YoouKids Launches As Your Remote Control For Synchronizing Your YouTube Playlists Over­The­Air To Devices Accessible By Children

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YoouKids Launches As Your Remote Control For Synchronizing Your
YouTube Playlists Over­The­Air To Devices Accessible By Children
Lafayette, Indiana. Feb 13, 2014. Mobile app startup YoouKids announced its launch today as a
way to let parents and educators generate completely safe playlists of YouTube’s educational videos
for children, and push (sync) them to mobile devices accessible by children.
From the playroom to the classroom or homework desk, YoouKids brings the benefits of YouTube's
selection of educational videos safely into the hands of tots and K12 youngsters, and helps grown
ups refresh and sync them remotely to kids’ mobile devices, tablets, iPods.
With YoouKids, parents, teachers, educators can sync their own kid­proof video playlists from
YouTube to devices accessible by children. It’s a remote for curating YouTube content.
[ A teaser for YoouKids can be watched at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF­JZjzYIrs ]
According to its founders, the story behind YoouKids comes from a history of other technologies
tools that looked at the issue from the opposite perspective ­ so far, people outside your home or
classroom were attempting to select the video content that your kids should watch.
In addition, apparently there was no easy, or completely safe, way for us adults to share with our
kids some very cool videos we very often see everywhere on web, in online social circles and on our
mobile devices.
YoouKids now reportedly offers the parents and educators a safer way to exercise these actions
themselves. Whether you know what your children want to watch or you ask the kids in person
whether they like the topic of a safe YouTube video that you watch together, YoouKids lets you push
or sync ­ automatically, over­the­air ­ safe videos from your own YouTube playlists to children’s
tablet or smartphone running YoouKids, or to your own device in case you let them play on it.
“YoouKids is a cool way to control what your children are watching from YouTube’s resources and
to guide them, in an indirect way, to pick the educational videos and the information they are most
interested about. You don’t tell them specifically what to watch, instead you let them choose from the
list of kids­proof videos that you pre­approve and sync to their device. Kind of like what YouTube
itself does to us as adults.” mentioned Gena Lazar, YoouKids co­founder and mom of two
knowledge­sponge youngsters.
Educators in daycare centers and schools that allow tablets in classes, can make use of YoouKids
to remotely select and sync educational YouTube videos that all children in that class can watch
safely and without the fear of them tapping on ads or related videos that some may be disturbing and
Whenever grown ups will add ­ remotely, from YouTube, using a different device or computer ­ new
videos to their playlists on YouTube that are synced with YoouKids, the children’s device will receive
a notification that new videos are available for them.
YoouKids can be used for free with all features enabled at launch.
App Store link for YoouKids: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yooukids/id796212934?mt=8
Nelu Lazar, the founder and developer of YoouKids, explains the reasoning behind concepting the
technology behind this app: “Dealing with YouTube playlists may be a handy common feature for the
majority of parents, teachers, educators. Playlists are an easy way to categorize the videos we
usually watch on YouTube as adults. I was an ordinary YouTube consumer, but what I realized
through my own experience as a parent while developing YoouKids was that, by having available an
app like YoouKids offering a quick way to auto­sync my YouTube playlists remotely over­the­air
straight to children’s devices, spending a bit of valued time on YouTube.com or YouTube mobile
creating and editing kids­proof educational playlists can become a very creative and joyful activity for
parents, grandparents, teachers and any grown ups caring for their children. There is no parent I
know so far who wouldn’t say at least once <<I wish I could play this video to my kids!>> once they
watched a cool educational video while away from their little ones. I previously tested other software
to help me share proper YouTube videos with my kids, but either there was no way I was allowed to
take my kids’ device for a few minutes and start adding videos to their app, or the interface was
extremely kids­oriented defocusing them from the app’s main purpose. All they want to do is tap and
watch the videos they’re allowed to. Kids are not always willing to have the patience to listen and
learn about certain things directly from us their main mentors, so they would learn bits of knowledge
by watching other people doing good stuff. And I now take a bit of my time to research for cool new
educational videos and sync them remotely to my kids’ devices, whenever I have the chance or
whenever they ask me to.”
As a way to categorize the kids­proof videos they added or synced to children’s devices with
YoouKids, parents or educators can create and manage unlimited local playlists of videos, in a way
that makes sense for the children. Older kids can also join in and create local playlists and drag and
drop videos between them, while for very little users the grown ups have the option of disabling
editing the local playlists in order to preserve the folder structure that they managed. Educators will
find disabling playlist editing feature more appealing, because they will be able to have full control on
the playlists with safe and educational videos for the daycare or school classrooms.
Aaron Madrid, a parent from Lafayette, Indiana, is seeing the real value of YoouKids in the selection
of educational content that he can now sync to and let play on his kid’s device: “There is no shortage
of inappropriate content on YouTube, but there is also an amazing amount of fun, educational, safe
videos for your children to enjoy. YoouKids puts the control into your hands.”
YoouKids can be downloaded for free today from App Store, with no ads, and all features enabled.
Founders mention about a possible upcoming version that would eventually enable an optional $1
monthly subscription in order to continue to use the premium features like auto­sync, while all other
features will continue to be available for free.
YoouKids for iOS comes in English, Romanian and French at launch, with more localization plans
coming up soon.
Android was picked as the first next platform for upcoming deployment of a compatible YoouKids
app in March, while YoouKids.com will soon launch as a web companion for the app.
YoouKids is not affiliated with YouTube.
Source: Nelu Lazar, Founder YoouKids, and President of Nehloo Interactive LLC
Source: Gena Lazar, Co­founder YoouKids
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @YoouKids