Glycocalyx Measurement - Topic Embedded Systems
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Glycocalyx Measurement System
Project description
A system development in close collaboration with the
system for the recording, analysis and storing of glycocalyx
Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM). In this the
measurements and results.
latter party signed up for the development of the method. TOPIC
Project contribution TOPIC
has dedicated its knowledge of project development, medical
conceptualisation and algorithm performance improvement to
TOPIC was responsible for the following phases of the
turn the developed method into a usable product. The developed
development of the system:
system allows a non-invasive, through the mouth, microscopic
recording to be made in order to establish the density of the
so-called glycocalyx. Glycocalyx is a naturally occurring sugar-
coating on the inside of the capillaries which turns out to play an
important preventive part in the development of among others
Optimisation and performance increase of Matlab algorithms
with a factor 10 to 100 in C++.
diabetes and heart- and vascular diseases.
Development of picture processing algorithms for the benefit
of picture quality determination and automatic capillary
The Glycocalyx Measurement System is a fully automated
Defining the requirements and user-interface through
workshops with end users and screen simulations.
Clinical Research system development:
-Development, implementation and testing of a research
system for clinical studies by means of an iterative
development cycle.
Medical device software development:
-Developing the medical software product GlycoCheck,
including the accompanying technical documentation for
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Technical features
Other features
The Glycocalyx Measurement System is a distributed system
In iterations of two weeks there is through close consultation with
consisting of different measuring stations which are linked to a
the client an Agile collaboration.
central database. The acquisition database guides the physician
This project was developed according to the TOPIC quality
in making the images and determines the quality of the images in
system, which meets the ISO 13485
order to make automatic recordings. The application shows the
requirements. GlycoCheck will be certified as a class IIa medical
recorded data and visualises the measurement results. Through
software product.
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and ISO 9001
the administration application the data in the central database is
managed. The calculations are made automatically by a service
running in the background.
In the development of this system the following components
were used:
Windows 7
• MS SQL database and MS sync framework
• C#, WPF and XAML application development
• Matlab, C++, Java algorithm development
• Image processing algorithms
Perform measurement
Analyse measurements
Manage Users and Studies
View video
Clinical Camera
Glycocalyx Web Applications
Glycocalyx Acquisition System
Acquisition GUI
Video Quality System
Video Acquisition System
Glycocalyx Calculation System
Analysis GUI
Administration GUI
Feed input video
Local Storage
Host web applications
Store and
synchronize data
Retrieve and manage data
Glycocalyx Storage System
Glycocalyx Web Server
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