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GST Basics: An Overview of GST for Everyone
13 JANUARY 2015, TUE ■
Malaysia will soon see the Goods & Services Tax
being implemented as from 1 April, 2015. There
are many misconceptions which arise mainly from a
misunderstanding of the way GST operates. The
Malaysian Royal Customs Department has
highlighted areas of the Malaysian GST that are
different from the GST in UK, Australia and
improvements made over the other models primarily
to assist Malaysian businesses in achieving a more
effective cash flow management.
This workshop 1 aims to bring to you a good
overview of Malaysian GST in a simple and concise
manner, including a good understanding of the key
elements of GST.
At the end of the course, participants will be able
to:• Obtain a good overview of the Malaysian Goods
& Services Tax in simplified language;
• Understand the concept and the principal
elements of GST in relation to supply of goods
and services;
• Understand the registration issues – mandatory,
voluntary, group and late registration impact;
• Learn the GST documentation required, the
accounting records and GST Returns – GST-03
• Get an insight into treatment of GST on capital
goods (capital assets), and
• Get an understanding of the impact of GST on
businesses and how to manage the impact.
Introduction to GST
• An overview of GST
• GST vs Income Tax – understanding their
respective impacts
• What happens to Sales and Service Tax – the
transitioning effects on businesses
Scope of GST
• The mechanism by through which GST is
imposed – input tax, output tax, input tax
• Supply of goods and services – meaning of
supply, how to determine goods and services
and dealing with imports;
• Understanding the critical “business test”;
Taxable Persons, Taxable Supplies and
Exempt Supplies
• Taxable person and taxable supply
• Standard rated supply, zero-rated supply,
exempt supply and mixed supply;
Time of supply (the tax point) and place of
supply, consideration and value;
• Threshold for registration
• Types of registration – mandatory and
• Registration of Company, Partnerships and
Limited Liability Partnerships, Sole proprietor,
Clubs, Associations and Management
Corporations, and Non-profit Organisations
• Calculation of taxable supply for GST
• GST 01 Return for Registration – Understand
what is required
• Group registration – conditions and pros and
cons for businesses;
• Effect of late registrations;
• Wholly zero-rated supplies – conditions for
exemption from registration, advantages and
Types of Documentation – an overview
• Records relating to sales and income (output
tax) eg Tax Invoices, cash register rolls, etc
• Records relating to purchases and expenses
(input tax) eg Suppliers invoices, bad debts
claims, etc
• Appropriate accounting records including
inventory listings, debit and credit notes etc
• Bank statements, GST returns submitted to
Customs, GST workings summary etc.
GST Returns
• Submission of GST returns – the criteria for
quarterly or monthly submissions;
• Input tax credit, mechanisms to claim input
tax, blocked input tax and input tax refund
• Formula to claim bad debts relief on partial
collection of debts;
• Gifts and own use of goods and assets rules;
• Overview of special schemes - “Approved
Traders Scheme”, Approved Toll
Manufacturers Scheme”, “Warehousing
Scheme”, “Flat Rate Scheme”, Relief on
Second Hand Goods (margin scheme);
• Review of partial exemption and annual
adjustments for mixed supply;
• GST-03 – Goods and Services Tax Return –
Learn what is required for completion of GST03;
Capital Goods – Assets used in the
• A preview of Capital goods adjustment;
Penalties for Offences
• A description of the various penalties for
offences under the GST Act, 2014
GST Impact on businesses
• The changing landscape in the way
business is carried out
• Impact of GST on businesses and
Government revenue
• Cash flow fund required to pay output tax
on credit sales;
• Challenges on GST implementation and
methods of overcoming them;
• Software requirements.
• CFO’s, Financial Controllers, COO’s, CEOs
and Managing Directors
• Tax Managers and Tax Consultants
• Chartered Accountants, Advisors, and
• Company
Secretaries and
• Professionals and Staff involved in preparing
for the implementation of GST
• Members of the public who which to learn
about Malaysian GST
J Selvarajah - ACA; CA(NZ); CA(M); ACTIM;
FIPA(Aust); B.Com(Acc)NZ.
J Selvarajah, is a senior partner of a well-established
professional practice in Kuala Lumpur which is a
member of an international network of accounting and
consulting firms with more than 300 partners and
professional staff. He is currently actively involved in
the preparatory work for the implementation of GST for
clients in collaboration with a major software company
listed on Bursa Malaysia, as well as SME clients. He
has also undergone the 10 day training in Goods &
Services Tax conducted by senior officers of the Royal
Malaysian Customs Department. He has 43 years of
work experience in public practice particularly in the
areas of financial reporting for public and private
entities, internal audits, corporate governance and risk
assessments, external audits, company secretarial
practice and fraud prevention. He has assisted several
Malaysian and international companies and other
organisations operating in Malaysia and Singapore in
setting up the Internal Audit and Risk Management
processes and Corporate Governance training. He is
also the internal auditor for several public listed
companies on Bursa Malaysia and SMEs’. He has also
performed several investigative audits on accounting
malpractices, embezzlement and money laundering. J
Selvarajah also delivers regular public and in-house
seminars and training on Corporate Governance and
Risk Management, Malaysian and International
Financial Reporting Standards (MFRS/IFRS), Financial
Instruments, Costing and Cost Management systems,
Malaysian Corporate Tax Impact of MFRS, Corporate
Tax Planning and Corporate Taxation including the
soon to be introduced GST, and as well as on
Corporate Fraud Detection, Prevention and Fraud Risk
Management. J Selvarajah, is a member of the
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales,
the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants,
the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, and an a
member of the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia. He
is also a PSMB (HRDF) Certified Trainer.
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