Gulf Daily News Tuesday, 30th December 2014
Hopes for peace...
ET again I find it hard to welcome the
New Year
my lovely dream still doesn't
let and kept at home. Students do not need
to carry details about fees and youth festivals
daily on their backs.
3) Curricular activities should be conducted as much as possible within working days.
Sending children on weekends is really difficult as buses are mostly not on time or the
child has to travel all alone with a driver.
4) The number of children in class should
be restricted at some levels, 30 to 35 students
per class is more than enough.
5) The school canteen should not serve fast
Thanks for managing to mend the bike (6)
Given praise which no longer rang? (8)
In travel documentation, five is one! (4)
Flattened by Jack, perhaps? (6)
He’s of service in getting a horse out (6)
Name for one half of Kent (3)
You’ll get the gist of what he sings (5)
Some transgressions in society (4)
Dressed, perhaps mostly for bed (5)
Supported, as in a plot (5)
Did a farm job, so got hitched (5)
Soft stuff that hums terribly (4)
It may be collectively interesting, whether or not
to us (5)
A brief engagement is good for Joe (3)
Team Athers could have played for? (6)
There may be money in it (6)
It’s a blend, this wine? (4)
Originated something briefly fashionable
therein? (8)
He possibly enters in earnest, we’re told (6)
That well-known fugitive from Latin (6)
Absorbs fluid, including ink (6)
Drunken dame’s drink? (4)
Went round to put a chap on the roster (7)
A clear scheme includes one (5)
seem to appear
My patience is running out and I am
not able to wait
And to keep my head down thinking
of this unfortunate state
Will the world enlighten me how long
this situation would last
And why are we not learning from our
bitter past
So many questions are left unanswered
A lot of us seem to be not bothered
Am I to realise that it will remain only
a hope
And I will be wandering in the same
closed loop
If my tears would do a bit I will not
stop crying
But it's my duty and yours to continue
To bring this mirage closer from fading away
With our stiff efforts combined with a
faithful pray
Let's start a step ahead towards this
wonderful target
Instead of enduring our lives in sorrow and regret
This beautiful ambition can't be
achieved in a day and night
God will be always there to unite our
distracted sight
2015, we are eager to put our troubled minds at ease
Will our beloved Bahrain be blessed
with peace?
Qassim Al Buzaid
food/junk, this is practically against what they
learn about healthy food in books.
6) Circulars on paper can be easily replaced
with group SMSes. Surely each parent has a
mobile phone.
7) Parents-teachers meeting should be
conducted separately for weaker students.
Presently, parents do not get more than two
minutes to view their points.
Subhash Balakrishnan
Venus and Mercury encourage you to reach out and
get in touch with people or to explore the benefits of
working together. Go carefully around finances though,
as it might be very easy to get carried away at the sales,
and buy up items that are not truly essential. Apply your
natural discrimination and shrewdness.
Get ready for some great conversation today - and
watch as sparks fly. The Taurus Moon entices you to liaise with pals, your partner or others to get ideas off the
ground. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to date, a Moon
Venus connection hints at a sensuous attraction and the
potential for delightful New Year’s romantic vibes. Though it may be tempting to dive in and take action
even before 2015 has begun, consider holding back for
now. A focus on the zodiac sign of the canny Capricorn
encourages you to do some in-depth research so you
can choose the most practical strategy. In fact, by taking
this extra time, ultimately you could be more successful. As Mars squares up to Jupiter, it could stir up feelings
and potent desires. If someone you know is pushing
you to make a move, is there a chance that you’re resisting? The two of you may be at loggerheads unless you
can find a way to compromise. Putting yourself in their
shoes could help you resolve this more easily. You’ll realize how helpful friends and the groups you’re
a part of can be should you need sound advice. If you’re
uncertain which way you should go concerning a troublesome matter it helps to chat to someone you trust.
A willingness to listen and their words of wisdom could
mean any concerns are resolved all the quicker.
Perhaps it’s time to approach a problem with a view to
resolving it once and for all. While current influences
may heighten conflict, they can encourage you to take
action too. If you find yourself considering fresh solutions and lively perspectives this is all to the good. Doing
so could change your life immeasurably.
Today’s Taurus Moon encourages you to think about your
talents and how to make the most of them. While brainstorming may be a source of positive ideas, drawing inspiration from friends or even co-workers might too. The
angle the Moon forges to Neptune could also be perfect
for taking in a movie or reading a real page turner.
There’s plenty going on at home, with family and friends
continuing to visit and enjoy your hospitality. At the
same time, certain tensions may show up if other people’s ideas clash with your own. Though not exactly challenging, you could feel insecure if a novel suggestion
pushes you into new territory, quickly. With a focus on expanding horizons, your mind may be
on ideas and concepts that encourage a fresh perspective on life. Absorbing all this new information could
prove very inspiring, giving you the confidence to move
out of your comfort zone. With 2015 on the doorstep,
this is a great time to consider spreading your wings. Discussion and friendly conversation brings plenty of
opportunities to plan and liaise. Make sure you’re on the
same page as others, though. Meanwhile, with 2015 almost here, you might want to firm up your intentions for
the coming weeks and months. By doing so, you’ll have
taken the first steps to making them happen. With the New Year beckoning, you may be thinking
about money matters and any upcoming bills. If so,
getting organized regarding your day-to-day expenses
can help you relax and enjoy the next few days relatively
hassle free. Meanwhile, Mars in Aquarius continues to
encourage you to explore cutting edge ideas. Saturn, newly in your sign, encourages serious thought
about how you might best use your time and money.
Rather than take on too much, it helps to focus on one
goal or idea in which you can wisely invest your energy.
The only thing that might spoil your efforts is any impatience. Curb this and you could well succeed. Unreasonably riled by a slacker (5)
Useless letter to Ian, perhaps (4)
View from the bishop’s window (3)
Angry, getting one’s dander up somewhat? (3)
Jottings, not a part of an essay (5)
Historically the bloomers of war? (5)
Matter of contention when one lives with a
woman (5)
Like recruits to a regiment at West Point? (3)
Where to lie when you live a lot (3)
Footwear kicked off? (7)
A man of class, I reckon (3)
John organised a lot in the Ministry (6)
It tastes better than it looks (4)
Show anger when success is not allowed (3,3)
Teasing of a flier at some length? (5)
Silly try at being irascible (5)
Light conversation? (3)
Edward starts madly to paddle! (4)
How many words of four
letters or more can you make
from the letters show here?
In making a word, each letter
may be used once only, Each
must contain the centre
letter and there must be at
least one nine-letter word.
No plurals or verb forms
ending in “s” no words with
initial capitals and no words
with a hyphen or apostrophe
The first word of a phrase is
allowed (e.g. inkjet in inkjet
Good 8; very good 12;
excellent 15
(or more).
coke coking conk eking
gecko ikon inky jink jock
jockey JOCKEYING joke
jokey joking keyling king
neck nick nock oink yoke
yok ing
ACROSS: 1, Waist 6, Bert-H 9, Hand-out 10, Japan
11, Roars 12, SP-urn 13, Whatsit 15, Sat 17, Rely 18,
Swit-Ch. 19, Waits 20, Scorer 22, BR-EW 24, To-y
25, Amulets 26, S-lu-MP 27, Rome-O 28, SN-ail 29,
A-c.c.-used 30, C-rank 31, Tessa.
DOWN: 2, A-pach-E 3, S-h-anty 4, Tan 5, A-do-pt 6,
Bur-row-s 7, Eton 8, Tarmac 12, Sitar 13, W-rest 14,
Alloy 15, Store 16, Thaws 18, Stamp 19, We-dloc-k
21, Colo-ur 22, Blonde 23, Ethics 25, Am-our 26,
Sea-n 28, Set.
ACROSS: 1, Tapas 6, South 9, Find out 10,
Spurn 11, Tipsy 12, Focus 13, Halibut 15,
Sue 17, Arid 18, Beaten 19, Sofas 20, Prison
22, Sear 24, Yet 25, Miserly 26, Acres 27,
Verge 28, Venus 29, Erratic 30, Study 31,
At sea.
1 Be very hungry (6), 7 Falling into ruins (8), 8 Coffee bar (4), 10 Insight (6), 11 Bird (6), 14 Colour
(3), 16 Faithful (5), 17 Plant ovule (4), 19 Of the Pope (5) , 21 On no occasion (5), 22 Brimless cap
(5), 23 Young girl (4) , 26 Flier (5), 28 Sweet potato (3), 29 Gives out (6), 30 Obvious (6), 31 Unlock
(4), 32 Start (8), 33 Female parent (6)
DOWN: 2, Appear 3, Afraid 4, Sin 5, Idiot
6, Sutures 7, Otis 8, Tissue 12, Futon 13,
Happy 14, Licit 15, Steer 16, Entry 18, Basis
19, Sorcery 21, Recent 22, Select 23, Allure
25, Metal 26, Aged 28, Via.
1 Perspires (6), 2 Wandered (6), 3 Paradise (4), 4 Normal (7), 5 Involving danger (5), 6 Backless seat
(5) , 8 Heal (4), 9 Gave food to (3), 12 Mountain pass (3), 13 Fertile spot (5), 15 Auctioneer’s hammer
(5), 18 Electronic message (1-4), 19 For every (3), 20 Favourite (3), 21 Stinging plants (7), 22 Express
disapproval (3), 23 Concealed, dormant (6), 24 Prayer ending (4), 25 Easy scoring chance (6), 26
Protective eye covering (5), 27 Beast of burden (5), 28 Jabber (3), 30 Composition in verse (4)