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Introduction to Pathology
Oveaview ol Cellular Responsesto Stress
and Noxious Stimuli
Cellular Adaptations to Stress
Overview of Cell lhiury and Cell Death
Causesof cell Iniury
The Morphology of Cell and Tisrue Intury
of Tissue
to Injury
Mechanisns of Cell Iniury
Depletionof ATP
Damageto Mitochondria
Intluxof Calcium
Accumulationof Oxygen-Derived
Defectsin MembranePermeability
Damageto DNAand Protein5
Literaily translated,pdt olo6l is the study (/ogos)of suffering (pdrros).k is a disciplinethat bridsesclinicalpractice and basicscience,and it involvesthe inv€stieationof
the causes
of disearea. well rr rhe underlying
rhar resuhin rhe pre.enring
\isn\ and (ympromsof rhe parienr.Parhologrsrs
variery of molecular,microbiologic, and immunologic
techniquesto understandthe biochemical,structural,and
functionalchangesthat occurin cells,tissues,and organs.
To renderdiagnoses
and guidetherapy,pathologistsiden
tify changesin the grossor rnicroscopicappearance
pDology)ofcells and tissDes,
and bioch€micalalt€rations
in body fluids (such as blood and urine). Traditionally,
the disciplineis divid€d into generalpathologyand sys
remic parhologyirhe former focuseson rhe fundarnenral
cellularand tissueresponses
to patholosicstimuli, $hile
Examples of Cell Iniury and Necrosis
and Hypoxi(Injury
of AooDtosis
of AooDtosis
of Apoptosis
Intlacellular Accumulationg
Pathologic Calcification
the latter examinesthe parricularresponses
of specialized
organs.In this book we 6rst cover the broad principles
ofgeneralpathologyand then progressro specificdiseasc
in individual organs.
Cells are active pa.ticipanrsin their environmenr,constanrly adjustingtheir structureand function to accom
modate changing demands and extracellular stresses.
Cells tend to maintain rheir inrracellularmilieu wirhin a
fairly narrow range of physiologicparameters;thar is,
rbey maintain notmal homeostasis.As cells encounrer
physiologic stressesor pathologic stimuli, they can
uodergo adapiation, achievinga new steadystate and
p.esenins viability and function.The principaladaptive
hrpertrcpby, hfierpLasid, dtrophy, and
netdplasid.lf rtu adaptivecapabilityrsexceededor ifthe
ext€rnalstressis inherendvharmful, r"1/ t',r,ry devetops
(Fis. l-l). Wirhin cerrainlimits injvy is reuersibte,and
cells rerurn ro a stablebaselin€;however,severeor persistentstressresuksin irrcuersibLe
iniury ^nd dea,thoI rhe
affectedcells-Cell dcath is oneof the mostcrucialevenrs
r! rnecjirrpuol or dr\ea\ern rn] tr\\ueororqrn.lrTEittis
cru\e\. Inctudrngr\hemra (h(k ot blood
fk)w), inf€ctions, roxins, and immune reactnrns.Cell
death is aho a normal and essentialprocessin embryo
of org;n'. rnd the mainrenance
s.ner'. rhede'elupmenr
The relationships between normal, adaprec, ano
reversiblyand irreversiblyinjuredcellsarewell illustrated
by the responses
of the heart to different typesof stress
(Fig. l-2). Myocardiumsubjectedto persistenrincreased
load, as in hypertensionor with a srenodcva,ve,aaaprs
by undergoinshypettrophy-an increasein the size of
the individual cells and ultimately the enrire heart-to
generatethe required hisher contractile force. If rhe
increaseddemandis not .elieved,or if rhe myocardiLrm
is subjecredro reducedbkxd ftow lrschenial t'ron an
occludedcoronary arrery,the musclecellsmay undergo
inju.y. Myocardiummay be reversiblyinjuredifthe stress
Figur€ l-l
Stagesin the cellularresponse
to st.essand inju.iousstimuli,
Figure t-2
Th€ relationship between normal, adapted, reveBibly injured, and dead myo<adial celh. The.e
ular adapratDn depicted here is hype.-
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6 stainiill:f""""""#: i:::#i'i,::lihenvrtetraorium
i s n r l d o r t h i . r t o . r L t c l u ' r r n r \ I n r o r n t l r r .o r ! ! i h
e r c r r l r h r t i . r , r r m . r r u n r i c r g or r r o c r r l n c i n t u r r L i a l . r r r
, , r / r r i r . r . , r f t l f r r , , r f ! ) l n s . d r ) . ! l u \ r ( ' r .\ i ) t ( . t { ! ) .
r h , r i \ r ( \ \ . ! r f J n t u r \ r i i c . r r r r x r r r l r t l t t r r r o r p h oo g t
h u r r l v , r h r i o f . r r f r . r l \ t . r I ! ' o t t L l r . r r r r l r l s r u c sT. l r r ' .
n rrrihlr rrlurtd
r c s r m b l er r o r r r r r lr r r r t r t t ' r n . r p h . L , g r c . r l l vhr( , * f \ . f .
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n r l c l i n j u , \ ! . r r h . r . t r l c t h . r lc , n L . r l , n r j ) . r . r .\ \ 1 h . r h . r r
spc.fir Irnrr ,)i \tr$s r(lLi..s .rtl.rptrr,n rr eeusrs
i c \ . , \ l l J l . , , r r r i , r c * r b l c L r i L L r vr l r r . n r l ' n ( , r ( , n l \ ( , n r h .
l ,)rh.l
i r . r t u r c. r n ( ls ( , \ f r L r !o a r h . \ t r . \ \ b u r r l s r ) o n ' . \ .
r . r r l . r l , l c s . , n c l r L L J i.ncgl l r r L . , rn , c t r b o l , ' n , . l , J u , J s r p p l r .
. r r d n ! r r i r L ( ) n . rsl r i r u \ .
I n t h r s r h r p t c r s c d N c u r ' f i r r t l r r \ \ . c l l \ . r , j . r 1 ,rri )
strtscs rnd thc,,rhr.i!sr\.,,,cth.r,risr,'..trrl rrnrr
q U . n r c \ ( n r h . \ x r i o u s k ) r r ' o i . r ( ! t r . . L l ( i . r N . r g ( i.f c r i ( l
i r g u c r L b l c e r l l u j u , r . s u b t e l l u l . r. r l t . f . r i , ) , , \ . . r ncd( l
J o r h . \ V c e o r r i l u J cr i r l r t h r . c , , I 1 r r rt , , ) . ( t s f \ r h . r (, r f i f c r
c c l l s r n J r * u e r : i r r r r , r c c l l u l . r r . r e c r r r r L L l . r r rf .nrrr\h. { , l o g L .
c i 1 e i t i . . r t l , n .. r r r l e c l l . r g , n g .
A J r t r . t i o n s . r f r . \ c b r h l r . l r r r r s c rr r t t L c n ! n r b o . \ , 7 c .
p h r n r n i p c .r r e r . r b o l l re. r r \ r r \ . . r l ! , r ! l i , ) n s( ) r e ( l L sL f
fu\l]l)rr\r t,, .h.rrg(\ if rh.if ..\ /'r\v,1,,(r
. r , 1 4 , 1 , r / ' , r -r r\ ! . r l l \ r ( ' p , f ! n t ( \ t o n n \ o i r . l l s t o r o r n r r l
l t l I r ! l r t i ( n r b \ h , , r d r n ( \ ( t r ( n ( l , A , i ( , ' r r h e m i c . r ln r r l
. r ( ( t r \ 1 f . i . . ( h L h o r n r n r n t h r r c L lo r l . r g c n r o r t o i t h c
b t . r * . r n d L L t c r uJsu r i n g p r c s n r n o 1 . / ' . r t r r l , , . ! a r J r l , r . r
1;,,rj.rr'!ri.\ k' \irf$ rhrl ,rll(^\ ..lls n) nrod!l.rt.
t h f r r \ r ( L . r L L frcn . l h r n . r i ( , ni r d r h u \ . ' . r t c i n l ur r . S u r h
, r r h p t . r t i o n sc r r t r l c s o c r r l r l r s tr c t i o r r r .
C e l n l ! r yC e l D e a t a
, dA d a p t a l o n s
| 1 \l ) t l t l t ) t ) l : \ i \ . 1 ) t 1 r 1 . h \ t \ t 1 t l ) . : j : t t ) l , . l 1 s h ' r l t t I t t t l
, 1 . 1 . , t : . h t l r \ ! : . t l t 1 , , , , , r , 1 . uI r . r d r t r . r s t . h r p r r p h s r r
i r l l r c r r r r l r r i t , ' c h . r r , , r t t , , a rhl i . , r i n . r ' . r ' . , r r c l l
r ) f i n l ) ( r 5: r . r r { Jr f , , r h . r \ . r \ . r p r r r ch r p r r t r , , p h rt h c r c
..ll\. i$r brgAir .fll\. .fl.rrs.rl hy rir
r n r r c r s i d. r r r r r r r rir, r \ r r r t u r r l f r 1 , r . i r r .\ r r r l , n ! : . r r r ! l 1 c \ .
ll\tutl.r\rr i\ rrr .rJrptlrrrcsp.rst ir.rlL'..rIrlJe {)l
t p l i e . r r r o n s. h c r r l h r p r r r r r p h r , , i t u n s h c r e r L l r . r r c
n c . , 1 . . , l rol ci d , r , r l L , , r t 1 \ t \ l t t , , t ) l ' \ , , n l t / , \ s r ) 1 , , ! k t ,
tnlr)L)sk rrl lr eru'ttl L tIc, i)|rr.r(.r\c!i turirri(nr.r
J o r r n l , , r b \ s p t . i l i el r o r r r o r t , nr Lr i L , r r r , r . l l \ t ) ( . r n )
p h r . r r r t lh r p e r p l . r r i r t . r r . r l s o r t . u r n i r ( r l ] ( i : , r r r l , ) h \ ,
< , u s h b o t h r c r u t i r r . r r r r r L , r r , * r li / , \ ' / , , , 1 1 1 , 1 ,r/ ,(ri,r ! . r n .
l l r u : . r h t r , . , s n c p h r ' i r i I r g , rm l . , r g t n , m t , ) ir h . ' , r . f ' , \
( 1 ! i . i t r f i r n , r f . \ ( i . ! L L f \ . r s. r . ( i r \ . { t L t r i r f ( ) f c d r ( i g . n
\rifrulrt((l \nr(!,th nrrrsclt hrprrtfuphr .rn,1 \u(rith
r r r u ' t l ch r p t r p l . r s , ri l : r { . I l l . l n ! ( D r s t . r h . \ r f i . r l . J
n , u ' r l t c e L l si n h r x h t h e s k t l e r . , Ln , u s c l c. , n L tl h c h c r n u n
rrrtltrgo rnlr hrponophr ir ruston\f nJ
rltn,.,rJ btrusi in thc rJult ths hrrc Llnltcd trp.,rrl
r , . l L ! i d c . l h c r r t o r c .t h c . \ i d s c r s h t l r t t etr. r r r l e v c J orp
r p p l c J p h r r r l u r r I l r b r h r p o l l . p h r 0 i , r r r l r U d u .\,ll. . l c
n l , , , u s e l ct c l l : r , L l u c c db \ . , , rl , , . , r l ' c d \ 1 ) r l l i u ( 1 . l j \ . r , r l
llcs ot plrho|r,rLi rcllul.,r hrpcrrroplrr rl,c
e r r J L r cr n l . r r g c r n c rrth i r , t r . u ^ \ i r l r l r r l . r t c n r , r r , , r
, r ( i r I r r\ . r l \ c l i \ . . r s f 1 \ . r f r g . | - l r .
I I c r r e t h . r r i s r r lrrsi \ i , r s r . r ( l i . r (l r r p r n f u p l r i L n r o l r r
. r r I c . r \ t( \ ( , r \ t ) ( s , , i l i t , r . r l r : a r , , /, , . r r r r ' . rt1r r r s l r s , s u , : h. r s
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1 , . '
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r r l r t n t r g i c r L ' c L p t r r s .l h N ' s t , n r r : l L
r L , n r( ) n $ g f . r l l r , r n s
J u i r r o r p . r r h s . r r st h . r t L r . r rrl o t h i r n r l r r , : r i l no i . r n L r n r b c r
' j ; , . . . r . l '
i c l l L L r r p i , t t , r n s .i r c r r r l r n gg r N t h a , r . r ( ) r \ . r f { \l r l , ! l | L r . r l
p n r t t , n s .I h r , ( \ u r \ r h f \ \ r t l r ( r s ( ) f m o r i p l , t , n s . r r J
,...; i
p h F o l o q i . h y p e ( r o p h y o t t h e ! t e r u 5 d ! r n q p . e q n a . . y A , G r o s sa p p e a r d n . eo l a . o r n a ! t e , ! t { / , q h 0 a . d a q , a v i d u l e , ! i ( / e / t )t h i t
w a s r . m o v c d l o r p o n p . . t l m b . . d i n g B , l m a l . p n d l e 5 h n p e dl t e r n e r m o o r h m u s . . . . r l r . n r a n o r m a l r c t r f c o m p . r . t h s w i t h ( c )
a r g e ,p l m p h y p e r i r o p he d s m o o l hm ! ( e . e s i r o n r a q r a v d u r e r u s( B . n d c , s a m em a g nn . a r o n )
myofilamentsper cell, which achievesimproved performanceand rhus a balancebetwe€nrh€ demandand the
cellt functionalcapacity.There may also be a switch of
contracrileproteinsfrom aduk ro fetal or neonaralrorms.
For errmple.during murclehyperrrophy.
rhe o-myo,in
heavychain is replacedby the p form ofthe myosinheaw
chain,which hasa slower,more energerically
contraction.Vhatever the exact mechanismsof hypertrophl, a limit is reachedbeyondwhich rhe enlargement
of muscle mass can no longer compensatefor the
incieasedburden.When rhishappens;nrhe hearr,serer!1
the myocardialfibers,of
which the mosr important are fragmentationand lossof
The variablesthat Iimit
hlperrrophyand cau.ethe regre*^e chrnge,
are incomplerel)
Therem,ryhe fin,rehmrr,
ot the vasruliturero .:dequarellsuppL rhc enljrged
6ber,.of rhe m,torhondriai",uppl' ;ieno.'* '"pio,
phate(ATP),or of the biosyntheticmachinervto provide
the contractile proteins or other cyroskeletalelernenrs.
The net result of thesechangesis venrriculardilarion
and ulrimatelycardiacfailure, a sequenceof eventsrhar
illustrateshow a ada?tdtiaftto strcss.dn ptoxressK)
fi,nctionally signifuaftt.ell inia^' if the stressis tlot
(Chapter 3). In this process,grofth factors are p.oducedby white blood cells (leukocytes)respondingto
the injury and by cellsin the exrracellularmatrix. Srimulation by growth factorsis also involvedin the hyperplasia that is associatedwith cenain viral infecionsi
for exarnple,papillomavirusescauseskin warts and
mucosallesionscomposedof massesof hyperplastic
epithelium.Here rhe growrh facors may be produced
by tbe virus or by infecredcells.It is important to note
rhar rn rll rhete-rruarion!.rhe hlperplasricprocess
remainsconrolled: if hornron:1or growth factor stimularionabrrrs. rhe h!perplasiadisappears.ltis this sensirilitv to normrl regulator,vcontrol mechanismsthat
disrinsuishesbenign pathologic hyperplasiasfrom
cancer, in lvhich rhe growrh control mechanisms
or ineffettver( hrprer6t. Neverhele\\. p'tth'rlogichyperpla\.rLon,r'rule\a rerrile
soil in which cancerousproliferation may eventually
aris€. Thus, parienrs wirh hyperplasia of the
endomerrium are ar increasedrisk of devetoping
endometrialcancer,and cerrain papillomavirusi;fec
tions p.edisposeto cervicalcancers(Chapter19).
As discussedabove, hyp€rplasiarakes place if rhe c€ll
population is capableof replicarioniir may occur wirh
hypertrophyand often in response(o rhe samestimuli.
Hyperpla\ircrn be ph!roloqrcor parholog,c.
. The two rypes of pbysiologichypelpldsia zre tl)
howonal l.ypprplasQ,erempl6ed hy rhe prohferrron
of rhe slJndularepirhelumof rhe rema,rD'ca{ rr
puberty and during pregnancy;and l2) .ompensahry
blpetpldsia, thar is, hyperplasiarhar occurs when a
porrion of the rissue is .emoved or diseased.For
example,when a liver is partially resected,mitotic
activiry in the remainingcells beginsas early as 12
hours later,eventuallyrestoringthe liver to its normal
$eighr.The rrimul for hlperpla.raIn rhr( \ettinBrr(
polypeptide growth facrors p.oduced by remnant
hepatocytesas well as nonparenchymalcells in the
l;ver. Afrer resro.ationof tbe liver mass,cett proliferarronis "rurnedoff' by v:nou. growrh Inhrbrtoh
. Most forms of pdtrolog,chyperplasiaare causedby
ercessivehormonal or growrh facor srimularion.For
example.after a normalmen,rrurlperiodrherer. a
bur\i of urenneepirhelirlproliferanon
rhar ir normatty
tightly regulatedby stimulationthrough pituitary hormonesand ovarianesrrogenand by inhibition through
However,if the balancebetweenesrrogen and progesterone
is disturbed,endornerial byper
plasiaensues,a commoncauseof abnormarmcnstruar
bleeding.Hyperplasiais also an imporrantresponseof
cellsin wound healing,in which proliferating fibroblastsand blood vesselsaid in re-pair
Shuakagpn the stzeol the cell bv the lcts,o7 rcll subttanccis hn6wn as dttoprl U hen I .ufncrentnumber.f
cellsis involved,the entire tissueor orsan diminishesin
size,becominsarrophic (Fis. l 4). Ir should be emphasized that abhough dtlophi. cells nay haue diminished
function, they ale not dead.
Causesof atrophy includea decreased
workload (e.g.,
immobilizationof a limb ro permit healinsof a fractura),
lo* of innerva"on.d'mini\hedblood,uppt).in.rdequare
nurririon.lo$ of endo(flne\iimuld on. andrs,ns {,en,te
atrophy).Ahhoxgh someof thesesrimuli are physiologic
(€€., the lossof ho.monesrimularionin menopause)
others parhologic (e.g., denervation),rhe fu;damental
cellular changesare identical.They represenra rerrear
by the cell to a smaller size at whicli survival is stilt
possible;a new equilibriumis achievedbetweencetl size
and dirninished blood supply, nutrition, or trophic
Arrophy resultsfrom decreasedprorein synrhesisand
inc.easedprotein degradarionin cells.Protein synthesis
decreasesbecauseof reduced metabolic activity. The
of rellular prorernroccun mainty by rhe
ubiquitin prctcasomepatbuay. Nr\ttie denciencyand
dr'u\emry rcri!areubiqui0nhgr\e\,\^hrchaFachmurtiplecopre,of the ,mall peprrde
ubiquirrnro cellul.:r
prorerns dnd rrrger the\e prorernsfor degradarionrn
Thi\ pdthwayi\ rlso rhougl o be responible !.r lhe ffcelerrledproieolysi\,eenin a varieryof
.rraholc condiiion.,.
In ma,y siruations,atrophy is also accompaniedby
increasedautopbagy, with resulting increasis in thi
nu.nhet ot autophasic uaruoles. Aurophagy r..retfearinB-li' the proce+in which rhe srarvedcell eatr irr
own componentsin an arrempt to find nr:trients and
survive.We will describethis processlater.
. , Norma brainofayo!ng adult.
B, Atfophy of the brain in an 82 yea.old
male with atheroscleroticdisea5e.Atrophy
oi the brain is due to aging and .educed
blood supply. Note that lossof brain subnance natrows the gyri and widens the
sulci. The meninges have been stripped
from the right half oi each specimen to
revealthe surfaceof the brain.
may alsooccurin mesenchlmal cells but lessclearly as an adapriveresponse.
For exarnple,hone is occasionallrf(rmed in soft rissues,
p:rrricularhin foci of iniury.
is a reversible
changein whichone adulrcell
t_vpe(epithelialor Dresenchymal)
is replaccdb) anorher
adult cell typc. In this tvpe of cellular adaprarion,cells
sensitiveto a particularsrressrre replaccdbv other cell
t l p e . b e r e ra h l er o u r r h . r . r " d
r h e . r d r r n e, n l n r r m e n r
Meraplasiais thought to arise by genetic "rcprogram
ming" of stem cells rather than transdifferentiationof
is exemplified
bv thc sguarrous
changethat occursin rhe respi.arorvepirheliumin habitual cisarette stlokers (Fig. 1-5). The normal ciliated
cellsof the nacheaand bronchiare
focally or widely replacedby stratifed squamousepithelialcells.Vtamin A de6ciency
in thr respirarory
The "rugged'
.rrrri6eJ\quJr,'d. eDrthelummr) I-e .lble ro srrnir.
under circumstancesthar the mo.e fragile specialized
epirheliumwould not t<rlente.Ahba gh the netdpldsti.
.q!n4out qtth.luh ha' rtuiutl ddua' dRc<.tnltut,tdt
fn tettruenTl dntsusa'p /,'st..urh .r\ mucu\n\ relr^n
and ciliary clearanceof particulrremarrer gpithelial
metaplasiais thereforea double-edged
sword; morcover,
tbe influeft.esthat indu.e metauldstictra sfolmatlfi, if
pe/sistent,ndy predisposeto ndligndnt trdnsfalnation
ol the e?ttheLium.ln fact, in a conmon forrn of Iung
cancer,squamousmeraplasiaof the respirarorvepithclium olten coexistswith cancerscomposedot malignant is thoughr thar cigarcrtesmokingini,
in someof rhesealreredfoci. MeraplasiaDeednot always
Figure r-5
occurin the directionof columnarto squamous
liumi in chronicgastricreflux,the normal stratifiedsquaMetaplara of norma columnar(/eft) to 5quamous epithelium
of the lower esophagus
may undergo (rigrt) in a bronch!5. shown (A) (hematkally and (B)
nrcraplasricrransformati()nto g:rstricor intcstinalrype
Cei nturyCeitDearh,
. 6 ' ,
CellularAdaptationito Stress
. Hypertrophy:
In re\pon\er,,,n.rer\ed $,,rkloadr inducedb)
,ffe$ rnd by ero*rh facron;,'.cun.n
tissuesincapableof cell division
. Hypelplasia:increasedcell numbersin re5ponse
ro hormone.rnd ,,rhergrowrh {actor.i,,crur. in
tissueswhosecellsare able to divide
. Atlopb,: decreas€d
cell and organsize,as a result
of decreasednutrient supply or disuserassociared
wirh decreasedsynthesisand increasedprot€olyric
breakdownof cellularorganelles
. Metdplasa:chrnsein phenotypeof d,fferennarcJ
cell\. ohen a re\pon\ero rhronit r-ntationrhar
makes cells better able to withstand the stress;
u,uJll)indu.edb) Jltereddrfferentiarion
prrhwrl of
ri*ue nem Lell\imJy re.Lrlrin reducedfrn.rrurrror
inc'er'edpropen.It for maLgnrnrrranrformatron.
' ',c]t
-'' ''
.f:^ a
,"_rl 9
A . , r . r |d, , i r r h eh F g i r rn q^ t r h , . h J p r e r . . , jnt i u r , , . , J i r \
w h e n( 1 . d r e . r f t \ \ d . o , c , . r r l y r h . r r h r \ . r r en , ,t , - B e r
ableto aclapt
or whencellsareexposed
ro inherenryoam
agmgagen!sor suffrr from intrinsicrbnormatiries.
ferent injurious srimuli afiect rnany metabolicpathwavs
a ' d . e l r u h ro r a J n e l h .I.n , u ' t n ' , 1 p . o q " r , , , , , " . . g n,
r e \ e r . r eh ' r J B e. ' n d , u l r r : r . r irne, e l ld e i r h, , e eF r g t - t . .
. Rercrsihlecel! oiutt.ln earll stagesor mild forns
o f . n i . , t r h ef u n . r r , , n .r r n dn , , , r f h o l n gct h r n t r , , r e
r e v e ^ , h 1, r. r h ed r m J t s , n s . ' , m , ,i1. ur ;. , , , r e d A ' r \ , \
srage,althoughtheremav be siBDilicanr
rhe injury hastypicalll nor
progressedto rnd nuctea.
Q,) "
ot apoptotic
celluar featuresof necoss (/eft)and apoprosi5
(.bhO (Adapted
from Walker Nr, er al: Patternsof cet death. M;thods A;chv
Exp Pathol13:18-32,1988.with permission
of S. Karger,Baset,
os!, ncdtdnnns, an.r robs n diseasednd physnk,sy
(liis. I 6 andTable1-l). \(hen dam:get<,nrembranrls
c!toplasm,and digestthe cell,resuiringin zerrosis.Cellular contenrsalso lcak our through the darnaged
plasma membraneand clicir a host reaction (inflammatur). Necrosis
is rhcmajorpathwavofccltdeathin
many comrnoDlyencounteredinjuries, such as thosc
resultiDgfrom ischemia,
exposurcio roxins,vanous
inlections,and rrauma.!(hen a cell is depfivedof
qrolvrh lJrrol' "r rhe ,ell\ DNA .,r prore.n,rre
d.rmrgcJI'eyondrepJ,r,rhf cell l,ll, ,r,etrt'r ,nlrher
. Cell death. Wirh coDrinuin8damage,the inlurv
becomesirreveBible, at lvhich tinre rhe cer carrnor
recove.and ir dies.Thereare two typesof cettdeath
netrcsisaftrl dpoptosis tuhichdif[er in tbeir mo4lhot
rt_ilr l
of Ne(rosisand Apoptosis
Pyknoes J k:ryoiihcrr
tragmrn!anon no nu.leosom.n,?elrigDcnb
Intacti altrcd $ruduc, spaiallt orien&non of
l'hvnolog'. o. f&ho1.g(
Eozvnrr.c d'ge$1oni nril lerk ou( ot cetl niil br rele.sedD aD.pron. bod,e!,v pdrholosr. l.ulnrnrnon
Olrcn phriologr., merns.l ct,m'.anng un*,:nied
cells:tr[r he f]thoL(aj( rft.r y,fre nrnj! ol
.eLlrDrur!.c\peor lr D\A dinrtrsc
CeI InjuryCeI Dearh,
typc of death,callcd dpoplo$r, which is characrerized
by nuclear dissolution without complete kxs or
mernbraneinregrirl. Apoptosis is an acrivc! r,,crsy
dependenr,rightly regularedtype of cell death that is
'een in .,me .pe.ifi, \lurrion,. $rc,cds lr.,/,^^ r5
alwav'.a fath"].u, t'h\'ett. ap,,p!.^tttctuc, ftany
nuthal lu't, tn n' dnd E h"r neccssanlya':,riaral utth
pdtholoei. ell Mftry.The rnorphologicfearures,mechanisms,and rignificanceof thesetwo dcarh pathways
are discussed
in more derail larer in the chapter.
arino acid,rh,rrutun in hemoglubrn
\ grung n.e ro
\ i . k l c . e l l r n e r i J . a , e n e t idi e f e , r r\ r a yi . r L l er r l l r r r l u r r
becauseof de6c;encyof functional p'oteins, s'ch ai
in inbornerrorsof metabolism,
or accurnulation
of damasedDNA or misfoldedpnrteins,both of which
triggercell de:rh when rhevare beyondrep:ir. Variati{'rs
in the geneticmakeupcan alsoinfluencc
the suscepribiliry ofcelh to iniurl-by chcmicals
and othcrenvrronmenra1insults.
Nurritional Imbalances.Even in thc current era of bur
geoningglobal affluenle, nurritional deliciencres
a major causeof cell injury. Proiein-calorieinsuffciency
among underprivileged
popularionsis only the rnost
The causesof cell injLrryranse from the gross physical ohviour crlrple: ,pe.,ii. \,rrmin drfir,e,rre,arc n,r
in devek)pedcountrieswith high stanrraumaot a moror vehiclraccidentto the singlegcne
dardsof living(Ch:rpter
8). lronically,
defecrthat resuhsir a defecr;veenzymeunderlyingaipcexcesses
of nutriron are also important causes of morbidity and
ci6c merabolicdise:se.Mosr injuriousstimuliian-be
Drortality;f(r example,obesiry markedly increasesthc
groupedinto the following caregories.
risk lor iype 2 diaberesmellitus.Moreover.diers rich in
Orlgen Deprirarion.HV,,rtt. o. ,,r1gen deri,irncy. rn mrl
f.rr;re,rr,rrgly impl,(JredIn rheJev,.topmenr
$irh derobrcn\rJdrire re,prrrrron,rnd r, rn
arh(-u\clero!.a' well ar n rn.rer,edr.rlncrrhilrttro
andcommoncauseof celliniuryand
rnany disorders,includins canccr.
d,JrL. HlpovJ rh,,uldbe Jr,nnguirheJlr,,n rd..nta.
$ h , . h , \ - ,l o $ n f h l , , u d \ u p p l n
1 a r r s . udeu cr o r m p e d e d Physical Agents. Trauma, extremes of tcrrpcrarures,
arterialflow or reducedvenousdrainage.n0hileischernia radiarion,electricshock,and suddenchangesrn armosis the most comrnoncauseof hypoxia,oxysendefici€ncy pheric pressureall have wide ranging efficrs on cells
canalsoresuhfrom inadequatc<ixvgen
atn,n-o I rhe blooj,
r . i r p n e u r . o n i i . , , r e d u . r r o rnn r h e o $ g r n - a r r y i n g Aging. Cellularsenescence
leadsto altcrarionsin replicac r p J . f l ), , f r h eb l o n d J, , I n b l . o J l , ^ . a n e m , ,rr c r r b o n riveand repairabilities
of individualcells
(CO ftrms a stablecomplex of rhe,e. hange.
monoxide(CO) poisoniDs.
rc,uh ,n a drmrni,h,
J rhrlrryro , e,1,,nd
wirh hemoglobinthat p.eventsoxygenbinding.)
r o d J m r g eJ n L le. r e n r u a l lrlh. ed e r r h, , f L e l l .r n d o f r h e
,trgJIi,m.Tl-, me.hJni,nr urderlving., )lubr ,rgingrr
ChemicalAsents.An eDormousnumberofchernicatsub,liscussed
ar rhc endof rhrrrh,rprer.
glucoscor sah,ifsufficiendvconcentrated,
canso derange
rhatcellinjuryor dcarhresults.
Oxygenat sufficiendvhigh p:rtial pressures
is also roxic.
Agertscommonlyknown as poisonscauseseveredamage
at the cellular level by altering mernbranepermcabitiin
lr is usefulto describerhe basicalrerationsthat occur in
osmotic hofteosrasis,or rhe inregrity of an enzymeor
ccllsbeforewc discuss
ihe biochemical
cotacror!and exposureto thesepoisonscan culrninatein
nisms that briDg abour rhese changes. All strcsses
the deathof the wholeorganism.
agenrsare encountereddaily in our cnvironment;rhese aDd noxiou! intluencesexerr rheir effecrsfirst ar rhe
mole.ull ,'r
le\el.Lplluldrluncttonnay be
includeair polluranrs,insccticides,
CO, asbestos,
losr lons b,l,.re cclldearh"ccuts.and the nuryna,,st.
social srimuli"suchas ethanol.Eventherapeutic
drugs chancesof ce iniury
lot dedth)lds fdr behindbo,b tFiE.
L . r n , , r u \ c , eolrl r i , ! r ci n i u r yr nr s u s c e p r r p
l rr r e nnrr r f
1-7).For examplc,myocardial
cellsbecomcnonconrracu,eder((\\i\elr or inJnfropri:rrl1rr h.rpre-8'.
'rlerfrer I ro 2 rrlrute. ot \ hemu.Jlrhnutsh
rnel oo n.l
Infcclour Agenr\. fhe.e rrnge trom .ubmi.r,,,otic
die unril 20 to l0 nr nure'of i* heria hrve(rJp.ed.Ihe.(
vrruscsto meter'loDgtapeworms;in betwcenare rhe rick
myocytesdo not appeardead by electronrnicroscopyfor
ettsiar,bacreria,fungi, and pmrozoans.The diverseways
2 ro 3 hours,and by lighrmicroscopy
for 6 to 12 hours.
by nhich infectiouspathogenscauseinjury are d;scussid
The cellular derangements
of reversibleinjury can be
in Chapter9.
and,ifthe injuriousstimulusabates,
n , r n a l c 'P , r n . r e n r o r c \ r e ' \ i v e i n . u ' ) . h o $ e v e r .
Immunologic Reactions.Although rhe imnrunr sysrem
cJu,e\cell' ro pa.. rhenrbulour"p,rnr ur no rerunr"rnro
defendsrhe L,odyagainsrpathogenicmicroocs,rnnrune
nrcuersibleiniury ^nd rell drarb. The eventsthat derer
can alsoresulrin ccll and tissueiniury.Exam
minewhen reversibleinjury becomesirreversibleand pro
ples includeautoimmunercacrionsasainstones own
to cell death remain poorly understood.The
and allergicreacrions
of this quesrionis obviousiif we can
in generically
an'werit rr mav be ahl( ro devi,e,rrJregre\
Inr tre\e t
GeneticDefects.ceneric defectscan result in pathologic ;ng.ell inluryfrom harrngperm.rnenr
as conspicuous
as the conseniral
malfbmmr;ons querces.Although rherearc no definitivcmorphologicor
with Down svndronreor as subtleas the single biochemicalco.relaresof ifferers;bility,xuo phenomena
The two main morphologiccorrelatesof reversiblecell
iniuty arc ce ulat swelling and fatty thange. Cellutar
rwellingis rhe resultof failureof
pump\in rheplasmamembrane.
leadingro an inabilnyro
maintainionic and fluid homeosrasis.
in hypoxicinjury and variousforms of roxic or merabolic
intury.and i! manife*edbr rhe apperrrnceot \mall or
largelipid racuolesin rhecyroplasm.
Ir occursmainlyin
cellsinvolved'n and dependenr
on fat merabohsm,
as hepatocytesand myocardialcells.The mechanisms
fatty changeare discussed
later in rhe chapter.
C.llul.r 3w.lllnt (Fig.1-€B).th6 first manitostationof
almost all forms ot injury to cells,is dif{icultto appreTherclationship
cistewith the light microscope;it may b€ more app6rmoryhologic
of cellinjury Notethat cetkmayrapidty
snt at the lsvel of the whol€ organ. Whsn h affects
aftertheo$er of injurvatthougtfthey
manycellsin an organ it causessome pallor,increased
ttill viable,with potent'ally
dam;9;;a tong durarion
turgor.and incraasein weight of the organ.Microscopic
or In,urymayevenludlly
leadto irreve4'ble
examinationmay rsveal small, clsar vacuoloswithin
Notealsothat celldeathtypkallyprecede5
lhe cytoplasm;theseropresentdist€ndsdand pinchsd,
andgrsrly visiblemo.pholoqi.
off segm€ntsotthe ER.This patternoI nontethalinjury
is sometimes called hydropic ch€ngc or vacuol.l
dog.n.ration. Swelling of cells is r€versibte.F tlY
consistefltly cbaracterize it/eyercibilitf: the inabili, to
chrng. is manifestedby th€ appearancsof tipid vacuolss in the is principattyencounrsredin
rcuersemito.hondlial dystlr.r'b, (lackof oxidarivephoscells participatingin fat metabotism(e.9.,hopetocytes
phorylationand ATP generarion)even
afrer resolurionof
and myocardialc6lls) and is also reversibl€.Iniured
rhe original injury. and profound drsnrbancesn mem.
cells may also show increasedeosinophiticateihing,
branefunctio . Ls mentionedearlier,injury to rysosomar
bocom€smuch more pfonouncsdwith progresmembranesresults in the enzyrnaticdissolutionof the
6ionto necrosis{describ€dbslow).
injuredcell rhat is characreristic
The ultrastructurslchangssof reversiblecell injury
Differ€ntintudousstimuli may inducedeathby necroers illustratodschematically
in Figure1-9andinctude(1,
srs or apoptosis(seeFis. l-6 and Table 1-1). As menplasmamembran€alterationssuch as blobbing,btunttioned aboveand detailedlarea severedeDlerionof ATp
ingordistortionotmicrovilli,and tooseningofintorcetand lo* of membranernregnryrr€ typicilly assocrated lular attachments;l2l mitochondriatchangessuch as
wjth necrosi5.Apoprosrsr. an ,c !e and reeulared swellingandthe app6arance
phousdensitiss;{3)dilationotthe ERwith detachmont
procesr nor assocratedurrh ATP depletronand n har
whrchwe wrll describe.eparatelv ot ribosom6sand dissociationof polysomss;and (4)
nuclsaralterations,with clumpingof chromatin.
larerrn the chaprer.
Figurt l-7
Figurc 1-€
Morphologk(hdngesin t€veBible.nd nreveBible(ell injury{ne(oris),A Noftat tidney tubuteswrth v'ableeo'theti.t (e r. a. Eartv
rrelenrore,6oem( Inlury3howrngsurtacebrebr,increaeed
eotnophiliaof q/,and twellingol o(csionat (eth, C, Neooria{nre'vereore,InJuryor eprthelral
cerk,with rossof nu.leiandfragmentation
ofcelk andleakageol(ontenti. Theuttrdttructuratfearu,s ofthere
stage or.ell injurvde ehownin F'9.l-9. (courteryof Dis.NealPin(kardand M.a. v;nkatadatam. univel'iryot TexasHeatthSdences
I -
Cel lnju44Cel Death.andAdaptalons
, r \q{i:,v/
, -*l-'
f l ) o _ i , . - : i i
N<oss -'_r
, .. :o-'^ -3
A normal.el and the.hange5in revereible
and i.reversible
cell injury(ne<roris)
The term narroslswas first usedby morphologisrsto refer
to a seriesof changesthat a.companl cell death,largely
resulting from rhe degradativeaction of enzymeson
l,i hJll) Inrured
cell,.\ecronLtell. rre unabler,,mrrnran
membrancinregrity,and theircontentsoften leakout. Thc
enzymesresponsiblefor digestionof the cell are derived
eitherfrom thc lysosomes
of the dying cellsrhemselves
frornthe lysosomes
of lcukocytesthat arerecruitedaspart
of the inflammatoryrcactionto the de:d cells.
In onecommonpatternofcelldeathresulting
of oxygen, the necrotic cells show increased
eosinophilia1i.e.,pink stainingfrom the eosindye, the
"E" in "H&E").Thisis attributable
in p6( to increased
bindingof€osinto denatured
in panto lossofthebasophilia
thatis normallyimparted
by the ribonucleicacid (RNA) in the ctloplasm
is the bluestainingfrom the hematoxylin
dye,the "H" in "H&E").Thecellmayhavea moreglassy
than viablecells,mostly
because of the loss of glycogen particles. When
enzymeshavedigestedthe cytoplasmicorganeiles,the
cytoplasm becomes vacuolatedand appears moth
eaten.Deadcells may be replacedby l6rge,whorled
phospholipidmasses,called myelin figuret that are
derivedfrom damagedcellularmembranes.They are
thoughtto resultfrom dissociationof lipoproteinswith
unmasking of phosphatidegroups, promoting the
uptakeand intercalationofwater betweenthe lamellar
stacksof membranes.Thesephospholipidprecipitates
are then either phagocytosedby other cells or funher
degradedinto fatty acids;c6lcificationofsuch fatty acid
residuasresults in the generationof calcium soaps.
Thus,the dead cells may ultimatelybecomecalcilied.
By electronmicroscopy(seeFig.1-g),necroticcellsare
characterized bv discontinuiti€s in Dlasma and
markeddilationof mitochondria
with the appearance
of largeamorphousdensities,dis
ruptionof lysosomes,
and profoundnuclearchangesculminating
in nuclear
Nuclearchangesassumeone of threepatterns,
due to breakdownof DNA and chromatin.The
aell niurycellDeathandAdaprarons
b a s o p h i l i ao f t h e c h r o m a t i nm a y f a d e ( k a r y o l y s i s )p, r e s u m a b l y s e c o n d a r y t o d e o x y r i b o n u c l e a s e( D N a s e )
activity. A second pattern is pyknosis, characterizedby
n u € l e a rs h r i n k a g ea n d i n € r e a s e db a s o p h i l i a i;h e D N A
c o n d e n s e si n t o a s o l i d s h r u n k e n m a s s . I n t h e t h i r d
pattern, karyorrhexis, the pyknotic nucleus undergoes
f r a g m e n t a t i o nI.n 1 t o 2 d a y s ,t h e n u c l e u si n a d e a dc e l l
c o m p e t e l yd i s a p p e a r s .
MorphologiaAlterations in Injured Cells
. Rcrcrciblecell iniury: cell swcllins,fetry chansc,
plasmamembr.rneblebbingand l(xs of mic(,
villi, mnochondri:rl
s$cllins.dilarionof dre Elt,
(dueto decreascd
. Nerrosa'increased
:nd dissolution;
plasma membrrne .rnd orgrnellar membranes;
and enzvmatic
. Ar(rn)s's: nuclcarchnrnrnnncondensation;for
mationof apoprotic
of ruclei.r d
of TissueNecrosis
\ , . - . , . r ' , ' f r . , ' l e . , , , i . e l l .r . r r r * r r c , , , , i , B , , . r i r
i n s r a n . c ! n r h f , s c h c n r l cm r r r . r r t l i u n r . r c r r h s i n r l c r r h o f
r h e e n r i r . n s s u ei n d v r l r e t i r e s . r l rc l r t i r eo r g a n .T h c r c a r e
s r l c f . l n r ( t r t h o l o g i c l l l r d r s l n c r p : r t t c n r so f t r s s u cn c c r r
s i s ,\ ! h i c h n u I p r o ! i d c ! l n e s . r b r i r t t h e u l d e r l r i r r s e r u s r .
A l t h o u g h r h e t c r r n s r h r t d c s c f l b er h e s ep r r r e r r r sd o n o r
r e f l e c tu n d c r l y i D sn c t h a n i s m s . r h e t e r m s . r r e u s e do i r c l
r l d t h e j f i l D l j . ! n ( n r s r r c u n r l c r s t r r r db v b o r b p : t h o l o g r s t s
Coasulativenecrosis is a form oftissue necrosisin which
. t h ec o m p o n e n tc e l l sa r e d e a db u t l h e b a s i ct i s s u ea r c h i
tecture is preseNed for at east several days (Fig. 10).
The affected tissues take on a firm texture. Presumably
t h e i n j u r yd e n a t u r e sn o t o n l y s t r u c t u r apl r o t e i n sb u t a l s o
e n z y m e sa n d s o b l o c k st h e p r o t e o l y s i so f t h e d e a dc e l l s ;
a s a r e s u l t ,e o s i n o p h i l i ca, n u c l e a l ec e l l sm a y p e r s i s tf o r
d a v so r w e e k s .U l t i m a t e l r t h e n e c r o t i c c e l l s a rree m o v e d
b y p h a g o c y t o s i so f t h e c e l u l a r d e b r i s b y i n f i l t r a t i n g
l e u k o c l t e s a n d b y d i g e s t i o no f t h e d e a d c e l l s b y t h e
action of lysosomal enzymes olthe leukoc},tes.Coagu
lative necrosis is characteristic of infarcrs {areas of
i s c h e m i cn e c r o s i si)n a l l s o l i do r g a n se x c e p tt h e b r a i n .
Liquelactive necrosis is seen in focal bacterial or,
o c c a s i o n a l l yf u
, n g a l i n f e c t i o n sb, e c a u s em i c r o b e ss t a m
u l a t e t h e a c c u m u l a t i o no f i n f l a m m a t o r yc e l l s a n d t h e
e n z y m e so f l e u k o c y t e sd i g e s t( " l i q u e f y " )t h e t i s s u e .F o r
obscure reasons, hvooxic death of cells within the
c e n r r a ln e r v o u ss y s t e r no f t e ne v o l e s l i q u e f a c l i v en F c ' o s i s ( F i s . 1 1 1 ) . W h a t e v e r t h e p a t h o g e n e s ilsi q, u e f a c t i o n
c o m p l e t e l yd i g e s t st h e d e a d c e l l s ,r e s u l t i n gi n t r a n s f o F
m a t i o n o f t h e t i s s u e i n t o a l i q u i d v i s c o u sm a s s . l f t h e
p r o c e s sw a s i n i t i a t e db y a c u t ei n f l a m m a t i o n t, h e m a t e
rial is frequently creamy yellow and is called pus
( C h a p t e r2 ) .
Although gangrenous necrosis is not a distinctive
p a t t e r no f c e l l d e a t h ,t h e t e r m i s s t i l l c o m m o n l y u s e d i n
c l i n i c a lp r a c l i c e .l l i s u s u a l l ya p p l i e dt o a l i m b , g e n e r a l l y t h e l o w e r l e g ,t h a t h a s l o s t i t s b l o o d s u p p l ya n d h a s
undersone coasulative necrosis involving multiple
tissue layers. When bacterial infection is super:mposed,
c o a g u l a t i v en e c r o s i s i s m o d i f i e d b y t h € l i q u e f a c t i v e
action of the bacteria and the attracted leukoc!,tes(so
called wet gangrene).
Caseous necrosis is encountered most often in foci
o f t u b e r c u l o u si n f e c l i o n .T h e t e r m " c a s e o u s "{ c h e e s e l i k e ) i s d e r i v e df . o m t h e f r i a b l e y e l l o ww h i t e a p p e a r
a n c eo l I h e a r e do f a e L r o s i s{ T i g .' l 1 2 ) .O n m i L r o s c o p i c
e x a m i n a t i o nt,h e n e c r o t i cf o c u s a p D e a r sa s a c o l l e c t i o n
o f f r a g m e n t e do r l y s e dc e l l sw i t h a n a m o r p h o u sg r a n u
C o a q u l a t v en e . r o s i i A , A w e d q e s h a p e d k i d . e y n f a r d ( y e l o w ) w t h p r e r e r v a t i o no f t h e o u t l n e s . B , M r < r o t c o .p v i e w o t t h e e d g e o i
the infarct, with normal kidney (N) and necrotic ce k n the nfarct (l). The .e(roti..e k show p.ese.ved outlines w ih lossol nuclei, and
an inf ammatory lnf ltraie I prete.t (difiicult ro d s.ern at th s maqn on)
j ":l
:i".,. .'-'
';"' "i'u: ': ,1,.
i r lt
: Ji f .
1 : - . : ,, :
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utn prorcrns,hdush
rhr drn,s.d
'h. cncuhnon,ro
lidB ' n.'n5 ',fdfl(rn8 n$ucsp(,f( nrtrou5u,ns
arr,li:( DUeh, fnr.rimoh.
a unlqkrornm ofthr mzrn.(etiD. kim!
?id of'h. lonkd . mo.e'nrotu";. "hei.rsh.or .
hile dud tp+€lilm onirn',
kmFi,r,r R,;rut
roforh of rhe.nzym.ikatin. pholphnzr, and h.p,
6ibl. initrs ind 6tl
deed in ih.n isues rrt rtne(d in incm*d 5!run
lelels ol !u.h pror.'ns, ind m.asurcmcnroI erum twek
n uedclini.allyrc s!.$ damrs.b .* issues.
S||br.llubrrerponr.sro Inl||r!
rhus f2rv. h:ve mrnt fo.ued on ihewh.teissur or
lh. ..ll as , u.n. HolBer! .eit in z*.nb znd jr..*s
ntt,l!ns ony sub.dtuhr
ol8,n.rh!. Ar+oleh em. ot 'hG;tk
ron, (cur,r
rd.rdharinruq,o .EJE(rn,nLhrontrru,morrdl
iniurn and ,ill.orl'ds arc id,pl1y
n :nd 'ntr.nine o'
ther rtnion! arc d\o^w.l
Aubptisy EG6 ro tvsos.naldisenion.f
rh. c.ll\ osn .onponenr rnd is .onm$.dtnh ,gr
suberi.o hom rh€cdriJc for i,riicd/uta! dsruqioi
lFis.l-15).Aurcph,syn rhousirb L. a suryi!, n nm.s or d.privarion,su.h rbar thr
fiflrd cll liy6 br sms ib own .oftns, tn ll1r
prtu!$. nr,cdtuhr o|e?nr s Jd
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