2015 SEASON PASS APPLICATION Application must be completely filled out, signed on Page 2, and returned with payment. Name:_______________________________________________________________________
(Last) (First) (MI) Address:_____________________________________________________________________ (Street) _______________________________________________________________________ (City) (State) (Zip Code) Phone:_______________________________________________________________________ (Home) (Cell) (Work) E‐Mail:_______________________________________________________________________ Additional Family Names: _____________________________________________________ (Spouse) ______________________________________________________ (Child #1) (Child #2) Category (Check One) О
Unrestricted Adult О
Unrestricted Senior (62+ years) О
*Restricted Adult О
*Restricted Senior О
*College (18 to 21 years) О
*Junior (17 years and under) О
GOLF CART PACKAGE *Weekends/holidays play after 3:00pm Rate $1500 $1350 $950 $800 $500 $200 $600 10% Tax $150 $135 $95 $80 $50 $20 Included 300 Welch Road -- Southington, CT 06489 -- 860.628.0879 (Pro Shop) – www.NorthRidgeGolfClub.com
Total $1650 $1485 $1045 $880 $550 $220 $600 . 2015 SEASON PASS APPLICATION TERMS & CONDITIONS I, the undersigned do hereby apply for membership in the North Ridge Golf Club, upon the terms and conditions listed below: 1. The North Ridge Golf Club shall have the right, at any time, and in exercise of its sole discretion to revoke my application and withdraw any and all privileges to which I shall be entitled there under. The North Ridge Golf Club also has the right to cease to renew my season pass at the beginning of any season for any reason whatsoever. 2. In the event that I should voluntarily cancel my membership due to medical reasons, it shall be at the North Ridge Golf Club’s discretion to pro‐rate any dues paid to me. In this case, the North Ridge Golf Club shall have the right to deduct any monies owed by me to the North Ridge Golf Club. 3. It is also agreed that Junior, College, and Restricted Senior Members will be allowed the use of the course after 3pm on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. 4. Your season pass runs between Opening Day and Closing Day. Management may change the opening and closing dates without notice. 5. 50% of season pass payment is due with application and the balance due no later than July 15th. (Other payment options available; see management for more details.) 6. Season ticket includes: a. Unlimited golf (See senior, college, and junior restrictions) b. USGA GHIN Handicap c. 14 day advance tee time reservations d. 10% off all pro shop merchandise and special orders e. Participation in Member/Guest tournament f. Club charging privilidges Signature:_____________________________________ Date:___________________ Amount Enclosed:______________________________ 300 Welch Road -- Southington, CT 06489 -- 860.628.0879 (Pro Shop) – www.NorthRidgeGolfClub.com