The Weathervane Weatherly Heights Baptist Church School Resumes,

The Weathervane
Weatherly Heights Baptist Church
Volume LII
Worship News For This Sunday
The Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost
Is War Inevitable?
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Romans 3:10-18; Matthew 5:38-45
From Cain and Abel until today, one
human trait has remained constant. We kill
each other. History can be studied by tribal
clashes, world wars, and armed conflicts.
After a recent visit to U.S. Civil War sites,
Art Dohrman is wondering if war is
inevitable. Join us this Sunday as the
pastor addresses this important question.
As always, invite a friend or neighbor to be
your guest.
Children’s Home Group
Rummage Sale
September 27 & 28
Please place your donations
for the sale in the Lighthouse
closet next to the Coke
machine. Proceeds from this
sale benefit the Decatur
Children’s Home.
Issue 30
August 13, 2013
School Resumes,
And So Does
Church Programming
I am among those who grieve the end of summer. I
like the relaxed pace of summertime, fresh vegetables,
flowering plants, cookout, travel, and many other things.
Alas, all good things come to an end.
It’s time to shift gears now and get ready for school
and church programming. Here are some events to be
watching for:
 Youth back to school party at Vann and Cathy Hough’s
cabin this Saturday. All youth, including new 6th graders,
are invited.
 A blessing of the backpacks this Sunday in worship.
Children are invited to bring their backpacks. This will be
a blessing of our children and their new school year.
 Wednesday night dinners resume on August 21. You may
make a standing reservation or a weekly reservation. The
Kentucky mission trip team will report on this night also.
 End of summer church social on August 25. The Social
and Anniversary Committee is showcasing your hobbies
and talents. If you have a hobby or talent to showcase,
contact Terri Baldwin.
 Sunday evening programming for all ages will resume on
September 8.
 I will begin a study of the book of Galatians on
Wednesday evenings beginning September 18.
So long, summer! Welcome, fall!
Deacon Election This Sunday
We will elect ten deacons this Sunday. These thirteen members have agreed to be on the ballot.
Mary Ann Brothers
Eunice Augustus
Kay Carroll
Memorie Elliott
Ruth Ann Konantz
Gunter Livingston
Chip Ledbetter
Carol McGinnis
Linda Meigs
Charlene Pinke
Judy Swaim
Children’s Home Group
The Record Speaks
Thursday, August 22 at 9:30
At the home of Ann Trentham
Morning Worship………………………………………149
Sunday School ……………………………....................131
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Monday, August 26
10:00 a.m.
2013 Budget Update
Weekly Requirements
Last Sunday’s Offering
Year-to-Date Loss
Ladies Birthday Lunch
Friday, August 30 at Noon
At the home of Robin Sells
907 Forrest Heights Drive
RSVP by Wednesday, August 28
to Robin at 256-883-0126
Happy Birthday!
AUGUST 15: David Durst, David Ivey,
Jill Sharp
AUGUST 16: Todd Baldwin,
David Childers, Harold Ray Sells
AUGUST 17: Leeann Childers,
Amy Mingledorff
AUGUST 18: Karen Ivey, Benny Jackson,
Cliff Plaxco, Arlynn Wilson
AUGUST 19: Charolette Adkins,
Laurie Wilson
AUGUST 21: David Ledbetter, Joan Rankin
The Church in Service
DEACON ON CALL: Mary Jane Aycock
Next Week: Elaine Avery
TELLERS: Guin Givens & Connie Stephens
CHILDREN’S CHURCH: David & Michelle
ACOLYTES: Mackenzie Morris &
Bailey Greer
NURSERY: Cathy Hough & Julie Morris,
Mike & Wendy Malone
Prayer Requests
Val Moore, in the death of her son Steven
Howard Williams
Meghan Still
Vann Hough
Cathy Hough
Mary Stanley, surgery 8/23
Alice Caruso
Yvonne Betowt
Betty Terry, mother of Yvonne Betowt
Megan Childers
Murray Carroll’s mother
Karen Peppers, friend of Julie Morris
Dean Sheppard
Al Keplinger
Astrid and Zach Carter
Vic Henderson, brother of Al Henderson
Bobbi Adams, daughter of Russ and Carole Parry
Al Weaver, brother-in-law of Carole Parry
Pat Malone
Linda Wallace, daughter of Dora Gilbert
Manette Kramer
Rob Slater, friend of Mary Ann Brothers
Burl Dykes
Joe Coleman, brother of Jina Long
Joy Hildebrandt
Holly Thames, niece of Linda Putnam, chemo
Donna Mason-Smith, cousin of Anne Livingston
Julie Sfakianos, daughter of Bob and Barbara White
Brian Parker, son-in-law of Bobby and Pat Williamson
Family and friends in the military
Memorial Gifts
In memory of Brenda Dillon,
daughter of Alice Caruso
Given by Dottie Keebler
To the Music Ministry
In memory of Mac McKenzie
Given by John and Jo Ann Terry
Given by Charles and Joyce Egedy
Given by Bob and Barbara White
Thank You, Friends...
Dear Mrs. Trentham and Decatur Children’s Home
Group Friends:
Your Children’s Home Group’s words of
encouragement, works of faith and the endorsement
of this childcare ministry as a continuous missions
project enable us to minister to the lives of abused
children as spiritual warriors. Thank you for helping
with the school needs of the boys and girls at the
Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family
Ministries in Decatur with your $1200 donation.
Through your donation, we are able to provide the
school and clothing supplies that are needed this
year and are able to provide stable Christian homes.
Thank you for your kindness and generosity to our
Michael Smith
Area Director-Northern Alabama
Dear Friends:
When you support the Children’s Homes,
your support changes young lives and changes older
lives as well. We exist to protect, nurture and
restore children and families through Christ-centered
services. I am deeply indebted to you for giving us
the support that allows us to do so.
Your recent generous gift for the children on
our Decatur campus to buy back-to-school supplies
may be for many of the children the first time they
have ever gone shopping for school supplies. Your
generous spirit is evident in the kindness you show
to the children in our care. Dr. Smith brags about
your church and the heart you have for our ministry.
We are so blessed to have supporters like you all!
God bless you! Sincerely,
Rod Marshall, President/CEO
Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes
Youth this Wednesday: August 14th
Southern Adventures/Sonic-3pm-7:30pm
Cost $10
Meet at the church with your swimsuit and towel.
After Southern Adventures we will go to Sonic for
dinner. Bring money for that as well.
Back to School Fellowship
Saturday, August 17th 4pm-9pm @ the Houghs’
Rising 6th graders are also invited to this fellowship.
We will gather at the church at 4pm and take the bus
to the Houghs’. We will return by 9pm. We will
enjoy some good food and fellowship as we get
ready for a new school year. If you didn’t sign up on
the youth bulletin board but were plan to attend,
please send me an email.
Youth this Sunday: August 18th
Sunday School 9am- New Sunday School Classes!
Make-up Parents AND Youth Meeting
After worship
If you were out of town or missed the Youth and
Parents meeting a couple of weeks ago, we will have
a make-up meeting right after worship for about 30
minutes. Come on out and learn about the exciting
things planned for WHBC Youth this coming year!
Attention Parents!
If you have not filled out the WHBC Youth
Participation Release Form as well as submitted a
copy of your insurance cards, front and back, please
do so ASAP. Beginning in September, your child
will not be eligible to participate in youth activities
unless we have that information on file. The Release
Forms are on the Youth Bulletin boards. You can
also see me for a copy of the form. Please turn
completed forms and insurance information into me.
Patrick Streeter, Minister of Youth
[email protected]
The Weathervane
is published in the church
office. Deadline for articles is noon Friday
before the Tuesday printing date. You may
submit an article to the church office in person
or by email to [email protected] We reserve
the right to edit for clarity and space.
Weatherly Heights Baptist Church
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Handy’s Happenings
It always strikes me as odd that rehearsals
for our Christmas Lovefeast begin when the
temperature is 90+ and the humidity is high...but
we do.
Growing up Baptist, I remember when
GA’s had a mission emphasis called “Christmas
in August.” For me, “Christmas in August” means
Lovefeast time!
You are Needed!
The Chancel Choir will begin work on
Lovefeast music from August 14 until December
15, when we have our Lovefeast.
Can you cook...can you drive...can you rock a
baby? There is a place for you on Wednesday
mornings where you can use these talents. The Bible
says, “do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers,
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”
Jesus said, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”
I encourage EVERYONE who is interested
in singing to join us on Wednesday evenings at
7:30. This does not have to be a commitment; you
may sing with us in Lovefeast without making a
commitment to sing every Sunday. However, if
you wish to sing every Sunday you’ll witness my
happy dance.
People from all over the world come to
Weatherly Heights Baptist Church to learn English,
study citizenship, become familiar with the American
way of life, find a friend, feel accepted and loved.
You can help with
transportation, bake cookies or a cake, rock a baby or
teach a citizenship class.
Music is plentiful so come and join this
happy group of Ministers in the Choir Loft.
Classes start August 21 and meet every
Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 and
Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 7:30. If you can’t help
every week, maybe you could once a month or
substitute occasionally. You are invited to just visit
and see where you think you might fit in. The only
requirement is that we “treat them as one of
them as we love ourselves.”
Happy Hearts
Thursday, August 29
(Note the date change!)
We will eat lunch at Greenbrier Restaurant.
Meet at WHBC at 10:15.
Sign up on the Adult Ministry bulletin board.
If you would like more information or want to
volunteer to get involved in the English Class ministry
at WHBC, call Becky Harchanko at 256-656-3173.