January 2012

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January 2012
Published monthly for west central Minnesota arts consumers, artists and arts organizations,
by Lake Region Arts Council
2012 Artist Small Grant Recipients, More Grant Funds Still Available
LRAC has awarded four $500 Artist Small Grants with funding from the McKnight Foundation for fiscal year 2012 to
date. There are still funds available for five more counties, Becker (pending), Douglas, Grant, Traverse and Wilkin.
There are also still funds available in the new LRAC Artist Workshop Small Grant. So far, one workshop grant has been
awarded this fiscal year.
For more information about both LRAC Artist Small Grant Programs, contact the LRAC office by phone, 218-739-5780
or by email [email protected] Here is the list of the exciting Artist Small Grants funded so far:
director and actors; to see how the scenes
play on the stage and to get feedback
from people involved in the process of
making the characters come alive.
Laird Rice, Otter Tail County
Wood sculpture/furniture maker, $500
He will be purchasing wood carving tools to
expand the creative artistic use of wood into
the area of more sculptural pieces. Three of
his larger furniture pieces have been on display at the LRAC/McKnight Gallery during
the “Art from Natural Materials” Exhibit this
Michael Weatherly, Stevens County
Print maker, $500
He will be purchasing ink rollers to improve
the quality of his prints. Over the last several
years, he has participated in several group
shows throughout Minnesota and the United
States. The purchase of new ink rollers will
improve the quality of his prints which will
allow him better market his art work to
shows and galleries.
JoAnn Boorman, Pope County
Visual Artist, $500
She will be purchasing watercolor paper,
brushes, 20 canvases and 20 frames. She
will have the time this winter to create a
new body of work, aiming to create
about 20 pieces. She is setting up a new
studio in her home which provides an
excellent work space.
Jean Back, $500
LRAC Artist Workshop Small Grant
She attended 3 day intensive workshop
taught by Julie Crabtree-Pfannes at the
Textile Center in Minneapolis. Workshop dates October 28, 29, 30, 2011. The
class focused on creating landscapes by
layering needle punched wool, hand
dyed fabrics, free motion machine embroidery, bobbin couching, hand embroidery. The class also covered stretching
and finishing the piece.
by Laird Rice
White Oak & Exotics
Richard Zinober, Clay County
Scriptwriter, $500
He will be working with a NYC theater com“My Children”
pany, Horse Trade Theater, to develop his
by Michael Weatherly
ability to fully realize his dramatic vision for
Mixed Media
his ''Heretics''. He will be working with a
Lake Region Arts Council will be closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day,
from Monday, December 26, 2011 and opening at 9:00 am on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.
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January 2012
LRAC Grant Workshops
Take Advantage of Free Training
Learn how to apply for LRAC Grants
Are you thinking about applying for a LRAC Grant but
don’t know how to begin? One of the many free services
offered by Lake Region Arts Council is our Grant Writing
Each grant round has a grant writing workshop offered
five to eight weeks prior to the grant deadline date. At
each LRAC training, the tools and techniques needed to
presented by the LRAC staff.
You’ll learn about:
LRAC online grant application
Submitting required documents
LRAC Board review process and
Tips and suggestions for completing the
best possible grant application.
The LRAC Workshop Training is free to the public and
open to 20 participants. Registration is required and the
cut off to register is 2 days before the workshop. All
workshops are at the LRAC offices in the River Inn in
Fergus Falls. To register, contact Betsy by email
[email protected] or by phone, 218-739-5780.
The Clock is Ticking
LRAC Legacy Arts & Cultural Heritage Grant
Deadline is Tuesday, January 10, 2012
The Legacy Grant is open to all individual artists, non profit groups, arts
organizations, and government units in
the LRAC nine county area, Becker,
Clay, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail,
Pope, Stevens, Traverse and Wilkin
This year there will be two Legacy Grant Rounds, so the
amount available in each round has increased from last
year, $97,616 will be awarded in this grant round.
Please contact the LRAC Office if you have any questions
about your Legacy grant application or need technical
assistance with the online grant application.
Remember, all applications must be submitted online and
authorization signature pages must be submitted by email
to [email protected] by midnight on the deadline
date: Tuesday, January 10, 2012.
All applications received on the deadline date are
“As Is” applications, no revisions or corrections
are permitted to the application.
Check out these grant workshop dates & times.
Spring Project Grant
(arts organizations, schools, community eds etc…)
Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 4 to 6 pm
McKnight Fellowship Grant
(Visual Artists & Musicians in LRAC region)
Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 4 to 5 pm
Operating Support Grant, Tier 1 & 2
(arts organizations, contact LRAC for details)
Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 4 to 6 pm
Summer Legacy Grant
(artists, organizations, community & education groups,
contact LRAC for details)
Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 4 to 6 pm
LRAC Spring Project Grant
Deadline is Just Around the Corner
Midnight, Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Yes, it’s time to start thinking Spring!
The LRAC Spring Project Grant Deadline will be
the first Tuesday in February 2012.
To find out more about the LRAC Project Grant,
Workshop on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 from 4
to 6 pm or contact the LRAC office to request a
LRAC Project Grant Tip Sheet at 218-739-5780
or [email protected]
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January 2012
2011 Artist Mentor Showcase
Sunday, January 15, 2012
Highlights from a Year of Learning
LRAC Artist Mentor Program
2012 Calendar of Events
Start Planning Your Year Now
Everyone is invited to this year’s LRAC Artist Mentor
Showcase on Sunday, January 15, 2012, at 2:00 pm in the
Waage Theatre at M-State, Fergus Falls. We will be recognizing the accomplishments of this year’s
students and their mentors. Each student will be presenting
an example of their artistic achievement from their studies.
There will be visual art, performances, readings and much
more. This event is free and open to the public.
Calling all students, grades 9-11, now is the time to
start planning for your future in the Arts. Here are all
the important dates to remember for the 2012 LRAC
Artist Mentor Program:
Literary Arts:
Camilla J. Bjorklund, Linda F. Lein, mentor
Miranda Lea Anne Hubert, Linda F. Lein, mentor
Music Arts:
Lyndsie Michelle Park, Dilworth, (Flute)
Kaleb Siegrist, Miltona, (voice)
Steven Deitz, mentor
Jacob (Yasha) Hoffman, Morris, (composing).
Marcia Benson, mentor
Shaylynn Johnson, Morris, (trumpet)
Tom Strait, mentor
Dana C. Poore, Frazee, (guitar)
Tim Sparks, mentor
Meredith Turner, Ashby, (voice)
Rebecca Sonmor, mentor
Visual Arts
Ashley Jetvig, Hawley, (visual arts)
Lorene McIntosh, mentor
Jared Charles Sowers, Parkers Prairie, (visual arts)
Michael Eble, mentor
Robin Claire Cleveland, Elbow Lake, (ceramics)
Betty DeClercq, mentor
Benjamin Poore, Frazee, (photography)
Jon Solinger, mentor
Performing Arts:
Thomas Sutherland McPhee, Morris, (performance)
Ray Schultz, mentor
Kiara Kaseman, Fergus Falls, (ballet)
Matt Gasper, mentor
Jesse Johnson, Breckenridge, (performance, magic)
Jack Sand, mentor
February 1, 2012
Deadline date for 2012 AM Application
February 17, 2012
Audition schedule is mailed out to applicants
Saturday, March 3, 2012
(alternate weather date, March 10, 2012 )
Auditions for Artist Mentor scholarships at the
Underwood School. All applicants must audition
for the AM program.
March 16, 2012
Artist Mentor scholarship notifications will be
mailed out to applicants.
June 1, 2012 to October 1, 2012
Artists meet with their mentors or attend the
workshops/trainings in their disciplines.
Attention: Students, Grades 9-11
Deadline is Wednesday, February 1, 2012
For 2012 Artist Mentor Application
The Lake Region Arts Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to encourage and support the vitality of the arts. The LRAC accomplishes this
through providing grants to community organizations and individual artists in the region and providing a monthly Arts Newsletter, workshops and
technical assistance. LRAC serves the counties of Becker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Pope, Stevens, Traverse and Wilkin in west central
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January 2012
A Visit to Open Book
By Maxine Adams, Executive Director
I am a lover of books, of words, of anything literary. I am proud to be a bibliophile, a lexicophile and a
word nerd in general. My personal library includes a
shelf for my collection of old dictionaries. And as most
book lovers tend to do, I try my hand at writing every
now and then.
Because many of you share at least one of my
passions, I want to tell you about a near perfect experience I had last week. I had occasion to visit The Open
Book in Minneapolis. If you have not visited this enchanting place, do so as soon as you can. I know…it’s a long
trip, the traffic is terrible once you get there, and it’s
winter time, but it is worth it.
To begin with, Open Book houses three separate
organizations that support the Literary Arts: The Loft Literary Center, The Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and
Milkweed Press. All three are located in a series of renovated old warehouses. The minute you walk in the door, it
feels like you have walked into that room we have all
dreamed about having, you know the one, filled floor to
ceiling with books, spiral staircase, lots of overstuffed
chairs to lounge in, sunshine streaming in the windows,
the smell of coffee mixed with old leather and ink.
On my visit I was fortunate to have Jocelyn Hale, executive director of The Loft, give me a tour. Our first stop
was The Minnesota Center for Book Arts. http://
www.mnbookarts.org. MCBA is self proclaimed as, “The
place to feed your curiosity, stretch your creativity and
get your hands dirty! From the traditional crafts of papermaking, letterpress printing and bookbinding to nontraditional artmaking and self-publishing techniques employed by contemporary book artists, MCBA celebrates
and supports the limitless creative evolution of the book
arts.” In their gallery they had examples of the newest
trends in book art. If you aren’t familiar with this art
form, visit http://weburbanist.com/2011/03/07/literarylove-12-works-of-book-art-architecture/ and see the elegant, humorous, inspiring works of art made from books.
MCBA provides workshops and materials for those interested in book arts. They also have a marvelous gift shop;
bring your credit cards and gift lists.
If you are more interesting in writing, The Loft is the
place for you. https://www.loft.org/. Their long list of
programs includes writing classes, both at The Loft and
now online https://www.loft.org/online-classes . No more
excuses that a class at The Loft is too far away, you can
take a class at home in your pajamas if you want to. These
online classes, by the way, are a direct result of feedback
Jocelyn Hale heard from you at the 2010 Lake Region
Writers Network Conference. If you might have difficulty affording the cost of a class, I have more good news.
You can apply for a $500 grant at the Lake Region Arts
Council to cover the cost of the class and if applicable,
related travel expenses. Give our office a call at 218-7395780 or email us at [email protected] we will
give you more information.
Our last stop was at Milkweed Press, one of the nation’s
leading independent publishers, with a mission to identify, nurture and publish transformative literature, and
build an engaged community around it. http://
www.milkweed.org/ . If you are interested in submitting
work for publication or for any of their three literary/
poetry prizes visit here http://www.milkweed.org/content/
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January 2012
Exceptional Response for the Artist Call
“Portraits, All Mediums” Exhibit
LRAC Solo Gallery Exhibit
Tracy Anderson, Visual Artist
Twenty six artists from throughout the region submitted
57 portraits featuring a variety of mediums for the first
2012 LRAC juried exhibit, “Portraits, All Mediums”. It
was challenging and exciting work for LRAC Gallery
Committee to select the portraits for the new show. A
special thank you to all the artists who responded to
LRAC’s call for art this time.
During the month of January, the LRAC Solo Gallery will
continue to feature the work of Tracy Anderson, Alexandria. Her usage of light, shadow and bold colors reflects
her signature style.
Her work will be on display at the LRAC Solo Gallery
during December 2011 and January 2012, (except the
holiday week between Christmas and New Year’s Day).
Two of her portraits will be moving into the LRAC/
McKnight Gallery for the “Portraits, All Mediums”
Exhibit in January.
Everyone is invited to attend the LRAC/McKnight
Gallery Open House Reception on Tuesday, January 17,
2012 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm at the River Inn, Fergus
Falls. Please come and meet the talented group of artists
and learn about their techniques.
Meet Tracy at the Artists’ Reception on January 17,
2012, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm in conjunction with the
next juried show, “Portraits, All Mediums”. The reception is free and open to the public. Everyone is invited.
Kari Adams, Morris, graphite on paper
Tracy Anderson, Alexandria, oil
Holly Diestler, Fergus Falls, photography
David Goodman, Frazee, conte & pastel
Scott Gunvaldson, Fergus Falls, oil
John House, Evansville,
Steve Nelson, Underwood,
watercolor/pastel & photography
Kay Ornberg, Hawley, watercolor
Bonita Roberts, Battle Lake, pastel
Eric Santwire, Fergus Falls, photography
Amy Schmidt, Campbell, paper mache
“Girl in Purple”
by Tracy
Oil, Portrait
Liz Sweder, Fergus Falls, bronze
Julie White Wolf Jaenisch, Erhard, pastel
“Tough Guy”
by Julie White Wolf Jaenisch
by Steve Nelson
Black & White Photograph
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January 2012
Using Legacy For Stadium
“Would be a Betrayal of Voters”
The following is an excerpt from Minnesota
Citizen’s for the Arts Blog, Dec. 7, 2011,
by Sheila Smith, Executive Director.
Yesterday’s rally and hearing at the State Capitol was an important opportunity for arts advocates. We drove home our message, “Not one penny of Legacy for stadium” by emphasizing
how unpopular the idea is with the Minnesota public.
One of the 40+ protesters, Angie Keeton, brought a sign saying
“We Are the 77%,” a reference to the Star Tribune poll that
found 77% of Minnesotans oppose using the Arts Legacy fund
this way. (Look for pictures of the rally on MCA’s Facebook
page at: http://www.facebook.com/mncitizensforthearts).
The hearing room was packed, and seats were hard to come by.
Tom Hanson, former Minnesota Management and Budget
Commissioner for the Pawlenty administration (and now lobbyist for MCA), pointed out that using the Legacy fund would
bring delay and uncertainty to the stadium financing, as there
undoubtedly would be a lawsuit against using the fund, and
because the Vikings would have to return to the Capitol every
two years as arts advocates do to ask for continuing appropriations from the fund. He also noted that public is very opposed
to using Legacy funding, already delivering 13,000+ calls and
letters to legislators against the idea.
Bill Strusinski, representing public television, remarked that
during the many years debate at the legislature and with voters,
using the fund for a stadium was never discussed.
From the Minnesota Historical Society, David Kelliher said
that MHS has awarded 500+ grants, and the Minnesota State
Arts Board and Regional Arts Councils 2500+ grants, in all 87
counties so far from the Arts Legacy funds, and that these
grants would be lost to towns all across the state if they were
diverted to a stadium.
Minnesota’s press corps covered the hearing extensively:
“Lawmakers also discussed the possibility of diverting money
from the state’s Legacy fund, replenished by a statewide sales
tax approved by voters in 2008 to fund arts and cultural programs. About two dozen people from the arts community protested that idea outside the hearing room.”
“When we got this through the Legislature, when we sold it to
voters, never once was there even a suggestion it would go to
the Vikings,” said Sheila Smith, executive director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts. “This would be a betrayal of voters.”
- Austin Daily Herald and the Columbus, Indiana Republic
Thanks again to everyone who came to the rally, testified,
or has contacted their legislators through our website http://
www.capwiz.com/artsusa/mn/state/main/?state=MN. This
fight is not over yet, but your work is making a difference!
A Special Session to fund the stadium is still being discussed.
Stay tuned.
Two LRAC Board Vacancies
Becker (new) & Wilkin Counties
Be a Member of the LRAC Board
There are currently two vacancies on the LRAC Board,
Wilkin County and Becker County. If you are an artist
or a person who appreciates art in all its forms, we
strongly encourage you to contact the LRAC office.
As a LRAC Board member, you will attend 10 meetings a
year on the third Tuesday of the month (except August
and December). LRAC Board members review all grant
applications and determine which grants are funded. Last
year, LRAC awarded over $300,000 in grants to the nine
county LRAC region. There are two representatives per
county and each serves a three year term. You will be reimbursed for your mileage.
Would you like to know more? Please contact the LRAC
office for more information by phone, 218-739-5780 or
by email, [email protected]
Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant
Now Accepting Applications
The 2012 Travel and Study Grant Program will award
grants to emerging creative artists in the fields of dance,
film & video and literature. The grant places emphasis on
individual exploration and growth and support activities
and research that lead to the creation of new work.
The deadline to apply is February 27, 2012. Additional
information and the application are available at the
Jerome Foundation website: www.jeromefdn.org.
Call for Artists
COMPAS is looking for new artists to add to their Artists
Roster, for work beginning in July 2012. Artists will present performances, workshops, residencies and professional development. COMPAS is particularly interested
in artists who teach art forms not currently offered
through its Roster: such as Video & Film making, Web &
Graphic design, Playwriting, Hip Hop elements.
The deadline to apply is February 24, 2012.For more
details and to apply go to their website www.compas.org,
(click on the link), go to “Our Amazing Artist” page and
“To Prospective Artists” link on the left hand side.
page 7
 LRAC; This art event was partially funded by a grant awarded by the Lake Region Arts Council.
Every Thurs: “M-State Band” invites any
interested community members to attend
rehearsals and to be part of the band, Thursday
evenings, 6:00 to 8:00 pm, M-State, Fergus
Falls. For more info, contact M-State Band
Director, Dan Carlson at 218-736-1613.
1st Friday: “1st Friday Concerts” 6:30 pm
to 9:00 pm, Evansville Art Center. For more
info, during winter months contact Mark at
2nd & 4th Tues: “Open Mic” for musicians
and poets, 7:00 to 9:00 pm, New York Mills
Cultural Center, New York Mills. For more
info, call 218-385-3339.
3rd Wed: “Rush Hour Concerts”, 5:30 to
7:00 pm, Plains Arts Museum, Fargo. Admission free, but $5 donation is appreciated. For
more info, visit www.plainsart.org
3rd Thurs: “Rush Hour Concerts”, 5:30 pm,
A Center for the Arts, Fergus Falls. For more
info, call 218-998-ARTS.
3rd Thurs: “Open Mic”, 6:30 to 9:00 pm
Evansville Arts Coalition, Evansville. For
more info, visit www.evansvilleartcenter.com
Jan 5: “Open Mic”, 7:30 pm at The Spot,
Fergus Falls, For more info, contact A Center
Jan 19: “Celtic Jam” 7:00 to 9:00 pm at The
Spot, Fergus Falls, for more info, contact A
Center for the Arts,
Jan 20: “Butch Thompson Trio, Jazz” 7:30
pm, $12 adults in advance ($14 day of show),
$5 students/children. A Center for the Arts,
124 W Lincoln Ave, Fergus Falls, MN. 218998-ARTS, www.FergusArts.org
Feb 12: “Imani Winds, Chamber Music,”
2:00 pm. $15 adults in advance ($18 day of
show), $5 students/children. A Center for the
Arts, 124 W Lincoln Ave, Fergus Falls, MN
218-998-ARTS, www.FergusArts.org
1st Thurs: “Photo Club”, 7:00 to 8:30 pm,
Bring your camera and 3 recent photos.
Evansville Arts Coalition. For more info, call
Mark during the winter months at 320-8153699.
3rd Wed: “Artists Forum” 7:00 pm at New
York Mills Regional Cultural Center. For
more info, call 218-385-3339
Ongoing: “A Center for the Arts Gallery
Exhibit” Lobby Gallery is open Tuesday thru
Friday, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and Sat. 10:00 am
to 2:00 pm, Fergus Falls. For more info, call
Karen Brown, Kate Fisher, Kelli Sinner, Kelly
Cox, Kristine Hites, Elizabeth James, Marcia
Paul, Marion Angelica, Mary Roettger, Robin
Polencheck, Robyn Peterson, and Summer
An Artist Closing Reception will be held on
Jan 26, 4:00 to 6:00 pm. For more info
Thru Dec 24: “Raku-Fired Ceramics by
Brad Bachmeier”, The Rourke Art Museum,
Moorhead. For more info, call 218-236-8861.
Thru Dec 30: “Uncle Sam’s New Deal”
illustrates architectural diversity as accomplished under federal work relief programs in
the 1930’s. The Hjemkomst Center, Moorhead. For more info, call 218-299-5511.
Thru Dec 31: “Art in the Atrium”, includes
Art from Red River Watercolor Society.
Exhibit in the atrium at Essentia Health Clinic,
1702 S. Univ. Dr., Fargo, ND
Thru Dec 31: “Land by Hand” Textile Center fiber arts exhibit is a touring exhibition of
MN fiber artists who have received national
recognition for their work For more info, call
New York Mills Cultural Center at 218-3853339.
Thru Dec 31: “Jr. Duck Stamp Poster
Contest Exhibition”, Monday through Friday,
8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Community Center, Wahpeton., ND. For more info, call 701-642-2811.
Jan to Mar 6: “The Flood of 2009” Vern
Whitten’s Photo Exhibit, Hjemkomst Center,
Moorhead. For more info 218-299-5511 or
online at www.hcscconline.org.
Thru Jan 8: “The Circus World of Judy
Onofrio” Contemporary mixed-media artist
Judy Onofri’s life-sized sculptures of performers, animals, and circus acts Plains Art Museum, Fargo. For more info, call 701-2323821 or http://plainsart.org
Thru Jan 8: “Marvels of the Circus and
Side Show Exhibit” featuring artists
Mackenzie Kouba, Maria Cristina Tavera, and
Xavier Tavera. Free to the public. Spirit
Room, Fargo ND. For more info, contact
[email protected] or call 701-237-0230.
Thru Jan 9: “ecce art + yoga, Jessica
Watcher Art Exhibit, It’s Not About You” at
the “ecce gallery,” 216 Broadway, Fargo. For
more infor, call 701-298-ecce or email [email protected]
Jan 9-26: “2012 MN Women Ceramic Artists Juried Exhibition” M-State University
Gallery, Roland Dille Center for the Arts.
Exhibit features the work of Catherine Miller,
Claire O’Connor, Colleen Riley, Elizabeth
Coleman, Felice Amado, Juliane Shibata,
Thru Jan 13: “Rasmussen College Student
Exhibition, ‘Color on White’” the Spirit
Room, 111 Broadway, Fargo, ND. 20 Rasmussen tech/design students show their most
vibrant artwork during the white months in
ND and MN. Free and open to the public, for
more info, contact [email protected] or 701237-0230.
Thru Jan 14: “Jenny Field: The Dream
Season” Kaddatz Galleries. , Fergus Falls, For
more info, go to www.kaddatzgalleries.org.
Thru Jan 15: “You Like This: A Democratic
Approach to the Museum Collection”, An
audience driven exhibit specified the art that is
included in this exhibit and project. Plains Art
Museum, Fargo. For more info,
e-mail [email protected]
Jan 17: The Kaddatz “Area Artist Showcase” For more info call 218-998-4405 or visit
online at www.kaddatzgalleries.org
Jan 17: LRAC Artist Reception, “Portraits
All Mediums” 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm,
LRAC/McKnight Gallery, Fergus Falls. For
more info, please call 218-739-5780 or 800262-2787 (in Minnesota Only).
Thru Jan 18 2012: “Ordinary Vikings” by
Jill Johnson Danielson, a collection of 30
“bog stav” sculptures hanging as mobiles at
the Hjemkomst Center, for more info, go to
Jan 19 thru March 8, “Peripheral Accumulation”, Betsy Ruth Byers, & “Case Study”,
John J. Richardson, University of Minnesota,
Morris, Humanities Fine Arts Gallery,
An Opening Reception featuring Betsy Ruth
Byers, January 19, 7:00 to 9:00 pm.
Thru Jan 24: “Joel Hegerle Mixed-Media
/Assemblage & Neon Art Exhibit”, A Center
for the Arts’ Fergus Theatre Lobby Gallery,
124 W. Lincoln Ave, Fergus Falls, MN.
Opening reception on Dec 30 at 5:00 to 7:00
pm with Dr. Sketchy (sketching sessions with
live model) at 5:00 to 6:30 pm, Lobby gallery
open Tuesday—Friday, 9:30 to 5:30. 218998-ARTS, www.FergusArts.org.
page 8
Thru Jan: “San Norman Ceramics Exhibit”
Charles Beck Gallery, M-State, Fergus Falls.
The gallery is open during regular campus
hours. For more info, call 218-736-1600.
Jan 22: “Ragamala Dance Company with
Taiko Japanese Drumming Group, Tokara”,
4:00 pm. $12 adults in advance ($14 day of
show), $5 students/children. A Center for the
Arts, 124 W. Lincoln Ave, Fergus Falls, Mn
218-998-ARTS, www.FergusArts.org
Ongoing: “Websites of Interest”
1. MN State Arts Board The website has
opportunities and events in our region and
around the state. www.arts.state.mn.us/about/
employment.htm www.arts.state.mn.us/
Jan 28: “Step Afrika!” 7:30 pm, Like a band
without instruments, stepping is a rumbling art
form with roots in South African dance, Edson
Auditorium, UofM Morris, For info, call 320589-6080
2. Artist Guild of Central Minnesota This is a
resource with information for professional fine
Thru Jan: “Photographs by Drago Nemec”
at Pelican Rapids Library. For more info
contact Joan Jarvis Ellison at
[email protected] or 218-8635904.
Jan 27: “The Boom: 1945—1960 in Clay
County” Opening Reception on January 27
3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Free and open to the
public. For more info, contact the Hjemkomst
Center at 218-299-5511 or online at
Feb 1 to 29: “Felting by Hayleigh Larson”
Pelican Rapids Library.
For more info,
contact Joan Jarvis Ellison, 218-863-5904
[email protected]
Feb 4 to Mar 26: “Exploring Now: 365
Days to 50” and “The sheARTS Project: Art
Hats for Breast Cancer Awareness” The two
exhibits showcase how art heals the soul in
times of life’s challenges. Both projects were
created by local artist and designer, Claudia
M. Pratt, who has faced breast cancer head on
over the last five years. The exhibit is in conjunction with a fundraiser, scheduled Feb 25th
to establish a new endowment for an “Arts
Heals Fund”. For more info, contact the
Hjemkomst Center at 218-299-5511 or
Thru Feb 5: “Witness to Life: A Photo
Journal of Hospice Care” the work of three
students from M-State University, Moorhead
(MSUM) Photography Department. Photographers Chris Franz, Heidi Shaffer, and Morea
Steinhauer worked with individuals enrolled in
Hospice care and documented their day-to-day
lives. Plains Art Museum, Fargo. For more
info, contact [email protected] .
Thru April 15: “Birch Bark, Clay, Pixels,
Paint” This Exhibit shows an overview of
new art works added to the Plains Art
Museum’s permanent collection, including the
first digital art, and a video piece by MSUM
professor Henry Gwiazda. Fred J. Donath
Memorial Gallery, Plains Art Museum, Fargo
For more info, visit www.plainsart.org
Dec 30: “Bad Weather Burlesque”, 7:00 to
8:00 pm, $10 at the door, A Center for the
Arts’ Fergus Theatre, 124 W. Lincoln Ave.,
downtown Fergus Falls, MN (218) 998-ARTS
or www.FergusArts.org.
Feb 3, “James Sewell Ballet”, 7:30 pm, $12
adults in advance ($14 day of show), $5 students/children. A Center for the Arts, 124 W.
Lincoln Ave, Fergus Falls, MN, 218-998ARTS, www.FergusArts.org
Feb 23: “Mu Daiko’s 15th Anniversary Concert Tour” with special guests Hanayui, Tiffany Tamaribuchi and Megan Chao Smith,
7:30 pm. $12 adults in advance ($14 day of
show), $5 students/children. A Center for the
Arts, 124 W Lincoln Ave, Fergus Falls, MN
218-998-ARTS, www.FergusArts.org.
Thru Dec 31: “The 39 Steps, adapted by
Patrick Barlow” Thursday to Saturday 7:30
pm, & Saturday Matinees 2:00 pm, Theatre B,
716 Main Avenue, Fargo. For more info,
e-mail [email protected]
Jan 28: “World’s Largest,” documentary
film, 7:30 pm. Tickets at the door, $6 adults,
$3 children/students. Fergus Theatre, 124 W
Lincoln Ave Fergus Falls. 218-998—ARTS,
(Webinar) Information Sessions for Operating Support Grants by Minnesota State Arts
Board, The Minnesota State Arts Board is
offering free one-hour information sessions on
the 2013 Operating Support grant. There will
be two types of sessions - one focused on updates to the program and another on the financial information section of the application. To
participate, register online for all sessions
Update session dates: Tuesday, December 20
at 2:30 p.m., Thursday, December 29 at 10:00
a.m., Wednesday, January 4 at 11:00 a.m.
Ongoing: “Supporting the Arts” Lake Region Arts Council’s executive director,
Maxine Adams, explains the LRAC service
area, the organizational structure , its sources
of funding, and the type of grants available to
artists, art organizations, . Find it on You
Tube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?
Deadline Dec 27: “FREE Flu Shots for
Artists!” Springboard has teamed up with
Lake Region Healthcare to provide artists, arts
administrators and their families with FREE
flu shots until the end of the year! Fill out this
easy online form, and after2business days,
contact Springboard to obtain your voucher.
Contact Michele Anderson 218-770-3485 or
[email protected]
Deadline Jan 6:
“Creative Community
Leadership Institute for CommunityEngaged Artists and Community Developers” Intermedia Arts is pleased to announce
the expansion of our nationally recognized
Creative Community Leadership Institute to
Fargo-Moorhead in 2012. The Creative Community Leadership Institute is one of only a
few programs nationwide that develops and
connects community leaders who are advancing change through arts-based strategies. Find
details online at: www.IntermediaArts.org. For
more info, call (612) 871-4444 or email
[email protected]
Jan 9: Information Session Northern Clay
Center’s 2012 Grants & Fellowships for
Emerging and Mid-Career Minnesota Ceramic Artists., 6:00 to 7:00 pm, Free. Learn
more about the Jerome Ceramic Artist Project
Grants, Fogelberg, and Anonymous Potter
Fellowships, and McKnight Ceramic Artists
Fellowships. Topics covered by NCC staff
include eligibility, application process, and
Deadline Jan 13: “MSAB Operating Support
Grant” Please note that applications are due
by 4:30 p.m. on the day of the deadline. Refer
to “overview and instructions” documents for
specific grant requirements at
www.arts.state.mn.us under the grants tab.
Contact the Arts Board at (651) 215-1600 or
(800) 866-2787 with any questions.
Deadline February 24: “2012 Jerome Ceramic Artists Project Grants Program.” The
2012 program will provide 3 grants of $6,000
each for projects to take place between Apr 1
and December 31, 2012. Residency, education, application forms and complete eligibility info at www.northernclaycenter.org.
page 9
Call for Entries
Deadline Feb 27: “Jerome Foundation 2012
Travel and Study Grant Program” grants to
emerging creative artists (choreographers, film
and video directors, poets, spoken word artists,
fiction and creative nonfiction writers). MN
based executive and program administrators
working for nonprofit organizations in dance,
film and video, and literature are also eligible
to apply.
For application materials
www.jeromefdn.org and in paper form upon
request. For more info, call 651-224-9431 or
Jan 14, “Delta Nu Party and Early Registration Savings Event”, Saturday, 7:00 –11:00
pm. Bluestem Center for the Arts, Trollwo0d
Performing Arts School, For more details, go
to www.trollwood.org
Deadline February 24: Call for Entries
“Great Winter Crow Show, 2012” At the
Spirit Room, Fargo. Prospectus available
online at spiritroom.net. For more information
contact [email protected] or call 701-2370230.
1st Thurs: “Open Mic Night at The Spot”
7:30 pm, Fergus Falls. For more info, call
218-998-2551 www.FergusArts.org
2nd & 4th Tues: “Open Mic” for musicians
and poets, 7:00 pm, New York Mills Cultural
Center. For more info, call 218-385-3339.
Jan 26, Feb 15, & Mar 20, “Audition Informational Meeting” for Trollwood Performing
Arts School’s 2012 “Legally Blonde” production, 7:00 to 8:30 pm at Bluestem Center for
the Arts, Moorhead. For info; call 218-4776500
Deadline Feb 24: “Compas Performing Arts
Artist Roster” Compas is looking for new
artists to add to the Artist roster, for work
beginning in july 2012. For more info and to
apply go to www.compas.org and choose “Our
Amazing Artists”, and choose the link “To
Prospective artists.”
Call for Entries
3rd Thurs: “Celtic Music Jam at The Spot”
Fergus Falls, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm For more
info, call 218-998-2551, www.FergusArts.org
Apply Now: “Evansville Arts Coalition” is
seeking artists to display work in monthly art
exhibits. Call 218-948-2386.
3rd Thurs: “Open Mic” for musicians and
poets, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm at Evansville Art
Center. For more information during winter
months contact Mark at 320-815-3699.
Deadline Jan 5: Call for Entries “Visual
Arts Minnesota, Essential Art Juried Group
Exhibition” Open to Minnesota residents.
Work in any media (painting, drawing, photography, etc.), completed within the past two
years. Exhibit runs Jan 9 to 31, 2012, Award
Ceremony and Artist Reception Jan 9 at 5:30
pm to 7:30 pm. Entry fee applies, for more
info call 320-257-3108 or go to
_Art.html .
Fiber Art Workshops
Mondays: “Fiber Arts Workshops” Sit and
Stitch from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, New York Mills
Regional Cultural Center, NY Mills. For more
info, call 218-385-3339.
Ongoing: “Textile Center, a National Center
for Fiber Art” offers classes, workshops, center-based exhibits, and touring exhibits. To
view the latest fiber arts opportunities, see
Ongoing: “DLCCC Unplugged” Detroit
Lakes Holmes Theatre is looking for local &
performers, including singers, musicians,
dancers, comedians, poets & more who wish
to be opening acts. To audition, contact Amy
Stearns at 218-844-4221 ext 104 or
[email protected] (Large sound equipment,
such as mixers amplifiers, mics & speakers are
not permitted. It’s unplugged!)
Deadline Jan 31: “2012 MN Fringe Festival” Aug 2 to 12, Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Performances include comedy, drama, musical
theater, dance, opera, improve, shows for kids,
and much more. Artist receive 65% of box
office receipts as well as the production support and training. Entry application fee is $25
and artist selection is drawn by lottery. For
more info, email [email protected] or
go to http://www.fringefestival.org/apply/
Deadline Jan 13: Call for Entries “Digital
Art, Photo Manipulation, Oekaki”
LRAC/McKnight Gallery accepting entries
from regional artists for a juried exhibit, April
9 through July 6, 2012. Please e-mail
[email protected] to obtain an entry
Deadline Jan 16: Call for Entry: “Richeson
75 Landscape, Seascape & Architectural
For more info visit
Deadline Jan 24: Call for Entry: “The Artist
as Quiltmaker XV” The Textile Center encourages artists to download the perspectus at:
Deadline Feb 16: Call for Entries: “The
Northwest Watercolor Society” invites all
artists to enter the 72nd annual international
open exhibit Apr 21—May 25, 2012 at Seattle
Design Center. $10,000 in awards to be presented.
Entries accepted online at
Literary Arts
Last Wednesday: “Poetry Slam at the Spot”
7:30 pm, Fergus Falls. Everyone is welcome
to participate. For details, visit
Third Tuesday: “Bokmalen, a Swedish
Book Club” 6:30 pm monthly, Sons of Norway Board Room, Swedish Cultural Heritage
Society of Red River Valley, 722 2nd Ave N,
Open Invitation: “Fergus Area Writers’
Group” meets 1st and 3rd Thurs, 11:00 am to
1:00 pm, LRAC Office, 133 S. Mill, Fergus
Falls. Call 218-769-4447.
Open Invitation: “10,000 Lakes Writers’
Group” meets 1st and 3rd Thurs 7:00 pm,
Perham Area Library. Call 218-758-2982.
Writing Classes Online: “The Loft Literary
Center” is now offering writing classes online.
Experienced teaching artists will help you set
and attain your personal writing goals. For
more info, and a list of classes, visit
Jan 7: “Saga Workshop and Reading” at the
Hjemkomst Center, Saturday, 2:00 pm. Hear
original Viking sagas from the Icelandic ages.
Guests will learn to write their own saga using
experiences fromt heir own life and will share
their sagas together. You do NOT need to be
a writer to have fun at this event. The event is
open to all ages, including kids. For more
info, 218-299-5511 or www.hcscconline.org
Open Invitation: LRWN “Lake Region Review” The Lake Region Review is available in
the following bookstores or locations:
Becker County Museum at 714 Summit
Ave. in Detroit Lakes, MN
Cherry Street Books at 503 Broadway in
Alexandria, MN
Lakes Area Theatre at 2214 Geneva Road
N.E. in Alexandria, MN
Lake Region Arts Council, 133 S. Mill
Street in Fergus Falls, MN
Minnesota Historical Society Bookstore
at 345 W. Kellogg Blvd. in St. Paul, MN
Victor Lundeens at 126 West Lincoln
Ave. in Fergus Falls, MN
Zandbroz Variety at 209 South Phillips
Avenue in Fargo, ND
page 10
Literary Arts
Workshops For Youth
Workshops For Youth
Fergus Falls “Morning Kiwanis” will host a
reading on Wednesday, Jan 4 at 7:30 am. To
find out more about LRWN, go to http://
www.lakeregionwriters.net. To submit your
work for consideration, contact [email protected]
Attention Teachers, After-school Programs,
and Community Groups! “Feed the Fibers
Field Trips” Apply now for this FREE field
trip program for schools, after-school programs and community groups. K–12 students
can come to tour the gallery, meet artists and
do a hands-on project at Textile Center. A
field trip award includes reimbursement for
buses and includes all materials for students to
each take home a piece of handmade art.
Space is limited; apply early. Get application
forms and program information at
A Center for the Arts, Classes for Youth:
Opportunities for youth this Winter, including
Children's Choirs, a Youth Theater Class, and
a Preschool Music Class, through December
and beginning again in Jan and ending in May.
For more info, call 218-998-ARTS,
Deadline Jan 31: “The Blotter’s Contest”
Offering over $1600 in cash and prizes; the
annual contest is sponsored by The Blotter, a
nonprofit literary magazine. The contest is
juried by Laine Cunningham, a publishing
consultant. Find more about the judge at
www.WritersResoource.us. The entry fee is
$25; Additional information is available at
The Blotter’s website, www.blotterrag.com
4th Tues: “Ballroom Dancing” for adult
couples at New York Mills Regional Cultural
Center. Call 218-385-3339.
Winter 2011/12: “Lakeside Dance Club”
featuring live band and ballroom dancing.
Dances are on Sundays 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm
except where noted, Dec 4, Dec 31 (Sat. 8:00
pm to 12:00 pm), Feb 12, Mar 11, Apr 15, and
May 6. Lakeside Ballroom, Glenwood, For
more info, call Barbara Benson at 320-7636432,
[email protected]
“Winter 2012 Classes at Northern Clay Center” NCC offers short workshops, one-day
experiences, 5-week introductory classes, and
10-week classes. Winter quarter classes extend
from Jan 2 to March 11. For more info call
612- 339-8007, x 301or visit them online at:
Starting Jan 2: Northern Clay Center’s
Winter Classes” includes topics ‘Inside Out’,
‘Portraits or Bust’, ‘Japanese Pottery Techniques’, and a variety of wheel and hand
building studios at all levels.
Preview their schedule online:
Writing Classes Online: “The Loft Literary
Center” is now offering writing classes online.
Experienced teaching artists will help you set
and attain your personal writing goals. For
more info, and a list of classes, visit
Attention Teachers: “Northern Clay Center’s ‘Clay Mobile’” Bring the Clay Mobile
to your school! NCC is located in Minneapolis
and is now scheduling for the upcoming
school year for ClayToGo artist residencies,
demos and clay events, perfect for in and out
of school settings. For more info, call 612339-8007 or visit www.northernclaycenter.org
Attention Teachers: “Minnesota Ballet Classics & Masterworks on Tour” is offering
performances, master classes, and residencies/outreach for schools and communities.
Minnesota Ballet is a fourteen member company touring the Midwest and Canada. Their
productions include The Nutcracker, Sleeping
Beauty, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Carnival of the Animals, Dracula; and contemporary and classic repertore such as Bravura pas
de deux from such ballets as Le Corsaire, Don
Quixote and Giselle. For more info, contact
the Artistic Director, Robert Gardner at 218529-3742 or http://www.mnballet.org.
NDSU Music Academy, is providing music
lessons for ages four through adult. Lessons
include piano, voice , guitar, and a variety of
other instruments. Classes begin in Jan 2012.
For info, (including tuition assistance)
r . c o m ,
7 0 1 - 2 3 1 - 8 2 7 1 ,
[email protected]
Attention Home School Secondary Students,
“Poetry Out Loud: School Competitions”
Poetry Out Loud is a fun, participatory way to
teach poetry and meet English/language arts
requirements. Home School students may
compete by contacting one of the participating
schools: Underwood, Morris Area Schools, or
Kennedy Secondary in Fergus Falls. Deadlines Schedule: Jan 23, 2012 – School Competitions, two winners from each school advance to regional competition; February 2012
– Regional competitions around the state, two
winners from each region advance to state
finals; March 19, 2012 (Tentative) -- State
finals at Historic Fitzgerald Theater, Saint
Paul, one student goes on to represent Minnesota at national finals; (one runner-up alternate
named.) May 13-15, 2012 – National finals in
Washington, DC
Ongoing: “Violin, Cello, and Voice Lessons”: Joan Covington, violin; Margie Eerdmans, cello; Becky Sonmor, voice. For more
Jan 10 to Feb 29:: “A Center for the Arts,
Preschool Music Classes”
10:00 to 10:30 am, ages 18 months through 3
years with accompanying adult, $15 registration fee. For more info, call 218-998-ARTS,
Jan 10 to March 27: “A Center for the Arts,
K-6 Children’s Choir”: Tuesdays: Grades
K-1, 3:30 to 4:00 pm, grades 2-3, 4:00 to 4:30
pm, and grades 4-6, 4:00 to 5:00 pm; $15 per
registration fee For more info, call 218-998ARTS, www.FergusArts.org
Jan 12 to Mar 22: “Performance Fundamentals Theater Class for Youth” with Haley
Honeman. Thursdays, 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm for
grades 1-5, 4:45 to 5:30 pm for grades 5-8.
$15. For more info, call 218-998-ARTS,
Jan 14:
Trollwood’s Season Kick-Off,
“Delta Nu Party and Early Registration Savings Event” Saturday, 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.
Sign up for Legally Blonde the Musical auditions, program information, food, conversation, music and more. Wear your favorite
college gear. Each family is asked to bring
snacks to share, Trollwood will provide the
beverage. Registrants will save up to $70 on
Middle & High School Programs. For more
info, contact Kathy Anderson 218-477-6500 or
[email protected]
The Submission
Deadline for LRAC
February 2012
will be
January 15, 2012.
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