Dance Instructions for the Predominately Playford Ball, 2014

Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
Dance Instructions for the Predominately
Playford Ball, 2014
Barbarini's Tambourine
Leslie's Valentine
Candles in the Dark
Neat, Mr John
The Old Batchelor
The Physical Snob
Dunsmuir Waltz
Shrewsbury Lasses
Easter Morn
Stepping Stones
To Dance Divine
From Aberdeen
Turning By Threes
The Hop Ground
Up With Aily
Wakefield Hunt
Barbarini’s Tambourine 
Longways duple minor
Walsh, 1745
1st corners dance a figure 8 to change places: Cast behind neighbor, pass L
shoulders in the center, cast R around partner into corner’s place.
2nd corners the same: cast behind partner, pass R shoulders in the center, cast L
around neighbor.
Fall back, come forward, pass through R shoulder.
Back to back with neighbor.
Back to back with partner.
Rights & Lefts, 4 changes.
Partners turn two hands.
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
Candles in the Dark 
Longways duple minor
Loretta Holtz, 2006
Assisted ½ figure 8s, each starting R hand in R:
1st couple ½ figure 8 down;
1st man & 2nd woman ½ figure 8 across.
2nd man & 1st woman ½ figure 8 across,
2nd couple ½ figure 8 down through the 1s below,
ending with 2s taking inside hands and facing down.
Mirror back-to-back with neighbor, 2s down the center to begin, taking inner
hands with partner when possible.
Circle L once around.`
Mirror back-to-back with neighbor, 1s up the center to begin.
All gypsy partner R 1½.
Christina 
Longways duple minor improper
Partners set & turn single. Partners turn R hand once round.
Neighbors turn L hand once round, set & turn single.
Circle L halfway and fall back.
Facing partner, dance 2 changes of Rights & Lefts (hands).
Poussette halfway CCW, men moving forward
1s lead up through the 2s and cast to progressed places.
Naomi Alexander, 1992
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
Companions 
Longways duple minor
Victor Skowronski, 2003
In your foursome, dance one place to the L (CW).
All balance into the center and back.
Repeat, ending progressed and improper.
Chevron: 1st corners change places R shoulders, stay facing out and fall back
across the set while 2nd corners cast into 1st corner positions. (1s now above, all
Partners half poussette CW. Release hands to slide into a line of 4, 1st corners
facing in the middle, 2nd corners on the ends, behind same-gender neighbor.
6 changes of a hey for 4, 1st corners starting L shoulder. Hey until 2nd corners are
approaching each other in the middle, 1st corners are proper, facing out.
1st corners cast R, dancing into the center of the set, while 2nd corners gypsy L¾ to
meet partner. (All are now in a line up and down the center of the set.)
Partners gypsy R about 1¼ to progressed places.
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
Dunsmuir Waltz 
3 couple longways set
Bruce Hamilton, 2002
1s joining inside hands, dance down center, turn towards each other to face up
and continue down center falling back. Dance up the middle, dancing outside the
2s to original places.
1W & 3M (long 2nd corners)
2W & 3W, 1M & 2M
Cross by the R hand.
Taking hands, set on the side.
Cast R one place into middle
place improper.
Petronella in tandem, women
ending above, men below. (Remain
close to neighbor, do not go out to
the sides.)
Cross by the R hand
Taking hands, set.
Cast R one place to face each
other up and down the set.
Petronella tandem, to end on the
sides, improper.
Joining hands in a ring, all balance in and out, then circle L to original places.
Retaining hands in lines, all set.
The 2s (in middle place), followed by the 1s, dance down through the 3s and cast
up, ending 2, 1, 3.
The 1s (in middle place), followed by 3s, dance up through the 2s and cast down,
ending 2, 3, 1.
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
Easter Morn 
Longways duple minor
Erna Lynne Bogue, 1994
1s cast, 1s ½ figure 8 up through original 2s.
Star R with new couple on the other side,
Star L with original couple.
Open the star into a circle R once round.
1s gate up through 2s to end below, facing down.
1s lead through the couple below, and cast back to progressed place.
All turn two hands to end proper (1s have an extra ½ turn).
Fandango 
3 couple longways set
Thompson, 1774
1s turn once by the R, face up, cast one place, 2s moving up.
1s turn once by the L, face up, cast to bottom, 3s moving up.
All slip circle L & R.
1s lead up to the top and cast to 2nd place, 3s moving down.
1s turn single downward (buttonhook).
1s turn 1st corners two hands, then partner, 2nd corner, partner, accelerating into
Figure 8’s across the dance starting R shoulder around 2nd corner--1st woman
around the 3s, 1st man around the 2s. End in middle place on own sides.
1s switch ends for heys across the dance, starting L shoulder to 1st corner.
1s lead to the bottom, 3s moving up.
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
From Aberdeen
Longways triple minor
1s cast to second place, turn two hands ¾ and fall back:
1st woman between and slightly above the 2s, 1st man slightly below the 3s.
Circle three once round at the top and bottom. Actives take 2 hands briefly with
the “pivot” person on their L, then drop that L hand to lead towards the side.
Circle three on the sides (women together, men together).
Open up with actives in the center of a line of three.
1s meet, turn ¼, and fall back: 1st man between the 2s, and 1st woman between
the 3s.
Circle three at top and bottom, actives changing hands with the pivot person as
before to lead into final circle.
Circle three on the sides (1st man with two women, 1st woman with two men).
Open up with actives in the center of a line of three.
1s turn halfway to progressed places.
Note about top & bottom circles:
2W and 3M are “pivots”, they travel with the 1s into the next circle on the side.
While 3W and 2M let go and move to their R to join a new circle with the other active dancer.
The Hop Ground 
Longways duple minor
Preston, 1794, Bert Simons version c. 1965
1s set twice to 2nd woman. Those three circle once round.
1s repeat the same with 2nd man.
1s cross R and cast, 2s moving up. 1s turn two hands 1½.
Rights & Lefts.
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
Impertinence 
Longways duple minor
Fried de Metz Herman, 1990
1st corners turn R hand, ending in the center of the set.
They each dance L shoulder around their same-gender neighbor (not in their
original foursome -- 1st man up and around the man above, 2nd woman down
around the woman below). They end in original places.
2nd corners repeat A1 in mirror image, turning L hand, 1st woman dancing R
around woman above, 2nd man around the man below.
Partners dance back to back and turn single R to face out,
Dance a R shoulder face-en-face with partner. Stay facing out.
Neighbors lead out (4 steps),
wheel around to face in, the dancer on the R moving forward (4 steps).
Partners quick gypsy R, and turn single L.
Note: if the hall is crowded, in B2 neighbors can set and wheel around rather than leading out.
Leslie's Valentine
Longways duple minor
Scott Higgs, 2001
1st woman set to 2nd man and both turn single. 1st woman cast, 2nd man
following. End the chase figure with 1st woman in 2nd man’s place, 2nd man in
2nd woman’s place, 2nd woman having moved up.
Partners face on the sides, set and turn single into a single file CW chase ¾
ending with 1s below, proper, and 2s above, improper.
1s dance a Mad Robin up around the 2s, woman starting up the center, man up
the outside.
Partners turn two hands: 1s turn once round, opening to face up and receive the
2s, while 2s turn halfway and cast to the ends of a line of 4.
(1s in the center, all proper.)
Lines up a double and fall back. Set in line. 2s gate the 1s to progressed places.
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
Neat, Mr John
3 couple longways set
Kynaston, 1718, Andrew Shaw version
1s half gypsy R to change places, and set.
1s long cast to middle place while 2s meet and lead up.
1s repeat the figure to bottom place, 3s end facing out in middle place.
Unusual mirror hey: To start, 1s cross diagonally UP, 3s in the middle CAST
down, 2s at the top lead down. Finish in same 2, 3, 1 order, 1s improper.
1s set, cast up to middle places, and turn L hand 1½.
L shoulder heys across, 1st woman up, man down, ending with 1s in the center of
a line of 4, 2s on the ends. 3s end behind the 1s, and take inner hands.
All lead up a double and back, 1s cast to the bottom, while 2s and 3s lead up one
Old Batchelor 
Longways duple minor
Dancing Master, 1695, Christine Helwig’s version
1s cross, cast, meet between 2s in a line of four. Up a double and back.
Still in line, side with neighbor (Sharp-style).
1s turn two hands 1¼ to end between 2s facing 2nd woman
(1st woman above, 1st man below).
1s and 2nd woman circle (4 steps), then women let go hands for the 2nd man to
join in, continuing to circle until 1s return to original place, 2s improper.
All turn single.
Facing partner, 2 changes of a circular hey, then
1s make an extra change to end in progressed place.
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
The Physical Snob 
3 couple longways set set
Unidentified collection, c. 1790
Women take hands, 1st woman lead line around the men back to places (skipping).
1st man lead the men around the women.
Poussettes: 1s & 2s half poussette (CW, 1st man start forward);
1s & 3s whole poussette (CCW, 1st woman start forward);
1s & 2s half poussette (CW, 1st woman start forward).
1s cross, cast one place, cross, and cast to the bottom.
1s lead to the top, cast to the bottom (skipping).
Optional footwork for A and C: hop step close step, hop step
Shrewsbury Lasses
3 couple longways set set
Thompson, 1765
1st man slow set & honor R and L to 2nd woman. They turn two hands.
1st woman do the same with 2nd man.
1s cast one place, 2s moving up.
1s circle L once round with 3s.
1s dance CW halfway around the outside of the set into 2nd place improper,
1st woman dancing down around the 3s, 1st man up around the 2s (skipping);
1s turn two hands halfway to own side.
3s cast up to circle with top couple (1s leading down).
3s then dance CW halfway around the set, as in B1.
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
Stepping Stones 
Longways duple minor, improper
Tom Cook, 1993
Women turn R ¾ to their neighbors’ places while
men cast up or down into their neighbors' places (4 bars).
Men turn L halfway. Partners face (on the side), step R and honor (4 bars).
Repeat the figure from new positions:
Men turn R ¾ while women cast up or down.
Women turn L halfway; neighbors face (on the side), step R and honor.
All are progressed and on opposite side.
Neighbors back to back L shoulder.
Partners back to back R shoulder.
Neighbors turn R once around.
Partners turn two hands halfway, then fall back to progressed places.
To Dance Divine 
Longways duple minor
Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett, 2010
1s cast, 2s meet and lead up.
1s lead down between the next couple and cast up to 2nd place.
2s repeat the figure. All are home.
1st corners cross, 2nd corners cross. Circle single file CW halfway to home places.
Partners gypsy R once round ending close.
1s cast while the 2s lead up and turn single towards new 1s.
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
Turning by Threes
Three couple circle mixer
Gary Roodman, 2001
Circle L, turn single L.
Circle R, turn single R.
Back to back partner (12 steps).
Grand chain, 2 changes. Turn the 3rd person by the R once round.
Men star L once round.
Women star R once round.
Men advance toward the center with two single steps (step close, step close)
As the men fall back, women advance with two single steps.
Women look over their R shoulder to find their new partner, and gypsy R 1¼ to
new places.
Up with Aily 
Longways duple minor
Dancing Master, 1703
1st man receive his neighbors (2nd man & 1st woman),
to form a diagonal line facing 2nd woman (3 steps).
In line, come forward (3) & fall back (3). Corners return to places (3).
1st man cast to 2nd place, 2nd man moving up by turning single L,
while women turn single R (6).
1st woman repeat the figure, forming a line with her neighbors (the 2s), 1st
woman casting,, 2nd woman moving up turning single R,
while men turn single L.
1s back to back and cast up (12 steps)
while 2s lead down, turning single away (woman L, man R).
Circle L once around.
1s cast, 2s move up.
Germantown Country Dancers’ Ball instructions, December 2014
Wakefield Hunt 
Longways triple minor (triple progression)
1st man cast below 2nd man, 2nd man moving up;
1st man set to and turn 3rd woman, ending in 2nd place.
1st woman repeat the figure, setting to 3rd man.
All slip circle L, then R.
1s gate down through the 3s, then up through 2s,
ending in 2nd place.
1s and 3s star R; 1s and 2s star L.
1st and 3s face partner for 3 changes of Rights & Lefts.
1s continue down the outside below the next 2s,
while that couple moves up to become 3s.
Thompson, 1779
Note: Couples at the top become active immediately without waiting out one round of the dance.
Couples at the bottom may also be included right away.