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Robert Clever
President/Business Manager
Dominic Fierro
December 26, 2014
2014 End of Year Update;
As we put this year to a close I would like to briefly reflect on where we have been and
the direction we are heading for 2015. However, first and foremost, we need to remember, in
our thoughts and prayers, our fellow members and their families, who in this past year have
been injured, hospitalized or who have passed away. Every day we get reminders as to just
how short and precious Life is. I hope in the upcoming year you focus on today and let us
collectively carry the burden of tomorrow. In representing you we persistently work to not only
ensure contract language is adhered to, but also to review the ever changing rules and
regulations regarding benefits and retirement.
United Airlines Technician and Flight Simulator mediation has been contentious to say
the very least. Promises made a couple years ago by senior management has not been
reflected in their proposals at the bargaining table. Meanwhile a complete disregard for and
testing of, current collective bargaining agreement language has become United
Managements method of operation for many locations. Next month on the 14th and 15th we will
host the Union Committee at Local 19 for two days of meetings. The most frequently asked
question is how the two sides see proposals and basically get along. I can’t be clearer to you
than to say there is, no two sides. The Committee works as one unified body and is undivided
in their resolve to bring you the best contract in the industry.
Southwest Airlines this year rewarded our Flight Simulator Members with the very
prestigious award, Heroes of the Heart. We are very proud of them and after a short term
agreement negotiated this year, we will be reentering negotiations around the third quarter of
2015. Our Material Specialist like many other groups at Southwest is in ongoing negotiations.
Chris Moore, AD Rep and member of local 19, is chairing the talks and we are looking forward
to additional dates just after the first of the year.
With our ExpressJet Brothers and Sisters we see an ongoing situation of one of the
most profound results of the consolidation of the major airlines. While route structure changes
take place, the major carriers continually review their positions on current and future needs for
regional carrier flying and agreements. Next year we will continue with mediation/negotiations
process with both ExpressJet and ASA.
At Fort Polk recently negotiated contracts at two of our bargained units, Serco and
Tatitlek, provided for both companies recognizing the Union seniority of the other. This was put
to the test when the Tatitlek contract ended and we are pleased to see that the Tatitlek
members were absorbed by SERCO as negotiated in the agreements. Two of our other Fort
Polk groups, Northrop Grumman and Chugach, contracts become amendable in the fourth
quarter of next year. We are also looking forward to the future representation of Fort Polk
Cubic Employees classified as Fire Markers. Their vote is scheduled for the evening of
January 15th.
Affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters
With an Amendable date in the third quarter of next year for Standard Parking Members
we are looking forward to negotiating their next agreement. I was notified Christmas Eve that
Vaughn Wilson, one of our members, had a stroke while on the job and he is now currently in
rehabilitation at the Lewisville Medical Center, so please keep Vaughn in your prayers.
A few months ago we reported on a decertification attempt at Enterprise Car Rental.
While we continue the challenge regarding this, our continued focus is on the current contract
negotiations, which was amendable in November.
This year the Local 19 Teamster Members at UFCW Health & Welfare Trust are
enjoying a renegotiated contract that was finished in late February. This will be in effect with an
amendable date in 2017. We encourage those folks who are not currently members to review
what was accomplished in this agreement and the membership benefits and becoming a
Member this next year.
Friends, in reflecting on what has transpired over the past year, I give thanks for the
opportunity to have served you, together with a great Local 19 Executive Board, Office Staff
and Business Agents. I also give thanks in knowing that together in the upcoming year, we will
face and overcome all challenges.
Please help show unity by attending the monthly General Membership Meetings. The
next one scheduled for December 30th at 0800.
Please, if you have not done so, register on the website.
Time to apply for the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship is now. We have had several
$10,000 Local 19 Son and Daughter recipients over the years and it’s great to see them
earn this or any one of the awards.
Thank you
Bob Clever
President & Business Manager Local 19 IBT
Affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters