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Product Data Sheet
1. Description
SioxX® is designed for microsilica-containing
low-cement, ultra-low cement castables and
gel bonding systems. It enhances the
rheological properties, reduces the water demand
and increases the flow.
2. Technical Data
Bulk density
pH-value (10% solution)
Grey powder
400 - 600
60 - 70
20 - 30
7. Customer benefits
Tailor-made products for microsilicacontaining castables
Reproducible wet-out, flow and set-time
Easy to dose
Easy to disperse in the dry and wet mix
Robustness of mix through compatibility with
other raw materials (calcined aluminas,
cements, ...)
Flexibility to work with various locally
available systems (bauxite, mulcoa,
andalusite, ...)
8. Local Elkem representative
For further information please contact our sales
representative. Our specialists will assist you in
solving individual problems.
3. Dosage
Dosage recommendation: 1-3 %w/w (of castable)
4. Shelf-life (best before)
12 months from the date of production, if stored
5. Storage conditions
Store in the original packaging (or re-seal opened
packages) under dry conditions above 0°C.
6. Packing
The product is available in 20 kg small bags.
Please contact our sales representative for more
9. Health, Safety and Environment
Please consult our Quality & Safety information
on our website:
10. Brochure
See Elkem brochure: “SioxX® and SioxX-Quick®
for castables”.
All data listed are reference values subject to productionrelated tolerances. Although reasonable care has been
taken in the preparation of the information contained
herein, it still remains the duty of the user to prove the
suitability of this material for his applications.
SioxX® is a registered trademark of Elkem AS.
This product data sheet is the property of Elkem AS and may not, without written permission, be used, copied or made available to others. The
receiver is responsible for any misuse.
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