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resource catalog
Curri W
For P culum
Ages oolers
Resources for children’s ministries of
every style — for the sake of each child.
equip every family!
Multi-generational “short story” videos serve
as the foundation for family services, ministry
supplements, or faith-building at home.
resources for every style
of children’s ministry
Preschool (Ages 3-5)
FX Video “Shorts” on DVD
When you’re building a family
service, looking for a high-quality
video illustration, or expanding
spiritual development into the home, reach for FX Videos.
These DVDs contain three
different “stories” on a single
theme — helping you construct
outstanding “faith experiences” at church or home, for all ages.
Full-Year Curriculum.................................................... 4
Music and More............................................................. 6
Grades K-5
Curriculum Supplements............................................. 7
Promiseland Curriculum.............................................. 8
10-Week Series / VBS...................................................10
Home & Family
Oh, Brother tells the story of a
long grudge; To Kill a Stocking
Bird takes a new look at the story of the Good Samaritan;
and Jo Jo’s Suitcase tells how
an everyday mom taught her
children to show compassion in the world.
Tools for Parents..........................................................14
Music and Motions for Church and Home...............15
Staff & Volunteers
These three stories celebrate the joy and
importance of families. Home Plate uses
baseball to illustrate how we should be “safe at home;” Once Upon a Time explores
the “lead roles” families play; and Sardines shares the rules of an all-family game.
Training Tools for Your Team......................................16
Events / Downloadable Training................................18
New Resources for ’08!..............................................19
A great first choice for families or ministries with junior high or high school
students, these stories are inspired by the book of James. Pizza Place tells of a
practical way to include others; Elevator shows why we should think before we
speak; and Doorbell provides a memorable way to wait for answers to prayer.
Order by individual title — or save when you order all three!
DVD FX Compassion #PR31129 $19.99 MEMBER $15.99
DVD FX Belong #PR31128 $19.99 MEMBER $15.99
DVD FX Faith #PR31130 $19.99 MEMBER $15.99
DVD FX 3-Pack (1 of Each) #PR31216 $39.99 MEMBER $31.99
Use FX Videos as a take-home tool for families
with these unbelievable savings on quantity orders:
10 Copies of Any One Title … $10 each / $100
20 Copies of Any One Title … $9 each / $180
50 Copies of Any One Title … $7 each / $350
100+ Copies of Any One Title … $5 each / $500
“These DVDs were
catalytic in helping
families have spiritual
— Pat Cimo, Willow Creek
Community Church
WCA Member Savings!
If your church is a Member of the Willow Creek Association (WCA), you and your team are entitled to Member savings on most Willow Creek Resources in this catalog. To learn whether your church is already a Member or to sign up to become a Member, contact us at 800-570-9812 or visit willowcreek.com/member.
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This Preschool Curriculum Comes with
Two Complete Sets of Lessons —
One for Traditional Sunday School and
One for Large Group/Small Group Models!
in the beginning …
Two Full Years of Curriculum for Ages 3-5;
Two Different 52-Week Options
Two complete years of In the Beginning
curriculum are now available to serve your children’s ministry as you reach out to preschoolers ages 3 to 5.
Each of the two curriculum years is organized in Fall, Winter, Spring,
and Summer packs (six discs per
quarter), featuring Activity Stations,
Kid Connection, traditional Sunday
school lessons, and Large Group/
Small Group lessons. Everything you
need for a whole year of ministry is
included in each kit, and reproducible
pages allow you to use it again and again with no student books to buy.
In the Beginning comes to you on CD-ROM, with everything you need to lead for 52 full weeks, including:
• Two separate 52-week sets of Bible lessons:
• Promiseland Large Group/Small Group model
• Traditional Sunday school lessons (one teacher/one helper model)
• All materials on CD-ROM, which can be downloaded, reproduced, and e-mailed to your team
• Engaging, interactive response-oriented lessons with hundreds of sound
effects and visuals
• Leader’s tools, staffing/volunteer guidelines, checklists, and job descriptions
• Easy-to-remember biblical truths through creative teaching, singing,
motions, visuals, sound effects, application activities, and more
• Music and worship suggestions
• Take-home activity sheets to reinforce key concepts and encourage family/parental involvement
Everything is downloadable
and reproducible, so there
are no student books to buy.
To view the full scope and
sequence of In the Beginning
curriculum, visit us online at
“Our children are engaged
with Large Group in a way
like never before. The blend
of instruction and group
interaction is perfect.”
— Erin H., Elevation Church,
Indian Trail, NC
In the Beginning … Jumping into God’s Story
Jumping into God’s Story teaches a different Bible story each week in a simple,
engaging style. This new addition to the preschool curriculum provides another
expertly designed, stand-alone year of lessons for your youngest learners.
Everything’s included — with reproducible materials on CD-ROM — so you can use it year after year with no student books to buy.
Special introductory Offer!
Complete Kit #PR31005 $399.99 NOW $374.99
MEMBER $319.99 NOW $299.99
In the Beginning …
Growing into a Life of Faith
Growing Into a Life of Faith focuses on basic faith principles and Bible truths to help young children learn and grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ. Age-appropriate creative teaching, singing, and motions help actively engage kids each week — on topics like: God helps me; Jesus wants us to be kind; the Bible is true; and many more.
Special introductory Offer!
Complete Kit #PR29858 $399.99 NOW $374.99
MEMBER $319.99 NOW $299.99
music and more!
Award-Winning Animations on DVD —
New from Timbuktoons — Designed to
Build Your Children’s Ministry Toolbox!
Created to complement the new In the Beginning preschool curriculum. These CDs are filled with stand-alone favorites for preschoolers at church or home. All songs repeat with accompaniment track and background vocals.
Jump for Joy Music CD brand new!
Celebrate Christmas with this brand new release of delightfully arranged
Christmas songs especially for preschoolers. Tracks include “Away in a Manger,”
“Happy Birthday, Jesus,” “Good, Good News,” “In a Stable,” “He is Born,” and more.
CD #PR30777 $14.99 MEMBER $11.99
Touch the Sky Music CD
High on energy and deep on faith, this high-quality CD contains 13 delightful
songs for kids ages 3 to 5. Songs include “God Is Number One,” “Jesus Wants Us
to Be Friends,” and a remix of the Promiseland classic “Dance, Shout & Sing.”
CD #PR29805 $14.99 MEMBER $11.99
Reach Up High Music CD
Celebrate the music with this worship CD created by Promiseland for kids ages
3 to 5. Songs include “I Wanna Be Like Jesus,” “I Can Obey,” “Jesus is My Friend,”
and ten other selections ideal for preschoolers.
CD #PR28468 $14.99 MEMBER $11.99
In Wave of Wisdom, Surfer Dude has to make a
wise choice when he finds a nice, shiny watch on the beach. In Blokhed’s Day at the Zoo, we find out what trouble can happen when someone
ignores the very important warning signs. Key
thoughts and scriptures include: God’s wisdom
can be hard to follow even when we know it is
right (Proverbs 8:11); and We can receive wisdom
from God to make good decisions (Proverbs 1:7).
In Who’s the King, Donkey dreams of being a big star. But when he’s picked to carry Jesus through town, he learns who the real star is. Through interviews
of a Roman soldier, the two on the road to Emmaus, Peter, and more, iWitnessed
News gets to the bottom of the “Crucifixion Controversy.” Key thoughts and
scriptures include: Jesus must become more important while I become less
(John 3:30); and Jesus is alive (Luke 24:6)!
This best-selling Bible story book is updated with vibrant new art, text, and stories. Winner of the Retailer’s Choice Award, it is referenced throughout the In the Beginning curriculums.
Family Editions, priced as take-home tools for families, include the two video
Scripture “shorts” on DVD, along with four
“ShortStops” — printed cards for parent use in memorizing Scripture and leading a
devotional time with children. Supplemental Sheets with additional activities are also
included to extend the “ShortStop” lessons.
Wisdom Family Edition #PR31152 $14.95
The Beginner’s Bible
Church Editions include two themed Scripture video “shorts” in both DVD and
MPEG formats (cartoon object lessons that
illustrate Bible verses for children), plus:
• Two countdown videos
• Four intros/outros
• Four motion loops
• Ten stills
• Two fully developed lesson plans
• Two “Timbuktunes”
• Additional activities sheet
Wisdom Church Edition #PR31151 $34.95
Learn the motions for the songs
on all three of these CDs online
at willowcreek.com/children.
Just enter the CD title and the
word “motions” in the Search.
Hardcover #PR29760 $16.99 MEMBER $13.59
curriculum supplements
Easter Church Edition #PR31149 $34.95
Easter Family Edition #PR31150 $14.95
Quantity Discounts
available online
Multi-Pack discounts for Family Editions available online.
Special Bonus Offer
While Supplies Last!
Vision and Values Team Edition
View sample lessons,
scope and sequence,
and receive support online
at willowcreek.com/children
Free with your purchase of one full year of any age group of Promiseland Curriculum, you can request a copy of this excellent staff training tool for your entire team. The Vision and Values Kit includes three VHS videos with key messages from past Promiseland Children’s Ministry Conferences on leadership development featuring Sue Miller, Pat Cimo, Bill Hybels, and more. You’ll also receive six participant notebooks and posters featuring the Promiseland values detailed below.
promiseland curriculum
Prepare Your Children for a Lifetime of
Devotion to Christ with Our K-5 Curriculum.
Promiseland Curriculum is designed to provide an environment where kids
learn who Jesus is, how to follow Him, and how basic Bible truths can help them make the right choices now and throughout their lives. Interwoven
throughout the curriculums are these six field-tested core program values:
1.Child-Targeted — Bible lessons, songs, and activities are designed to be
taught in ways that best reach children.
2.Relevant — Promiseland lessons help children discover that God’s Word is written for them and can be applied to their lives, even in today’s culture!
3.Creative Bible Teaching — Because not all kids learn the same way, Promiseland Curriculum utilizes various creative teaching methods that appeal to kids, such as realistic drama sketches, video clips, storytelling, and contemporary music. With new surprises, games, and fun activities each week, kids become fascinated by Bible stories and want to learn more!
4.Intentional Shepherding — Life change happens best in a small, biblically
functioning community, where adults are modeling Christ to children by
believing, encouraging, knowing, discipling, and helping them become more like Christ.
5.Safe — Children learn best when they feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe.
6.Fun — Kids and adult volunteers, alike, come back week after week because they experience how Bible learning can be FUN through Promiseland Curriculum!
Get Six Years of Promiseland Lessons
for Grades K-5 Without Any Repeats!
Promiseland Curriculum strives to help you make your children’s ministry the
very best hour of the week — a place where the life-changing truth of Scripture
becomes a lifelong reality for every child who walks through your door. Each
Curriculum Kit features Activity Stations, Kid Connection, Large Group Lessons,
and Small Group Time. Reproducible pages means no student books to buy.
As children move through the Promiseland program, they experience six
complete years of new material. Each kit contains all the curriculum you need
to lead for 13 weeks, including a Director’s Notebook, Large Group Guidebook,
Administrator’s Guidebook, three Small Group Guidebooks, a DVD, and specialfeature supplements.
New! Lower pricing when you order all three quarters.
DescriptionCatalog #Retail Member
Promiseland Curriculums
(Grades K/1): Looking at the Pieces
Fall (September–November)
Winter (December–February)
Spring (March–May)
Special Full-Year Pricing
Fall (September–November)
Winter (December–February)
Spring (March–May)
Special Full-Year Pricing
Fall (September–November)
Winter (December–February)
Spring (March–May)
Special Full-Year Pricing
(Grades 2/3): Making it Connect
(Grades 4/5): It All Fits Together
these 10-week series
are perfect for vbs
Complete 10-Session Kit
You and your kids can experience the wonder of God-directed life change — as the Insect-Inside Theatre Company presents the book of Proverbs! A favorite for VBS — each lesson provides a daily dose of fun and instruction designed to help kids K-5 transform their attitudes, words, and relationships.
This curriculum is completely electronic, with five identical CD-ROMs: one
each for the Director, Administrator, Large Group Teacher, and Team Time
Leaders for Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5, along with copyright permission to
make as many printed copies as you need for each component. You’ll receive
large group programming materials for a combined gathering of K-5, along with
Team Time lessons for two different age groups. You’ll also receive an audio CD
with sound effects, theme song, narration, and more.
10-Week Curriculum Kit #PR19961 $179.99 MEMBER $143.99
Camp Iwilligoway
Complete 10-Session Kit
Your kids in grades K-5 will have a blast
at Camp Iwilligoway (I-will-uh-go-way), discovering how they can live God’s way! Based on stories from the life of David, your kids will grow to become “people” after God’s own heart!
This fully electronic curriculum allows you to download and print as many copies of each component as you need — the perfect choice when your VBS numbers grow throughout the week. The Kit includes:
• Five identical CD-ROMs for your key staff and teachers
• Audio CD with Ranger Dax’s lines for each session, sound effects, and six songs
• 10 sessions full of creative Bible teaching and life-application activities
• 25 Activity Station ideas to use throughout the 10 sessions
• Video coaching to help prepare large group programs and Team Time activities
• Electronic clip art for use in creating environments and promoting your program
• Music charts for “campfire” songs
10-Week Curriculum Kit #PR20123 $179.99 MEMBER $143.99
Flipt Provides All the Teaching on DVD!
Extend the Flipt
experience into
the home with
the Flipt Family
See page 14.
Complete 10-Session Kit
Zacchaeus. Peter. The rich young ruler. Very different people, with one thing in common: They all had their lives changed … challenged … FLIPT. By Jesus.
Get ready to see your kids Flipt by Jesus when you use this 100% DVD-based,
10-session children’s ministry curriculum for grades K-5. Kids learn they can
choose to live their way or they can get Flipt by Jesus and live His way — because it’s the best way.
Flipt contains a Large Group DVD with all 10 Bible lessons ready to show — all you
need to do is pop it in the DVD and press
play. You’ll also receive five identical
CD-ROMs with all the content for the
Director, Administrator, Large Group
Teacher, and Team Time Leaders for
Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5.
Easy to implement and adaptable
to work with any size group, Flipt is
great to use in a variety of teaching
environments during summer/VBS,
camp, or midweek services. Structured
as 60-minute programs, they can easily
be expanded to 90-minutes. With Bible
teaching on DVD, it’s fun for the kids and gives you the choice of teaching live or presenting the large group lessons “on screen.”
10-Week Curriculum Kit #PR25843 $199.99 MEMBER $159.99
Special Offer!
Free Shipping On
ANY 10-Session Kit
When You Order
by May 1, 2008.
Hints and tips for teachers, scope and sequence,
and other teacher support for all three curriculums
are available at: willowcreek.com/children
while supplies last!
Taken directly from the Promiseland Curriculum, MediaWorks™ lessons offer you a great way to present creative and impactful Bible lessons in your children’s ministry — in shorter, one- to five-week series. These packages are ideal for
midweek ministries, Sunday school, transitional times of the year, holiday
programs, times when you are short-staffed, or when you just need to give
your volunteers a break. This is also a great way to sample the quality material
from the full Promiseland Curriculum.
Each age-graded package comes complete with Bible teaching on DVD. A great asset for teams that are short on volunteers, you simply plug and play.
0c 100m
100y 0k with: You’ll also receive
• Lessons presentation outline
25m 0y 0k
• DVD drama
• Relevant life-application activities
• Related craft
Special pricing on seasonal favorites!
These one-week packages are ideal to have onhand for children’s ministry during the busy Easter and Christmas seasons. A great tool for the extra ministry that happens
during the holidays — a Good Friday
service, Christmas concert, or holiday
outreach event — they will be appreciated
by your staff for years to come. Even better,
these Easter and Christmas lessons on DVD
stand alone and span a wide age group.
Multi-Week Series
huge savings —
up to 75% off!
Build Your Library with
Special Pricing on
These Select Titles!
These MediaWorks™ titles are deeply discounted
— while supplies last — and offer a great way to
build your library of teaching tools for staff and volunteers. Each series includes two to five weeks of lessons, with creative, high-quality Bible teaching on DVD. Each package also includes a CD-ROM with lesson outlines, drama script, life applications, and activity/craft ideas. This is a good opportunity for you to add excellent resources to your ministry toolbox
at a great price.
Note: The ages below are the target ages for the lesson materials, but are easily
adaptable to older or younger children.
DescriptionCatalog #Regular RetailMember
DescriptionCatalog #Regular RetailMember
The Church is You and Me (3 Weeks) PR26984
Ages 5-6 / Kids learn about Paul and the growth of the early church.
Friends of God (2 Weeks)
Ages 5-6 / Kids learn of David and Jonathan’s friendship and the courage of Esther.
Easter: You Should Have Seen It!
Easter: Three Days Later
Christmas: Christmas Forgotten
Christmas: It’s Christmas Night…
Do You Know What’s Missing?
Tell Me a Story (3 Weeks)
Ages 7-9 / Stories highlight Old Testament people who followed God.
Christmas: God’s Unstoppable Gift
Learning to Shine (5 Weeks)
Ages 10-12 / The light of Christ’s followers shines beyond obstacles.
Christmas: Littlest Shepherd
Living Your Faith Out Loud (3 Weeks) PR26998
Ages 10-12 / Kids learn about the challenges and trust of Moses.
Got Wisdom? (3 Weeks)
Ages 10-12 / Biblical lessons reveal true wisdom and its relevance to kids.
To view video clips, scope and sequence, and complete descriptions,
go to willowcreek.com/mediaworks
Sinbusters (4 Weeks)
Ages 5-6 / Kids learn how to “bust” sin in their lives.
Show Me the Shepherd (4 Weeks)
Ages 7-9 / Sheep-farmer interviews help explain concept of Jesus the Good Shepherd.
Tools for parents
music and motions for
church and home
Have You Heard? Music CD
Words Kids Need to Hear
David Staal
Words Kids Need to Hear will educate, equip, and motivate parents and
children’s ministry teams to carefully choose words that build up kids’ hearts,
to say them frequently, and to do so in creative ways. What children hear from
trusted adults significantly influences their self-image, current relationships, and future relationships — including that all-important relationship with God.
Softcover #PR30776 $12.99 MEMBER $10.39
Flipt Family Experience
This new music CD offers high-energy worship songs for kids ages 6-10. All 13
songs include bonus accompaniment with background vocals. Previews and
motions for most songs are available online at willowcreek.com/children.
CD #PR28469 $14.99 MEMBER $11.99
Every Move I Make Music CD
Promiseland’s best-selling CD includes ten high-energy songs from Promiseland for sing-a-longs at church, home, or in the car, along with bonus accompaniments with background vocals to make leading music time at church even easier.
CD #PR22327 $15.99 MEMBER $12.79
Drama/Teaching DVD and Lesson Guide
The Flipt Family Experience provides a dynamic, ready-made family devotional
time, featuring 10 segments of creative Bible teaching that engage both parents
and children ages five and up. Each of the 10 sessions provides a unique
teaching opportunity as you look together at how Jesus can step in and “flip” a life for the better. Age-appropriate discussion questions, Scripture passages,
and life-application activities are included in the Lesson Guide.
DVD & Lesson Guide #PR28461 $19.99 MEMBER $15.99
Leading Your Child to Jesus:
How Parents Can Talk with Their Kids About Faith
Move It Like This
Motions Training DVD
This live-action DVD includes:
• Move-by-move breakdowns of motions from the ten Promiseland songs
featured on the Every Move I Make music CD.
• Large group modeling with instructional pop-up tips on the “whys” behind leading effective kids’ worship.
DVD #PR22239 $24.99 MEMBER $19.99
David Staal
Family Editions
of Timbuktoons
DVD video “shorts”
available on page 7.
Although kids may hear about Jesus at church, parents need to know how to help their children make the most important decision of their lives. Leading
Your Child to Jesus focuses on the core communication issues that enable
parents to confidently engage kids in life-changing discussions. This book uses stories from the Book of Acts to provide a biblical foundation for key
concepts, along with application exercises that prompt and prepare parents to put all the concepts into action.
Softcover #PR28367 $9.99 MEMBER $7.99
Quantity Discounts
available online
See page 6 for more music CDs for preschoolers!
tools to effectively
train your team
Leading Kids to Jesus: How to Have
One-on-One Conversations About Faith
David Staal
No matter what style of ministry they embrace,
children’s church workers everywhere agree that their
most important payoff is life-changing discussions
with kids. This book, by the Promiseland director at
Willow Creek Community Church, equips you with
proven principles to help direct your conversations
to matters of faith. Learn how to best communicate
God’s love to toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary
school children in words they understand.
Softcover #PR28364 $14.99 MEMBER $11.99
Leading Kids to Jesus Training DVD
David Staal
Bring the principles from Leading Kids to Jesus
to your team in two, one-hour training sessions
on DVD. A great staff training opportunity, these
enjoyable sessions explain how to:
• Use concrete, friendly language that children understand
• Understand the different developmental needs of children
• Use stories and pictures to communicate ideas
• Eliminate details that distract young children from the main message
• Help kids understand how to become a Christian
• Pray with kids using easy steps and prompts to help them invite Jesus to be their “forever friend.”
DVD #PR28604 $24.99 MEMBER $19.99
The Fabulous Reinvention
of Sunday School
Aaron Reynolds
A fun and creative guidebook to transformational
teaching — this book will teach you how to rivet kids’
attention on Sunday so they will live differently on
Monday. Jam-packed with applications and ideas, it includes 20 creative methods for bringing any Bible story to life.
Order four copies of the book to share with your team and you’ll also receive a two-hour seminar,
featuring Aaron Reynolds’ dynamic teaching of these creative techniques.
Volunteerism: Children’s Ministry
Team Edition
One of the most daunting, yet important, tasks
of any children’s ministry leader is recruiting,
developing, and keeping a strong team of
volunteers. This Team Edition on DVD was created from some of the most powerful messages presented at our
annual Children’s Ministry Conference. Use it to envision your staff and existing volunteers, as you recruit — and keep — others who share your vision and mission. Sessions include:
• Call Volunteers to Action Sue Miller
• Coach Volunteers to Their Full Potential Sue Miller
• Grow the Volunteer Heart John Ortberg
• Celebrate Every Volunteer Bill Hybels and Sue Miller
• Ignite Craig Jutila
• Alive: Embracing Passion, Calling, and Gifts Nancy Ortberg
DVD #PR29881 $59.99 MEMBER $47.99
Thought You’d Like to Know
Helping your team understand the developmental stages of children is vitally important in growing kids spiritually. These fun, fact-packed handouts are a practical way to help your volunteers connect with kids — and a great way to educate and recruit parents as partners. Available in 10-packs per age group and also as full sets.
DescriptionCatalog #Retail Member
Thought You’d Like to Know
Infants 10-Pack
Toddlers 10-Pack
Twos 10-Pack
Threes 10-Pack
Fours and Fives 10-Pack
Kindergartners & First Graders 10-Pack
Second & Third Graders 10-Pack
Fourth & Fifth Graders 10-Pack
Complete Set
Softcover & DVD Sampler #PR30227 $14.99 MEMBER $11.99
Infants–Fifth Grade 8-Pack (1 of each age level)
4-Pack & Master Class DVD #PR30228 $59.96 MEMBER $47.96
Infants–Fifth Grade 40-Pack (5 of each age level)
Training your team
just got easier
Children’s Ministry Conference
If you’re looking for a powerful way to connect
and inspire your staff and volunteers, don’t miss
this exciting annual event. Held each spring at
the Willow Creek campus near Chicago, you’ll
join children’s ministry workers from more
than 1,000 churches and 50 denominations
for two-and-a-half fun-filled days.
Powerful main-stage sessions enhanced
by worship, music, and drama combine
with a full day of training experiences.
Choose from how-to workshops, ministry
showcases, book clubs, and interactive
discussions. Best of all, you’ll find it the perfect opportunity for strategy and relationship-building time with your team!
exciting new resources
In the Beginning …
Jumping into God’s Story
Preschool Curriculum
A brand new year of preschool curriculum
for ages 3-5 delivers 52 full weeks of teaching. You get two complete sets of lessons — one for traditional Sunday
school and another for large group/
small group formats — at a special price through May 1. See pages 4-5.
Curriculum Supplements
from Timbuktoons
These award-winning animations on DVD delight
children as they illustrate scriptures. Church Editions
offer lesson plans, music, motion loops, and more.
Family Editions help parents lead their children in
devotions, activities, and memorizing key verses. See page 7.
Downloadable Children’s Ministry
Training Now Online!
Teaching tells people what to do. Training tells them how to do it.
When your staff and volunteers are in need
of practical, how-to assistance, look to our
easy-to-use, downloadable library of training.
You’ll find training in a variety of topic areas,
including volunteers, leadership, shepherding,
programming/teaching, operations, and more.
Training titles available include:
• Grow and Care for Volunteers
• Developing Leaders for Children’s Ministry
• Shepherd Children with Special Needs
• Teach Through the Art of Communication
• Influence Those Above You
• Attracting First-Time Volunteers
• Design Creative Spaces for Your Preschool Ministry
• Build Trust with Parents of Infants
• Values-Driven Operations
• Managing a Big Ministry with a Small Staff
Cost per download is $12.99 — just $9.99 for Members.
Learn more at willowcreek.com/children.
FX Videos
These DVDs contain three high-quality video “shorts” ideal for building faith experiences that span the generations. Follow up discussion questions and a bonus segment for parents make them useful in a variety of settings, including:
• Family services
• Children’s sermon illustrations
• Children’s ministry video curriculum supplements
• Student discussion starters
• Family devotions/conversation starters
Attractively priced for quantity purchase, FX Videos make an ideal follow-up to a family sermon or series, or a take-home to help parents build faith experiences at home! See page 2.
Up to 75% off
See pages 12-13.
Special pricing
on our new preschool
curriculum — now
through May 1, 2008.
See page 4.
on these
VBS favorites!
See pages
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supp le
last s