December 28, 2014 - China Spring United Methodist Church

December 28, 2014
Darlene Strey
Family of Paul Prescher
Jack Sanders
Jane Woodward
Betty Hardy
Kenny Ulibarri
Family of Norman Strey
Family of Mel Wheeler
Kathryn Stephens
Sara Anglin
Tom Hodges
Everett Tindall
Brian Dekle
Sue Cizler
Brian Burt
Dolores Rivera
Reba Allen
Katherine & David Reeves
Erin Rogillio
Nancy Moore
Chelsie Watts
Bert Cargill
Rachel Warren
Nadine Munden
Linda Kroll
Haley Donajkowski
Allen Cordell
Sally Jo
Lone Davis
Deke Hall
Wed. at 5:30pm
Weekly meals will
resume on
Wed. Jan. 7th.
Dessert sign-up sheets
are in the kitchen if
you are interested.
$5.00 for Adults.
$3 for Children.
Ages five and
under - Free.
Prayer Time
St. Catherine’s
Virginia Reese
Clifton Nursing Home
Faye Heine
The Regent
Patsy Watson
At Home
Dorothy Garrett
Lee Stewart
Buddy Roberts
Women’s Bible Study
Tuesdays at 9am in the
fellowship hall
Daycare available.
Class will resume
on Jan. 13th.
If you are visiting, please designate by
marking “visitor”, and putting your name,
address and phone number in the red pew
pad. If you are interested in joining our
church, please fill out the back of the bulletin
and give it to Pastor Jane.
Sunday Attendance
8:30: 43 ; 11:00: 74
Sunday School: 23 ; Other Groups: 131
Meals on Wheels Ministry:
Volunteers:19, Clients: 10
Just a Reminder…
Upper Room devotional
books are in the Narthex
in the wooden cubbies.
Please help yourself to a
copy! Large print versions are being
ordered and will be supplied very soon.
-A new Bible study will begin on Wed. evenings @ 6:30 beginning Jan 7th.
-Confirmation classes set to begin Jan 18th 5-7pm each Sunday.
-Ringing in the New Year with home projects? Call us up at 836-1107, and our
Men’s Ministry will see about helping out.
Erin will be stepping down as our Children’s
Minister at the year’s end. Please let her know
how much she will be missed and how much she
contributed to our church and children!
Poinsettia Gifts 2014
In Honor of
Miller & Mary Brister
Peyton Simon
Jesus Christ
Bryant Family, grandchildren
and great-grandchildren
In Memory Of
Larry Larsen
Virginia Lammers
Dola Blum
Jeri Crain
Magdalena Krohn
Alice Wheeler
Lynn & Mel Wheeler
Archie & Margaret Lewis
Peter & Vera Eller
Melony Dawn Holder
Will, Nettie & Patsy Ann McLennan
Robert J. Truhlar Sr.
Steve Lowe
Vince Carroll
Rev. Knox Waggoner
Wenona Waggoner
Raymond Kemper
Cindy Ulibarri & Mitchell Wright
Wendolyn Blumenstetter
Bill & Mary Weinberg
Jim & Dale Flynn
Frank, Pearl and Merry Owens
Kindred & Lucy Crouch & James
Betty Crouch
Bunny Wright
Norman Glen Strey
Aaron R. Robbins III
Children & Grandchildren
Jami Lowe
Tom & Robert Blumenstetter
Jimmy & Virginia Bryant
Jimmy & Virginia Bryant
Linda Larsen & Family
Tiedemann Family
Tiedemann Family
Stan Crain & Donoso Family
Terry & Nelda Wheeler
Terry & Nelda Wheeler
Terry & Nelda Wheeler
Clarence & Mary Ann Eller
Clarence & Mary Ann Eller
Karen Holder
Sally Jo Truhlar
Sally Jo Truhlar
Jami Lowe
Dolores Carroll
Butch & Sharon Waggoner
Butch & Sharon Waggoner
Butch & Sharon Waggoner
Angela Ulibarri
Tom & Robert Blumenstetter
Bill & Trish Weinberg
Bill & Trish Weinberg
Karen Cooke
Karen Cooke
Karen Cooke
Yvonne Wright
The Freeze Family
Jeff, Tricia, Jessica & Matthew Garrett
For the month of January we will collect the following items:
Cereal, Rice, Dried Beans and Hamburger Helper for Caritas.
Please bring items to the fellowship hall. We have collected 1561 lbs to date.
Church Staff
Lead Pastor
Choir Director/pianist
Chime Choir Director
Children’s Director
Children’s Choir Dir.
Dir. of Student Ministries
Lay Leader
Prayer Chain
[email protected]
Cell phone #: 254-931-4656
Parsonage: 254-836-4431
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
P.O. Box 400 /
262 Illinois
Jane Woodward
China Spring, TX
Gail Wade
Jim Hyden
Erin McGowan
Jan Holt
Patrick Turkett
Cecilia Boutwell
Nelda Wheeler
Donna Hixson
Church Office
Ph. #836-1107
Fax # 836-8112