Fall/Winter issue of ACCELERATOR, the magazine of the Multiple

Debut Issue, Fall/Winter 2014
The Magazine of
the Multiple Myeloma
Research Foundation
myeloma at a
Making precision medicine a reality
for multiple myeloma patients
we are curing cancer
The Magazine of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation | Fall/Winter 2014
Our pipeline is the
strongest in our history.
Researchers who used to
compete now collaborate.
Technology companies are
How the MMRF reached this
transformational moment.
stepping up. Sequencing
The MMRF CoMMpass Study
seeks to make precision Introducing the redesign
of themmrf.org.
medicine a reality.
individual genomes is
providing exciting
roadmaps to a cure.
Life expectancy has
nearly tripled. And we
have launched our NOW
IN 2014.
Drug Development
MMRF in the News
fundraising campaign,
the largest in our history.
To learn more, or to make
a donation, please visit
The promise of personalized medicine.
The more we learn about cancers affecting different parts of the body,
the more biologically similar we find them to be. See what we are learning
in the groundbreaking MMRF CoMMpass StudySM on page 12.
We thank our sponsors for their support of
Accelerator, The Magazine of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
The Accelerators
How the MMRF
reached this transformational moment
A letter from Walter M. Capone
Dear friend of the MMRF,
The mission to cure multiple myeloma has entered
a critical, transformative time. Working with strong
partners in industry and academia, the MMRF
is leading new, bold initiatives and advancing
promising therapies to bring overwhelming force
in the fight against myeloma.
So far this year, we’ve brought 3 new classes of drugs into our clinical
study portfolio (p. 8) and are launching one of the first targeted therapy
trials in myeloma. The MMRF CoMMpassSM Study, cornerstone of our
precision medicine initiative, is on track to complete enrollment by
year end. We have identified thousands of mutations and are seeing
patients respond well to the six treatment approaches that predominate
in first line treatment. Learn more about our progress (p. 12).
Our fundraising efforts have received a strong boost from two
new funds (p. 14), and we are in the process of launching the NOW
campaign, the largest capital campaign in MMRF history.
The NOW campaign is the first of several changes that we have made
at the MMRF, which include a user-friendlier website (p. 6) and our
redesigned magazine.
Driven by their own experiences with
Part 2: The MMRF CoMMpassSM Study
centers. This is the idea behind the MMRF
cancer, and/or a personal mission, the
“Open science” is a central tenet of
Researcher Gateway, which centralizes
men and women who lead the MMRF are
the MMRF’s strategy to accelerate
and shares genomic data to accelerate
united in their goal to disrupt the status
a cure. So all data from the MMRF
discovery of individualized treatment
quo and accelerate the path to a cure.
CoMMpass Study is being placed on the
approaches, biomarkers, diagnostics and
MMRF Researcher Gateway, a public
new drug targets.
The result of the team’s work, which
includes leadership roles in Clinical
portal, to accelerate data sharing and
hypothesis generation for new clinical
As we move into 2015, we are designing new academic, industry
Research, Clinical Operations,
and government researcher partnerships, and are developing new
Translational Research, and Strategic
networks, research tools, and international clinical trial consortia.
Partnerships, has four key components:
I can see the future. We are closing in on it faster than ever —
Part 1: The Multiple Myeloma
years with sequential tissue sampling
it is a world without cancer.
Genomics Initiative
to identify how a molecular profile may
The MMRF was the first to sequence
affect response to treatment.
On behalf of all of us at the MMRF, we thank you for your support
the myeloma genome and put the
and wish you and your loved ones a happy New Year!
results in a centralized repository
for researchers to share through the
Initiative’s Genomics Portal. The result
is the largest data set ever published
in myeloma.
Walter M. Capone
trials. CoMMpass is tracking 1,000
patients from initial diagnosis through
their course of treatment for at least 8
Finding a cure depends on everyone in
the myeloma community — researchers,
industry, clinicians, and patients. That is
why the MMRF established the MMRF
CoMMunity Gateway, to empower
patients to become active participants
in their own care by sharing their
Part 3: The MMRF
journey in our search for better, more
Researcher Gateway
targeted treatments.
Keenly aware of the bottlenecks typical
in cancer research, the MMRF leadership
team aims to engage all possible stakeholders, including researchers, drug
companies, and academic/community
President and Chief Executive Officer, MMRF
Part 4: The MMRF CoMMunity Gateway
Anne Quinn Young, M.P.H., Vice President,
Development and Strategic Partnerships;
Kathy Giusti, Founder and Executive Chairman
MMRF and MMRC; and Walter M. Capone,
President and Chief Executive Officer.
Know everything that
is happening in myeloma
Drug Development
MMRC pipeline offers
promise to patients
It has been an exciting year for clinical trials.
Our comprehensive new website is organized with you in mind.
The most important element in the
to add content in the months to come,
who specialize in their particular area of
Ed Johnson, a patient whose multiple
quest to cure multiple myeloma is
so visit themmrf.org today — and check
genomics, and sign up for clinical trials that
myeloma has relapsed, was researching
might be right for them.
treatments that have become available
information. Circulating it quickly
among the people who need it is key to
the success of the MMRF, and critically
important to the researchers, clinicians,
pharmaceutical and biotechnology
back often.
Clinical Trial Finder
Find a host of useful tools, starting
Take action! Play a more active role in
with these three:
your healthcare, gain access to promising
Free e-Newsletter
pressing for a cure.
Sign up for our monthly newsletter
The new MMRF website is the conveyor
of everything that is known and being
and get updates about new treatments,
new trials, and more.
discovered in multiple myeloma. It is easy
MMRF CoMMunity Gateway
to use and organized to help you find out
Participate in our search for better,
about a treatment or clinical trial, a new
more targeted treatments online. As
incredibly exciting new
since his diagnosis seven years ago.
Discover these patient resources
companies, and patients who are
“We have opened six
“Here’s another one,” he remembers
trials for multiple myeloma
saying. “Here’s another one. And
patients who are running
here’s another one. There are a lot
new research treatments before they
of options,” he continues. “A few years
out of treatment options.
are widely available, and help advance
ago it was option A and ‘we’ll have to
medical research to bring us closer to
We are confident that
hope that works.’”
they will prove to have
Call: 1-866-603-6628
Now, we are poised to make even
greater progress toward a cure. This
a significant impact for
Email: [email protected]
finding a cure.
many of our patients.”
year, the Multiple Myeloma Research
Professional Education
Consortium (MMRC) opened six new
Gain access to significant clinical data
clinical trials. These represent some
published at major medical congresses
of the most promising treatments in
ASH, ASCO, EHA, and IMW. Learn from
development today. “Together with our
key opinion leaders in multiple myeloma
committed and world-class partners, we
who will highlight key clinical data.
have opened six incredibly exciting new
field of multiple myeloma research. It
Visit the MMRF website to view
trials for multiple myeloma patients who
is designed to update you on promising
CME-accredited webcasts.
are running out of treatment options.
Our mission is to keep that pipeline
new developments and discoveries as
There is such a robust pipeline of
filled for Ed Johnson and other patients
they occur. In this spirit, we will continue
promising therapies — from monoclonal
like him.
development in our understanding of the
more patients’ genomes are sequenced
disease, and useful resources that can
and mutations are discovered, the hope
make a difference in your life.
is that patients can connect with other
The website is dynamic, just like the
patients, then engage with researchers
antibodies to first-in-class novel
therapies, to all-oral regimens. We are
confident that they will prove to have
a significant impact for many of our
patients,” said Fiona An, M.D., Senior
iona An, M.D.,
Senior Vice President
of Clinical Research
for the MMRF and
Vice President of Clinical Research for
the MMRF and MMRC.
The Johnson Family: Ed, Annie, Augie
and Louis.
Hope for patients with relapsed myeloma
These breakthrough MMRC clinical trials provide hope for relapsed patients who may have
few options and whose cancer has not responded to previous treatments.
The strength of the consortium
The Multiple Myeloma Research
Consortium (MMRC) is the first
collaborative research model of its
kind that brings together academic
The MMRC, working with our industry
Ibrutinib (Novel mechanism)
monoclonal antibody. The MMRC is also
Kyprolis. A mechanistically distinct way
and community cancer centers with
and academic research partners,
This multicenter, Phase I/IIb trial is
studying this investigational treatment
of inhibiting this critical proteasome
industry to advance innovative phase
identified a strategy to drive drug
studying ibrutinib in combination with
in combination with Revlimid and
pathway may provide benefit for patients
1 and phase 2 clinical trials of today’s
discovery and development for patients
Kyprolis® in patients with relapsed
dexamethasone. The lead MMRC
who are relapsed and refractory. The
most promising drug candidates.
University and Chairman of the
with multiple myeloma at a rapid
or relapsed and refractory multiple
investigator is Tom Martin, M.D. of the
lead MMRC sites are Emory University,
The MMRC leads a robust clinical
MMRC Steering Committee and the
pace — studying the most promising
myeloma. Oral ibrutinib blocks a
University of California, San Francisco.
overseen by Sagar Lonial, M.D., and the
network of 21 Member Institutions
Project Review Committee, praised
therapeutics and most diverse science
protein called Bruton’s tyrosine kinase.
University of California, San Francisco,
across the country that work together
the MMRC for its diligent work this
on parallel paths. Because of the
It is currently approved by the U.S.
overseen by Jeffrey Wolf, M.D.
as one. MMRC Member Institutions
year and the new lifesaving drugs it
complex nature of the disease, we are
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
are supported by an advanced
is developing in collaboration with
prioritizing three core approaches —
for the treatment of Chronic
infrastructure, including a cutting-
industry partners. “The ability of our
immunotherapies and antibodies,
Lymphocytic Leukemia. The lead
edge Tissue Bank and IT systems that
myeloma-focused clinicians to rapidly
novel drug mechanisms, and targeted
MMRC investigator is Ajai Chari, M.D.
enable rapid, seamless collaboration.
move laboratory data into real-world
therapies — to identify therapeutics
of Mount Sinai Hospital.
Ixazomib (MLN9708)
(Novel agent)
This Phase I/II trial is studying ixazomib
Additional Clinical Trials
(MLN9708) in combination with
The MMRF and the MMRC have
Pomalyst and dexamethasone for
accelerated more than 50 clinical trials
relapsed or relapsed and refractory
and are currently supporting many trials
multiple myeloma. Ixazomib is the first oral
at various stages of development. For
Sagar Lonial, M.D., Vice Chairman
consortium. New treatments and
Selinexor (KPT-330)
proteasome inhibitor in development. If
more information about the MMRF’s
of Clinical Affairs Department of
combinations represent the future
(Novel mechanism)
approved by the FDA, it could provide an
current research work and research
Hematology and Medical Oncology,
of how we will treat myeloma. The
Following is information on our six
This Phase I study is evaluating
easier and more convenient route of drug
services we can provide, please
Winship Cancer Institute, Emory
strides made just this year will help
new trials which are currently open for
the Selective Inhibitor of Nuclear
administration for many patients than
contact Daniel Auclair, Vice President
our patients in their goals to control
Export (SINE) selinexor (KPT-330)
current treatments in this class, which are
of Translational Research at
and ultimately cure the disease,”
in combination with Kyprolis and
administered by IV infusion or injection.
[email protected]
Dr. Lonial said.
dexamethasone in patients with
The lead MMRC site is the City of Hope
relapsed or relapsed and refractory
National Medical Center, overseen by
multiple myeloma. Selinexor is the first
Amrita Krishnan, M.D.
with the most promise and deliver them
to patients in a meaningful timeframe.
Marizomib (NPI-0052)
(Novel agent)
This Phase I, multicenter, open-label,
dose-escalation study is evaluating the
combination of marizomib, Pomalyst®
and low-dose dexamethasone (PMD)
in patients with relapsed or refractory
multiple myeloma. Marizomib is a novel
proteasome inhibitor in the same class
as Velcade® and Kyprolis.® MMRC has
also studied this drug in Phase I as a
single agent. Investigators believe that
it can work in patients who are resistant
drug in the SINE class to be studied in
multiple myeloma. MMRF played a key
role in advancing the study of selinexor
in multiple myeloma through the grant
of a Biotech Investment Award in 2010
to the drug’s developer, Karyopharm.
The lead MMRC investigator is
Andrej Jakubowiak, M.D., Ph.D. at
the University of Chicago.
CB-5083 (Novel mechanism)
This Phase I, open-label, dose-escalation
first-in-man study of CB-5083, the first
p97 inhibitor to enter clinical trials.
Several MMRC member institutions
worked closely with manufacturer
Cleave Biosciences on the preclinical
work, which suggested activity in
and Antibodies
lead MMRC investigator is Paul
This is a Phase I study of SAR650984
degradation and the proteasome
Richardson, M.D. at the Dana-Farber
as a single agent for the treatment
pathway, and inhibits this pathway at
Cancer Institute.
of relapsed or refractory multiple
a different intervention point than the
myeloma. SAR650984 is an anti-CD38
proteasome inhibitors, Velcade and
New Diagnostic Approaches
Janssen Diagnostics, LLC, CELLSEARCH®
Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Test
We have prioritized three core approaches to identify
treatment options — immunotherapies and antibodies,
targeted therapies, and novel mechanisms.
novel protein that is involved in protein
The MMRF and the MMRC are supporting a pipeline that
pursues the most promising therapeutics to help extend
and save the lives of people living with multiple myeloma.
SAR650984 (Antibody)
Robust Clinical Pipeline for Multiple Myeloma
multiple myeloma. CB-5083 targets a
to other proteasome inhibitors. The
clinical trials is a real strength of the
The MMRF goes to Washington
A meeting with key regulatory agencies, industry, academia and patients
yields encouraging results.
On October 22nd, the MMRF hosted a
“Myeloma is an incredibly complex,
The Multiple Myeloma Master Protocol
workshop in Washington, D.C. to discuss
heterogeneous disease. There is
would enable several Phase II clinical
and advance the development of a
an acute need for new therapies,
trials to take place at the same time but
Multiple Myeloma Master Protocol —
particularly for patients whose cancer
within a single study design. Patients
a novel clinical trial design that would
has relapsed,” said Shaji Kumar, M.D.,
enrolled in the trial would be assigned
allow multiple new therapies targeting
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.
to an appropriate treatment arm based
specific mutations to be evaluated
“The evidence suggests that this is
on a genetic analysis of their cancer.
simultaneously, completing in a single
the right approach to accelerate the
Decisions to advance a drug to Phase III
trial what would normally require five
development of targeted treatments.
testing in a specific genetic subgroup, or
or more individual studies. This may
When finalized, this Master Protocol
to test a different drug in this subgroup,
cut years off traditional approaches,
will be a major landmark for the
could be more quickly expedited — with
delivering potential breakthrough
multiple myeloma community.”
the goal of getting new drugs to patients
MMRF Senior Research Awards
MMRF Research Fellow Award
faster than ever before.
MMRF Senior Research Awards fund
MMRF Research Fellow Award
cutting-edge basic science and pre-
supports innovative research conducted
While real progress has been made in
clinical research focused on accelerating
by talented young investigators working
$1,375,000 in Senior
the battle against multiple myeloma,
the development of novel treatments.
under the supervision of a senior
Research and Research
therapies to patients faster than ever
before. More than 80 participants from
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,
the National Cancer Institute, the
pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic
industries, academic centers, and
the patient community attended the
workshop and endorsed a plan to move
forward with the development of this
novel study protocol.
MMRF Research Awards
fund important discoveries
there is still more work to do to bring
new, effective, personalized treatments
Qing Yi
to patients. The MMRF is committed to
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
moving the project forward as quickly
as possible.
Kari Hemminki
German Cancer Research Center,
Heidelberg, Germany
research mentor.
Kim Chan Chung
University Health Network, Toronto
Ontario, Canada
Jens Lohr
In 2014, the MMRF funded
Fellow Awards. The MMRF
acknowledges generous
contributions from Amgen,
Bristol-Myers Squibb,
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Genentech, Millennium,
University of California —
John Simmons
Onyx, Celgene, and Novartis
San Francisco (UCSF)
National Cancer Institute
in support of the awards.
Stephen Nutt
Eric Smith
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Memorial Sloan-Kettering
of Medical Research, Australia
Cancer Center
David Toczyski
Mike Chapman
The University of Cambridge,
United Kingdom
Data Update
We anticipated:
Making precision medicine a reality
for multiple myeloma patients
A wide spectrum of different myeloma
subtypes at initial diagnosis
A variety of treatment approaches
A small proportion of patients with
complex mutation patterns
We are seeing:
Over 10,000 mutations, or mutation
combinations; myeloma is a
heterogeneous type of cancer
Six treatment approaches predominate
in first-line treatment for myeloma
patients, with bortezomiblenalidomide-dexamethasone
prevailing as the most commonly used
therapeutic regimen (~60% of cases)
Patients are responding well —
medications are holding a majority
of patients’ disease in check for at least
Individual biology
Progress report
Understanding the genomic
The MMRF CoMMpass study is making
underpinnings of individual patients
enormous progress thanks to all the
genomic) from interim analyses
is the goal of the MMRF CoMMpassSM
inspiring patients and researchers who
1–4 are included in the MMRF
patterns not previously discovered, or
Study. This groundbreaking study, the
have joined it. Highlights of the study
Researcher Gateway which can
if discovered, not previously confirmed,
cornerstone of the MMRF precision
include the following:
be accessed by researchers around
until now
medicine initiative, is designed to profile
1,000 newly diagnosed patients by
obtaining their clinical and genomic
1,211 patients have been screened
least 8 years — and then linking this
data to patients’ clinical responses.
By revealing the biological basis of
myeloma in this manner, and the
disease’s response to treatments, it will
accelerate new and even more effective
therapies for patients, and perhaps the
beginning of cures for many subtypes.
4 research sites are enrolling
Data and material sharing
are placed on a public portal (the MMRF
collaborations will be initiated in
Researcher Gateway). The resulting data
December 2014 allowing CoMMpass
set will be the largest, most comprehensive
to “piggyback” on other trials
catalog of multiple myeloma including the
patients in the U.S., Canada and Spain
largest set of whole genome sequences.
It will provide far more information than
oMMpass data is reviewed and
analyzed every six months; the 6th
is possible from many current cancer
Interim Analysis has been completed,
tissue banks that typically include one
which includes clinical data for 626
sample per patient.
patients, and 363 patients with full
genomic profiling results
It is yet another way
we are curing cancer.
*As of November 1, 2014
Some unique mutations and mutational
The findings of the CoMMpass StudySM
743/1,000 active patients are
information at an unprecedented level
of detail — from initial diagnosis for at
the world
three years, and counting
CoMMpass data (clinical and
The Elseys Announce a $1 Million Matching Campaign
The Linda Rodgers Emory Fund
Precious Cat founders Dr. Bruce and Kathy Elsey donation
establishes a fund to accelerate a cure.
$1 million gift establishes a fund for
accelerating immunotherapy in multiple myeloma.
A new initiative from committed
decided to make a transformative
A strong partnership
Linda Rodgers Emory, a longtime
spreading to other parts of the body,
and creative supporters
commitment to the MMRF and began
The Elseys have funded nearly
supporter of the MMRF and multiple
helping the immune system increase
The Elseys, longtime supporters of
donating a portion of purchases of
$7 million to help discover and
myeloma patient, has made a generous
its effectiveness at eliminating cancer
the MMRF, will match contributions
their Precious Cat Litter products
advance numerous new drugs into
donation of $1 million. This funding will
cells. Tremendous strides are being
of the MMRF community by 100%
to the MMRF.
MMRC clinical trials, and to fuel the
help expedite a pipeline of immuno-
made in other cancers using these
Precision Medicine Program featuring
therapeutic agents to benefit myeloma
types of approaches, including trials
the CoMMpass Study,SM the MMRF
patients, and enable critical research
presented at the Annual American
Researcher Gateway and the MMRF
into the basic biology and mechanisms
Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
CoMMunity Gateway. 2014 marked
of immune response in myeloma.
Meeting. This funding will be used to
other compounds made by the body
rapidly advance trials into the clinic.
or developed in the laboratory, we are
up to $1 million before the end of 2014.
The gift establishes Dr. Elsey’s Fund
to Cure Cancer.
In addition to the
current challenge,
“Our family has cancer,” he says. “We
the Elseys have
feel blessed that our family can support
partnered on
Kathy Giusti’s much larger family that
a campaign to
“Kathy and Bruce’s visionary leadership
build and support the best portfolio of
“Linda Rodgers Emory has provided
also has multiple myeloma. Kathy Giusti’s
raise awareness
and inspirational support of the
immunotherapeutic agents possible,”
profound philanthropic leadership
the fourth year of this collaboration.
“I made this gift to the MMRF to help
The power
of immunotherapy
Immunotherapy leverages the power of
the best disease-fighting machine ever
created — the human immune system —
to identify, target, and overcome threats
to our body. By using proteins and
discovering new ways to activate, train
and strengthen the immune system to
recognize and shut down cancerous cells.
family is the MMRF and they are
and funds for myeloma research. The
MMRF’s scientific and patient programs
said Ms. Emory. “I am confident that
to advancing myeloma research and
working tirelessly to quickly find a cure.”
campaign, #CatsAgainstCancer, spans
have enabled advances that would
the MMRF will assemble the best
drug development over the years,
to increase its effectiveness, patients
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using
otherwise not be possible,” said Walter
scientists and researchers from around
for which we are extremely grateful,”
may be able to avoid more toxic and
the Photala photo sharing platform to
M. Capone, Chief Executive Officer and
the world to focus on this exciting area
Kathy Giusti said. “This contribution
debilitating therapies. The MMRF
enable users to share their individual
President of the MMRF. “In addition,
of cancer research and work diligently
will help us build the most robust
is building a robust pipeline of
experiences and support the campaign’s
they have inspired further support
to speed clinical trials of promising
pipeline of immunotherapeutic agents
immunotherapeutic approaches from
mission. As part of the campaign,
through generous contributions
new approaches to benefit all multiple
for myeloma, and will allow us to build
novel antibodies to modified immune-
When Kathy Elsey
users can download a coupon from the
from thousands of other donors. The
myeloma patients.”
collaborations with experts in
system cells to vaccine-based therapies
was diagnosed with
campaign landing page that allows them
establishment of Dr. Elsey’s Fund to
immune biology in myeloma and
that precisely target myeloma.
multiple myeloma
to save $3 on their next purchase of
Cure Cancer will allow us to drive closer
in 2009, she and
a 40-pound bag of Precious Cat Ultra
than ever towards a cure.”
A transformative commitment
This new initiative from the Elseys is not
the first time they’ve provided generous
support to the MMRF.
Dr. Bruce Elsey wanted to do everything
Litter. For every $3 saved, Precious Cat
they could to attain a cure. Already
will donate $3 to MMRF.
generous philanthropists, the Elseys
Although it is not entirely clear how
immunotherapy treats cancer, it is
By permitting the immune system
in other cancers.”
thought to stop or slow the growth
of cancer cells, or stop cancer from
Kathy and Dr. Bruce Elsey with their
Linda Rodgers Emory, philanthropist, MMRF
supporter, and multiple myeloma patient.
Leadership News
Behind the Titles
The MMRF welcomes three new cancer fighters
Fiona An, M.D., Senior Vice
President of Clinical Research
Fiona is a global clinical research
Daniel Auclair, Ph.D.,
Vice President of Translational
Get to know the MMRF team members.
Sharon Saias,
Senior Director of Marketing
Alicia O’Neill, Director of Endurance Events, walks the walk — and runs the races.
Sharon’s marketing career spans more
When Alicia O’Neill founded the MMRF
and development professional with
Daniel, who managed
than 25 years, with both client and
Endurance Events program in 2007,
triathlons, and
significant experience in oncology and
the MMRF Multiple
agency experience in consumer and
her first project was the New York City
other endurance
hematological malignancies in both
Myeloma Genomics
B-to-B marketing across a wide range
Marathon. Twenty MMRF Team for
events often
academia and the pharmaceutical
Initiative from
of industries. Prior to joining MMRF,
Cures members raised $125,000 and
sell out fast, and
industry. She recently joined the MMRF
2007-2010, rejoined
Sharon served as Director of Marketing
“we were on our way,” she says. In 2008,
athletes who want
from Pfizer, Inc., where she worked as
the company in 2013 after three years at
at Frontier Communications, Senior
63 runners ran eight world-class races,
to compete gain
a Senior Director of Global Oncology
the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.
Brand Manager with Kraft Foods, and
including the Boston and Chicago
entry by joining
Digital Marketing Manager at illycaffè.
marathons. “That first ‘real year’ of
an official charity
As senior leader in the Cancer
She previously ran her own consulting
a full program, we raised $325,000.”
team. When they
Program at the Broad Institute, Daniel
business where she served both agency
Clinical Development.
Fiona began with
molecular biology
was involved with a wide range of
and corporate clients, and included such
and preclinical
academic and industry collaborations
companies as Communications Plus,
oncology research
at the Chinese Center
centered around cancer genomics and
personalized medicine.
AMBI/CardiaNutrition, IBM, Lucent
Technologies, and Reader’s Digest.
for Disease Control and Prevention,
the University of Chicago, and the Scripps
Prior to this, he spent a decade in the
Sharon began her career at Ogilvy &
Research Institute, then expanded into
pharmaceutical industry, most
Mather where she managed such high-
oncology clinical research and drug
notably at Bayer Healthcare where he
profile accounts as AMEX, AT&T and
development at Pfizer.
led a number of cancer drug discovery
Vanguard Financial
Prior to Pfizer, Fiona worked in
Services. Sharon
received her B.B.A.
This year, MMRF Endurance Events
raised more than $3 million with over
1,000 participants in 20 events. Success
become part of
Team for Cures,
they agree to
Alicia O’Neill participates in the
Berlin Marathon.
fundraise at a certain level and “they
get involved. 2015 will also introduce
learn about us,” says Alicia. “Over time,
the Fifth Avenue Mile, one of the crown
they become our champions.” In the
jewels of the New York Road Runners,
last IRONMAN event, they raised more
and will, of course, continue to offer
“I love the relationships, the ideas,
than $8,000 per person. “They become
the traditional 5K Walk/Runs in which
building new programs into franchises,”
connected to us, and excelled.”
supporters of all ages participate.
Alicia says. Perhaps most inspiring is
MMRF Endurance Events have grown
the kind of outcome she experienced
“We want to mix things up and give
from that first New York City Marathon
in the first MMRF association with an
our supporters lots of different ways
to include U.S. and international
IRONMAN® triathlon. “70 percent of
to participate, and keep it fun and
marathons, cycling events, triathlons,
the people on the team had never heard
interesting,” she says.
and more. The MMRF is the Official
of the MMRF when they signed up,” she
Charity Partner of 2015 IRONMAN
Alicia keeps things interesting for
comes, in part, from the enthusiasm,
creativity, and energy of Alicia and her
staff, Jane Hoffmann and Kelley Ward.
Business Development and New
Daniel holds graduate and post-
Products Marketing at Forest
graduate degrees in Biochemistry
Laboratories, Inc., as well as product
and Nutrition from the University of
management in Global Strategic
Montreal and conducted postdoctoral
Marketing at Janssen (Johnson &
studies at the Dana-Farber Cancer
explains, “and we wound up raising more
herself, too. “I have done an event for
Johnson) for Velcade.
Institute/Harvard Cancer Center.
Lake Placid and next year will add the
money with that event than any event
Spartan Race™ in Citi Field and Fenway
the MMRF team every year: NYC
in Marketing
from Hofstra
ever.” More important, “we created
Park as well as a couple of Ragnar®
Marathon, Boston, London, Marine
Fiona has an M.D. from Beijing Medical
incredible ambassadors who will
Relay races. In addition, there are plans
Corps Marathon, and most recently,
University, an M.S. from the University
continue to support us in other events.”
for a 10-mile kayak event across Long
Berlin. I think it’s important to “walk the
Island Sound. But, Alicia emphasizes,
walk” (or run the run!). Almost always,
you don’t have to be a super athlete to
I am the top fundraiser on the team.”
of Chicago (concentration in Cancer
Biology), and an M.B.A. from Stern School
of Business at New York University.
The MMRF Fall Gala
Is a Glittering
The premier fundraising
event of the MMRF brought
in more than $2,600,000
that will significantly help
to fuel the research that
will cure multiple myeloma.
1. New Orleans jazz filled the air.
2. Left to right: Paula and Warren
Berliner, Lori and Joe Dobrin
The event, Fairfield County,
3. W. Dana LaForge and
Special Correspondent for NBC News
of the MMRF. “The money we
and multiple myeloma patient, was
raise is critical to developing the
awarded the MMRF Spirit of Hope
next generation of genomic and
Award, and William N. Hait, M.D.,
immunotherapeutic treatments as we
Ph.D., received the MMRF Corporate
move closer to discovering the cure for
Chair Award. Dr. Hait is Global Head of
myeloma. We greatly appreciate the
Research and Development at Janssen
enthusiasm, support and generosity
Research Development, LLC.
of all who participated.”
Connecticut’s largest fundraiser,
World-class entertainment was
4. Elizabeth and Traver Hutchins
was attended by more than 1,100
provided by Wynton Marsalis, the
5. Left to Right: Linda Miller, Karen
people, including many celebrities
internationally acclaimed musician,
Siebert, Hoda Kotb, Karen Andrews,
and the nation’s most prominent
composer, bandleader, educator, and
Anna Povinelli, Julie Church
business executives and high-impact
Managing and Artistic Director of
Jazz at Lincoln Center.
Brian Williams, Anchor and Managing
“Hosting this event is extremely
3. Wynton Marsalis
Editor of NBC Nightly News, served as
gratifying,” says Walter M. Capone,
4. David Letterman
Master of Ceremonies. Tom Brokaw,
Chief Executive Officer and President
5. Brian Williams
Kathleen McCabe
1. Left to right: William N. Hait, M.D.,
Ph.D., Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw, Kathy
Giusti, Wynton Marsalis, Walter M. Capone
2. Skip Brevis Band
Laugh for Life
Raises $700,000
Awards Dinner
Raises $800,000
April was an encouraging month for the
faster and one day the MMRF will find a
at CBS 2 Chicago and a multiple
Fran Drescher was the honoree at
MMRF. That is when more than 400
cure. I am honored to be recognized by
myeloma patient, and Lester Knight,
the 12th Annual Multiple Myeloma
business, healthcare and community
the MMRF, an innovative organization
Founding Partner and Co-Chairman
Research Foundation Laugh for Life:
leaders attended the 12th Annual
that helps so many cancer patients.”
of RoundTable Healthcare Partners.
New York evening held in May. Susie
more to shape the future
Connie L. Lindsey, Executive Vice
“We are truly grateful for the remark-
Essman, stand-up comedian, actress,
of cancer research.”
President and Global Head of
able support shown tonight by our
Corporate Social Responsibility
speakers Bonnie Hunt, Mike Ditka and
and Global Diversity & Inclusion at
Connie Lindsey,” said Walter M. Capone,
Northern Trust, Chicago, served as
MMRF Chief Executive Officer and
the event’s Patient Family Speaker.
President. “Together we are playing
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
Chicago Awards Dinner to honor
legendary NFL player, head coach and
broadcaster Mike Ditka. The event
raised more than $800,000, which
will help extend patients’ lives and
accelerate new treatments leading
to a cure for multiple myeloma.
Mr. Ditka was presented with the
MMRF Courage and Commitment
Award by the 2012 MMRF Spirit of
Hope Award Honoree, Pat Williams,
Senior Vice President of the NBA’s
Orlando Magic.
“By funding valuable cancer research
and breaking down barriers in cancer
research,” Mr. Ditka said, “countless
patients will be able to get treatments
“I am here this evening with a heart filled
with gratitude and a sense of urgency,”
said Ms. Lindsey. “I am grateful for
a vital role in the development of
new and improved treatments for
cancer patients.”
artist, served as headliner for the
at Fox Rothschild LLP and a member
of the MMRF Board of Directors, was
the evening’s Master of Ceremonies.
They were joined by more than 625
tri-state area business, healthcare
and community leaders who raised
indefatigable pursuit of excellence
research conducted by the MMRF.
options for myeloma patients.”
The event was also attended by notable
Chicago guests including Derrick
Blakley, General Assignment Reporter
1. Pat Williams, Walter M. Capone, Connie Lindsey,
Kathy Giusti, Bonnie Hunt, Mike Ditka
“The MMRF Laugh for Life event
achieve that cause, and staying with
it until the goal is achieved,” said Joel
Beetsch, Vice President of Global Patient
Advocacy at Celgene Corporation.
“Celgene is proud to partner with the
ran Drescher
comedy event. Michael Reinert, Partner
$700,000 to benefit the innovative
transformed the approach to treatment
“No organization is doing
writer, television producer, and voice
the MMRF and to Kathy Giusti whose
and collaborative scientific research
common cause, developing a plan to
MMRF on behalf of the many, many
patients and families it serves.”
courage of patients, their families and
friends,” said Walter M. Capone, Chief
Executive Officer and President of the
MMRF. “Thanks to those who inspire
and support events like ‘Laugh,’ we
are able to accelerate new and even
more effective therapies for patients
and advance cutting-edge research
through our partnerships with the best
1. Elizabeth Hutchins
provides us the opportunity to honor
scientists, researchers and clinicians in
2. Walter M. Capone, Fran Drescher, Michael
Reinert, Aviva Drescher, Anne Quinn Young
2. Mike Ditka
all who are united in our mission to
institutions and companies worldwide.”
3. Susie Essman
3. The Rosengarden Family with Mike Ditka
cure myeloma, but especially the
4. Pat Williams
“The MMRF is known for bringing great
4. Fran Drescher, Sherri Lippman, Sue Korn,
Cindi Stern
5. Ryan Anthony
researchers, scientists and the multiple
5. Skip Brevis Band
6. Connie Lindsey
myeloma community together for a
6. Aviva Drescher, Michael Reinert
Honorary Race Co-chairs:
Team for Cures 5K Walk/Run
Dr. Andrej Jakubowiak
and Dr. Todd Zimmerman,
Team for Cures 5K has raised more than $2 million with nearly 10,000
participants so far in 2014! The series is held annually in seven cities and participation
offers camaraderie and knowledge sharing for patients, patient family members and friends,
members of the myeloma community, and others.
San Francisco
The University of Chicago Medicine
Attendees: .......................................... 1,791
Spirit of Hope Honoree:
family donate to the MMRF rather
Funds Raised: ............................. $539,340
Eli Coustan
than give him presents for his seventh
Top Team: 410 for Jill.................$78,225
Eli got involved with the MMRF so
birthday in August. Whenever anyone
Top Individual:
that he could help raise awareness and
asks why he is fundraising, he always
Hal Anderson ................................$17,390
funds to cure multiple myeloma to save
gives the same simple response, “I want
his uncle Brad. Eli also decided that he
to help save Uncle Brad.” Eli raised
would prefer to have his friends and
$14,363 for the MMRF.
Spirit of Hope Honorees:
Allan Osborne
Twin Cities
Tri-State (CT, NJ, NY)
When Allan and his wife Deb realized
Honorary Race Co-chairs:
Honorary Race Co-chairs:
MMRF Courage and Commitment
that the drugs responsible for Allan’s
Dr. Shaji Kumar, Mayo Clinic
Kathy Giusti
Award Recipient: Mark Herzlich,
and Walter M. Capone, MMRF
New York Giants linebacker and
remission were due to the work of
Honorary Race Co-chairs:
Honorary Race Co-chairs:
the MMRF, they wanted to help the
Dr. Paul Richardson, Dana-Farber
research move forward. The Osbornes
Cancer Institute and Dr. Michael
and their friends have participated in
Vasconcelles, Millennium, Takeda
every event since 2010.
Oncology Company
Dr. Tom Martin and Dr. Jeffrey Wolf,
Attendees: .......................................... 1,829
University of California San Francisco
Funds Raised: ............................. $360,576
Attendees: .............................................. 750
Funds Raised: ............................. $225,633
Top Team: Team Susie...............$26,196
Top Individual: Jack Aiello .....$45,606
Spirit of Hope Honorees:
Attendees: .......................................... 1,134
Funds Raised: ............................. $170,336
Attendees: .......................................... 1,263
Top Team: TEAM TIR(ED) .......$20,793
Funds Raised: ............................. $343,400
Top Individual:
Top Team:
Ericka Johnson .................................$1,980
Team Better Days..................... $108, 830
Top Individual: Gary Heinze ...$11,418
Top Team:
Team Multiple Miracles..............$22,075
Top Individual: Paul Carter ....$18,560
Spirit of Giving Award:
Maureen Willard
Hurley Nation................................$11,747
Susie Castillo-Robson
and Robert Robson
bone cancer survivor
After his diagnosis
in 2009, Herzlich
was told he would
never play football
again, and that his
Spirit of Hope Honorees:
survival odds were
Megan Parker
10 percent. Two
Megan started fundraising for the
years later, he was
MMRF to support her mother and
a member of the
continues to fundraise after her death.
Super Bowl XLVI
Spirit of Hope Honorees:
On long runs, she would break down
Championship Giants team. Herzlich
Team Jeffy C & TNT
in tears thinking about her. “There is
shared his inspirational story and signed
This courageous and growing team,
nothing more motivating than stopping
hundreds of copies of his new book,
which has become very active in the
someone else from feeing that pain. We
What it Takes: Fighting for My Life and
multiple myeloma community, works
must find a cure.”
My Love of the Game at the race.
After Susie was diagnosed with multiple
in support of all cancer patients, and
myeloma, she said, “I wanted my years
specifically in honor of Jeff Carlson and
to matter. We decided the MMRF 5K
Nate Tatarek. The MMRF 5K is a time for
Walk/Run fit the bill for truly making an
Jeff and Nate’s families to come together
impact because the MMRF spearheads
and remember Jeff who, sadly, passed
such important and urgent work.”
away in 2012 at the young age of 34, and
honor Nate (coincidentally a friend and
co-worker of Jeff’s) who continues to
fight this disease daily.
Endurance events
Independent events
Amazing families put their passion to work and hosted more than 90 events
that raised close to $1 million for the MMRF in 2014.
Crawfish for Cancer
Second Annual #bradstrong
Golfs Against Cancer
to Benefit the MMRF
Eric Gelber (center) 200 Miles Towards a Cure
200 Miles Towards a Cure
IRONMAN Lake Placid
2,185.3 miles on
the Appalachian Trail
Super-supporter and ultra-runner
110 athletes raised $865,000 in
Mark St. John took time between jobs
Eric Gelber, who has raised more than
the prestigious IRONMAN Lake
to hike the entire Appalachian Trail,
$470,000 since 2008 via various ultra-
Placid triathlon in July. The MMRF
a five-month journey that resulted in
marathon events, raised the bar even
is the exclusive charity partner of
over $10,000 raised for the MMRF.
higher this year by attempting to run
IRONMAN Lake Placid, one of the
Mark made his epic journey to honor his
The tournament that had the biggest
200 miles, in New York City’s Central
most popular IRONMAN races.
friend Paula Guerin, who lost her battle
growth this year was hosted by Brad
Park, Friday, Sept. 19 to Sunday 21. With
Triathletes completed the 2.4-mile
with multiple myeloma in 2011.
Coustan, who was diagnosed with
the support of Celgene Corporation,
swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile
who recruited 33 employees to serve as
marathon to cross the finish line and
“lap captains,” Eric ran for an amazing 56
hear those magic words, “You are an
New in 2015:
hours, raising over $215,000. Hundreds
IRONMAN.” And six MMRF athletes
of runners joined him during the course
earned a spot in the IRONMAN
and Fenway Park. VIP experience for
of the two-plus days, including scores of
World Championships in Kona, HI, the
individuals and corporate teams.
multiple myeloma patients who walked
ultimate goal for triathletes. Visit our
or ran with him to show gratitude
website to see how the IRONMAN
and support. Eric’s effort was part of
running experiences are on the bucket
program is expanding in 2015.
list for many runners.
the MMRF Your Own Race program,
Ragnar Relays — 12-person, 200-mile
for the MMRF. In 2014, over 20 golf
tournaments were hosted across the
country, raising more than $400,000
for critical myeloma research.
Young philanthropists at a Crawfish for Cancer event
multiple myeloma in 2012.
Crawfish for Cancer (CFC Inc.) was
CFC has grown from one event held
The #bradstrong Golfs Against Cancer
founded by James Crowell, whose
each May in New York City to six events
Golf Outing to Benefit the MMRF is held
father, Lieutenant Colonel Lorenzo
across the country in Atlanta, Boston,
in Scotts Plains, New Jersey with over
Mayo Crowell, USAF, Retired, passed
Chicago, D.C., New York City and San
140 golfers and about 200 participants.
away as a result of multiple myeloma
Francisco. Hundreds of pounds of
The event doubled its revenue this year,
in March 2014.
Louisiana crawfish are served along with
raising over $51,000 for the MMRF.
Fellow Williams College alumni and
Kayak for a Cause — 100 kayakers will
cross Long Island Sound..
adventure or race of their choosing.
where athletes can take on an athletic
Challenging endurance
events raised over
$3 million in 2014.
Spartan Stadium obstacle races in Citi Field
Golf is a popular way to fundraise
Learn more and get involved:
Glenn Pagan, IRONMAN® World
Championships, Kona, HI.
cofounders Peter Vecchio, Michael
live music throughout the day.
Graham and Scott Johnson helped
The MMRF has received more than
James launch CFC in 2008. Their idea
$150,000 over the past five years and
was to provide events that cater to
$80,000 for CFC’s 2014 events. The
young professionals and engage a
2015 Crawfish events promise to be
new generation of philanthropists.
even bigger with a season kick-off event
The goal was to raise awareness and
in Charleston, SC on April 11, 2015.
funds for multiple myeloma research.
beer, wine and signature cocktails, with
Brad Coustan and family.
MMRF in the news
The MMRF has a compelling story to tell
And the world wants to hear it.
MMRF Signature Events
The Magazine of the Multiple Myeloma
Research Foundation | Fall/Winter 2014
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
Spring 2015
MMRF Chicago Awards Dinner
Chicago, IL
383 Main Avenue, 5th Floor, Norwalk, CT 06851
May 5, 2015
MMRF Laugh for Life: New York
New York, NY
Phone: 203-229-0464
Fortune Magazine
October 24, 2015
MMRF Annual Fall Gala
Greenwich, CT
The MMRF Online:
The March issue of Fortune Magazine named Kathy Giusti number 19 of
MMRF Endurance Events
“The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” putting her in the company of the Pope
March 15, 2015
New York City Half Marathon
Register Online
and the Dalai Llama.
March 22, 2015
Quintiles Marathon and Half Marathon
Register Online
April 20, 2015
Boston Marathon
Register Online
Harvard Business School Club of New York
In May, the largest alumni chapter of the Harvard Business School (HBS) awarded
the John C. Whitehead Social Enterprise Award to Kathy Giusti in recognition of
her profound commitment to social enterprise.
April 26, 2015
Virgin London Marathon
Register Online
April 26, 2015
Big Sur International Marathon
Register Online
May 3, 2015
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Register Online
May 9, 2015
Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon
Register Online
May 9, 2015
Spartan Citi Field Sprint (Stadium)
Coming Soon
June 7, 2015
Escape from Alcatraz
Register Online
June 27, 2015
Kayak for a Cause
Coming Soon
Email: [email protected]
Web: themmrf.org
Board of Directors
Kathy Giusti, Executive Chairman, Founder
Kenneth Anderson, M.D.
Karen E. Andrews
William K. Bowes, Jr.
Walter M. Capone
Stephen Grand
Eugene P. Grisanti
David L. Lucchino
W. Dana LaForge
Joel S. Marcus
Lori Tauber Marcus
Gerald McDougall
William S. McKiernan
Chris A. McWilton
Mike Mortimer
Charles B. Ortner
David R. Parkinson, M.D.
Marie Pinizzotto, M.D.
Michael Reinert
Meryl Zausner
Executive Committee
Walter M. Capone
President and Chief Executive Officer
July 19, 2015
New York City Triathlon
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More Magazine
July 26, 2015
IRONMAN Lake Placid
Register Online
The July issue of More Magazine featured Kathy Giusti in an article entitled, “One
August 16, 2015
IRONMAN® Mont Tremblant
Register Online
of These Women Might Save Your Life.” The article cited Kathy for “speeding up the
September 29, 2015
BMW Berlin Marathon
Register Online
pace of cancer research” and provided a crystal clear explanation of how the MMRF
September 2015
Ragnar Relay D.C.
Coming Soon
has achieved so much in such a short time.
September 2015
Fifth Avenue Mile
Coming Soon
October 10, 2015
IRONMAN® World Championship Kona
Register Online
October 11, 2015
Bank of America Chicago Marathon
Register Online
Sharon Saias
Senior Director, Marketing
FasterCures’ Innovator Spotlight
November 1, 2015
TCS New York City Marathon
Coming Soon
In July, FasterCures, a Center of the Milken Institute, interviewed Walter M. Capone
November 2015
Spartan Fenway Park Sprint (Stadium)
Coming Soon
Laura Gilman
Director, Corporate and Independent Events
as one of the “people driving some of the most promising consortia in medical
MMRF 5K Walks/Runs
research.” Walter’s interview is part a series that comprises FasterCures’
March 2015
San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
Consortia-pedia project, which dissects the research-by-collaboration model
April 2015
Boston, MA
and aims to establish a framework that can be applied broadly.
May 2015
Atlanta, GA
June 2015
Tri-State (CT, NJ, NY)
New Canaan, CT
September 2015
Chicago, IL
Wired Magazine
September 2015
Twin Cities
St. Paul, MN
The August issue of Wired Magazine carried an article written by Kathy Giusti titled
October 2015
New Jersey/New York
“Cancer Research: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach.” Kathy wrote about recent
November 2015
Philadelphia, PA
November 2015
Washington, D.C.
Fort Washington, MD
advances in genome sequencing technologies and super computers making it
possible to “ferret out the genetic mutations and other molecular abnormalities
Clinical Insights in Multiple Myeloma
that underlie certain cancers.” Kathy went on to explain that “this information is
April 2015
Chairs: Drs. Paul Richardson & Kenneth Anderson
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, MA
May 2015
Chair: Drs. Sagar Lonial & Jonathan Kaufman
Winship Cancer Center
Atlanta, GA
June 2015
Chair: Dr. Sundar Jagannath
Mt. Sinai Hospital
New York, NY
one of the most important resources cancer patients can have because it can allow
doctors to tailor treatments to the unique aspects of their cancer.”
To read more, visit themmrf.org/stories
2015 Calendar of Events
Fiona An, M.D.
Senior Vice President of Clinical Research
Daniel Auclair, Ph.D.
Vice President of Translational Research
Beverly Harrison
Vice President of Clinical Operations
Anne Quinn Young, M.P.H.
Vice President, Development
and Strategic Partnerships
Honorary Board
Dusty Baker
Don Baylor
James T. Brown
Bob Costas
Katie Couric
Cindy Crawford
Ann Curry
Clive J. Davis
Scott Hamilton
Mariska Hargitay
Lou Holtz
Bonnie Hunt
Senator Kay Bailey
Dan Jansen
Hoda Kotb
Diana Krall
Eric McCormack
Deborah Norville
Sharon Osbourne
Carl Quintanilla
Al Roker
Mel Stottlemyre
Brian Williams
Pat Williams
Bob Woodruff
Lee Woodruff
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