Tropical Treasures
Tropical Treasures
Welcome to this edition of Passages. It’s now a month away
from spring time, and I’m sure many of you are eager to
feel warmth and sunshine on your face. If you feel like you
can’t take another day of the cold - and since Easter break
is coming up - you might want to consider an escape to a
warmer climate. And if you’re the type of traveler that when
faced with warmth tends to become sluggish and your only
desire is to be told when to roll over and grab your drink, then
the best vacation for you would be an all-inclusive resort - in
a warm, tropical place. The following is a review of three
great all-inclusive resorts in tropical locations sure to please
your need for sunshine and laziness all in one full swoop.
Elisa Taylor
Elisa Taylor
[email protected]
Family-Oriented, All-Inclusive Resorts
Beaches - Turks and Caicos and Jamaica
Beaches is part of the Sandals family and is designed
for PG fun for kids to be included in your luxurious,
all-inclusive vacation. Beaches resorts have many
different locations, but each one focuses activities for
adults and kids of all ages, including toddlers. In fact,
Sesame Street is a sponsor of Beaches Resorts. It
has also received very high ratings as a great family
escape designed for the entire family.
The Travel Tip
Always bring an extra
change of clothes in your
carry-on bag whenever you
go to a resort or cruise.
Sometimes when groups all
come in together, it can take
quite a long time for your
bags to arrive at your room.
If you’ve been traveling all
day and feel tired, hot and
sticky, it will be nice to avoid
the wait of your bags being
delivered just to change into
clean, comfortable clothes.
Since Beaches aims to satisfy the very young in your party, most of the resort is
geared toward activities either for or with children in mind. The golf course does
not restrict its patrons from bringing children to learn to play. In fact, the resort
water-park slides and amusements, swimming pools, and other outdoor activities
sure to please. The resort offers day camps for toddlers and younger children so
parents can also have some quiet time.
Like most all-inclusive vacation plans, you can make reservations for some of the
non-alcoholic beverages is paid for in advance, which means you need not worry
tipping “butlers” and “maids.”
Crown Club Paradise - Cancun
If you are interested in a Mexican adventure to a
top-notch all-inclusive resort, check out Crown Club
Paradise - Cancun. Part of a chain of all-inclusive
resorts, you can also visit Puerto Vallarta if you don’t
want to try Cancun. This is a huge luxury resort
where all of the rooms have ocean views. As is
typical of most all-inclusive resorts, the excursions
and spa services are not included. You pay extra
if you wish to use those services. Crown Club’s
materials encourage family vacations - but remember, it’s Mexico and you may or
may not have concerns about travel to Mexico right now.
The Cancun grounds are centered on a huge pool and restaurant much like a
courtyard. You can make arrangements to leave the grounds and explore Cancun,
sightsee and shop at the local merchants and marketplaces. You can also arrange to
join a snorkeling or scuba diving tour, and go out and enjoy some beautiful sea life or
perhaps go boating or sailing for the afternoon. Or maybe you have no desire to do
much of anything other than rest by the pool or go out to the beach and settle on a
towel on the white sand to sun bathe.
The various restaurants offer different kinds of cuisine, from Japanese to Mexican,
your packages requires you make reservations in advance to get a table. Casual
dining you can drop into and eat at anytime without notice. Non-alcoholic drinks are
included, but alcoholic drinks must be purchased separately. And be careful with
tracking your consumption if you intend to drink more than one or two a day. You can
unknowingly ring up that bar tab.
Atlantis Resort - Bahamas
Now Atlantis Resort truly caters to families. Like
Crown Club, their promo is geared toward attracting a
PG audience. What makes it fun for the family are all
keep the kids happy through various adventures and
day camps. So, you can keep your kids with you, or
arrange to have them enjoy their own adventures with
a group of children their own age. They even have day camp for toddlers.
The Cove Atlantis offers four-star luxury with stylistic and upscale grounds and
rooms. You can select different packages and room rates, but this particular area is
exquisite. Spend the afternoon on or “in” the pool, laying on the “beds” and chaise
lounge chairs set out for guests to relax in the sparkling glow of the gorgeous
poolside. You will be waited on hand and foot by the staff. You can eat or drink
poolside or head out to the pristine white beach and enjoy the sand and surf. It’s all
The crown jewel of the resort are the water parks, from slides to lazy rivers they
have it all. Kids will love testing out the speed and thrill of the slides, and parents will
should also not count out the excitement of the many slides, parents will love those
too. For a real blast of water and wet thrills, take one of the tumultuous river rides
through the rapids. You will have fun playing in the water parks all day.
The food is all four-star eats. After a day at the water park, you may elect to eat more
casually at one of the low-key dining rooms or bump it up a notch, dress up, and
and you can work with your travel agent to make those in advance of your trip. While
you don’t have to use their dining programs, you will save considerable money
resorts is you don’t have to carry around your wallet everywhere you go and risk
theft. You can charge activities, purchases and meals to your room and use their
dining cards, which can be instantly replaced if lost or stolen.
No matter which all-inclusive you select, always use a travel agent to make your
reservations. Your travel agent will know all of those hidden tricks and tips to make
your stay enjoyable and ensure you get where you want to be when you want to be
on the Internet. And if you have your luggage lost or misplaced or stolen, your travel
agent can help you. For more information, send an email to
[email protected]