Football Club Tournament Flyer 2015

• SCFC Pre-season Tournament will be held again in 2015
• We need a minimum of 18 and have a maximum of 24 teams
• Youth Premium Grade, 1st XI & Junior Premium Grade U15 only
• Wakefield 1 & 2, Thursday & Friday, 16-17 April 2015
• Cost is expected to be of the order of $200 per team
• We have historically been supported by the NZ Football
Foundation but not in 2015
• FIFA U20 is the target of the NZF Foundation funding in 2015
• We very much appreciate the support of the Eastern Suburbs
Sports Trust
• Also Wellington City IBU in keeping costs down
• We are endeavouring to attract some teams from outside
• Tournament rules modelled on 2014 with some changes below.
Feedback welcome
Proposed Changes:
• We are looking to spread the senior games over 2 days
• The feedback we have is a maximum of three 1 hour games per day
• The consequences of teams defaulting will be reviewed
• Rolling subs with maximum 16 squad size. Must be U15 as of 1 Jan 2015
• Shirts must be numbered. No spectators on the pitches
• NZ Football Qualitfied Referees. Three point control for the Final(s)
You can register your teams’ interest by emailing
Kevin Togher at [email protected]
Invitations will be emailed in February 2015
Thank you for your support