Camper Medication 2014  

Camper Medication 2014
We will be using McCarthy’s Pharmacy to package your child’s medication for camp. The staff and pharmacists at McCarthy’s Pharmacy have been serving the Dutchess County community for years and they will efficiently package your campers’ medications, meticulously following all your physician’s directions, and courteously answering all of your questions. Ravi Nandigama, McCarthy’s Pharmacist, will be at camp on all arrival days to answer any questions and ensure accuracy of your child’s medications. All campers who will take medication during their time at camp must have their prescriptions filled and packaged by McCarthy’s Pharmacy**. McCarthy’s Pharmacy will provide a simple, safe and efficient medicine delivery system using personalized dosage packets designed to assure that your child receives the right medicine at the right time. This simple system will assist our medical staff when administering medication. **Please note: McCarthy’s Pharmacy accepts New York Medicaid and have partner pharmacies that can be used to bill NJ and CT Medicaid. If your child will take medication while at camp this summer, here’s what to do… Step One: Register with McCarthy’s Pharmacy (all forms and prescriptions must be submitted 30 days before your child’s camp start date) In order to register with McCarthy’s Pharmacy please complete the following forms: 1. Medication Request Form 2. Medical Insurance and Permission to Treat: You will be asked to copy the front and back of your insurance cards. You may have already submitted this form as it has been available in your forms and documents section. To access these forms log into your Camp Ramapo account and click on the Forms and Documents icon. Once completed, fax back the forms to the number listed on the bottom right hand corner next to the bar code. The form will be automatically uploaded to your camper’s file. Please fax back the two forms separately. Step Two: Obtain Prescriptions and Authorization Letters Call or visit the doctor to obtain prescriptions. McCarthy’s Pharmacy requires prescriptions for any medications your child will take at camp. A letter, outlining the necessary steps for your doctor, can be found in the Forms and Documents section of your Camp Ramapo account. For campers staying more than 30 days, there will need to be refills. For controlled medications have prescriber write 2nd prescription dated 30 days after the first prescription. All over‐the‐counter medications (vitamins, supplements, etc.) must have a written statement of authorization (with dosage and times) from your child’s physician, no exceptions. Please use the OTC Request Form provided in your Camp Ramapo account under Forms and Documents. This is a Board of Health Regulation. Page 1 Camper Medication 2014
Step Three: Submit All Necessary Documents to McCarthy’s Pharmacy 
Original copies of your child’s prescriptions must be mailed to McCarthy’s Pharmacy. Written authorization for Over‐the‐Counter medications must be mailed to McCarthy’s Pharmacy If faxed, hard copies must still be mailed in! Doctors may also use e‐scribe. Mail them to: Fax them to: McCarthy’s Pharmacy 845‐686‐1006 6032 Route 82 Stanfordville, NY 12581 NOTE – Medication Registration Deadline Dates: You must register your camper with McCarthy’s Pharmacy and submit all required information 30 days prior to your child’s camp start date. Registrations or prescriptions received after the deadline date are still accepted but will incur rush fees. Camp Session Dates McCarthy’s Pharmacy Registration Deadline Date nd
Session 1: June 22 – July 4 Friday, May 23rd th
Session 2: July 6 ‐ July 25 Friday, June 6th th
Friday, June 27th Session 3: July 27 ‐ August 15 Session 4: August 17th – August 23rd Friday, July 18th Fee Schedule Packaging & Processing Fee $30.00 Rush Fee more than 21 days late $45.00 Rush Fee up to 7 days late $10.00 Rush Fee up to 14 days late $20.00 Rush Fee up to 21 days late $30.00 Repackaging Fee Refill Packaging & Processing Fee $20.00 Additional Packaging Fee for products we are not able to supply $10.00 $30.00 Campers who used McCarthy’s Pharmacy last year (2013) will get $5.00 of the packaging and processing fee for this year! Step Four: Relax! McCarthy’s Pharmacy will take it from there. When McCarthy’s Pharmacy receives your child’s prescription(s), they will check it against your online registration and call you with any questions. Your child’s prescriptions will be filled two weeks before your child arrives at camp and then packaged in personalized dosage packets that make accurate delivery easy for our medical staff. These packets are individually labeled, making it abundantly clear which medications are to be delivered to whom and when. McCarthy’s Pharmacy will ship your child’s medication to camp prior to his or her start date so our medical staff will have ample opportunity to call you if they have any questions about your child’s medication. Page 2 Camper Medication 2014
Step Five: Double‐Check on Arrival Day
When you drop your child off at camp or at the camp bus pickup location on their start date, your child’s medication record will be available for you to double‐check. This way you can be certain that all medications are prepared exactly as your child should receive them. FAQ’s ‐ Frequently Asked Questions. What if McCarthy’s Pharmacy does not accept my insurance? If for some reason (e.g. only have unaccepted Medicaid, etc.) you are not able to register your child’s medication with McCarthy’s Pharmacy. YOU MUST get permission in advance to bring your campers medications directly to camp. Please call Jessica Humes‐Delgado to discuss your situation. There is a $100 med service fee for medications brought to camp. If you have advance permission from Camp Ramapo to bring your child’s medications directly to camp, on arrival day you will need to bring: 1) Your child’s medication. All medication needs to be in the original prescription containers with current dosages and dates. This is a Board of Health regulation. 2) $100 medication processing fee. You can bring cash, check or money order. Make payable to: Camp Ramapo. 3) A photocopy of all prescriptions. 4) A signed statement of authorization from a doctor for OTC meds. All over‐the‐counter medications (vitamins, supplements, etc.) must have a written statement of authorization (with dosage and times) from your child’s physician, no exceptions. (This form can be found in your Camp Ramapo account under Forms and Documents.) What if the prescriptions are not due yet? Most insurance plans will let the pharmacy use a vacation override to fill prescriptions early, if not, they will be billed to the insurance company when the prescriptions are due. When will my credit card(s) be charged? Fees will be charged to your credit card one week prior to your child’s camp start date. Co‐pays will be charged to your credit card when the prescription has been billed to the insurance company. What is special about having McCarthy’s Pharmacy fill the prescription over bringing your own? McCarthy’s uses a packaging system called Medicine‐on‐Time. This system packages all pills given at a specific time together. All of the cards are color coded per dispensing time. Visit www.medicine‐on‐ for more information and a video. Why does paperwork need to be submitted 30 days before my camper starts? It gives the pharmacy time to thoroughly go through everything submitted, make phone calls to clarify anything in question and get medications packaged and delivered to camp the week before your camper arrives. Page 3 Camper Medication 2014
What does the processing and packaging fee cover? This pays for the medication to be blister packed with the Medicine‐on‐Time system and MSR (Medication Supervision Record) that has color coded charts to match the packaging color for each time of dispensing. It is generated and given to camp to assist in administering prescriptions accurately. What if my child takes “over the counter” (OTC) medications daily or as needed?
OTC Daily: If your child takes OTC medications such as vitamins or supplements daily, McCarthy’s Pharmacy will fill those medications for you – they have most OTC medications in stock. However, if you need a type/brand filled that is not carried by McCarthy’s Pharmacy, then you will need to mail unopened containers of this medication to McCarthy’s Pharmacy so that dosages can be placed in your child’s individualized bubble packs. That way, our medical staff will deliver these pills to your child each day, without exception or error, as they would with a prescription medication. You must have your child’s physician sign the OTC Form (with dosages and times) for any OTC medications. OTC As Needed: If your child takes common OTC medications, like Tylenol, Advil, Tums, Lactaid, Metamucil, Claritin, or Zyrtec, only as needed, you do not need to bring these medications to camp, nor do you need to register with McCarthy’s Pharmacy. Our health center has an abundant supply of these and many other common OTC medications. Please make sure you note on your child’s Health Form which OTC medications he or she sometimes takes, how much, and when. You must have your child’s physician write an authorization letter (with dosages and times) for any OTC medications. What if my child needs an injectable medication such as an allergy shot? Check all expiration dates. Bring the injectable medication in the original container to camp with you. You do not need to register with McCarthy’s Pharmacy. What if my child uses an inhaler such as Albuterol? If your child uses an inhaler of any kind, make sure it is labeled and will not expire prior to your child’s last day at camp and we ask that you bring two to camp on your child’s start date. One will remain in your child’s cabin for emergencies, and the other will stay in the Health Center for daily or as needed use. McCarthy’s Pharmacy can fill your inhaler prescription for you, but if you have two full inhalers at home already you do not need to register with them. What if my child needs an EpiPen? If your child has an allergy that might require the use of an EpiPen, check expiration dates carefully and make sure it has been stored properly to ensure effectiveness. Please bring one to camp for safe storage in the Health Center. Extra EpiPens are always on hand in the Health Center and Dining Hall. You do not need to register with McCarthy’s Pharmacy. What if my child's prescription is only taken as needed? All prescription medication, whether taken daily or as needed, must be filled by McCarthy’s Pharmacy prior to your child arriving at camp. As needed prescription medications will be placed in personalized dosage packets and clearly coded as PRN or as needed. What if there are leftover medications at the end of camp? McCarthy’s Pharmacy is only able to dispense medication in a 30‐day supply. If your child has any unused medications at the end of their camp session, it will be sent home on the last day of camp. Page 4