Weekly Bulletin - First Baptist Church of Hollidaysburg, Pa

Want to be made whole? To make you whole, God
sent his Son Jesus to become human, show us God, be
killed in our place, come to life, return to his Father,
and come again to make everything right forever for
those who belong to him.
Want a share in that? Turn from living your way (sin)
to living God's way, and trust that only Jesus and what
he did can save you. Tell us about it and be baptized
(immersed in water) to show you're a Christian. And
stick with it!
Want to know more? Ask the person who brought
you or contact Pastor Cory.
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“The alien living with you must be
treated as one of your native-born.
Love him as yourself.”
– Leviticus 19:34a (NIV)
December 28, 2014
Hearing from God
Worship Service
First Baptist Church, Hollidaysburg, PA
December 28, 2014
10:45 AM
Children’s Message
Leviticus 19:33-34
Welcome to all our visitors today!
“Connecting to the Stranger”
-Jack Hartman
-Pastor Cory
Responding to God
Preparing for God
-Ann Logue
-Jesse Logue
“Welcome into This Place” -Kelly Hartman
Talking to God
“Three-Fold Amen”
PLEASE PRAY FOR: Harold Baker (I), Don Clinger (I), Don Corbin (I),
Betty DeRose (E), Gloria Hartman (I), Jack Hartman (I), Helene Heeter
(E), Jim Horne (I), Mildred Kenawell (E), Pat Leamer (E), Zack
Leamer (U), Mary Jo Leidy (E), Anna Leonard (E), Ellen McGee (E),
Helen Miller (E), Cheryl Patterson (I), Janet Taylor (I), Military
Personnel (E), Pastor Cory, the Envisioning Team
“You Are Good!”
“Blessed Be Your Name”
“He Knows My Name”
-Pastor Cory
To request prayer, or to receive requests to pray for others, contact
Pastor Cory at (C) 814-502-9550; you may also text or leave a voice mail
Giving to God
Dedication of Tithes and Offerings
Participants in Today’s Worship Service:
First Baptist Church is registered with CCLI, license #1583692
(I) – illness (E) – encouragement (U) – unspoken (D) - death
Musicians: Kelly Hartman, song leader/keyboard; Nancy Sirivanakarn,
violin; Dave Bickers, guitar; Daryl Hartman, bass
Junior Church: Steve Patterson & Dave Bickers
Church Nursery: Terri Jo Horne & Karla Paonessa
Greeters: Patty Montgomery & Heather Patterson
Tech Team: Mike & Lisa Auty
UNDECORATE! On January 3rd at 10am lend a hand to help take down
and put away Christmas decorations here at the church. THANK YOU!
February 27-28, 2015. All FBC women, high
school and up, are invited to a retreat for a
time of fellowship and fun as we connect with God and each other.
Register and pay in full by Dec 31st for a discount.
Looking Ahead This Week:
Monday, December 29
6:00-8:00 PM Craft Class
Sunday, January 4
Sunday School
Of the First Baptist Church of Hollidaysburg
Diaconate Updates December 8, 2014
Epiphany -- undecorating - is on January 3 at 10 am
Submitted by Lisa Claar, Secretary
Board of Trustee Updates December 2, 2014
Christian Education Updates December 8, 2014
The Lord’s Return
The last prayer in the Bible is “Come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).
Peter tells us that we should be “waiting for and hastening the
coming of the day of God” (2 Peter 3:12 esv). How better can we do
it than by praying for the fulfillment of Genesis 12:3, Revelation 7:910 and Matthew 24:14? Pray for:
Today, SUNDAY, December 28
AM Sunday School
AM Worship
Saturday, January 3
This week pray for
The speediest possible evangelization of the world, of every
unreached people group, area, city and nation.
The Great Commission to be restored to its rightful centrality in
the ministry of the Church worldwide.
December 2014
Your part in achieving this. What is God’s will for your life? In the
coming year, are you willing to do whatever He commands regarding
the needs of the world? Is it possible God is calling you to a specific
ministry in praying, supporting or going to the ends of the earth for
your Master?
Your local church’s part. Pray that your fellowship may grow in
missionary zeal and commitment in the coming year.
Have questions or want more info about events and announcements?
Please call Ann, at the church office. 696-3027