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December 26, 2014
2014 Peaks - Here are some reasons we run:
10. to eat more,
9. like to be outside,
8. runner's high,
7. social life,
6. be hip,
5. stylin gear,
4. going for PR,
3. good for health,
2. racing is fun, and….
1. you can't ski year 'round!
If we have missed any, please forward them, this list can be adjusted by year end.
The 2015 Runner's Calendar is available in draft at:
A big thanks to Ed Wilson for forwarding it and also to everyone who puts this together every year. We
depend on this calendar - many thanks!!
This week's menu:
Postmark – Anchorage
Meet at the Postmark parking lot (Postmark & Northern Lights) at 8:00 am. 7.2 miles out and
back on the road. Coffee afterwards.
Happy Fun Group - Anchorage
The Happy Fun Group will meet each Saturday during December in the parking lot at the Abbott
Loop Community Park near the large A-frame picnic shelter in the northeast section of the
parking lot. The park is about a quarter of a mile south of Lore Road. We will meet at 9:00 am.
We go out for a half-hour then turn around and run back. We usually go to breakfast afterward
for those interested. Happy Fun Group is a diverse group so you usually can find someone that
runs or walks at the same pace you do. If you have any questions email Rich Wenrich at
[email protected] or phone him at 223-8337.
New Year’s Eve Northern Lights Resolution Run - Anchoage
Race time 6:00 pm. Starts and finishes at the Alaska Airlines Center
5K-ish. For more information contact:
New Year’s Eve Run – Fairbanks
Race time 11:30 pm – The Diner on Illinois Street
3 miles – run regardless of temperature, Free
Contact: Paul Reynolds 452-1142
George Berry 687-8769
Sponsored by: Running Club North
Open house, pot luck and all-day-long movie extravaganza at the home of Parry and Linda
Grover. The open house starts at 8:00 a.m. New Year's Day and will continue as far into the
evening as the most die-hard movie fan can endure. We will have food and beverages
throughout the day, including Brooks Wade's famous deep fried turkeys. Please bring a pot
luck dish. Food offerings are expected to morph from breakfast to brunch, to lunch, and to
dinner and dessert as the day progresses. Take time out to run, walk, bike or ski and come and
go as often as you please. Socialize with friends. Runners and family welcome.
This year's movie theme is "any movie about music or in which music plays a major role".
Examples of movies "about music" include Muscle Shoals, Woodstock, The Wrecking Crew, the
Commitments, etc. Movies in which music plays a major role include Ray, Forrest Gump, Oh
Brother Where Art Thou, The Blues Brothers, Crazy Heart and many, many more. Please bring
your favorite music movie in DVD or Blu-ray format. (No, you don't have to bring The Sound of
Music unless it really, truly is your favorite.) As in years past, movies will be selected to play by
majority vote of folks in the living room when a movie ends. They will select the next movie to
be shown.
The Grover home is located at 1307 W. 13th Avenue, on the corner of N Street and 13th
Avenue next to Inlet View Elementary School. Please call Parry or Linda at 276-8982 for
directions or with any questions. We hope to see you here on New Year's Day.
Weekly PUB RUN – Anchorage
Location: Skinny Raven - 800 H Street. This event is every Tuesday. Free registration for
new participants starts at 5:15 pm. Walkers start at 5:30 pm and runners start at 6:00
pm. Many prizes to give away with a different vendor every week – another way to kick
the mid-work week blues!
Run or Walk with Friends” – Anchorage
Meet 6pm – Westchester Lagoon – Meet Wednesdays throughout the year. Walk or run
with friends for 1 hour on the Coastal Trail.
6 to 7 pm- The Dome – Every Wednesday through March. Cancelled New Years Eve.
Walk or run at the Dome each Wednesday for an hour. There is no fee with membership
to the Anchorage Running Club. Contact Anchorage Running Club
www.anchoragerunningclub.org. Sponsored by ARC.
Anyone interested in having a group run or other running-related message listed in the PP&F
Weekender can submit the particulars by email to [email protected] Or you can contact
Margaret Stroble at [email protected] or Pat S