DVNSW Inc. Board proposal for temporary governance (November

DVNSW Inc. Board proposal for temporary governance (November 2014 – May 2015)
It is proposed that DVNSW suspend usual rules under our current constitution and formulate a new temporary Board that
will undertake to work intensively in the best interests for the survival of the organisation and with the purpose of presenting
options to members for the continuation of the peak in early 2015. The temporary Board will propose solutions for the future
of the organisation. The temporary Board will have 5 member representatives and 4 external non-members. The proposed
five member representatives to be appointed are:
Jan McDonald, Carrie’s Place
Wafa Zaim, Muslim Women’s Association
Tracy Asby, Tweed Valley Women’s Service
Deb Banks, Lou’s Place
Karen Willis, Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia
External members are interested professionals who have expertise in peak governance, finance/government funding,
domestic/family violence policy, compliance, membership engagement, strategic development etc. The proposed external
members to be appointed for their skills and expertise are:
Denele Crozier, CEO of Women’s Health NSW – governance, current sector experience
Rachael Martin, Principal Solicitor at Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Service – legal, current sector
Kara Beavis, NSW State Library – social policy, research, advocacy
Georgie Morell, Consultant - financial literacy, strategic development
All proposed Board members have contacted the peak offering to support its transition at a challenging time. All nine women
are aligned to a gendered analysis of domestic and family violence and DVNSW’s organisational values, are committed to
positively rebuilding the peak in the new environment, working collaboratively across differences and have extensive
experience of strategic organisational management and development. The temporary Board will urgently consider the
following issues (although other issues may arise in the course of its work):
Proposals for a new governance structure for the peak that matches our funding remit and balances external
skills-based appointments with input from a range of members
A representative structure that will give the peak structures and processes to develop issues from membership
into organisational policy and to adequately consult on an ongoing basis
Membership issues relating to the inclusion of diverse DFV organisations and agencies, professionals who have
an interest in supporting the organisation, individual female and male memberships, voting rights etc.
Future directions for DVNSW – primary prevention, partnerships with government, non-government, corporate etc
It is proposed that the temporary Board will govern until early 2015 for a maximum term of six months until a new Board can
be elected under new governance and constitutional structures. These arrangements are proposed to members in the spirit
of creating a transparent, open process and new consultative structures that will reassure members and potential members
that DVNSW has a long term commitment to:
Effectively advocate for women, children and communities impacted by DFV in NSW
Represent the diversity of the NSW domestic and family violence service sector
Develop a clear strategy for long term sustainability
Create a new transparent, best practice governance model
Work in partnership to promote gender and cultural safety in all services working with people affected by domestic
and family violence.
Members have been asked to ratify these temporary arrangements via a postal vote. For more details contact [email protected]