From the Desk of Dr. Deepak Ugra, IAP President 2010

From the Desk of Dr. Deepak Ugra, IAP President 2010
Dear Fellow Academicians,
I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you, for giving me an opportunity to serve the
Academy in the capacity of the President IAP 2010. I am aware that each New Year brings fresh
expectations and I am confident that we would be able to meet them working together.
The year began with a very successful “PEDICON 2010” at Hyderabad. The state of art venue
equipped with latest technology was an asset to a very well crafted scientific program. It was only
possible because of meticulous planning, and hard work put in by organizing team. I congratulate
the Organizing Team of Pedicon 2010 and the Central IAP Office team for excellent coordination
to make this mega event a grand success. It was for the first time that two International CMEs viz.
IAP – RCPCH (Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health) and IAP – AAP (American
Academy of Pediatrics) were held pre-conference. Delegates had the opportunity to interact with
about 25 International speakers and large number of eminent National speakers. Participation of
National and International Agencies, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Royal
College of Pediatrician and Child Health (RCPCH) and Latter Day Saint Charity(LDSC), enriched
the Conference significantly. Another feature of Pedicon 2010 was sessions held for Parent
Education simultaneously on all three days. They were very well appreciated by all those who
IAP has extended its collaboration with other organizations across the world. Immediate outcome
of this is MRCPCH Examinations (Part I, Part II and Clinical) to be held in India at five cities viz.
Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Now our young students and pediatricians do not
need to travel to UK or any other country to appear in MRCPCH examinations.
IAP has started the year very well with another program, the ‘Newborn Resuscitation Program’
which IAP has launched as the First Golden Minute this year in partnership wit AAP and LDSC in
2009, and have taken it to a new level. We wish to involve all our branches and members in this
program. It is heartening to see that IAP is going very strong with Ministry of Health, Government
of India in conducting NSSK (Navjat Shishu Suraksha Karyakram). IAP believes that the program
will make a significant impact in reducing U5 mortality rates and help in achieving the millennium
development goal.
One of my dreams is to take IAP to a global level, both nationally amongst lay people and
internationally amongst other pediatric societies across the world. IAP has planned parent
education through all means of media. The module on “Parenting Skills” is almost ready and will
be launched soon. IAP plans to come out with Parent Education sessions on electronic media and
articles on child health issues in prominent news papers. I foresee that the presence of IAP will be
felt amongst lay people of our country. IAP plans to share some of its unique activities like IAP
Drug Formulary and IAP Pediatric Software with other pediatric societies in the world. IAP has
decided to take some important issues with the Government of India on behalf of the children of
our country. Some of these documents are already prepared and sent to concerned authorities.
IAP has a wide network of over 300 state, district and city branches. It is through active
involvement of these branches that IAP achieves its objectives. I request you to have maximum
involvement in generating community awareness and participate in health programs especially
parent education. IAP plans to revive some of the popular programs like Respiratory Tract
Infection – Group Education Module, Asthma Training Module, and Ask IAP very soon. Presently
we are in the process of revising these popular programs. IAP has decided to start registries in some
important illnesses viz. Kawasaki Disease, Juvenile Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension and Cystic
Fibrosis. I request members to contribute to these registries.
Subspecialty chapters have done a commendable job in helping designing scientific program of
Pedicon 2010. I request all chapters to help in IAP Pediatric Satellite CMEs. The format for the
year is changed and it is no longer a subspecialty CME, but, a combination of two or three
subspecialties in every CME. Introduction of fellowship training programs in some of the pediatric
subspecialties is a good step. I request others to follow this to enhance the pool of trained people in
various fields in our country.
IAP has already launched Basic Life Support course for lay people and para-medicals. IAP plans
publications in the form of books on Clinical Pediatrics, PICU Protocols, NICU Protocols,
Respiratory Medicine, Neonatology, Nephrology and Endocrinology. The work on all these books
is already started and hopefully will be completed in the current year only. IAP plans to work on
Universalization of PG Teaching. IAP HOD cell can play a very vital role in this project.
IAP needs to devote efforts on research to upgrade its academic base as visualized by my
predecessors. IAP has planned few research activities and I request members to contribute to this.
Presently research in IAP is individual oriented and mostly comes from large institutions. Members
who are in private practice can contribute in a big way.
IAP has taken one more step this year and that is the decentralization of some of its prominent
activities. In this direction, the IAP Drug Formulary is shifted to IAP Kochi Branch; a publication
house is started at IAP Gwalior Branch. IAP plans to involve its state branches directly with
UNICEF state offices in carrying out activities related to Under 5 child mortality.
Communication is the back bone of any organization. We need to communicate with each other
more often. IAP plans to improve its communication by installing mass sms soon. I strongly feel
that in today’s era of electronic communication, we need to improve our database of contact details.
I request all members to inform their current active email ID to IAP Secretariat at
[email protected]
I find myself fortunate to be surrounded by an efficient group of 50 executive board members and
office bearers. Please feel free to send your inputs and suggestions to improve functioning at
various levels. Your feedback is very important for me to understand how we are moving to
achieve our mission: “Commitment for improvement of the health and well being of children”.
I wish you a very happy, eventful and fruitful year 2010.
Yours in Academy service,
Deepak Ugra
Programs - 1
Parent education through electronic media and Chat Show between a celebrity and an expert from
IAP for common day to day child care issues.
•Infomercials- this will be short video clipping giving important key messages to general public
about the child health care
Topics for Infomercials
•Breast Feeding
•Newborn Care
•Touch Therapy
•Pneumonia identification
•ORS in Diarrhea
•Girl Child
•Child Labor
Infomercials Committee
•National Conveners
•Other Members
•Program Coordinator
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. T.U. Sukumaran
Dr. Suhas Dhonde
Dr. Rajesh Chokhani
Dr. Pravin J. Mehta, Dr. Shyam Kukreja, Dr. Girish Chandra
Agarwal, Maj. K. Nagaraju, Dr. Brij Bhushan Sahni
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
Message Preparation Team
•Dr. S. Sanjay, Dr. Rashmi Gupta
•Dr. Harish Pemde, Dr. Subhash S. Slathia
•Dr. Bakulesh Chauhan, Dr. Bakul Parekh
•Dr. N.S. Mahantshetti, Dr. S. Yamuna
•Dr. Gautam Ghosh, Dr. J.N. Sharma (Guwahati)
•Parent Education through Print Media- We plan to write articles in various news papers,
magazines and other print media- English, Hindi and maximum possible vernacular languages.
•National Conveners
•Other Members
•Program Coordinator
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Sailesh Gupta
Dr. Samir Dalwai
Dr. Mahavir P. Jain
Dr.Vasant Khalatkar, Dr. Arun Agrawal, Dr. Shazi Thomas John,
Dr. Arup Roy, Dr. Arabinda Mohanty, Dr. Pukhraj Bafna, Dr.Hemant
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
Topics to be published
•All topics of talk show
•All topics for Infomercials
•Common minor health problems
•Seasonal diseases
•Major Killers
•Health statistics
List of contributors
•Two members from each state selected by State Executive Board Member to write
•Two members from each state selected by State Executive Board Member to collect data
•Health Expert from Times of India
•Core Team to edit
Parent Education through Electronic Media
Details are as follows:
Dr. Deepak Ugra
•National Conveners
Dr. Y.K. Amdekar
Dr. Raju Khubchandani
•Other members
Dr. C.P. Bansal, Dr. Santosh Soans, Dr. Sailesh Gupta,
Dr. Anand Shandilya, Dr. Rajinder Gulati,
Dr. Utpal Kant Singh
•Program Coordinator
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
•Sponsor – J&J, Channel – Zee TV
•The Core Team has to be Mumbai based
Zonal Coordinators
East Zone
Dr. S.B.P. Singh
West Zone
Dr. Manoj Rathi
North Zone
Dr. Rekha Harish
South Zone
Dr. T.M. Ananda Kesavan
Central Zone Dr. Ashwani K. Agrawal
Topics for discussion
•How do I prepare myself for expected new member of my family?
•Is my baby developing normally?
•Breast Feeding and Weaning Foods
•Which all vaccines are good for my child?
•My child is not growing well. What to feed him?
•My child does not listen to me
•How much to expect from my child at the school?
•My child cough every now and then
•Common emergencies at home
•Is exposure to media bad for my child?
•Sports and Yoga
•Tonics and medicines for common ailments
•What are our responsibilities as parents?
•The child care begins before birth
•Care of teeth, eyes, skin
•Sleep and your child
•Routine Care in Newborn
•Feeding your child, Feeding Habits
•Emergencies at Home, Safety first
•Inculcating good habits & Discipline
•Normal development
•Reading habits
The Right Track
•School Performance
•Obesity, Diet and Exercise
•Child with Chronic Disease
•Breaking news to a child
•How to get best out of your pediatrician
•Sports and your child
•Media and your child
We will involve Panelists from Celebrities and Glamour World who are parents
•Confirmed - Ms. Namrata Shroff, Ms. Farah Khan, Ms. Juhi Chawla, Ms. Deepti Bhatnagar, Ms.
Superna Motwane, Ms. Preeti Sapru
•IAP panelist will be selected by production team on telephonic interview
•Likely to confirm–Ms. Chandni Roy, Ms. Twinkle Khanna, Mr. Rinkie Khanna, Ms. Sonali
Bendre, Ms. Suzanne Roshan, Ms. Gayatri Oberoi, Ms. Raveena Tandon and many more TV artists
For the inaugural episode we are trying to get Hon. Health Minister
Literature Surfing Team
Dr. L.H. Bidari, Dr. Jagdish Chinappa
Dr. J.S. Tuteja, Dr. Arif Ahmed
Dr. Digant Shastri, Dr. Harshad Takvani
Dr. Arup Roy, Dr. Krishna Kumar
Dr. Ashok Gupta (Jaipur), Dr. Ashok Gupta (Jammu)
•Parenting Skills Program- will be conducting parent education program through out the country
with special emphasis on prevention of suicide
•Pediatric BLS Workshops- educating the masses in Basic Life Support
Pediatric BLS Workshops
Dr. Deepak Ugra
•National Conveners
•Other members
•Program Coordinator
Dr. Anand Shandilya
Dr. Janani Sankar
Dr. L.N. Taneja
Dr. Babu Francis, Dr. Rafiq Ahmed, Dr. Sunit Singhi,
Dr. Ashwin Mohanty, Dr. Narendra Rathi
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
Plan of action
•For Cops, Fire Brigade personnel, Adolescents, House wives
•Will be done by IAP PALS Courses, through IAP Branches
•Branch Secretary will be local coordinator
•Local IAP PALS Faculty will be the faculty
•Create a pool of BLS Instructors
•To start in branches which has PALS Instructors
•Later on look for finances
•Venue arranged by beneficiaries
IAP Publications
•Text Book of Clinical Pediatrics
•PICU Protocols
•NICU Protocols
•Respiratory Medicine
•Manual of Parenting Skills
Text Book of Clinical Pediatrics
Core Team
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. S. Balasubramanian, Chennai
Dr. Y.K. Amdekar, Mumbai
Dr. G.R. Sethi, Delhi
Dr. S.K. Kabra, Delhi
Dr. A.K. Dutta, Delhi
Dr. Siddharth Ramji, Delhi
Dr. Lulu Mathews, Calicut
Dr. Srinivasan,
Dr. Sankarnarayanan, Chennai
Dr. Piyush Gupta, Delhi
Dr. M.N.G. Nair
PICU Protocols
Core Team
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Praveen Khilnani
Dr. Sunit Singhi
Dr. Bala Ramchandran
Dr. Soonu Udani
Dr. Piyush Gupta
Office Bearers of Intensive Care Chapter
NICU Protocols
Core Team
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
Dr. Sailesh Gupta
Dr. B.D. Bhatia
Dr. Bankim Parekh
Dr. K. Nedunchelian
Team from NNF, Neonatology Chapter
Format of PICU & NICU Protocols
•To divide every protocol at two levels i.e. Tertiary and Secondary
•What is to be done and what can be done
•Algorithm in every chapter
•Contributors to be selected by Core Team based on experience in Pediatric / Neonatal Intensive
Respiratory Medicine
Core Team
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Nitin Shah
Dr. Jagdish Chinappa
Dr. Nagabhushana
Dr. Mahesh Babu
Office Bearers of Respiratory Chapter
Contributors are already selected
Book is half the way through
Core Team
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Nitin Shah
Dr. Sailesh Gupta
Dr. Rhishikesh Thakre
Dr. K.K. Diwakar
Dr. Anjali Kulkarni
Office Bearers of Neonatology Chapter
Team from NNF
Core Team
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Nitin Shah
Dr. R.N. Shrivastava
Dr. A.S. Vasudev
Dr. Sushmita Banerjee
Dr. Kamini Mehta
Office Bearers of Nephrology Chapter
Core Team
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Nitin Shah
Dr. Vaman Khadilkar
Dr. Nalini Shah
Dr. Sudha Rao
Dr. V. Mohan
Office Bearers of Endocrinology Chapter
•Universalization of PG Teaching: This is one of the project for PGs which is very near to our
president’s heart and that is to standardize the syllabi in DNB teaching all over the country so that
train PG student can be trained well for DNB examinations.
Universalization of PG Teaching: Committee
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
Dr. Y.K. Amdekar
Dr. S. Balasubramanian
Dr. S. Narayanan
Dr. A.P. Dubey
Dr. A. Arumugam
Programs - 2
•Issues to be taken with GOI. There are many important issues like use of Ciprofloxacillin in
children below 12 years, very strict IMC guidelines on pharma sponsorships etc.
•Disease Registry eg. Kawasaki Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension
•Management Guidelines on various childhood diseases. In this contributions from respective
subspecialty chapters will be taken and existing guidelines will be revised., like
•Rational Antimicrobial Practices
•Hemato-Oncology Training
•HIV Training
•Satellite Sub-specialty CMEs
Programs – 3
Following programs will be continued
Steering Committee
Dr. Panna Choudhury
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Naveen thacker
Dr. T.U. Sukumaran
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
Core Committee
Members of Steering Committee & Zonal Coordinators
Dr. C.P. Bansal
Dr. Ranjan Pejaver
Dr. Rhishikesh Thakre
Dr. Vineet saxena
Dr. Utpal Kant singh
Dr. U. Jagdishchandra
Dr. Anand Shandilya
•Advanced Science of vaccinology
National Convener
National Coordinator
Joint National Coordinators
: Dr. T. Jacob John
: Dr. Deepak Ugra, Dr. Panna Choudhury, Dr. Naveen Thacker
: Dr. Vipin M. Vashishtha
: Dr. Rohit C. Agrawal
: Dr. A. P. Dubey
Dr. Atul Kumar Agarwal
Zonal Coordinators
Dr. Manjori Mitra
Dr. Digant Shashtri
Dr. Ajay Gambhir
Dr. R. Nisarga
Dr. C. P. Bansal
•RTI GEM Course
RTI GEM – Core Committee
Dr. Deepak Ugra
National Conveners
Dr. Varinder Singh
Dr. Rajesh Chokhani
National Coordinators
Dr. Vijay Yewale
Dr. Gautam Ghosh
Program Coordinator
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
Zonal Coordinators
East Zone
West Zone
North Zone
South Zone
Central Zone
National Conveners
Program Coordinator
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Jagdish Chinappa
Dr. Suresh Babu
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
Zonal Coordinators
East Zone
West Zone
North Zone
South Zone
Central Zone
Dr. Gautam Ghosh
Dr. Shishir Modak
Dr. Krishen Chugh
Dr. D. Vijayasekaran
Dr. G. Sudhakar
National Coordinators
•GEM Course
GEM Course
National Conveners
National Coordinators
Program Coordinator
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Anand Shandilya
Dr. Soonu Udani
Dr. Bhavesh Mithiya
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
•Safe waste Disposal Workshops
Dr. Deepak Ugra
•National Conveners
Dr. S.S. Kamath
•National Coordinators
•Program Coordinator
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
Evaluation of our Constitution
One important activity will be to evaluate our constitution. Our constitution was formed when
membership was only 1200. Now it is 18000. A critical review will be done to find out to make it
suitable to present day working of IAP instead of peace meal changes.
Evaluation of our Constitution
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. George Mullayil
Dr. Mahesh Baldwa
Dr. Nitin Shah, Dr. Raju C. Shah, Dr. Subhash Arya, Dr. Piyus Gupta,
Dr. Sameer Dalwai, Dr. Santosh Soans, Dr. Arun Agrawal
Dr. Tanmay Amladi
•APPA Vaccinology Update - 2010 we are hosting the APPA Vaccinology update which was
awarded to us by APPA. It will be held in Mumbai towards the end of the year.
•At Mumbai
•End October or mid November
•Waiting for letter of Intent
•Organizing Team from Mumbai
•Scientific Committee from Mumbai and Dr. Jacob John, Dr. Raju C. Shah
IAP Task Force for International Alliance
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Swati Bhave
Dr. Naveen Thacker
Dr. Ashok Gupta
Dr. Uday Bodhankar
President IAP
Honorary Secretary General IAP
IAP Task Force for Parent Education through Media
Dr. Deepak Ugra
Dr. Y.K. Amdekar
Dr. S. Yamuna
Dr. Pukhraj Bafna
President IAP
Honorary Secretary General IAP
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