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Pipeline projects
Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification (STED)
identify export-oriented sectors with growth potential
identify emerging skill needs in those sectors
build up the capacity of training providers
3 year-project
Funded by Swedish International Development Agency
Support for Peace, Reconciliation and Development in
Myanmar through community empowerment
• empowerment of conflict affected communities in
Myanmar through:
– supporting inclusive peace processes;
– safe and protective environment that supports
effective and sustainable reintegration of children
affected by conflict and;
– facilitating participatory development in conflictaffected communities based on community
empowerment through livelihoods, skills and
entrepreneurship training and non-formal education
• Shan conflict-affected communities
• 4-year project to be funded by the European Union
Support to the Peace Process through an integrated
livelihoods approach
• To support the recovery of conflict affected Mon
communities and contribute to the on-going peace
process in Southeast Myanmar
– Peace Building and Community Empowerment
– Rehabilitation of Social and rural infrastructure
– Education
– Health/Water and Sanitation
– Livelihoods
• 2-year project
Contributing to peace and reconciliation through sustainable livelihoods and improved connectivity and communication
• Sustainable livelihood alternatives for opium poppy
growing communities developed and farmers organized
• Improved infrastructure for connectivity and markets
• Sustained dialogue and peacebuilding to support local
communities to take part in the peace process
• 18 months under UN Peace Building Fund
• With UNODC
Strengthening the implementation of the UN Joint Action Plan
to prevent and end the recruitment and use of children in the Tatmadaw
• accelerate the implementation of the Joint Action Plan
– direct technical support to the Myanmar Government
– field monitoring and reintegration of children formerly
associated with armed forces/groups
– Strengthening of the UNSCR 1612 Monitoring and
Reporting (MRM) on the 6 Grave violations against
Children through improved information management
system and inter-agency coordination
• 18-months project under the UN Peace Building Fund
Improving industrial relations in Myanmar’s
garment industry
enhance industrial relations in the Myanmar Garment sector:
– (i) on factory/enterprise level: training of workers and managers;
– (ii) on industry level: supporting the Myanmar Garment
Manufacturing Association (MGMA) as well as township and
regional employer and workers’ organizations where deemed
– (iii) national level: training and awareness raising for government
officials and members of the Conciliation and Arbitration bodies
3-year project
Cooperation between ILO, H&M and Swedish International
Development Agency (SIDA)
Supporting the implementation of sustainable social
protection floors for the workers and their families
better social protection system by securing income, increasing
access to social services, and enhancing employability of female
and male workers in ASEAN, with a specific focus on two countries:
Cambodia and Myanmar
– social security schemes created & strengthened to increase
access of uncovered groups
– progressive expansion of effective delivery mechanisms
– ASEAN countries are knowledgeable about relevant practices to
extend social protection to all, including vulnerable and
unprotected groups
3-year project support by the ILO-Korea Partnership Programme
Supporting Capacity Building and Implementation of Labour Law Reform in Viet Nam and Myanmar (OSH)
• increased capacity to formulate, implement,
monitor, review and/or enforce a modern OSH
policy and legal framework
• 3-year project
• ILO-Korea Partnership Programme