact of 3D printing in his practices for fabrication of
orthodontic appliances.
2014–2015 ISO Season Program
Monday, April 13, 2015
Location: The Carlisle
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. / 6 CEUs
Program Chair: Dr. Mike Thompson
Bring your
Interdisciplinary Team!
Co-sponsored by ORMCO Corporation and OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.
Speaker: Dr. Dave Sarver
Dr. Sarver is in the private practice of orthodontics and has authored or
coauthored over 60 scientific articles, 12 book chapters, and his book, “Esthetics
in Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery.” He is also co-author (with Drs. Proffit
and White) of the text “Contemporary Treatment of Dentofacial Deformity,” and
co-author of the 4th and 5th editions of Dr. Proffit’s classic textbook
“Contemporary Orthodontics.”
Contemporary Concepts and Treatment in Orthodontics
Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning has been greatly influenced by our interdisciplinary
experiences and as a consequence, orthodontists now visualize cases in a vastly different way than
they did two decades ago. This has resulted in a simple but fundamental alteration of the orthodontic treatment planning flow chart where not only are the problems that need to be solved recognized,
but the positive attributes that need to be protected. We now define this as “goal centered” treatment, rather than “problem oriented” treatment planning.
This day defines the Macroesthetic (facial), Miniesthetic (smile) and Microesthetic (teeth) elements
of treatment, beginning with the face and systematically evaluating each esthetic division to weave
together with functional requirements into a coherent and clinically deliverable outcome. An integral
part of this collaboration includes many of the technologies available today which improve our
diagnostic acumen and communication skills.
ISO –Sponsored Lecture at the
2015 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting
Friday, February 27, 2015
Location: Chicago’s McCormick Place West Building
Sponsored by Henry Schein Orthodontics
Bring your referring dentists! Registration for CDS is NOT included in the ISO
Season Pass. For CDS Midwinter Meeting registration, go to www.cds.org when
registration opens in November. Even though lecture attendance is free with CDS
meeting registration, tickets are limited for this course and require advance
registration for lecture admittance.
ISO Sponsored Speaker: Dr. Luis Carrière
Dr. Carrière obtained his PhD from the University of Barcelona in 2006, his MSD
from the same university, and his DDS from the University Complutense in Madrid,
Spain. He was the recipient of the Joseph E. Johnson Award Table Clinic Award at
the 1995 American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session. He is the inventor
of the Carrière® distalizer and the Carrière® self-ligating bracket and received the
International Design award, Delta Gold, ADI-FAD 2009 for the Carrière® Distalizer
MB. He is a member of the Editorial Review Board of the “American Journal of Orthodontics and
Dentofacial Orthopedics.” He has been the invited professor at several university orthodontic
departments and guest speaker at lectures and courses worldwide. Innovative Concepts Applied to Class II and III Malocclusion
Aspects as principles developed by nature for optimization of material and force with elegance
of forms will be studied as well as the reduction of a design to an extreme for maximum function
optimization. The result will be a nature-objectified design in the morphology of new innovative
devices such as the Distalizer and the Carrière® self-ligating bracket. Dr. Carrière’s lecture will cover
the rationale of their function and will present the protocol of their use, will also discuss the resolution of orthodontic space problems related to friction created, as well as clinical considerations of new technology wires in the achievement of biologic friendly action. The objective is to present a predictable and simple orthodontic method. The key is to achieve,
as the very first step of the treatment, a Class I Platform of the posterior segments from molar to
canine by distalizing them as a block into Class I Platform relation. From this point on, the treatment
can be continued from the achieved Class I with a low force passive self-ligation fixed protocol. 1. Learn how to control distalization with predictability.
2. Learn how to accomplish a solid class I posterior platform in Class II and Class III cases.
3. Learn how to simplify and optimize the orthodontic procedure and at the same time reduce
the treatment timing.
Register online today at www.msortho.org!
American Orthodontics
Henry Schein Orthodontics
ORMCO Corporation
OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.
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for their continued support.
To participate in ISO’s Donated Orthodontic
Services (DOS) go to www.isortho.org or contact:
Dental Lifeline Network
1800 15th Street, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 866-201-5906
Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists and Midwestern
Society of Orthodontists 2014 Combined Annual Session
September 11-13, 2014
Hilton Chicago – Chicago, IL
Separate registration with MSO available at www.msortho.org
Monday, November 3, 2014
Dr. Ed Lin
Co-sponsored by American Orthodontics, i-CAT® and suresmile
Friday, February 27, 2015
2015 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting
Chicago’s McCormick Place West Building
ISO Sponsored Speaker: Dr. Luis Carrière
Sponsored by Henry Schein Orthodontics
Monday, April 13, 2015 – Bring your Interdisciplinary Team!
Dr. Dave Sarver
Co-sponsored by ORMCO Corporation and OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.
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