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December 4
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December 10
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December 13
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January 21
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January 22
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January 24
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January 29
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hen we were looking for schools for Joseph, something that was high on our list of importance was
school-run, family programs. We wanted
to interact with other families that
were in a similar situation as ours and groups that could help us — and
Joseph’s brother — learn, understand
and adapt to what we were going
through and what our lives were going
to be like.
When we walked through the front
doors of the CTC, we knew we found
what we had been looking for and it
had everything we wanted for Joseph
and for our family. The outreach to
families is great and one of the programs that I really enjoy is the “Mom’s
Time Out” which meets about once a month. I remember my first night, I really didn’t know what to expect. I joined the ladies for the chat part of
the yoga night and I was a bit nervous
but by the end of the night, I felt relief
— I didn’t feel alone. I also left feeling
really happy to be with a great group
of women, now a group I call “friends,”
all just doing the best they can for their child and for their family.
So, I decided after that night that I would try to go to as many Mom’s
nights as I could and I did! I learned
how to make jewelry, great omelet
frittatas and most importantly, I learned
that I am not the only one going through this with a special needs child.
I didn’t try the “Mom’s Yoga” yet but I did do the “Family Yoga” with Joseph
and I really enjoyed it and had great
fun, too.
If you are a CTC parent, I encourage
you to join the parent and sibling
support groups. We all have our “crosses
to bear” as we go through life and it
helps so much just to talk, share and
laugh with others that are in similar
situations. Believe me — it does make
things that little bit easier.
Joseph happily traveling the halls of the CTC
Message from the Executive Director
by Marvin Leiken
“We are beyond overjoyed.
We know that the high school
is still a long way off for our
son, Jude, but given his
needs, we cannot imagine
him anywhere else but the
CTC. All we can say is, ‘thank
you, Mr. Bolger!’”
— CTC Parent, Denise O’Brien
Join the
Stay tuned for exciting
ways, including naming
opportun­ities and creating
a pledge, in which you too
can become involved in
helping us achieve our
goal to provide a high
school to serve children to the age of 21!
2 The Center Connection
ver the years, I have been very proud of the many accomplishments of The Children’s Therapy Center.
I have seen goals set and goals met.
There have been numerous accomplishments such as the expansion of
the Fair Lawn Campus, the creation of
the Upper School in Midland Park and
the development of programs within
our school to support our growing
student population and their families.
These goals were met because of the
vision of our Board of Directors, the
dedication of our staff and the support
of our donors.
While we are all excited by the growth
and improvement at The Children’s
Therapy Center, one of the hallmarks of the CTC is to not sit back and rest on our laurels, but to always be looking ahead and moving forward — expanding our
services to make our incredible
program even better.
This is why I am extremely honored and proud to announce that
The Children’s Therapy Center is
planning to achieve our ultimate
goal — the development of a High
School Program. The Board of Director’s
vision has always been to increase our
services in order to meet the needs of our students as they mature and the realization of a CTC High School
will fulfill that vision.
For many years, Mr. David F. Bolger,
a local Ridgewood philanthropist, has
been a very generous benefactor and
friend to The Children’s Therapy Center.
Thanks to Mr. Bolger’s generosity and
his giving through The Marion & Silfred
DePhillips Foundation and The Bolger
Foundation, we have been able to expand our programs and facilities.
Now, Mr. Bolger and the Bolger
Foundation have committed to a lead
gift of five million dollars on a challenge
basis. This challenge gift will require
$2.5 million be raised by the CTC from
other donors in order for us to realize
this much-needed high school program.
With this exciting challenge in place,
we are off and running! The Building
Committee, comprised of board and
staff members, is currently searching
for a property on which to build a state- of-the-art facility that will house both
the current Upper School and the new
high school. This new facility will provide
educational and therapeutic services
David F. Bolger
for students from first grade though
age 21. It will house an expanded daily
living program, horticulture program
and introduce a hydrotherapy pool to
all of the meaningful programs we
currently provide.
This is a very exciting time for The Children’s Therapy Center and we
invite you to join us on our expansion
adventure! Please contact me or Audra
Hoffman, Director of Development, to learn how you can help us reach our goal.
Marvin Leiken
“To Tania...”
by Allison Marcilla, Dinner Dance 2013 Speech
t was the fall of 2002 and I vividly remember standing in my kitchen
placing my first call to The Children’s
Therapy Center when my daughter
Jessica was only fifteen months old.
As many of you can relate, I felt
incredibly overwhelmed with the
responsibilities and emotions that
come with taking care of a child with
a disability. I contacted the Center,
desperately searching for information, guidance and support and it
was suggested to me that I call a
Center parent named Tania Gold. I was only told that she had a son
named Jonah, who was just about
three years older than Jess and that
she may be kind enough to offer me
some guidance. I could never have
imagined then, how significantly my life would change by making
that call.
I remember dialing nervously,
unsure how to begin what I feared
was going to be a very difficult
conversation. However, the minute I introduced myself and told her why I was calling, Tania put me at
ease. First, she asked me about
Jessica and then she told me about
Jonah. She calmed me with stories The Gold Family
about the amazing progress he was making and how the other mothers, therapists and teachers at the center have grown to become
her second family. She poignantly
described bringing Jonah to the
center each day, “as if she were going
home”. She was encouraging while
being realistic and for the first time
since Jess was born, I felt supported.
I quickly learned that Tania was
not only a tremendous advocate for Jonah, but that she had fully
dedicated herself to doing her part
in carrying out the Center’s mission.
I came to understand that she had
taken a seat on the Board of Directors
because it is important to her to
assure that the Center will always
keep its doors open for other children
and their families the way it had
been for hers. She is an inspirational
and motivating leader while being
able to maintain an unparalleled
level of humility and modesty. To me, Tania is not only a Board Member,
Gala Organizer and Capital Campaign
Co-Chair, but she is my dearest
friend. Tania, I thank you for being
my confidant, my shoulder to cry on,
my friend to laugh with and my
biggest support.
Looking back to that day in my kitchen ten years ago,
staring at my special needs
baby and feeling naïve, alone
and unsure of what was to
come, I was given you. I still
don’t know where we may be going on this journey, but
what I do know is that all of our center children will benefit
from your work and dedication.
‘‘Breathing Easy...’’
by Lynn Barral,
PT, Assistant Director
ver the past several years many of our therapists have
attended Mary Massery’s course,
“If You Can’t Breathe, You Can’t
Function,” which focuses on providing strategies to assist our
children in achieving a more efficient
breathing pattern. Many of our
children face cardiopulmonary
challenges and, in optimizing their
abilities in this arena, we provide
them with greater potential to
make functional gains. Often, after
attending a workshop, there is the
wish to bring the speaker back to
work hands-on with some of our
children and to demonstrate tech- niques to our staff. To that end, we feel very lucky to have found
Trish West-Low PT, MA, DPT, PCS, lab assistant to Ms. Massery.
Trish has been coming to the Fair Lawn Campus for the past two
years, three to four times per year,
to consult with the multidisciplinary
team and work with individual
children. Subsequent sessions are
scheduled so that the child’s thera- pist can hone their skills with Trish’s
guidance. Such skills might include
particular hand placement or a
movement which would allow for a deeper breath or having a child
push a heavy object in order to
enhance vocalizations. Trish has
also educated the entire CTC staff,
offering simple suggestions to be
followed on a daily basis regarding
positioning. Her warm, friendly and caring manner with the children
and staff is admirable and she has
become an integral member of the
CTC team, helping us to enhance
the quality of life for our children
and the educational development
of our dedicated staff.
Fall 2013 3
Learn Together
Friends fishing “together”
fter a successful start, The Children’s Therapy Center is excited to continue the Learn
Together Integrated Preschool Class.
This program serves children with
disabilities as well as typically developing preschool-aged children — enabling them to learn and play
together. The Learn Together classroom was established to meet the
growing needs of our students as
well as to give back to the community. It is coordinated and run by a
classroom teacher (Cara Rogerino),
occupational therapist (Lisa Macaluso),
and speech-language pathologist
(Amy Schloerb) incorporating a
strong team approach in both
planning and implementation.
During the program’s first remarkable year, tremendous gains were
noted amongst all of the students
involved including increased con­
fidence, academic abilities, and
social skills. Using creative learning
techniques the students were given
the opportunity to gain self-assurance
in play skills while working on a
theme-based curriculum. All of
children involved developed compassion and understanding while
benefiting from a rich educational
and therapeutic environment.
4 The Center Connection
Our team of coordinators is looking
forward to exploring the strengths of
each child and watching new friend- ships form during the upcoming
school year.
What parents
are saying about
Learn Together...
When I first enrolled Bella in the
Learn Together program, I thought
what a great lesson to teach my
child to learn alongside children
with different challenges. Bella and
our family have been touched by
the love and tenderness of all the
children and the staff at The Children’s
Therapy Center. Bella has learned
first-hand the lesson that we’ve
taught her at home — that we are all
special and that we must all be kind
to each other. Bella loves her friends
from Learn Together. We are very
grateful to have been a part of this
incredible program.
– CAROL RIOS Parent of a child from the community participating in the Learn Together Program
Sarina’s participation in the Learn
Together program has made a major
change in her behavior. We find her
to be more social, more interactive
and definitely more confident. Her
communication skills have improved
as well as her imaginative and group
play skills. It’s wonderful to see her
fun personality emerge and make
new friends. The staff and students
of the Learn Together program are
enthusiastic and excited and every
day is a new adventure.
– SABA ARAIN Parent of a child
enrolled at The Children’s Therapy Center
People are talking about...
Nutrition Clinic
We are entering our fifth year of our very successful Nutrition Clinic!
Our registered dietician, Lauren
Cohen, confidentially meets with
each child’s family and school team
to design a diet that is nutritious and customized to remediate any
dietary concerns. Diet can play such
a large part in not only the health of
our children but in their education.
Our school staff oversees these
recommendations and monitors
each child’s weight and progress.
Apps We’re Using
• Sound Touch
• Tap-N-See Zoo
• Peekaboo Barn
• Baby Rattle Toy
• Bright Start Baby
• Toddler Sandbox
• Beautiful Bubbles
• Ready to Print
• Pepi Bath
• Good Night Star
• Bloom HD
• Boogie Bopper
• Toca Boca Series
The focus of our clinic is the importance of nutrition and the vital part it
plays to help a child perform to the
very best of their ability.
Equipment and Apps
We Love
Thanks to generous donors such as the Alfiero and Lucia Palestroni
Foundation, our Upper School
Campus is fortunate enough to
have fantastic equipment such as the Rifton Tram and Solo Lift. As our students mature, devices
such as these help to provide
comfort, stability and dignity when students are transferring to a standing position from their
wheelchairs, without the manual
lifting typically provided by a staff
member. The Tram model can also be used as a mobility device to
help our students’ practice walking,
giving them the independence to
ambulate from one school activity to another with independence.
Colin “On His Way”
Assistive Technology/Augmentative and Alternative
Communication Evaluations
Our Assistive Technology (AT) Team
had another busy year performing
evaluations for local school districts.
These evaluations are provided to assess a student’s need for
technology to supplement their
academic and/or communication
skills. Evaluations are initially
requested from a child’s case
manager and student information
is collected and reviewed by our
staff. An on-site visit is then conducted by our AT professionals.
Working alongside the child’s school
team, evaluations are performed
and recommendations are made.
Training, consultation and follow up
visits are provided to the district staff
as needed.
Fall 2013 5
People do the kindest things...
Liz Unger has been a dedicated volunteer at the CTC
Upper School for the past three years. Liz visits each
classroom weekly, reading
books and interacting with
the students. She uses a
Dynavox communication
device as well as a power
wheelchair for mobility —
both assistive devices used by many of our own students.
She is an amazing friend to
the CTC as well as a remarkable role model.
Liz Unger
Kate King (Fair Lawn Head Nurse),
Pat Muse (GSG), Anabelle
The Garden State Grandmas provided
handmade bibs to our Fair Lawn
Campus students.
This terrific group of young
ladies organized a Rainbow
Loom bracelet-making event
held on September 3 at Blue Sky Yoga. Participants
each paid a $10 fee to join the event where they were
joined by other area children.
All proceeds from the event
as well as all of the bracelets
made that day were donated
to the The Children’s Therapy Center.
In memory of CTC student, Julia Kirsch, her
parents set up a foundation — The Julia Kirsch
Foundation — which is dedicated to improving
the lives of people with disabilities and their
families. The Foundation looks to provide
assistance to children and adults with disabil­
ities and to support those organizations that
are focused on providing services to such
individuals. This year, the foundation granted
the CTC $2,500 to help with costs associated
with our dance program. Julia loved to dance
and what better way to honor her memory.
To learn more, visit,
Online Video Outing organizers Matt
Wasserlauf and Andrew Budkofsky
The CTC would like to thank the
organizers and attendees of the 3rd Annual Online Video Open Golf
Outing, held this year at Plainfield
Country Club — raising $20,000 for
The CTC! Last year, the proceeds
from this event enabled us to buy
seating systems for CTC children at
Fair Lawn and Midland Park.
6 The Center Connection
Julia Kirsch
The 20th Annual Shore Shoot Out, held in August and organized by the Harris family, was once again a great
success-raising funds for Molly and her classmates.
Volunteers from Home Depot in Riverdale, NJ,
created a beautiful outdoor mural for our Fair
Lawn Campus playground. Their donation of time
and talent has made an incredible difference in
this outdoor space for our students to enjoy.
Dinner Dance Sponsors
Sincere thanks to our 20th Annual Gala
Dinner Dance Sponsors:
Shapiro Family Charitable Foundation
Leona Kern
Edwin Gould Foundation
Stuart & Nicole Kovensky Family Foundation
Mr. Michael Weinstein
Mr. & Mrs. James and Jill Haber
A. Zerega’s Sons, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Beth Grotta
Foodtown, Kingsbridge Marketplace Corp.
The Levitan Giving Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Mitch and Jennifer Behm
Whining Women®®
Paul Macchia, Center dad,
has been cycling in honor
of the CTC for over 6 years.
This year, Paul’s efforts
raised over $2,200 when he biked 50 miles in the Bergen Bike Tour on
September 29.
Paul Macchia
In honor of his mother and her dedication to the
CTC, Jonah Gold formed
“Jonah’s Drive” to raise
funds to improve and
enhance the playground at our Fair Lawn Campus. Jonah’s incredible efforts
raised over $50,000!!
Jonah Gold
Thank you to The Saddle River Valley Junior Woman’s Club for selecting the CTC as the beneficiary of this year’s Princess Ball. This outstanding event, a princess ball for dads and their daughters, raised $34,000 for The Children’s Therapy Center!
The SRVJW committee and CTC Executive Director,
Marvin Leiken. Photo courtesy of North Jersey
Media Group
Fall 2013 7
The Direct Instruction Class
by Louise Gulleyan
Making choices
Following instructions
uring the 2012-2013 school year we piloted a program called “Direct Instruction” in Mr. Mickey’s class. Students were
chosen to be a part of this class based on their learning styles and
goals. The term “Direct Instruction” simply means that we take the
goals the children have in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
and we break them down into small, sequential steps, focusing on
repetition and direct teaching while limiting outside distractions.
Our hope for this program was to see our students have multiple
opportunities throughout the day to learn in individual, large and
small group settings. This classroom style allows our students to
repeatedly practice and generalize what they have been taught.
There is a strong team approach utilized in this classroom. The classroom teacher works closely with the speech and the
occupational therapists to develop and plan activities that are goal oriented and motivating. This collaboration also ensures
consistency of both language and sensory integration into activities.
This classroom style means that each staff member plays a key role
in following the child’s individual goals and working on them
throughout the day.
After the success of small group instruction last year, we have
decided to implement centers as a classroom management style in all our classrooms. Centers will vary based on the students in the classroom and their goals. We are excited to see our students
develop greater bonds with their peers and work on learning with a motivating repetitious technique.
This promises to be an exciting new school year as we learn
through repetition and play!
Congratulations to our...
CTC Staff “Of the Year” Award Winners
Fair Lawn: Kanae Larkin, Mickey Santiago, Ellen Cataldo
8 The Center Connection
Midland Park: Tracy Collins, Toni Ann Sinacore, Christine Mann
Hoe Down
Our 3rd Annual CTC Hoe Down was a huge success! Face painting, games
and singing around the campfire all
made for a great family night out with over 20 families participating!
Potluck Picnic
School Store
We are excited to announce that the Upper School has established a “School Store.” Small items at the
store are available to be “purchased”
with tokens that the students earn
throughout the week for jobs well
done. Each week, two different
students are selected to work in the
store either as a greeter or collecting
tokens at the register. The School
Store incorporates communication
goals, promotes social skills and
allows students to receive positive
reinforcement for individual accomplishments. It has been a lot of fun
and a great success this year!
The CTC held its First Annual Family
Potluck Picnic on September 28 at Van Saun County Park. Over 75
attended and a great time was had by all!
Grandparent’s Day
These amazing people in our student’s lives were celebrated at
both campuses with fun activities,
tours and special treats made
especially by our students with love.
Liam and his dad at Family Picnic 2013
Abby with her Grandma and Grandpa
Fair Lawn grandparents gather to celebrate
with their grandchildren
Fall 2013 9
Final Salute
Thank you to our generous donors...
Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2013
Thanks to your generosity, these are just some
of the incredible things that we have been
able to do this school year.
We were able to fund our adaptive swim
­program, add new standers, walkers, bikes,
trainers and adaptive seating. We were able
to add more computers, touch screens,
­additional Smart Boards, iPads, more strollers
and additional software and switches.
We beautified our campuses, provided more
scholarships and financial assistance to our
Early Enrichment Program families, and so
much more...
We are so proud of what we have been able
to do for our children but we couldn’t do any
of it without you.
Special thanks to our donors of product and service
for our 20th Annual Gala Dinner Dance
Lili Holland, Bayleaf Studio
Mr. & Mrs. Mathew and Cindy Benjamin
Mr. Andrew Budkofsky
Dale and Thomas Popcorn
Diana Ross
The Elks
Impact Displays Group
Kern Services
Megavideo Productions
Mr. & Mrs. Dan and Tanya Penn
Mrs. Heidi Reichert
Please contact us about ways in which
you can participate in the High School
Program Challenge!
10 The Center Connection
The Bolger Foundation
Mr. John B. Vermylen
$10,000 to $49,999
Alfiero & Lucia Palestroni Foundation, Inc.
OVO Golf Committee
The Green Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Kern
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Kovensky
NJ State Elks Association
Robert & Joan Dircks Foundation, Inc.
Shapiro Family Charitable Foundation
The Weinstein Foundation
Will’s Good Works Foundation, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Zino
$1,000 to $9,999
A. Zerega’s & Sons, Inc.
Allegiance Retail Service, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. David Ansel
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. James Balakian
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bavagnoli
Bayada Pediatrics
Beacon Converters
Bevan, Mosca, Giuditta & Zarillo, P.C.
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bieler
Body in Motion Sports & Orthopedics Inc.
Bogert Trust Fund
Borough Of Fair Lawn
Mr. & Mrs. David Bourhill
Bradley Decorators, Inc.
Ms. Maria Cianciotta
Columbia Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Connors
Ms. Colleen Cooper
Dr. Joseph Dayan
E*Trade Financial
East Side Endoscopy, LLC
ENT & Allergy Ass.
Dr. & Mrs. Lee Eisenberg
Elks Elmwood Park Paterson Lodge No. 60
Excel Environmental Resources, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Felice
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Finkelstein
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Flett
Foodtown, Mach Markets
Mr. Melvin Gershon
Ms. Maria Gesualdi
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Gibbons
Gillian Dujardin Memorial Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Giuditta
Glen Rock Savings Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Gold
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Gold
Goldman, Sachs, & Company
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Grotta
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harris
Heart & Hand Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Holland
Inserra Supermarkets, Inc.
JL Holdings 2002 LLC
Stephen & Christine Johnson Family Fund
The Kaplen Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kappock
Mr. Eugene Kappock
Law Office of Clara S. Licata
Mr. Patrick Layng
Mr. Marvin Leiken & Ms. Denise K. Rago
Dr.’s Harlan Levine
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Licata
Ms. Andrea Louro DeMar
Mac Pest Control LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Macchia
Maidenform, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Males
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Manwaring
Ms. Louise-Anne Marini
Mr. & Mrs. David Maura
Mr. & Mrs. John McCarthy
Ms. Ann McGovern
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Messner
Mr. & Mrs. William Mosca
Mrs. Joan Moscarello
NJ State Council Knights of Columbus
Mr. & Mrs. J Norris
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy O’Brien
Mrs. Colleen Orso
Mr. & Mrs. David Ortland
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Osheowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pannacciulli
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Parente
Mr. & Mrs. Hector Perez
Mr. A. Nicholas Petruzzelli
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Recupero
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Reichert
Richard H. Holzer Memorial Foundation
Ridgewood Women’s Club
Mrs. Mary Ellen Rohon
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Rossi
Sheridan Production Company
Mr. Michael Shohet
Rev. & Mrs. Roger Spencer
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Spett
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Steinberg
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. James Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. James Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Tamburro
Mr. Brian Tarpey
The Bergen Oral Surgery Group, P.A.
The Drive for Rebecca Inc.
The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts
The Valley Hospital Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Vermylen
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Vermylen
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Weissblum
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wells
ZBI Employee Allocated Gift Fund
$500 to $999
Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Agostinelli
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Alverson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Anthony Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Osman Arain
Assistive Mobility LLC
Bank-Miller Co. Inc.
Ms. Alison Barber
Mr. & Mrs. David Barclay
Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Benjamin
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Boyle
Britcher, Leone & Roth, L.L.C.
Ms. Vikki Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Budkofsky
Mr. & Mrs. Bushman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Castronovo
Mr. & Mrs. John Clauson
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Colon Jr.
Ms. Katherine Cousineau
Ms. Cindy Cruz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. DiMauro
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dombeck
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Dominguez
Elks - Dumont Lodge 2593
Elks Lodge of Hasbrouck Heights 1962
Elks Lodge of Park Ridge 2234
ENT & Allergy Associates, LLP
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Figman
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fitzmaurice
Mr. Patrick Gallagher
Garden State Orthopedics Associates, P.A.
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gavlick
Ms. Margherita Gesualdi
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Giacchi
Mr. & Mrs. William Glover
Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Graubard
Dr. & Mrs. Chang Han
Ms. Erin Henry
Mr. & Mrs. James Herbst
Holiday Express, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Hopper
Mrs. Wendy Horowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Luis Horta
Mr. & Mrs. C. Lincoln Jewett
Mr. & Mrs. Michael King
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Komar
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Kornfeld
Mrs. Lauren Koslow
Mr. & Mrs. Errol Labosky
Mrs. Randi Lehrfeld
Ms. Natasha Leibel
Mr. & Mrs. Cory Levine
Mr. David Madden
Ms. Allison Marcilla
Ms. Suzanne Mattiace
Mr. Raymond Mayer
Dr. & Mrs. John McKeon
Medco Health Employee Giving Campaign
Dr. & Mrs. Paul J. Melone
Mr. Kurt Melstrom
Ms. Danielle Mendola
Merrill Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Moomjy
Mrs. Amy Morik
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Murphy
Dr. Lisa Maxine Nalven & Mr. Joel Krasnow
Mr. & Mrs. Mario Orantes
Ms. Claudia Orlando
Owens Group Foundation
Mr. Anthony Pagano
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Poggioli
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Ramge
Ms. Karen Rieser
Ms. Jane Riskin Bean
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Samanich
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Schoeler
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mr. John Sciancalepore
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Sitek
Mr. Srdjan Strbanovic & Ms. Anette Kreipke
Mr. & Mrs. Terence Sullivan
Mr. Michael Tennaro
The New York Community Trust
Time, Inc.
United Way of New York City
Mr. & Mrs. Jared Wasserman
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Weinberger
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wells
Mr. & Mrs. William Weyrauch
Mr. & Mrs. George Wolfe
Zarrow Mach Kaplan & Klein, C.P.A.
$100 to $499
A.H. Sauer & Associates
Mrs. Lisa Abad
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Adamo
State Farm
Mr. Jesus Ariel Aggabao
Ms. Jennifer Agnew
Mrs. Lisa Babin
Allied Irish Bank
Ms. Izabella Almeida
Mrs. Delmarie Alvarez
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Angrick
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Anopolsky
Mr. & Mrs. Gideon Aronovits
Atlantic Stewardship Bank
Mrs. Alice Babinski
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Baker
Baker & Hoogerhyde LLC, CPA’s
Mr. Justin Baldwin
Ms. Nayiri Baljian
Mr. Philip Ball
Mr. Arnold Balsam
Ms. Charlotte Balsam
Bank of America United Way Campaign
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Barclay
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Barral
Mr. & Mrs. Mario Barrena
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barrett
Ms. Jamie Barwick
Ms. Alfreda Bazanowski
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Behm
Behnke’s Paramus Building Supply Co.
Mrs. Laura Bejot
Ms. Julie Belenson
Bergen County Women’s 500 Bowling Club
Mrs. Michele Berger
Ms. Lisa Bergqvist
Mrs. Angela Biggs
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Birney
Ms. Judith Block
Mr. Bodenheimer
Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Bolger
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bordogna
Mrs. Elia Borelli
Ms. Henrietta Borst
Box Tops for Education
BPOE Rutherford Lodge 547
Bringing Sammie Smiles
Mrs. Marise Brito
Dr. Robin Brody
Brown’s Janitorial
Mrs. Lori Bruno
Ms. Margaret Bruno
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Buchak
Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Buckwalter
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Burke
Burt Trimmings CO Inc.
Mr. Alberto Cabrera
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Cains Foods L.P.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Calvetti
Mr. & Mrs. Feliciano Cartagena
Ms. Jodi Carter
Mr. Kevin Cartotto
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Mr. Joseph Catarcio
Mrs. Doris Chodorow
Dr. Won-Taek Choe
Mrs. Michael Christensen
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Chudzik
Church of the Nativity
Mr. & Mrs. John Cicchetti
Citi-CCRS/DPO Team
Ms. Lisa Clare
CMC Adaptive Seating & Homecare, LLC
Dr. & Mrs. William J. Cobb
Ms. Edith Holly Cocuzzo
Ms. Leslie Cohen & Mr. Wade Anderson
Mrs. Meredith Cohen
Mrs. Barbara Bolger Collett
Mrs. Barbara Collins
Mrs. Tracy Collins
Community Thrift Shop
Complete Office Supply Warehouse Corp
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Ms. Ethel Convel
Ms. Linda Cortes
Ms. Eileen Cosenza
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Cullari Carrico Soojian Burke, LLC
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Mr. & Mrs. Donald Cutler
Dr. Angela D’Aless&ro
Mrs. Shari Dabby
Ms. Christy Danforth
Ms. Carol A. Dass
Ms. Laura DelDuca
Ms. Amy Dickson
Digabriele, McNulty, Campanella & Co., LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Laurence T. DiGia
Ms. Joyce Dinice
Mr. Tom Distaulo
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Drumgoole
Dumont Elks Lodge 2593
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Fair Lawn Athletic Club Women’s Auxiliary
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Garden State Grandmas
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GE Foundation
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Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program
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Mr. & Mrs. John Grotta
GSL Savings Bank
H4 Technology Inc.
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Hanger Orthopedic Group Inc.
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Intac Acturial Services, Inc.
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Job & Job
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Knights of Columbus St. Anthony’s Council 11585
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Mr. & Mrs. Jason Krom
Mr. Roland Kuczynski
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Majka Railing Company Inc.
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Meadow Graphic Systems
Meaningful Movements
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Medco Health Employee Giving Campaign
Medvantage, Inc.
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Metropolitan Hardline Boosters
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Moms Club of the Meadowlands
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Mutual of America Foundation
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NJ Policemans Benevolent Association Local 67
New York Life Giving Campaign
Northeast District Special Children’s Committee
Novogrow, LLC
Occupational Medical Associates
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Mr. & Mrs. Jose Ordonez
Orlando Physical Therapy
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Paddeu
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Ms. Carol Ann Pascucci
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Passaic County Elks Cerebral Palsy Center
Patriot Pickle, Inc.
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Pediatric Dental Assoc.
Pediatricare Associates
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Peter Raymond Wells Architect, LLC
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Pfizer United Way
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Ms. Kathy Policano
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Policastro
Pony Power Therapies
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Prominent Properties Sotheby’s
International Realty
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Ramsey Restaurant LLC
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Riama Associates
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School Accounting Professionals LLC
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The Schwartz Family Foundation
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The Ivy Shop.
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$50 to $99
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Elks: Past Exalted Rulers of Westwood
Lodge 1562
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Ms. Ashley Vandevander
Mr. John Van Dyke
Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Vergara
Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo Vila
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt J. Weissling
Ms. Barbara Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. George Wolfe
Mr. & Mrs. David Young
Fall 2013 11
The Children’s Therapy Center
Tel.: 201-797-7440 Fax: 201-797-1039
The Upper School at Midland Park
Tel.: 201-612-5677 Fax: 201-612-6706
Marvin Leiken
Executive Director
Principal, Fair Lawn Campus
Laura DelDuca
Principal, Upper School
Midland Park Campus
Like us on facebook at: childrenstherapycenter
Clara S. Licata, President
Tania Gold, First Vice President
Tara Harris, Second Vice President
Jonathan D. Mach, Treasurer
Rob Vermylen, Secretary
Brian H. Kappock, Esq.
Allison Marcilla
John McCarthy
Lisa Nalven, MD
Joseph C. Nuzzo, Esq.
Mary Ellen Rohon
Shirley Shapiro
James F. Sullivan
Mary Ann Zino, Past President
The Children’s Therapy Center provides educational
and therapeutic
services for children
with developmental
disabilities. A multisensory approach is
utilized in a nurturing
and caring environment to enrich the lives of our students
and maximize their
potential while lending support to their families.
SA DA The Children’
s Therapy Center’s
21st Annual
Gala Dinner Dance and Silent Auction
Last year’s Gala raised over $350,000 for our
children and their families and we are so very
grateful for the support of our friends and
donors as we look ahead to another wonderful
year of growth at the CTC.