Find and close the door to cyber threats

Find and close the door to cyber threats
Are critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities lurking within your network
systems and processes? Identify and mitigate your risks now to avoid
costs to your organization’s reputation and bottom line down the road
– you may not have as much time as you think. Find and fix your security gaps now, with a Cybersecurity Engineering
Assessment (CEA) from General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions. We dig deeper to detect, prevent, and defend against internal and
external threats that potentially may be gearing up to attack your system.
Our experienced Network Defense and Forensics (NDF) team will perform
a thorough evaluation of your security controls for the storage, access,
and movement of data to uncover potential vulnerabilities. Then, we
provide a clear roadmap for closing the gaps to reduce your risk and
strengthen your security posture, so you can better protect your critical
assets, infrastructure, and information.
• Avoid costly remediation by proactively
strengthening your defensive posture.
• Minimize the risk of business disruption
and damage to your valuable brand.
• Reduce costs through continuous,
automated protection, and monitoring.
• Improve compliance with data security
regulations and standards.
General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions provides a combination of
strengths that translate into greater peace of mind for your organization.
EXPERT PEOPLE: Our NDF team includes some of the most skilled and experienced cybersecurity
professionals in the business, with decades of experience—including service within the DoD and intelligence communities. Their extensive knowledge of continually evolving threats, adversaries, and techniques
enables them to quickly pinpoint hidden vulnerabilities and create a practical plan for securing your assets.
PROVEN PROCESS: Our CEA is a systematic, security controls-based approach focusing on critical
data systems and information. To meet each organization’s needs, we employ a variety of industry best
practices and guidelines—including the Consensus Audit Guidelines (CAG-20) cybersecurity standards
developed for the defense industry—as well as our team’s vast real-world experience. We go beyond
limited “desk audits” and assess more than 160 factors to create a detailed picture of your security
posture—and a clear plan for strengthening your defenses.
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Staying a step ahead of cybercriminals requires advanced threat detection technology. We use a range of best-of-breed technologies, including our own proprietary tools,
to assess your systems and network environment. This full spectrum approach enables our team to
uncover vulnerabilities that might be overlooked by relying on a single toolset.
At every step, our team will dig into the details, leveraging their real-world experience to uncover overlooked security
gaps that open you up to risk. During our assessment we will:
• Interview key personnel to understand current security practices, company culture, and network and cybersecurity needs.
• Evaluate defense-in-depth, examining people, process, and technology to determine the holistic security strategy.
• Perform a comprehensive network analysis that can be used to determine gaps, potential security issues, and recommendations for remediation.
Following our assessment, you receive a comprehensive report with clear, actionable information to guide your risk
mitigation efforts:
• Executive Summary highlighting key findings for your enterprise, in the context of industry standards—so you
have a clear picture of your security posture and can easily communicate it to other stakeholders.
• Security Gap Analysis identifying gaps in your organization’s security controls that could expose your enterprise
to cyber-attacks for malicious threat actors or insiders threats.
• Threat Mitigation Roadmap including specific recommendations for correcting and/or enhancing your security
controls, tailored to your business—so you can proactively close the door to cyber threats.
As your trusted cybersecurity advisors, we are always available to provide guidance catered to your security strategy
and architecture that will help you achieve your security goals.
General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions’ team brings experience and expertise
to the table, with an average of 18 years per teammate fighting cyber threats on the
front lines, and more than 3,500 breach investigations under their belt.
Our Cybersecurity Engineering Assessment (CEA) is part of our comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions and
services, including Data Breach & Incident Response services, Breach Prevention Assessment services, and
Litigation Support services.
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