Program of the 8th European Zoo Nutrition Conference, 22

Program of the 8th European Zoo Nutrition
Conference, 22-25 Jan 2015
Burgers’ ZOO, Arnhem, the Netherlands
THURSDAY 22nd January
09:00 EAZA Academy Workshop: Diet assessment of herbivorous primates and
reptiles – Royal Burgers’ Zoo (until 17:00) [workshop is full]
18:00 Registration & Icebreaker - Royal Burgers’ Zoo (until 20:00)
FRIDAY 23rd January
08:00 Registration
08:45 Welcome & Opening Remarks
09:00 Programme commences
INVITED SPEAKER - Managing obesity in captive elephants - Dr Kibby Treiber,
Fort Worth Zoo
Feeding, nutrition and body condition of UK elephants - Andrea L. Fidgett,
Catheryn Partington
Hand rearing of baby elephants orphaned from birth - Vijitha Perera,
Ayona Silva-Fletcher
Elephant skin; influence UVB and vitamin D - Linda van Sonsbeek
Prevention of dental problems in elephants by feed composition - Jan Bos
INVITED SPEAKER - Ask a shark how to catch a fish! Current feeding practice of
captive elasmobranches - Dr Max Janse, Royal Burgers’ Zoo
 A preliminary study of the foraging strategies of Titicaca water frog
(Telmatobius culeus), with some implications for its captive breeding
management - Arturo Muñoz, An Cools, Annelies De Cuyper, Pascal
Boeckx, Geert P. J. Janssens
 Using science to improve ex situ husbandry of amphibians - Rachael E.
Antwis, Andrea L. Fidgett, Richard F. Preziosi
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INVITED SPEAKER - Sustainable fish nutrition - Dr. Johan Schrama, Wageningen
Large scale production of willow silage - Cathrine Sauer, Martin Weisbjerg,
Marcus Clauss,Henrik Bach, Mads F. Bertelsen, Peter Lund
Influence of composition and nutritional quality of diets for giraffes
(Giraffa camelopardalis) on dry matter intake and feed intake activity Isabel Gussek, Karl-Heinz Südekum, Jürgen Hummel
Investigations on the chemical composition of different seeds and fruits
from bushes and trees in nutrition of exotic animals - Petra Wolf, Joseph
Animal fibre analysis - An Cools
Format FAUNA™ - diet management software for healthy animals Andrea L. Fidgett, Mark S. Edwards, Loren Peterson, Merryl Webster
17:30 Arrangements for Zoo Visit/Tours
SATURDAY 24th January
08:00 Registration
08:45 Welcome and organisation for tour of zoo workstations
09:00 Zoo visit, including practical workstations (until 12:30)
Commissary: Organisation, UV lighting
Eco display (Bush): browse and browse quality
Education: educational materials to introduce zoo nutrition to children
Ocean: behind the scene tour feeding the aquaria, light as a nutritional
source, fish quality
Primate section: Body condition score
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INVITED SPEAKER - Avian Digestion - Dr Mark S. Edwards, California Polytechnic
State University
Nutritional disorders of the skeleton in emus and rheas - Petra Wolf,
Joseph Kamphues
Investigations on effects of different fibre sources on energy intake and
excreta quality in nectarivorous birds - Petra Wolf, Joseph Kamphues
Food intake rates of mammals and birds and the influence of body mass Patrick Steuer, Jürgen Hummel, Karl-Heinz Südekum
Do feeding strategies differ between large and small wild carnivores? Annelies De Cuyper, Myriam Hesta, Marcus Clauss, Geert P.J. Janssens
Digesta passage rate in three species of felids in captivity - Jesenia
Vásquez-Vargas, Andrea Brenes-Soto
Dietary factors associated with faecal consistency and other indicators of
gastrointestinal health in the captive cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) Katherine M. Whitehouse-Tedd, Sandra L. Lefebvre, Geert P.J. Janssens
Seasonal body weight changes and feed intake in spectacled bears
(Tremarctos ornatus)- Kerstin Gerstner, Annette Liesegang, Jean-Michel
Hatt, Marcus Clauss, Cordula Galeffi
Does foraging ecology of terrestrial carnivores’ impact digestive
physiology and metabolism? Insights from dogs and cats. - Guido Bosch
18:00 Conference Dinner - Burgers’ Zoo
SUNDAY 25th January
08:45 Welcome
09:00 Programme commences
INVITED SPEAKER - Gut microbe composition in primates and humans - Dr
Jonathan Clayton, University of Minnesota
Behavioural effects of fruit-free diets for primates - Amy Plowman, Francis
Cabana, Katherine Cowlard, Stephanie Britt, Enric Badia, Elizabeth Reeve
Health impacts of current Nycticebus feeding practices in captive settings Francis Cabana
Version 17 December 2014
A low-energy and high fiber diet as an intervention for abnormal
behaviour in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) - Godelieve Kranendonk,
Hester van Bolhuis, Eva Schippers, Joeke Nijboer, Berry Spruijt
Preference for, intake and leaf composition of temperate browse fed to
three Proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) at Apenheul Primate Park Lieke Harpe, Merel Zimmermann, Martine Verheij, Tjalling Huisman, Dick
Kuiper, Jan van Delden
INVITED SPEAKER - Zoo animal nutrition: a historical approach and some general
rules - Prof. Dr. Marcus Clauss, University of Zurich
Historical overview of zoo nutrition; a personal perspective - Joeke Nijboer
12:45 Concluding Remarks & Thanks
Evaluation of the apparent nutrient digestibility of macro minerals of a
diet for howler monkeys in captivity - Karola Abarca-Hernández, Carlos
Gutierrez-Olvera, Mariano Sánchez-Trocino
Nutritional composition of whole rabbits fed in zoos - Katinka Bleeker,
Theresa Weiss
Influence of UVB radiation and vitamin D3 supplementation on the vitamin
D3 status of Leopard Gecko’s (Eublepharis macularius) – Guido Bosch
Effect of browse supplementation on nocturnal behaviour in captive
giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) – a pilot study - Graham Duggan,
Charlotte Burn, Marcus Clauss
Composition and quality of diets for giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) in
twelve German zoos - Isabel Gussek, Karl-Heinz Südekum, Jürgen Hummel
Investigating nutrient provision and digestibility of red-crested turaco
(Tauraco erythrolophus) diet - Alex Hulbert, Kerry Hunt, Paul Rose
Gastrointestinal passage in cheetahs fed a natural diet - D. Leemans, A.
de Cuyper, A. Küntzel-Schmidt, L. Marker, M. Clauss, G.P.J. Janssens
Nutritional composition of whole brown hare carcasses in relation to insitu diet situation - Martijn J.A. Weterings, Esther E. Jongkees, Juliëtte S.
Jonkers, Arjen M. Strijkstra
Version 17 December 2014