YouTube - changing the minds of our children?

YouTube - changing the minds of our children?
YouTube. Everyone’s heard of it, but it’s
more than just cat videos. It’s a place for
directors, actors, comedians, musicians and
more to expand and explore their work to
build up a career. The media you see every
day is influenced by YouTube but you may
not know it. The media is changing to suit
the younger generation, using YouTube as a
More than 1 billion unique users visit
YouTube each month. In the new decade
we are finding more YouTubers becoming
apparent in our media and they are
beginning to influence many choices the
teenage generation is making. Some
YouTubers are even young adults
themselves. However, they are becoming
much more like role models for the
teenagers of this age and teens will even
choose their GCSE options based on what
their favorite YouTubers have already
decided on. This poses the question ‘Do
YouTubers have too much power in our
children’s media?’
Are YouTubers becoming more famous,
more influential and a bigger part of
The answer is yes. YouTubers are gradually
becoming more popular and successful in
their careers. This is all thanks to the
freedom YouTube provides, meaning
creators can share their work and build an
audience suited to them.
Because of YouTube we have BBC actors
such Chris, who has been making videos for
our entertainment for a very long time. He
used YouTube to show people his comedy
and has mentioned before it has given him
the confidence needed for him to move on
to greater things. Many people have heard
of the international pop star Justin (his last
name cannot be mentioned) who took to
the stage after a flood of people discovered
him on YouTube. He is now a World-wide
known name. Even though his music is not
everyone’s favorite it is no doubt he would
not have had his ‘big break’ if It was not for
Are some of our bestselling authors only
getting so much attention from their
channels? No doubt their writings are of
good standard but would they have less
publicity if they couldn’t relate and reach
out to their audience so easily. But the
talent in our media will still be the same if
we have YouTube or not.
Some people would disagree however and
would just find YouTube another excuse for
our generation to waste their time on the
internet. You tube gives them an excuse to
use the fact successful people have
somehow made their way on the screen via
the outlet. It is only a website to put up
videos that will not give you a successful job
and gives children false hope. The only
reason some people are famous is because
their videos are shown s to powerful people
and they decide to exploit them. This is
similar to what shows such as X factor and
Britain’s Got Talent do.
It may surprise you, but many popular
figures originated from YouTube too, Justin
Bieber, being one of the many. YouTube
and the media have one of the biggest
impacts on this generation but you have to
ask yourself, ‘Is this a good thing?’ A recent
survey showed that 9 out of 10 people think
that the media’s influence on people is
causing many problems. Many public
figures display crude actions, which creates
the wrong impression as to how society
should be. The freedom that YouTube
provides allows people from all over the
world to display the behaviour they wish
too, but is this freedom directing the youth
in the wrong way? YouTube is so influential
but the youth of today could become the
lost generation if the YouTubers of the
world do not use the responsibility that
comes with the power of freedom.