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Sunday Bulletin
Feast of the Holy Family December 28, 2014
Welcome to the tri –parish cluster of Catholic parishes:
Saint Wendelin – Luxemburg
Holy Cross – Pearl Lake (Marty)
Mary of the Immaculate Conception –Rockville
Pastoral Team: Fr. Ronald Weyrens, 320-248-1670 Fr. Roger Thoennes, 320-248-0777
 LeMay Bechtold, faith formation director  Tri-parish/diocesan website: 
Liturgy this week
Week of octave of nativity of our lord
Mon., Dec. 29 , 5th Day within Octave
8:30 am HC+ Cyril Massmann (RT)
Eucharistic Adoration 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tues., Dec. 30, 6th Day within Octave
7:45 am LUX++ Cyril and Geraldine
Massmann (RW)
6:30 pm MIC-Sac. of Penance (RT)
7:00 pm MIC + Mary Ann Sauer (RT)
Wed., Dec. 31 Vigil, Solemnity of Mary
No morning Masses in the cluster
4:14 pm HC+ Special Intention(RT)
Thurs., Jan. 1, Solemnity of Mary
(New Year’s) Holy Day of Obligation
8:15 am LUX –In Thanksgiving (RT)
9:15 am MIC+ Ed Massmann (RW)
No adoration at MIC or LUX today
Fri., Jan. 2, Sts. Basil and Gregory
8:30 am HC+ Fr. Richard Walz (RT)
Sat., Jan. 3, Vigil of Epiphany
2:00 pm LUX– Wedding of Matt Mueller
and Katie Lochen
3:00 pm HC-Sacrament of Penance ( RW)
4:00 pm HC+ Don Nystrom (RW)
4:30 pm MIC + David Hoffmann (RT)
5:30 pm LUX-People of the Parishes (RW)
Sun. Jan. 4, Epiphany
8:00 am HC+ + Walter and Evelyn
Schneider (RT)
9:00 am LUX++Ray/Laura Schneider (RW)
10:00 am MIC +Inge Seelen (RT)
From Father Roger
Growing up in the Catholic Church, I was told that I have a guardian angel.
The only angels I knew came from the Bible and they had wings. Then in the first
grade, my teacher, Sister Faith, talked about our guardian angels. From that time
on, my guardian angel was my secret friend. I remember making space for him at
the dinner table and bed.
When I was confirmed, I chose a cousin named Ralph to be
my sponsor. Even though I was not fond of that name, I took it
as my Confirmation name (not wanting to hurt his feelings)
making my full name Roger Jacob Ralph Thoennes. Then later
in seminary when we studied angels, I learned about the archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael and it dawned on me
that Raphael (Ralph) was my guardian angel. My guardian
angel has saved me from disaster many times.
During this season, we hear a lot about the angels. They are the ones who announced the birth of Christ. I hope and pray that you all have a blessed Christmas
season...and maybe think about your guardian angel!
—Father Roger
Feast of the Holy Family
Today’s Feast of the Holy Family presents the Holy Family as the model for all
Christian families and for domestic life in general. The feast is a good time to remember the family unit and pray for our own human and
spiritual families.
It’s also a good time to reflect on the value and sanctity of
the family unit and to evaluate our own family life. What
ways may it be improved? What would Jesus, Mary and Joseph do? Finally, we can use this feast to ask ourselves what
we are doing to promote the family within our own cultures,
neighborhoods and communities?
Blessings of the Season
Thank you to all who gave such generous time and talent to prepare and celebrate
this Christmas season, the various liturgical ministers, church decorators, musicians and choirs members, servers and all others who helped in any way. Enjoy
these remaining days of this festive season as we celebrate today’s feast of the
Holy Family, and look forward to Epiphany and the Baptism of Jesus the next two
May God bless and keep you all as we move on to 2015!
Faith Formation Notes
Next Family Session will be Wednesday, January 7 at Holy Cross.
Men’s Group meets Saturday, Jan. 3 at 7:30 am at the Granite Edge Café in
Rockville. All cluster men, 18 and over, are invited to take part in the prayer and
Next Baptism Class is Thursday, January 29, 7pm, St. Wendelin School.
Feast of the Holy Family  December 28, 2014
Tri-Parish Cluster of Luxemburg, Pearl Lake and Rockville
Saint Wendelin—Luxemburg
22714 State Highway 15 * St. Cloud, MN 56301-9208 * 320-251-6944 * e-mail: [email protected] * Fax: 320-654-9030
Parish Office/Secretary, Char Volkmuth—320-251-6944
> Office Hours: Monday thru Thursday, 8:30 am-12:30 pm
Faith Formation/DRE: LeMay Bechtold, 252-8486
Prayer Line: 320-251-5376
Celebrating the Sacraments
Baptism: Contact the parish office: 251-6944
Anointing of the Sick : Contact Fr. Ron or Fr. Roger
Marriage: Contact the parish office at least six months in advance.
Financial Blessings
for the Week of Dec. 21, 2014
Adult (96)
Youth (18)
Christmas (6)
Immaculate Conception (1)
Votive Stands
Food Shelf
Last Week’s Regular
Weekly Budget 2014/15
Shortfall Last Week
Shortfall Year to Date
Thank you for Your
Generous Sacrificial Support!!
Thurs., Jan. 1 @ 8:15 am
Will be notified
Saturday, Jan. 3 at 5:30pm
Christopher T. & Reed B.
Sunday, Jan. 4 at 9:00 am
Katelyn M & Stephanie M.
2, Sat., Jan. 3 at 8:30 am:
Jeneen Albers, Lori Albers, Bev Jennings, Clare Olson, Eileen Roeder
Janet Albers***
Dear Lord,
We pray that this new year will
bring us closer to you. May we
take the time to get to know You.
Help us to truly celebrate the gifts
You have graciously given us,
and use them to serve you and
spread your word. May we also
see and love you in all the people
we meet, so they in turn can see
YOU in us!
We ask this in Jesus’ name.
St. Wendelin Catholic School
Preschool to Grade 6
Principal: Lynn Rasmussen
Telephone: 320-251-9175
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 320-654-9030
Parish News
Thank You To
 Our St. Wendelin students, Mrs. Lund , Mrs. Rasmussen, teachers and all others who helped
with the their performance of The Last Noel last Monday. Smiles and warm hearts were plentiful at both performances in response to the awesome job by our young people as they brought
the Christmas story to life. As always, it was heartwarming to see
our students give the gift of themselves. Blessings also to all who
came. Your support and encouragement keeps our school alive and
well. We look forward to your continued involvement in the coming
 To all who helped with Christmas liturgies including decorators,
singers and musicians, all liturgical ministers and of course Fathers
Ron and Roger for leading us in worship. Your offering of time and talent made for a meaningful and memorable celebration. Blessings!
 To all who donated toward Christmas flowers. Those donations included memorials to
Delroy Thole, Kathleen Gohman, Ted Vander Eyk, Ralph Massmann, Cindy Beckius,
Larry Hennen, Herb and Bernadine Hennen, Ben and Eleanor Harren, Fran Neidermeier, Nic and Betty Spanier, Stephen Mareck, Jerry Hasselbring and Betty Wells.
 St. Anne’s Christian Women...for their help with paying for Christmas flowers; also for their
purchase of statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary for each of our school classrooms to replace
the old ones which had deteriorated. These statues were blessed by Father Roger at our Tuesday morning Mass.
Next Parish Breakfast...will be Sunday, Jan. 11 by Group 2. Menu includes sausage, scrambled
eggs, hashbrowns, French toast and more. Please save the date! Group 2 members, your envelopes
are available for pick up from the back table.
Marriage Banns III...Matt Mueller and Katie Lochen
Message from Trina Dietz, Coordinator of Catholic Charities Share the Spirit Program.
(Our Sharing Tree Project was part of this Program)…”Thank you for the amazing generosity
you showed our central MN neighbors. Together we served 157 families. They were delighted, appreciative and taken back by your generosity” She also shared the story of “Jamie” a recipient Mom
who could well be typical of every adopted family. Jamie tearfully accepted the gifts, indicated she
hoped to be in the position to “pay it forward” next year and promised to pray for all who had
helped her.
Mitten Tree Project...Rocking Horse Farm on County Rd. 74 is accepting donations
of mittens, hats, scarves and baby blankets Tuesday thru Saturday, from 10:00 to 6:00
until January 3rd.All donations are used to decorate Mitten Trees and are then distributed to Catholic Charities and Anna Marie’s House. For more info, call Carole Wurst at
School News
Our Last Two Days of School...were a flurry of activities. Monday we had our final practice for
our play “The Last Noel” and then enjoyed performing it for you in the afternoon and evening.
Thanks to all of you who came and those who helped. We loved doing it for you! Tuesday we had
fun with a visit from Santa, wrote notes of support to parishioners and watched a movie!
Liturgy Lessons… Fr. Roger talked about angels, their importance in the Christmas story and also
about our guardian angels. He also shared about an angel statue gift that he received and how
much it meant. He promised to teach our students more about these heavenly messengers.
School Bells Will Ring Out Again...on Monday, Jan. 5. Until then, have a safe and refreshing celebration of the Christmas season. We hope to do the same!
Tri-Parish Cluster of Pearl Lake, Rockville and Luxemburg
Feast of the Holy Family  December 28, 2014
Holy Cross—Pearl Lake (Marty)
10651 County Road 8 ~ Kimball, MN 55353 ~ 320-398-3900 ~ [email protected]
Parish Office/Secretary, Marian Haus, 320-398-3900
Office Hours: Mon Thru Thurs 8:30—noon
Prayer Line, 320-398-6101
Deacon, Andy Kunkel, 320-398-6101 (retired)
Musician, Julene Faber-Andrusick, 320-685-7211
Celebrating the Sacraments
Baptism: 320-398-3900
Anointing of the Sick: Fr. Ron or Fr. Roger
Marriage: Call parish office at least 6 months in advance.
Marriage course must be taken.
Financial Blessings
For the week of Dec 21, 2014
Adult (42)
Feast Days
Year to Date
Weekly Budget
Under Budget
Over this week
Thank you for your offerings
Wed Dec 31, 4:14 pm
Servers: Kayleen Andrusick
Maria Haus
Ushers: Greg Mueller
Mike Ohmann
Lector: Sue Kelleher
Euc Min: Diane Ohmann
Mary Mueller Marian Haus
Sat. Jan 3, 4:00 pm
Servers: Katrina Andrusick
Ushers: DaveLeither, Vic Lochen
Lector: Caleb Anderson
Euc. Min: Jodi Schneider
Elaine Leither Debbie Lochen
Sun Jan 4, 8:00 am
Servers: Bridgette Anderson
Ushers: Joe Garding, Rick
Lector: Donna Gregory
Euc Min: Ralph Anderson
Donna Gregory Cheryl Garding
Parish Council Members
Donna Gregory 398-7312
Al Haus 259-4287
Leanne Donnay 398-5362
Helen Krippner 398-8893
Ann Donnay 398-2545
Rich Schlangen 398-2530
Greg Mueller 398-7786
Len Voigt 398-2922
Cindy Voigt 493-4982
Preschool to Grade 6
Lead Teacher—Melissa Johnson
Office Manager—Jeana Meyer
Telephone: 320-398-7885
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 320-398-7873
Parish News
Thank You: so much for your continued support and generosity. A donation of $159.00 was
sent to the Kimball Food Shelf. This is used in our local area.
Knights of Columbus Raffle Winners on Dec. 14:
Andy Kiffmeyer
Jim Waibel
Maynard Walz
James Schreifels
Don Linn
Fr. Tom Olson
Lynn Hokanson
Doris Rathmann
Mass Requests: We have openings for Mass intentions. You can drop them in the collection
basket or mail them to us. Masses are $10 each.
Entered Eternal Life :We extend our prayers and sympathy to the family, friends, neighbors
of Marie Pope whose funeral was on Saturday. May our Lord welcome her home in Heaven.
School News
Dear Holy Cross Parishioners,
Enjoy your vacation and see you back in school on Monday January 5th, 2015.
Thanks! —Mrs. Johnson
Thought for the day
Before you speak THINK
T … is it True
H it Helpful
I … is it Inspiring
N it Necessary
K it Kind
All of the staff here at Holy Cross wish a Happy & Healthy New Year to All!!
Community Events
Annual Cathedral High School Crusaderette Dance Show featuring CHS Crusaderettes and
high school dance teams and studio groups from the St. Cloud area will be Saturday, January
10, 2015, 2:00 and 6:00 pm shows in the CHS north gym. Cost is $7 for adults and $5 for students K-12. Don’t miss the fabulous Dads and Guy/Girl dances!
Bulletin Deadline: 11:00 am Tuesday, Dec 30 (New Years Deadline)
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Tri Parish Cluster of Rockville, Luxemburg and Pearl Lake
Feast of the Holy Family  December 28, 2014
Mary of the Immaculate Conception—Rockville
PO Box 7 ~ Rockville, MN 56369-0007 ~ 320-251-7801 ~ [email protected]
Parish Office/Secretary-Sandy Pfannenstein, 320-251-7801
Office Hours: Mon 8AM-Noon, Wed 8:30-10:30AM, Fri 811AM
Parish Center Kitchen & Church Basement: 320-252-8486
Prayer Line, 320-685-3213
Celebrating the Sacraments
Baptism: Contact Parish Office 251-7801
Anointing of the Sick: 320-251-7801
Weddings: Contact the parish office at least six months
preceding the wedding date. Marriage Course required.
Financial Blessings
For Week of 12-21-2014
Regular Income:
Imac. Conception
Extra Repairs
Total Reg.
Misc. Income:
Christmas Flowers
Faith Form.
P.C. Rent
YTD over/short
$ 3,094.48
$ 3,094.48
Upcoming Events:
Legion of Mary– Next meeting
is Jan 7th!!!
No Adoration this Thursday
because of New Years Day.
Men’s Group: 01/03-7:30am
Parish Council Members
Rosie Ashfeld 253-8878
Dave Fussy 240-9547
Vera Ebansteiner 255-8882
Linda Kneip 597-3228
Wally Mohs 845-2387
Ann Neu 266-1649
Shirley Sieben 363-8111
Ray Simon 252-6941
Ralph Walz 255-9394
Youth: Tyler Molitor 253-2954
Faith Formation/DRE
LeMay Bechtold 252-8486 or
Parish Center Events/Maintenance
Jean Walz 255-9394
Liturgical Environment
Steve Pfannenstein 251-8358
Gary Gillitzer 685-8947
Cindy Kremers 253-1901
Parish News
Christmas Flowers Donated in memory of: Art & Elizabeth Bidinger family, Jacob &
Mary Gross family, Louis Gross, Helen Zabinski, Dorothy Pfannenstein family, David Hoffmann, Elmer & Georgina Eichers, Leo & Catherine Neu, Jeffrey Schutz, Victor Court, Toby
Kraemer, Paul & Elsie Schweiters, parents of Richard & Marie Dingmann, Norb & Veronica
Eikmeier, Al & Esther Pfannenstein Sr. & family, Gil Buchheit, The Massmann/Buchheit
family, Ed Massmann, Baby Jacob, Martha Hoffmann, Ann & John Lansing, Robert Bloedorn
and Norb and Veronica Eikmeier.
Thank You - to all who helped to make our Christmas Liturgies so beautiful and meaningful.
Each and every one of these donations of time and talent help to make the Christmas Season
special for all of us. There are many different ministries to fulfill to make our parish run
smoothly and to have our liturgies be meaningful, beautiful and spiritual. May God Bless each
and every one of you for your donation of time and talent in a very special way not only this
Christmas but all the year through.
Prayer Partners: There are bowls in the front of church with the Confirmation & First Communion
students names in them. Please take one (or more) and pray for them as they prepare for their special
Mass Intentions: If you would like to have a Mass said for a loved on or other special intention, please
place your request in an envelope and place it in the weekend collection basket. Mark “Masses” on the
envelope. Mass intentions are $10 per Mass.
Year End: Please have all contributions for 2014 turned in by Dec. 31, 2014 for the Year End cut off.
Thank you!
ADORATION-Filled with the blessing of Christmas, let us come and ADORE HIM, Christ our King.
Please consider making a weekly commitment to “ADORE HIM” in the Blessed Sacrament. Each
Thursday from 8:30am to 7pm, HE is exposed for US on our altar. Please pick an HOUR; call 2523017 with your commitment. Some of the regular volunteers are finding it difficult to make-it in the
cold/snow/distance.. ALL are invited; YOU are needed; won’t you come and pray with Jesus one hour?
Seasonal Decorations: While the decorations in church help us to feel the specialness of the season, we
ask that everyone respect the decorations and please supervise your children while enjoying them. Also,
please do not water the plants or flowers as they are being taken care of by the decorating committee.
Thank you!
O Come let us Adore Him!!!”
Bulletin Deadline: Monday @ 10:00am
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