From AQ's Kitchen: THE HIDDEN BOMB

From AQ's Kitchen: THE HIDDEN BOMB
1.Breaching airport security
2.Making the Hidden Bomb
3.Field Tactics
| INSPIRE | Al-Malahem Media | 2014
Qā'datul Jihād in the Arabian Peninsula |
On the dawn of 2010, media agencies
reported that a Nigerian youth
boarded an American plane, Delta,
carrying with him a unique bomb. He
nearly blew the plane up. His name is
'Umar Al-Fârouq. Prior to that, a Mujahid blew himself in the castle of the
Saudi Prince, Muhammad bin Naif.
The Mujahid's name was Abdallâh
'Asiri. The aim was to assasinate the
prince, but the prince survived. Both
men used bombs similar in design.
The news of this bomb spread like
| INSPIRE | Al-Malahem Media | 2014
wildfire. It worried many security
personnel. At the time, we did not
publish the bomb recipe for many
reasons. But now we have decided
to release it as part of a complete
program for the Lone Mujahid
(Neurotmesis). Biidhnillâh, it will
achieve its goals as anticipated.
Initially, what we faced as a main
problem was: How can a lone
Mujahid acquire the required explosive materials. For several months,
we conducted a number of experiments. As a result we came up with
these simple materials that are readily available around the globe, even
inside America - and this is our goal.
We spared no effort in simplifying
the idea in such we made it 'another
meal prepared in the kitchen' so that
every determined Muslim can prepare.
To the vanguard of lone Jihâd; Ramzi Yusuf, 'Umar Fârouq, Richard Ried among other brothers ...
To he who Humiliated America's arrogance, the lion behind bars, Khālid Sheikh Muhammad ...
To our amir Dr. Aiman Adhawāhiri ...
To every Muslim concerned with supporting the religion ...
Qā'datul Jihād in the Arabian Peninsula |