Seat Announcements

Beth Jacob Congregation
We Welcome You To
Shabbat Chanukah, December 20, 2014
28 Kislev, 5775
Parshat Miketz pg. 222, Haftorah pg. 1210
4:29 pm
Hashkama Minyan 7:10 am Schoenfeld Beit Midrash; Rabbi Topp’s Parsha Shiur 8 am Eisenstat Beit Midrash;
Benny’s Minyan 8:30 am Eisenstat Beit Midrash; Main Service 9 am Shapell Sanctuary; Jr. Congregation 9 am Schoenfeld Beit Midrash;
Teen Minyan 9:30 am Ives Teen Lounge; Young Professionals 9:30 am Bayer Hall
Mincha 4:15 pm • Seudah 4:35 pm • Havdallah 5:30 pm
Expand your mind
The Distant Lights of Chanukah
Learn Torah With Us This Week!
Dr. Barry Kramer, Daniel Kramer, Ari Miller
Cantor Wollheim
Jay Braun
Jack Fenigstein
Janis & Steven Friedman and family in loving memory
of Steven’s father, Melvin Friedman, a”h.
In Jacob’s Garden.
SEUDAH in Bayer Hall with speaker
Cantor Arik Wollheim
Mazal tov!
► To Adina & Jonathan Stieglitz on the birth of a baby
boy; to grandparents Avivya & Dr. William Stohl and
Marcy & Paul Stieglitz; to great-grandparents Fran &
Norman Fox and Mala Stieglitz.
► To our new members Catherine & Daniel Medioni.
Rabbi Topp’s Chumash Shiur this Shabbat morning,
Dec. 20, 8 am. Sponsored by Sharon & Herb Glaser in memory of
Sharon’s father, Louis Factor, Lev Yitzchak ben Moshe, a”h;
by Klara & Martin Shandling in memory of Martin’s father,
Aaron Shandling, a”h.
Rabbi Posy’s Pre Mincha Shiur, this Shabbat at 3:45 pm.
Topic: Contemporary Halacha.
Weekly Classes
Conversational Hebrew, Mon., Dec. 22 at 9:45 am. If you can read
and write basic Hebrew, come and join our friendly group.
Monday Classes, given by Rabbi Topp, Dec. 22 at 11 am The
Intersection of Judaism and the Modern World, 12 pm Bread & Bible.
Gemara Gems with Rabbi Arye Sufrin, Tues., Dec. 23 at 7:30 pm.
Learn Masechet Bava Kamma in depth.
Living the Good Life, Tuesday Dec. 23, 8:00 pm with Rabbi Topp.
Learn how Jewish values can enhance your relationships, your career
and your life. Dedicated by Heidi and Albert Praw.
Ulpan, Wed., Dec. 24, 7 pm. With Dalia Golan. Please register by
calling the office or visiting
Treasures of the Alef Bet, Thurs., Dec. 25, 12 pm. With Rabbi
Posy. In the Ives Lounge.
► To Avi & Aaron Gutis on the loss of their beloved father
Simon Gutis a”h.
Calendar of Events - At a Glance
► To Bob Korda and Erika Korda on the loss of their
beloved mother Elisabeth Korda a”h.
YP Friday Night Dinner, Friday Dec. 19
► To Yosi Finn on the loss of his beloved sister Suzie
Finn a”h
Bat Mitzvah Seminar, Sunday, December 21, 10 am
Learning & Fun Program, Shabbat, Dec. 20, 11:30 am
Bar Mitzvah Seminar and Tefillin Workshop, Sunday, Dec. 21
Chanukah Party for Kids, Sunday, December 21,10 am –12 pm
This Shabbat After Davening!
We invite parents & children ages 4-8 to
Learning & Fun!
11:45 am to 12:15 pm
In the Eisenstat Beit Midrash
See attached flyer for details.
Next Dor L’Dor Breakfast, Sunday, December 28
Shabbat Morning with Hadassah & Senator Joseph Lieberman,
Shabbat, January 3, presented by Hillel Hebrew Academy.
Scholar in Residence Israel’s Chief Rabbi David Lau, Shabbat, Jan. 10
Avraham Fried Concert with Chazan Arik, Sunday, January 11, 6:30 pm
Movie Night: Follow Me, The Yoni Netanyahu Story,
Saturday Night, Jan. 17, 7:30 pm
Movie Night: The Quarrel, Saturday Night, Feb. 7, 7:30 pm
Annual Blood Drive, Sunday, February 8
Genetic Screening, Sunday, February 22
AIPAC Policy Conference, March 1-3
Chanukah Party for Kids!
This Sunday, December 21, 10 am to 12 pm.
See attached flyer for details.
Beth Jacob’s Kestenbaum family
youth department
Shabbat Youth groups begin at 9 am and run until
services end. Exciting activities include davening, snack,
games and Torah learning.
6 months to 2 years old; 2 to 4 years old; 4 to 6 years old
7 to 8 years old; 9 to 12 years old (Junior Congregation)
Our Shabbat Youth Groups are nut sensitive. We can't
guarantee that we're nut free, but we make a sincere effort to
serve only nut-free snacks. Please refrain from sending nut
products with your child to Shul.
Learning & Fun Program for parents & children ages
4-8, this Shabbat Morning, 11:45 am to 12:15 pm in the
Eisenstat Beit Midrash. Please join us for learning with Rabbi
Topp, games, prizes and treats!
Young Professionals Corner
Divrei Torah: If you would like to give next month’s five
minute vort, please contact [email protected]
YP Beth Jacob is now live on Facebook! Please friend
us and look online for future shiurim, programs, and
events. If you would like to get more involved, please email
rabbi [email protected]
We invite you and your daughter to Beth Jacob’s
Torat Imecha Bat Mitzvah Program
Led by Rebbetzin Jordana Topp
Chanukah Party, this Sunday at Beth Jacob! 10 am dropoff, please pick up promptly at 12 pm. For kids ages 4 to
12. Game truck, lazer tag, and extreme velcro dodge
ball! Please bring a toy that will be given as a Chanukah gift
to children of families in need. Sufganiyot will be served.
Cost is $5 per child. RSVP to [email protected]
See flyer for more details.
Teen Programs
BILU Thursday evenings 5:30 – 7:30 pm. BILU is a
weekly after-school program for public high school students
who want to develop their Jewish identity.
Beth Jacob Teens! Beth Jacob is an amazing place for
teens, with a weekly Shabbat minyan at 9:30 am and
exciting field trips and events throughout the year.
Save the date! Teen Oneg at the home of Devorah & Rabbi
Zach Swigard, Friday Night, January 9.
Thanks to an anonymous sponsor for sponsoring a tray of
sushi to our Teen Minyan Kiddush every Shabbat
Clippers Game for Teens on January 11.
For more information contact [email protected]
We invite teens, parents & grandparents to our
Dor L’Dor Breakfasts
Includes davening, light
breakfast, and 30 minutes of
parent/teen learning.
Sundays December 21, 28 &
January 4, 11, February 1, 10:00-11:30 am
This seminar connects girls and their mothers to the chain
across the generations through text study, dance, drama,
art or music.
For more information, please email
[email protected] or visit
Beth Jacob Presents
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Becoming A
We invite pre and post Bar Mitzvah boys
to a seminar and Tefillin workshop, given by
Ronnie Sieger, Sofer Stam.
Sunday, December 21, 10:00 am
Remaining Sessions:
Sunday mornings: December 28;
January 11;February 1, 22, at 9 am.
Attend 4 out of 5 breakfasts, and receive Clippers
game box-seat with dinner from PKD!
Ronnie Sieger has been the Sofer of choice
for many Shuls and schools in the Los Angeles
Jewish community since 1989. He has also
served as a Torah scribe for many
communities beyond L.A., including Northern
California, Las Vegas, NV and Calgary,
Alberta, Canada.
For more information please contact
Rabbi Swigard at 818-800-3646
Program will take place in the
Beth Jacob Schoenfeld Beit Midrash
Over 30 people attended the first Dor L’Dor
Breakfast. Join us at the next one!
For more information, or to register, please
contact [email protected]
Reservations required
Beth Jacob Sponsors, Fela & David Shapell.
Jewish Genetic Disease Prevention Project
In partnership with Genetestnow
For more information about ways to get involved, contact
Stacy Sharf at [email protected],Heidi Bendetson at
[email protected], or Rachel Shapira at
[email protected] or 1-844-GENE-TEST.
Upcoming community screening at Beth
JacobSunday, February 22, 2015,
9:30 AM – 2:00 PM
To register:
L.A. – Beverly Hills Community
Thank you for not wearing perfumes in consideration of those
with asthma or allergies.
Women's Tehillim Group, Mondays 9-10 am, Mellon home,
Beverwil Dr. Newcomers welcome. Hebrew skills not required.
Project M.O.T. sends care packages to U.S. Jewish Soldiers
deployed abroad to show them support and appreciation for
their service. We are currently collecting donations for Hanukkah boxes for the troops. For More information or to donate
please contact Joan Rimmon at: [email protected]
The Jewish Community Children's Choir will be opening
the Mostly Kosher Klezmer Concert this coming Sunday, December 21st, 2:30pm at Valley Beth Shalom. If you haven't
heard the JCCC yet--please join us! Sure to be an entertaining event for the entire family! For more information, please
visit, Tickets will be available at the
UCLA alumni are invited to the home of Esther Kandel, 2129
Beverwil Dr. LA 90034, to unite and mobilize to combat
anti-Semitism at UCLA. The guest speaker, Tammi RossmanBenjamin is co- founder of AMCHA Initiative, expert on
campus anti-Semitism and BDS. There will be no
solicitations. Monday, January 12 at 7:30 PM. RSVP to
310-251-5129 or [email protected]
Bnei Akiva Events: Shabbat Afternoon SNIF Program: THIS
WEEK Sat. Dec. 19th CITY SNIF Shluchot OFF WEEK; SNIF
Lavi meets at 3:45 at Rodan home, 5010 Otis Avenue, Tarzana. Sat. Dec. 20th V'Za'Ch Chanukah Scavenger Hunt at
S.M. Pier. Sun. Dec. 21th 10:00am-12:00pm Chev. Alef Valley-Counselor Hunt at Topanga Mall! Sat. Dec 20th V'Za'Ch
Scavenger Hunt at SM Pier! Sat. Dec 27th Chevrayah Bet
Scavenger Hunt at SM Pier! Sun. Dec 28th 9:3011:30am Chev Alef-City Counselor Hunt at Century City Mall
For more Bnei Akiva info call: Eyal 310-220-1459 or Avi
AIPAC Policy Conference 2015
March 11-3 in Washington DC!
We invite you to join
Jack Fenigstein, Rabbi Topp, and dozens of other
Beth Jacob members for three of the most
important days of impact for Israel’s future!
Beth Jacob has a limited number of discounted tickets
at the rate of $399 (regular rate $599).
Call the AIPAC office asap at 323-937-1184 and ask for Rachael Ripps to request the special
Beth Jacob ticket rate before they are sold out. Sign up today to
participate in a transformational experience. We thank all those who have already signed up!
Susan Benyowitz, Larry Berger, Cindy Berger, Joseph Englanoff, Gilat Englanoff, Jack Fenigstein,
Carrol Fenigstein, Alec Fields, Jeremy Garelick, Samantha Garelick, Carri Garelick, Glynis Gerber,
Selwyn Gerber, Michele Poltorak, Eva Tashman Kaplan, Abe Kaplan, Dr. David Katzin, Phyllis Katzin,
Lauren Klitofsky , Wayne Klitofsky , Arlene Kupietzky, Moshe Kupietzky, Jeremy Mittman, Brian Mund,
Debra Mund, Daniel Reich, Reuben Robin, Miri Robin, Marc Rohatiner, Danielle Rohatiner, Arnie Rotter,
Leah Rotter, Lee Samson, Alice Schoenfeld, Steve Shrier, Debbie Shrier, Howard Szabo, Helen Szabo,
Kalman Topp, Tzippora Topp, Harold Walt, Michele Weiss
Refuah Shleimah
Names will remain on the list until Shabbat Mevorchim unless otherwise
instructed. Please note that the below represents an updated list. If you or
someone you know is a choleh and you would like the name included,
please call Debora at the office.
Ilan Ashkenazi, Gavriel Akiva ben Esther Hanah • Dr. Sheldon
Michel, Shalom ben Uri • Jerome Schechter, Yosef Shalom
Halevi ben Elka • Shalom Raphael Yitzchak ben Chana Gittel •
Avraham Yisrael ben Devorah Gittel • Binyamin Refa’el Menachem
Mendel ben Tovah Chana • Chana Tzivea bat Chava Tziporah •
Rickey Bloom - Chana Rivka bat Michla • Benzion ben Chaya
Yehudit • Faige Channah bat Bayla Rachel • Dina bat Chaya Sarah •
Pesel Hencha bat Leah • Debora bat Yehudit • Sarah Gittel bat
Chava Raitzel • Miriam bat Malka • Rafael David ben Ella • Ber Laib
ben Malka Nicha • Eliyahu Menachem ben Toba • Shmuel Gershon
ben Toba • Henna bat Bayla • Miriam Sarah bat Tziporah • Yeshayahu ben Tova • Melech ben Miriam • Betzalel Mordechai ben Raizel
Rochol • Yochevet Tova bat Beila Ita • Hinda bat Malka • Shimon Dov
ben Shifra • Chaya Revital bat Rachel • Chaim Yehuda ben Chana
Rachel • Chaim ben Mahin • Mordechai Yitzchak ben Rifka • Rivka
Mishket bat Serel • Eliot Klugman-Eliezer David ben Rifka • Reuven
Halevi ben Ratza • Shoshanah bat Esther • Giora ben Ester • Darla
bat Peggy • Sarah bat Yetta • Zahava Sarah bat Esther Batya • Pinchas ben Gittel • Avner ben Simcha • Pesha Malka bat Benyamin •
Dick Weiner, Israel Shimon ben Yaakov Nachum •
Dovid ben Leah Esther
Davening - Next Week
Shacharit: Sunday& Thursday 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 am
Monday & Tuesday 5:45, 6:30, 7:30 am
Wednesday 6:00, 6:45, 7:40 am
Friday 6:15, 7:00, 7:40 am
Mincha/Maariv: Sunday-Friday 4:35 pm
Zumba Fitness at Beth Jacob!
Tuesday Nights 7 pm in Bayer Hall
For Teens & Women of All Ages
$10 per class for 10 class series or $15 drop-ins.
Remaining Class Dates:
December 23, 30; January 6, 13, 20, 27
For more information, or to sign up,
contact Melissa Gruenfeld (424) 666-8167 or
[email protected]
The office will be closed on Thursday December 25.
Not Meeting: BILU is on hiatus for the next 3 weeks for winter
break. It will resume on Thursday, January 8. BMW - Beit
Midrash for Women is on Chanukah hiatus.
Reinforce your memory. Please join us for bridge every
Tuesday from 1 pm to 3 pm.
Security: To ensure everyone’s safety, no unattended items
are to be left anywhere at any time. If you see something
suspicious, say something!
Areivim Opportunities
Shabbat Hospitality The Shalom Aleichem team strives to
make our shul a welcoming place. If there’s a Shabbat or
Holiday meal when you could have extra guests, email
[email protected] or [email protected]
Bikur Cholim If you or someone you know is unfortunately ill
or homebound, or if you want to participate in the mitzvah of
Bikur Cholim, email Rabbi Topp at
[email protected], or Michelle Dolgin at
[email protected], or call 278-1911.